Are Smartwatches Allowed In School Or Exams?

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Are you planning to buy a smartwatch for your 10-year-old kid? Do you want to know whether smartwatches are allowed in schools or not?

In this article, I will tell you if your kid can wear a smartwatch to school and exams or not. Not only this but I will also tell you if you should buy your kid a smartwatch or not.

So keep reading!

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Are Smartwatches Allowed In School?

Are Smartwatches Allowed In Exams

There have been a lot of discussions lately, especially after the pandemic, regarding the use of technology to teach kids in schools. But there is a very fine difference between what can be used and what can be misused.

After a smartphone, the thing that kids demand from their parents is a smartwatch. And smartwatches these days can do a lot more than just show time. The Internet of Things is taking over the world, everything is getting connected and so are smartwatches. Smartwatches come with WiFi connectivity and some even come with cellular connectivity. So it does not matter if they are connected to a smartphone or not, they can still be connected to the Internet. But the question that arises is: can this technology help kids learn more things at school?

The answer is probably a yes. But are smartwatches allowed in school?

No, smartwatches are not allowed in schools and your kids cannot wear one to their school.

Now you must be wondering: If smartwatches can help kids learn new things, then why they are banned in school?

Keep reading and you will find the answer.

Why Smartwatches Are Banned In School?

Are Smartwatches Allowed In Schools

As discussed, there is a very fine line between what can be used and what can be misused. So let us look at some of the reasons that push smartwatches to be on the misused side of the line.

1) Distraction

The main reason why smartwatches are banned in schools is that they cause distractions. Smartwatches can be connected to the Internet without even being connected to a smartphone. So all the social media updates, messages, and constant notifications can really distract kids while studying.

2) Can Be Used To Cheat In Exams

Kids come up with new and innovative ways to cheat in exams, right? And when they have a potent tool at their disposal, that can connect to the Internet, open photos, play videos, etc, just imagine what they will do in their exams. So if you too were wondering whether smartwatches are allowed in school exams or not then I am sure you must have got your answer.

3) Safety Concerns

Smartwatches come with inbuilt GPS that let parents track their kid’s locations. But this can also be misused by hackers and they can also know your children’s location, posing a concern for their safety.

4) Can Give Rise To The Feeling Of Inequality

Some smartwatches are really expensive and owning them can give rise to or escalate the feelings of inequality among the children at school.

Should You Give Your Kid A Smartwatch?

Yes, you should buy your kids a smartwatch but not to wear at school. They can use it when they are not in school or after school. Technology is evolving day by day and if your kids will not get used to it then how are they gonna survive in the world?

Using a smartwatch can definitely help your kids learn more provided you are there to guide them on how to use it. You will also have to make sure that they are not misusing it.

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Are Smartwatches Allowed In Exams?

No, smartwatches are banned in exams.

Are Apple Watches Allowed In Class?

No, Apple watches are not allowed in classes.

Can Kids Cheat In Exams With Smartwatch?

Yes, kids can use smartwatches to cheat in exams.

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