Are Watches Considered Jewelry For Insurance Purposes?

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If you are wondering whether watches are considered jewelry or not then you are reading the right article.

I am going to clear out this doubt of yours once and for all in this article. Moreover, I am also gonna share with you whether or not your watch is covered under the jewelry insurance that you take. So that you can know if you have to buy a separate insurance policy for your watch or not.

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Are Watches Considered Jewelry?

Are Watches Considered Jewelry

The following two types of people can ask this question:

  • Those who want to wear their watches to fancy parties, and are wondering whether they can do so or not. They are afraid that people are going to make fun of them if they do so.
  • Then there are those who have taken jewelry or house insurance and are wondering whether it will cover their expensive watches or not in case of any mishappening.

I do not know which category you belong to, so I am going to cover both aspects in this article. You can skip the part that does not concern you. Or you can read the whole article, you might enjoy reading it.

Let me first put the wonderings of the people that want to wear their watches to parties and functions to rest.

Well, whether watches are considered jewelry or not is really a long-standing debate. Some people say that they do some say they don’t. Well, I think they are considered jewelry these days.

Long gone are the times when people used to wear wristwatches every day to see the time. These days, watches have become a kind of fashion statement. People wear them to amplify their attire or appearance. And isn’t the enhancement of one’s appearance the purpose of jewelry?

In fact, there are a plethora of watches available in the market from different reputed watch manufacturers that are made of gold or diamond studded. What do you call a thing that is made up of gold or diamond? Jewelry, right?

So, according to me, a watch is considered jewelry and you can definitely wear them with your dresses to parties and functions.

Is A Watch Considered Jewelry For Insurance Purposes?

Now let me answer the question for the second set of people.

There are different types of watches available in the market that cost less than $10 then there are watches that cost more than a hundred thousand dollars. And if you also own a luxury watch then you must want to get it insured, right? If anything happens to it, you might want to purchase it again. But do you have to buy a separate insurance policy for it or does your jewelry or house insurance covers it too?

If you haven’t read the above part then let me tell you, watches are considered jewelry in general.

However, the answer to the above question is both yes and no. Watch is considered jewelry for insurance purposes by some insurance companies but some do not cover it under jewelry insurance. Therefore, to know the exact answer, you will have to go through your jewelry or house insurance policy bond. If your insurance policy bond says that it covers watches then you do not have to worry but if it doesn’t then you will have to buy separate insurance for your watch.

Whether a watch will be considered jewelry for insurance or not also depends on the value of your watch. As discussed, watches can really cost a fortune. So if your watch costs more than your other jewelry then obviously it will not be covered under the jewelry insurance.

If you want to insure your watch then you can buy separate insurance for it. There are insurance companies in the market that provide separate insurance for watches. You can even contact the retailer from whom you have purchased your watch, they can also help you out with the insurance.

Is A Pocket Watch Considered Jewelry?

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches go way back than wrist watches, right? People used to use pocket watches when there were no wristwatches available. Nowadays, you will rarely see anyone having a pocket watch. And the people who own it definitely don’t use it to keep time. Because let’s face it, wrist watch is more convenient to keep time as compared to a pocket watch.

People these days wear pocket watches to enhance their overall attire. As a result, a pocket watch is considered jewelry.

Are Smartwatches Considered Jewelry?


Like a watch, does a smartwatch also considered jewelry?

No, smartwatches are not considered jewelry. Smartwatch is considered an electronic device that is not merely used to keep time but do a lot of things. People mainly use them to track their health and fitness.

People do not use smartwatches at parties and functions, and neither do they wear them to enhance their attire. Also, you will not see a smartwatch that is made of gold or studded with diamonds. The usage of a smartwatch is very different from a watch, therefore they are not considered jewelry.

Should You Buy An Insurance For Your Watch?

Well, it totally depends on you. If you have not purchased a very expensive watch then you should probably not buy the watch insurance.

If you are super rich and can purchase the watch again even if it is lost or broken without a second thought, then also you should not purchase the watch insurance. Or if your existing jewelry insurance or house insurance covers watches then also you should not buy the watch insurance.

However, if you do not fall under any of the above categories and have:

  • Purchased a very expensive watch that was way out of your budget
  • And your existing insurance policies do not cover it

Then you should definitely buy insurance for your watch.


Is Watch Kind Of Jewelry?

Yes, a watch is kind of jewelry.

Are Watches Made Of Gold?

Yes, some watches are made up of gold.

Is Watch Considered Jewelry For Insurance?

Some insurance companies consider watches as jewelry and some don’t.

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