About Us

If you love smart wearables then Wearholic is gonna be your nirvana. Wearholic is a website specially dedicated to smart wearable admirers, and people who have a separate place for wearable technology in their hearts. Tom started this website with a vision to serve wearable lovers with all the nifty and best information surrounding the world of wearable tech.

Tom has over 15 years of experience using different types of watches and smartwatches. So he’s gonna spoon-feed your head with all the delicious wearable tech information that no one else will ever provide you with.

All the reviews we share on the site are for the products that we first try & test for several weeks & only after we’ve done extensive research on them. Hence you can always count on the information we share as it is based on our personal experience as well as what the real users owning that product are saying about it.

The information we share is served to you in the form of reviews, lists of best smart wearables, tips, and tricks, how-to’s, and comparisons. And the area of our coverage will be strongly dedicated to all types of smart wearable tech. Let’s see what all these smart wearables are gonna be.

Smartwatches –  Best recommendations, reviews, comparisons from all the leading smartwatch manufacturers, be it Garmin, Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Fossil, Skagen, and all other leading manufacturers you’re excited to know about.

Fitness Trackers – Reviews, and recommendations of products from all the reputed brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung.

Smartglasses – Coverage of products of all the quality smart glasses manufacturers, Vuzix, Inventiv, Focals, Epson, Google, and many others.

Smart Jewelry – Smart jewelry items like rings, bracelets, earrings, and neckless, from popular brands like Michael kors, Joule, and Misfit.

Smart Clothing – Not to forget the smart clothing accessories from trusted brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Owlet, Hexoskin, and our very own, Samsung.

The smart wearables are endless, and our coverage too. From sports to sleeping and manufacturing to meditation, there’s a wearable tech for every need and everyone, and we here at Wearholic dedicate ourselves to everything wearables.