Best Analog Digital (Ana-Digi) Watches For Men & Women

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Watch manufacturers always try to make an innovative change in the features and design of their products which can fascinate the customers. That’s why they came up with Ana-Digi watches that made a great impact on watch lovers around the world.

To make these watches more desirable, many manufacturers also provide some advanced features in them such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, back-light, and more.

I guess you know about the Ana-Digi watches but if you are not familiar with them then don’t worry. Let me explain it to you, these watches come with both analog and digital displays on their dial. This dual display makes the watch look more unique and stylish.

The best advantage of these timepieces is that they provide convenience in reading time on the analog and LED digital display in sun-light and dark respectively.

If you are also looking for a dual display timekeeper then this article is going to help you as I have listed the best analog digital watches with cool features. So do check them out.

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Best Ana-Digi Watch Comparison Table





Casio Analog-digital G-Shock

Casio analog digital G shock

Casio G-Shock Watch

  • Shock resistant

  • Magnetic resistant

  • Pre-installed calendar till 2099

Seiko Women's Ana-Digi Watch

Seiko ana digi women's watch

SEIKO Armie Prospex Watch

  • Solar-powered

  • Suitable for diving

  • Power saving function

Citizen Dual Display Solar Watch

Citizen dual display solar watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

  • Yacht racing timer

  • Eco-Drive technology

  • Water-resistant up to 200m

Breitling Analog Digital Swiss Watch

Breitling ana digi swiss watch

Men’s Breitling B55 Watch

  • Smartphone pairing

  • Electronic tachymeter

  • Chronograph and countdown timer with a flyback feature

Fossil Ana Digi Eco-friendly Watch

Fossil ana digi eco-friendly watch

Fossil Earth Day Watch

  • Organic plastic case

  • Strap made from Recycled bottle

  • Solar-powered

    Digital compass

Best Analog Digital Watches For Men & Women

1. Casio G-Shock Ana-Digi Watch GA110-1B

Casio analog digital G shock

G-Shock has a wide variety of watches in the market and most of them are Ana-Digi watches. This limited edition Casio watch also comes with a dual display. It comprises shock, magnetic, and water-resistance properties that make it rugged. The watch can bear water activity up to 200m, which means you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling while wearing this watch. Also, it has a backlight that helps you to read the digital time deep underwater.

Moreover, it comes with an alarm, 1/1000 second stopwatch, and a countdown timer. These three features will help you to track accurate activity duration to enhance your performance.

The dial has separate digital date and day windows and comes with an installed calendar till the year 2099. Just like its calendar, the watch battery life is also long-lasting that is about 2 years. So, grab this limited edition watch for an amazing experience.

The Good
  • Highly durable watch
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • 2-years battery life
The Bad
  • Back-light issues after a while

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2. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Sail Hawk

Citizen dual display solar watch

This watch is for analog-digital as well as sports lovers. It comes with a polyurethane strap and stainless steel case to provide durability. This watch is not only sporty in looks but also consists of advanced features such as a yacht timer (yachting chronograph), split lap time, and countdown timer. Also, the watch provides an alarm function to keep you on track and disciplined. You can wear it in deep water activity without any worries as the watch is water-resistant up to 200m.

This timepiece runs on Eco-Drive technology that can convert any type of light into electrical energy and makes it one of the best solar Ana-Digi watches. Another good thing is that it comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. So, if you are a sports person then this is the best dual display watch for you.

The Good
  • Runs on any type of light energy
  • Comes with a 5-years warranty
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
The Bad
  • There is no Backlight on it

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3. Fastrack Analog-Digital Men’s Watch

Fastrack ana digi watch

Fastrack has given this analog digital watch a leather band that provides it a formal look. So, you can wear it to the office or formal meetings to leave a good impression.

The watch becomes more desirable because of the mineral glass that provides scratch resistance and durability.  The watch has multiple dials which consist of; one analog display and two digital displays. Out of the two digital displays, one shows the time while another one shows the date and day.

This timepiece is water-resistant only up to 50m so it’s not suitable for water sports but can bear rain, sweat, and water splashes easily. If the watch malfunctions then you don’t need to worry as it comes with a 2-years warranty.

The Good
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • Shows day and date along with time
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
The Bad
  • Watch is heavy
  • Only water-resistant to 50m

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4. Fossil Earth Day Watch

Fossil ana digi eco-friendly watch

This Fossil watch is also a limited edition like the Casio G-Shock Ana-Digi watch that we have discussed above. The best thing is that the digital movement of this budget watch works on solar energy, so you don’t have to depend on batteries. Moreover, the watch case is composed of castor oil that is organic plastic, and the strap is made from recycled water bottles. These properties make this timepiece sustainable and eco-friendly.

The watch dial has mineral crystal glass protection that makes it scratch-resistant. It is also water-resistant till 50m so it can easily bear water drops, moisture, etc. Coming down to other important features of this watch, it consists of a stopwatch to record your performance and a digital compass to provide you the right directions.

The cool thing is that this watch comes under $100, so you don’t need to think about your budget.

The Good
  • Eco-friendly watch
  • Solar-powered
  • Digital compass to provide directions
The Bad
  • Nothing considering the price point

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5. Seiko Arnie Prospex Women’s Watch

Seiko ana digi women's watch

This women’s watch comes with Hardlex glass, exclusively found on Seiko watches. This glass is more durable than the mineral glass that we have seen on other watches on this list. This watch also has another Seiko dedicated feature that is Lumibrite painted hands and indices on the analog display. Lumibrite is a luminous paint again found only on Seiko watches that is long-lasting and helps you read time in the dark.

The watch has a silicone band for better grip on your wrist. Also, the case is composed of stainless steel for extra durability so it will last long. It is long-lasting in terms of power consumption too because it works on solar energy and comes with a dedicated power-saving feature. So, there is no need to worry about battery replacement because it doesn’t need one.

Let me tell you another cool feature of this watch. It comes with an installed calendar till 2100 that is till the end of this century.
What’s even better is that this watch consists of a unidirectional rotation bezel to record your dive timings. Yes, you read it right. You can do diving with this watch as it is water-resistant up to 200m. According to me, this is the best affordable dive watch under $500 for women.

The Good
  • Power Saving function
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • Solar movement
The Bad
  • Bezel is not durable as it’s composed of plastic

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6. Breitling Exospace B55 Watch

Breitling ana digi swiss watch

This is the most expensive watch on my list that also comes with rich and smart features. No, this is not a smartwatch but consists of some smart features like buzzing or vibrating on messages, calls, and notifications. This Swiss watch connects with your phone via Bluetooth to receive notifications. You can even regulate and set the watch time, alarm, and other features with the Breitling B55 app that you need to install on your phone.

This Breitling watch comes with a rubber strap and a titanium case which provides durability without making it heavy. There are two digital windows on the dial; one for month & date and another for time. Both of them have a backlight so you can read the information even in the dark.

It also comprises an electronic tachymeter on the dial that helps you to check your speed while covering a specific distance. However, if you want to check the time of an activity, you can use the chronometer function of the watch. Also, this timepiece has an alarm and countdown timer to help you in tracking progress. Not only activity, but you can also keep a tab on the battery life with its battery level indicator which is an amazing feature altogether.

The Good
  • Smartphone pairing
  • Comes with a Battery life indicator
  • Consists of an Electronic tachymeter

The Bad
  • Watch is expensive

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7. GOLDEN HOUR gold-tone Ana-Digi Watch

Ana Digi gold watch men's

If you are a lover of gold-tone as well as dual display watches then have a glance at this watch. It comes with a gold-toned stainless steel case and an adjustable band that makes it durable and fits easily on every wrist. If that’s not enough then it’s also shock-resistant that provides even more ruggedness.

Along with a dual time display, it consists of two more windows for the day and date display. Moreover, this timepiece comes with a chronograph to record the time of activity. It also has an alarm and hour chimes. You can set an alarm as a reminder for an event or other activity whereas an hour chime keeps you updated about the hour completion.

This timepiece is water-resistant up to 30m which means rain, and water splashes will not affect it. This watch is long-lasting and comes at an affordable price, i.e., under $50. So you can go for it if you are really short on budget and are searching for a good-looking analog-digital watch.

The Good
  • Shock resistant for rugged nature
  • Features Hourly chime
  • Strap is Adjustable

The Bad
  • The user manual comes in small unreadable letters

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8. Timex Men’s Expedition Watch

Timex ana digi men's watch

Are you looking for another budget Ana-Digi watch that also comes under $50? Then, this is an option to look into. This Timex watch comes with an Indiglo light-up analog dial and luminous hands that allow you to read the time easily in the dark. This watch comprises a nylon band for a good hold and a resin bezel to make it lightweight yet durable.

This Timex watch can also be worn while playing a sport or doing gym because it has features like a 24-hour countdown timer, chronograph and is even water-resistant up to 100m. All of these features help you to track your workout timings and protect the watch from the water and sweat.

It also comes with daily alarms to keep you reminding the planned schedule. Overall, Timex has marketed this watch as a complete product at an affordable price and I couldn’t agree more.

The Good
  • Indigo light-up dial
  • The display has Luminous hands
  • The watch comes with a Chronograph

The Bad
  • Crown is fragile
  • Buttons placement could have been better

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9. SKMEI Men’s Sports Watch

SKMEI ana digi watches

A vintage watch always fascinates watch lovers. So, here I have placed this classic timepiece with a mesmerizing Analog-Digital display. The watch comprises a big dial that makes reading time on it very easy. Furthermore, the watch comes with a rectangle case and leather band to give a premium and unique look on your wrist.

Also, you can see in the image that this watch has multiple crowns. Unlike other watches that come with a single crown, these knobs make the sub-dials adjustments easy for you. With this convenience, you can set an alarm, use a stopwatch, change the date and time without any hustle.

Another cool thing is that you don’t need to settle for this color only as this watch comes in 20 different shades with a water-resistant property. It can bear water up to 30m which is enough to keep it unaffected from rain, and moisture. Overall, if you are looking for a totally unique timepiece that instantly attracts eyeballs then this is the watch to consider.

The Good
  • The watch case has multiple crowns for easy operations
  • Gives a vintage and unique look
  • Comes with a big dial for easy time reading
The Bad
  • Watch is heavy and only good for big writs

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Which Ana-Digi Watch Should You Pick?

If you are looking for the best analog-digital men’s watch then I would suggest Casio G-Shock limited edition timekeeper as it’s rugged in nature due to its shock, magnetic, and water resistance capabilities. Even the watch has a pre-installed calendar till 2099 and long-lasting battery life.

For women, Seiko Armie Prospex is the best option to look into. This watch comes with 200m water resistance and Hardlex crystal glass to make it durable. Also, it has an amazing feature of power-saving which allows the battery to last long.

If you only love to buy and use eco-friendly products then check out the Fossil Earth Day watch. It is a special edition that comes with a strap made up of recycled plastic bottles and a castor oil case made up of organic plastic. Another good feature of the watch is that it works on solar movement that means it uses light as a source of power.


What Are Ana-Digi watches?

Ana-Digi watches are the watches that come with both displays; analog as well as digital.

Are Analog-Digital Watches Any Good?

Yes, Ana-Digi watches are trendy and come with dual display that makes them worthwhile.

Are Ana-Digi Watches Expensive?

It depends on the watch brand you choose. Some brands market their Ana-Digi watches at an affordable price while others at a high cost.

Are There Any Ana-Digi Smartwatches?

Yes, analog digital smartwatches are available in the market. One of them is Men’s Breitling B55 Exospace. It pairs with the smartphone and buzzes on notifications and calls.

Which Is The Best Women’s Ana-Digi Watch?

Seiko Armie Prospex is the best Ana-Digi watch for women. This watch comes with a power-saving feature and is water-resistant up to 200m.

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