What Are Benefits Of Fitbit Premium, Versa, Sense, Inspire, Charge

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Are you considering buying a Fitbit? Do you want to know the benefits of Fitbit?

If you are confused about whether to buy a Fitbit or not then you are at the right place. This article will help you in understanding the advantages of Fitbit. Moreover, I will share all the benefits of Fitbit Sense, Versa, Charge, and Inspire lineups of Fitbit so that you can know which men’s or women’s Fitbit to buy.

So keep reading!

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What Are Fitbit Benefits?

Fitbit Benefits

So let’s first talk about the benefits of Fitbit as a whole and then we will look at the benefits of the Fitbit lineups.

1) Fitness Tracking

The first benefit of Fitbit is obviously what its name implies i.e. it helps you in getting fitter. Fitbits come with multiple sports profiles which you can use to measure your workouts and the accuracy of Fitbit’s exercise tracking is also very good. Therefore the first benefit of Fitbit is that it helps you in getting fit.

2) Motivation

Fitbit also motivates you in getting fit. You can join different groups in the Fitbit app and share fitness stats with each other. This way you can stay motivated by seeing other people who are getting fitter day by day.

Not only this but the detailed stats that Fitbit shows you will also motivate you to get fitter every day. You can compare your today’s workout with yesterday’s and see if you are improving or not.

3) Health Tracking

Health diseases are rising over the world and Covid-19 is a recent example that shook the whole world. Nowadays, you need a device that can measure your basic health parameters. And Fitbit with accurate health tracking sensors provides just that. With it, you can measure various health parameters like heart rate, SpO2, ECG, stress, etc., and stay updated on your body’s health.

4) Sleep Tracking

Fitbit is known for sleep tracking so you can accurately track your sleep every night. Sleep is as important as working out, you need good sleep so that your body can recover. With Fitbit, you don’t need to worry about tracking your sleep, because when it comes to sleep tracking, no one can beat Fitbit.

5) Easy To Use

The smartwatch operating system of Fitbit really takes some time to get used to. However, once you get used to it, it is actually very easy to use. So it does not matter whether you are tech savvy person or not, you will like using a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker.

6) Sets You Apart

Fitbit smartwatches, especially Versa and Sense series come in really unique square shapes. Where the market is filled with round-shaped smartwatches and rectangle-shaped watches, Fitbit watches with a square shape really set you apart from the crowd. Therefore if you are someone that doesn’t like to be a part of the crowd then you will like Fitbit.

7) Battery Life

One more advantage of Fitbits is their battery life. While other smartwatches from the brands like Samsung and Apple do not last for more than a day, Fitbits can easily last for around 4-5 days. Fitbit watches also come on my list of smartwatches with good battery life because they offer a decent battery life.

Fitbit Premium Benefits

If you don’t know then let me tell you, Fitbit also offers a premium service. You can buy a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker and then start using it, but if you want the premium service then you will have to pay the monthly subscription fee. Let us look at the advantages of the Fitbit Premium.

1) Daily Readiness Score

In Fitbit Premium you get the daily readiness score that you do not get in the Fitbit app. This score analyzes your body and tells you how ready you are for the day. Using this readiness score, you can decide whether you are ready for a workout or should rest and let your body recover. This feature can be especially beneficial for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

2) Premium Challenges

Premium Members also get premium challenges that make working out and achieving goals easy and fun. Therefore people who need a little bit of extra motivation will like the Fitbit Premium.

3) Stress Score Stats

You can measure your stress without the Fitbit Premium but you don’t get the detailed stats behind it. With the Fitbit Premium, you get deeper insights into your stress score so that you can manage it well.

4) Health Trends

In Fitbit Premium, you also get the past 90 days’ trend of different body health parameters. So that you can understand what is changing in your body and can diagnose a health-related problem early if there is any.

5) Wellness Report

You can also download a wellness report for the past month which contains a summary of your body health as well as fitness parameters. You can look at your past month’s report and know what you need to do differently this month.

6) More Than 200 Workouts

Routines are boring and everyone gets tired of the routine, right? But if you will buy the Fitbit Premium then you will never get bored by doing the same exercises daily. Because you get more than 200 workout videos and audio to spice up your workout. Not only this but you also get more than 200 mindfulness sessions that can help you relax and recover.

7) Sleep Score Breakdown

With Fitbit Premium, you also get deep insights into your sleep, which can help you improve your sleep every night.

Advantages Of Fitbit Versa

Advantages Of Fitbit Versa

Let us now look at the benefits of using the Fitbit lineups and we will start with the Fitbit Versa series.

1) Fitness Tracking

In the Fitbit Versa lineup, especially in the new Fitbit Versa 4, you get almost every feature that can help you track your fitness accurately. These features include:

  • Heart rate tracking
  • Inbuilt GPS
  • Automatic workout detection
  • Different workout modes
  • Active zone minutes
  • Steps, calories, and distance
  • Daily readiness score
  • Cardio fitness score, etc.

So if you are planning to buy a Fitbit Versa smartwatch then you will not get disappointed when it comes to fitness tracking.

2) Health Tracking

Not only fitness but the Fitbit Versa lineup also comes loaded with health benefits. It comes with the following health features:

  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Heart rate variability
  • Resting heart rate with low & high heart rate notifications
  • Skin temperature monitoring
  • Breathing tracking
  • Wellness report
  • Menstrual health tracking
  • Blood glucose monitoring

Therefore, with the Fitbit Versa lineup, you will be able to keep track of your health as well.

3) Sleep And Stress Tracking

Fitbit Versa lineup also lets you track your sleep and stress accurately so that you can also measure your recovery. Following are the benefits of having a Fitbit Versa when it comes to sleep and stress tracking:

  • Sleep stages tracking
  • Sleep score and profile
  • Smart alarms
  • Stress score
  • Mindfulness sessions to control your stress
  • Breathing sessions to relax your body

4) Smart Features

Apart from health, sleep, and fitness tracking, the Fitbit Versa series also comes with smart features. These features are particularly useful in day-to-day life. Following are the smart features that Fitbit Versa offers:

What Are Fitbit Sense Advantages?

Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense is the flagship lineup of Fitbit smartwatches, the Fitbit Sense 2 is the most expensive smartwatch from Fitbit yet. You get almost all the advantages of Fitbit Versa and even more in Fitbit Sense.

1) Fitness Tracking

When it comes to fitness tracking, Fitbit Sense offers the same features and benefits that the Fitbit Versa lineup offers.

2) Health Tracking

When it comes to health tracking, the Fitbit Sense lineup offers something more than the Fitbit Versa. Apart from all the health benefits of using Fitbit Versa, Sense tops it with ECG tracking. Therefore with Fitbit Sense, you will be able to measure any irregularity in your heart rhythm.

3) Sleep And Stress Tracking

All the sleep tracking benefits that you get in Fitbit Versa, you get them in Fitbit Sense too. Apart from that, you can measure your stress more accurately with Fitbit Sense as it comes with EDA (Electrodermal Activity) scan. This measures the small electrical changes in your skin to monitor your stress.

4) Smart Features

You get all the smart feature benefits in Fitbit Sense that you get in the Fitbit Versa lineup.

Benefits Of Fitbit Inspire

Fitbit Inspire

Now let us look at the advantages of Fitbit fitness trackers. Let’s start with the Fitbit Inspire lineup.

1) Fitness Tracking

Apart from the inbuilt GPS, you get almost all the fitness tracking features of Fitbit Versa & Sense in the Fitbit Inspire lineup. As a result, if you want to track your outdoor cycling and running session then you will have to connect Fitbit Inspire to your smartphone. It will make use of your cell phone’s GPS.

2) Health Tracking

You get almost all the health benefits in Fitbit Inspire that you get in the Fitbit Versa and Sense series. However, you cannot measure your ECG with it, which you can do with Fitbit Sense.

3) Sleep And Stress Measurement

Apart from the EDA scan benefit of Fitbit Sense, you get almost all the sleep and stress benefits in Inspire series.

4) Smart Features

You cannot pick up calls using the Fitbit Inspire lineup but other than that you get smartphone notifications, always on display, color touch screen, DND & sleep mode, clock faces, etc. Apart from these, the biggest advantage of Fitbit Inspire is its battery life, it comes with 10 days of battery life.

What Are Fitbit Charge Benefits?

Fitbit Charge 5

Now lets us talk about Fitbit Charge’s advantages.

1) Fitness Tracking

You get almost all the Fitbit fitness tracking benefits in the Fitbit Charge series. Unlike the Fitbit Inspire, you also get the inbuilt GPS in Charge. Therefore, you do not have to connect it to your cell phone to track your outdoor activities.

2) Health Tracking

Fitbit Charge is one of the very few fitness trackers in the world that can measure ECG. Apart from ECG, you get all the health tracking benefits that you get in Fitbit flagship smartwatches like Sense and Versa.

3) Sleep And Stress Monitoring

You get the sleep and stress benefits in Fitbit Charge that you get in the flagship Fitbit Sense smartwatch. Yes, you even get the EDA scan app in the Fitbit Charge, which you do not get in the Fitbit Inspire.

4) Smart Features

Fitbit Charge lineup does not let you pick up and talk on calls but other than that you get all the smart features that you can ask for. From always-on-display, smartphone notifications, to clock faces and DND, you get them all. You also get 7 days of battery life in the Fitbit Charge.

Should You Get A Fitbit?

Yes, you should definitely get a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker. It offers a lot of benefits when compared to other smartwatch brands and comes loaded with features. When it comes to battery life then it is also way better than some of the big brands like Apple or Samsung. Therefore I think you should get Fitbit as your next fitness tracker or watch.


Does Fitbit Improves Health?

No, Fitbit does not improve your health but it helps you in improving your health.

Are Fitbit Actually Useful?

Yes, Fitbit smartwatches or fitness trackers are useful. They can help you stay fit and healthy.

Can Fitbit Detect Stress?

Yes, Fitbit can detect stress.

Can Fitbit Measure Blood Oxygen?

Yes, Fitbit smartwatches come with SpO2 monitoring.

What Are The Advantages Of Fitbit?

The following are the advantages of Fitbit: 1) Tracks your health and fitness 2) Can motivate you to stay fit 3) Tracks your sleep and stress 4) Offers a decent battery life

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