Best Affordable GMT Watches Under $200 $500 $1000

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Some people travel a lot; sometimes due to their jobs, family reunions or just to explore beautiful places. During traveling, it becomes hard to track the native and destination time zone simultaneously. That’s why to solve this problem GMT watches have been designed by the watch manufacturers.

These timepieces can show two time zones on their dial thus also called dual-time zone watches. This feature helps you to track the standard time of any city around the world as well as your local time. Thus Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plays a vital role in the pilot watches as they have to fly among several nations.

Not only for their feature but GMT watches are also known for their amazing looks. So, whether you are looking for a watch for traveling purposes or just for its aesthetic appeal, these watches won’t disappoint you. But dual time zone watches can be really expensive sometimes and not everyone can afford them. However, you don’t have to worry because I have listed some of the best affordable GMT watches for you in this article. So let’s start!

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Comparison Table For Affordable GMT Watches





Best Affordable GMT Pilot Watch

best affordable gmt swiss watch for men

Torgoen Watch

  • Swiss Watch

  • Luminescence hands and markers

  • Interchangeable leather strap

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Best Affordable Automatic GMT Watch

best gmt cheap automatic watch

Pagani GMT Watch

  • Design inspired by Rolex

  • Luminous display

  • Available in 5 more colors

Best Vintage GMT Watch Under $1000

best vintage watch with gmt under 1000

Haofa HF-1036 Watch

  • Tourbillon trait

  • Am/PM phase indicator

  • Skeletal dial

Affordable GMT Luxury Watch Under $500

affordable gmt watch under 500

JBW Luxury Watch

  • Genuine Diamonds

  • Stainless steel and 18k Gold body material

  • Shows time of 23 major cities

Types Of Dual-Time Zone Watches

1. Usual GMT watches– In these timepieces, the GMT hour hand is present on the same dial that is used to show the native time zone.

2. True GMT watches– They come with an independent GMT sub-dial to display the second time zone.

Best Affordable GMT Watches With Two Time Zones

I have categorized these watches into sub-sections based on their budget, i.e., under $200, $500, and $1000. Let start the list with the cheapest GMT watches i.e. ‘under $200 category’.

Best Cheap GMT Watches Under $200

1. Torgoen Pilot Watch

best gmt swiss watch for men

GMT has been an important feature for the pilots so here I am starting my list with this Torgoen pilot watch. In the picture, you can easily notice an extra orange-colored hour hand apart from the main hour, minute, and second hands. You can set this extra hour hand as per your arriving or departing locations’ GMT time so that you can plan the post-arrival schedule without any hustle.

If you are taking a night flight then with the help of the luminescence hands and indices on this watch, you can easily read the time in the dark.

This watch comes with a stainless steel case that can easily bear aviation pressure without any problem, whereas the mineral crystal emphasizes the scratch resistance property. Talking about the aesthetics of the watch, the leather band gives it a formal look. However, the band is interchangeable so you can also customize it for casual meets as well. Also, the navy blue dial with a silver case and a date window at 4 o’clock overall enhances its looks.

Furthermore, the watch is water-resistant till 100m so you can take it for a recreational swimming and snorkeling session. Even if you receive a defective watch then no need to worry as it comes with a 3-years manufacturing warranty. According to me, this dual-time pilot watch is one of the best picks under $200.

The Good
  • Luminescence hands and indices to read time in the dark
  • Interchangeable leather band
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty
The Bad
  • Nothing as such

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2. Pagani GMT Watch

best gmt cheap watch

The design of this Pagani watch is inspired by an old watch brand, Rolex. Before mentioning its features and durability, I must tell you that this is the cheapest dual-time watch on my list.

Now coming down to its features, the watch comes with an automatic movement that means it is a self-winding watch. Also, it comes with a GMT feature that keeps you updated about the native and away time zone.

In terms of durability, this timepiece is composed of stainless steel that provides it the required strength. Moreover, the watch face consists of sapphire glass to protect the luminous display. What makes it more durable? It has a water-resistant property of up to 100m to protect the watch machinery from water splashes while swimming or showering.

If you are satisfied with this affordable GMT automatic watch but not with the color of the watch then don’t worry, it comes in 5 shades so you can pick your favorite color.

The Good
  • Luminous dial to make convenient time reading in the dark
  • Comes with an adjustable strap to fit on your wrist
  • Sapphire glass protection
The Bad
  • Build quality is not satisfactory

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Best GMT Watches Under $500

3. Luminox Bear Grylls Air Series

best gmt dive watch

Luminox has introduced this timepiece as a GMT affordable dive watch under $500 that is water-resistant up to 200m and supports deepwater activities. You can wear this watch while snorkeling, swimming, and diving without any doubts in your mind.

This timepiece has an extra hour hand that represents the GMT feature so that you can stay updated about the standard time of any nation apart from your local time. You can also see names of 24 popular cities engraved on the bezel. All you need to do is set the GMT hour hand at the desired city and start tracking its time. You can also check the date with this watch as it has a separate window for that so you never miss an appointment.

Moreover, the watch comes with a shatter-resistant watch crystal i.e. sapphire which provides it protection from scratches. For more durability, the watch is composed of stainless steel which makes it sturdier.

Luminox also gave its exclusive gas-tube hour and minute hands that shine during the dark and provide easy reading. Not only hands but the markers on the dial also glow in the dark. Overall, this GMT timekeeper is one of the best picks for a dual time zone watch with Luminox’s dedicated features.

The Good
  • Diver’s watch
  • Glowing hands and markers
  • Sturdy construction 
The Bad
  • Nothing specific

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4. SXC Luminox Men’s Quartz Watch

best gmt pilot watch

Due to its big dial size and GMT feature, the SXC Luminox makes a great pilots watch. This timepiece comes with a bi-directional bezel that can be used as a chronograph for recording the duration of take-off and landing time of the flight.

You can also observe in the picture that there is a date window that keeps you updated about your appointments and flight dates. Furthermore, Luminox has provided mineral crystal glass on the case to protect the dial from scratches. Also, the watch comes with a rubber strap to give a perfect hold on your wrist. Just like rubber can’t be affected by the water, the watch case also remains unaffected due to its water-resistant property.

The Good
  • Big dial for easy reading
  • Bi-directional bezel to track time
  • Also shows date apart from dual time
The Bad
  • Watch material looks cheap

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5. JBW Luxury Watch

gmt luxury watch under 500

Are you still looking at the picture of the watch? I also adored it a lot while doing research for you. This timepiece has a luxury look, isn’t it?  It is due to its 18k gold body as well as the genuine diamonds engraved on its case. Just think about your impression when you will carry it on a dignified occasion. This watch can make you the essence of the party without any more requirements.

Talking about the features, the watch comes with a GMT function that can be set for 12 popular cities around the globe. This is the best affordable GMT watch for men under the luxury category, indeed. However, it has quite a heavy watch so only men with large wrists can wear it comfortably.

Also, the watch is water-resistant up to 50m which means you cannot wear it for water sports but it can easily bear sweat, moisture, and rain.

If you love its premium design but not the color then you can check its three more shades available on Amazon. The other three tones also provide the same royal look like this one. I must mention that this timepiece comes with a warranty of 2-years so you can go with it without any second thoughts in your mind.

The Good
  • Luxury looking watch
  • Composed of 18k gold and genuine white diamond
  • Shows time of 12 major cities
The Bad
  • It is a heavy watch

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6. Seiko SUN026P1 Men’s Watch

Seiko gmt watch

This Seiko watch comes with a black colored case and band that are made up of stainless steel. Also, the black dial with golden markers on it gives an amazing look. Another thing that makes it prettier is the date window at 3 o’clock.

What sets it apart from the other watches is its kinetic movement. This watch uses your wrist movement to charge the battery inside the watch. It gives you an advantage over automatic watches as you won’t require winding frequently.

Moreover, this timekeeper comprises of GMT feature which means apart from your native zone it will keep you updated about the time of any city of the world. And for activity tracking, you can use the unidirectional bezel present on the watch case itself.

It can tolerate water pressure up to 100m underwater. So, there is no need to take off your watch while going for shallow-water activities. If you are a Seiko lover then this GMT timepiece is one of the best you can get under their banner.

The Good
  • Has a date window at 3 o’clock
  • Charges itself using your wrist movement
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
The Bad
  • Price could have been less

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Best GMT Watch Under $1000

7. Haofa HF-1036 Men’s Watch

best vintage watch with gmt under 1000

Here, I am going to mention a vintage watch that comes with an amazing Tourbillon feature. This trait keeps the timepiece unaffected by the change in gravity. It is specially designed for astronauts as when they leave the earth’s orbital, gravity affects everything but not this watch.

Apart from astronauts, pilots also experience a change in gravitational force while flying at extreme heights.

It comes with stainless steel case and sapphire glass that provides the watch durability and scratch resistance respectively. Talking about the watch face, it has a skeletal window and consists of luminous hands to give it a premium look.

This watch features four sub-dials, one located at the 9 o’clock position is for GMT. Opposite to it, at the 3 o’clock position is the moon and sun display which indicate AM and PM. Sub-dial at 12 o’clock is for keeping normal time. Also, you get a dedicated sub-dial for the second hand at the 6 o’clock position.

The water-resistant quality of the watch is limited to 30m only but it can easily resist sweat and moisture. Keep in mind that you can’t wear it for swimming. Also, it comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer so you can rely on it.

The Good
  • Tourbillon feature which keeps the watch unaffected from gravity change
  • Moon & Sun sub-dial for AM/PM indication
  • Scratch-resistant and durable watch
The Bad
  • It’s not the most affordable GMT watch you can buy

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Which Affordable Dual Time Watch Should You Pick?

Haofa HF men’s watch is undoubtedly the best watch on the list as it consists of Tourbillon and dual-time zone feature. It also has a luminous face and sub-dial for AM/PM indication. Overall, it is the best vintage GMT watch under $1000.

Another good option is the JBW luxury watch that comes under $500 and has genuine diamonds engraved on stainless steel and an 18k gold body. The cool thing about this timepiece is that you can use GMT for 12 major cities of different countries.

If your budget is low then you could pick the Torgoen watch. It comes with luminous hands and indices that make time convenient to read while it’s dark outside. Also, it comprises a 3-year manufacturer warranty in case you receive a defective piece. Even you can change its look with its interchangeable bands. This watch comes at an affordable price of under $200. So with that, I hope you must have picked one amazing GMT watch from the list for yourself according to your budget.


How Can You Read GMT Watches?

There is always an extra hour hand present on these watches which is used to show you the time of another location.

How To Use A GMT Watch?

To use these watches, you need to set your native time on the main dial and time of another zone on GMT sub-dial or hour hand.

Which Is The Best Affordable Dual-Time Zone Watch?

Torgoen watch is the best cheap GMT watch as it comes with luminous hands and markers. You can also change the looks of the watch as it supports interchangeable straps.

What Is The Difference Between Usual And True GMT Watches?

Usual watches have GMT hand on the main dial whereas true GMT watches have a separate sub-dial for GMT.

Are Dual-Time Zone Watches Expensive?

Not all of them are expensive. There is a wide variety of dual-time watches present in the market at affordable prices.

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