Are Movado Watches Good? Are They Worth It?

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When you talk about luxury watches, Movado is a name that has been a matter of discussion among watch lovers, as to whether it is currently considered a luxury brand or not. Movado is predominantly famous for its iconic museum dial and is also known for its graceful attention to detail on its watches along with precision movements and minimalistic features. Originally known for making luxury Swiss watches, Movado is currently known for making simple and elegant design entry-level premium watches.

In this article, I’ve shared my knowledge about the Movado brand and tried to answer this long drawn-out question, are Movado watches good?

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Movado is a prestigious watchmaking brand with a rich history and is primarily known for making very good entry-level luxury watches and other more affordable yet exceptionally well-crafted timepieces. Movado makes timepieces that are more accessible to people than other luxury brand watches.

History Of Movado

The company which later came to be known as Movado was established by a 19-year-old entrepreneur in the year 1884 in the watchmaking town of La Chaux de Fond in Switzerland. In the early 20th century, Movado started being recognized for its innovation in designing luxury watches.

In 1947, Nathan George Horwitt designed the famed Museum watch, which featured a clean black dial with no numbers or markings, just a golden dot on the 12 o’clock position. The golden dot symbolizes the sun at its zenith meaning directly overhead which was an important factor in early timekeeping. This watch got its name when it was selected by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1960 for its permanent design collection.

Movado Museum Watch

Are Movado Watches Good?

The short answer is Yes. Movado watches are very well made with accurate movement, and excellent craftsmanship and are considered somewhat luxury timepieces. Movado offers a range of affordable watches in the entry-level luxury segment.

Whether these watches are good for you or not depends on your personal preferences. Movado watches generally prioritize aesthetics and elegant looks rather than extravagant complications and multiple functionalities.

Are Movado Watches Good

Why Are Their Watches Considered Good?

Just saying that Movado watches are good would not quench your curiosity so here are some reasons as to why Movado watches are worth it.

Timeless Design

Movado has a long history of producing high-quality Swiss watches with elegant looks and timeless designs that never go out of style. Movado watches showcase minimalist features which further enhance their elegance.

Swiss Craftsmanship

The majority of the world’s top watch brands are Swiss. Swiss watchmakers are known for crafting flawless timepieces with impeccable quality, and accurate movement. And Movado is no exception. Their watches fall within all these parameters which makes them very reliable.

Quality Materials

Just like other luxury watch brands, Movado is also known for using only the finest materials for constructing their timepieces which makes them top-notch and durable. They also maintain strict quality control at every step of the manufacturing process.

Brand Reputation

Movado’s recognition in the watch-making industry has come through decades of maintaining the quality and standard of their watches and continuously innovating without compromising the attention to detail. The brand’s reputation and recognition add to the value and charm of its timepieces.

are movado watches worth it

Where Are Movado Watches Made?

Since Movado has to maintain strict quality control at every step of the manufacturing process, all Movado watches are made in Switzerland, but some of the batches can be assembled either in China or Japan.

How Long Does Movado Watch Last?

The life of any watch depends on how well it is taken care of and how much it has been worn or used. They make decent-quality watches. With proper care, they can last you several decades.

A Movado Swiss quartz timepiece comes with a 1.55 Volt specially designed silver-oxide battery. With normal usage, the battery will last approximately from anywhere between 18 to 36 months.

Are Movado Watches Worth It? Final Verdict

Yes, Movado watches are considered to be very good quality due to their elegant and timeless design, flawless and remarkable Swiss craftsmanship, and excellent quality materials. Adding their brand’s reputation and recognition to all these attributes mentioned before gives their watches everything they need to be etched in the hearts of watch enthusiasts. If you are looking to buy a new watch and want it to stand out from the rest then Movado is definitely worth considering.


Is Movado A Good Watch Brand?

Yes, Movado is a very reputable watch brand that makes quality watches.

Does Movado Make Luxury Watches?

Yes, Movado makes luxury watches that fall under the affordable luxury segment.

Are Movado Watches Waterproof?

All Movado watches are tested to meet international standards for water resistance.

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