9 Best Atomic Watches With Digital & Analog Display

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Due to various internal and external factors, all watches lose some time and they can never be 100 % accurate. Now, how much time the watch loses depends on its movement for example automatic mechanical watches lose more time than quartz movement watches.  So all watches lose time, some lose more while some lose less but time loss is inevitable.

And that’s where atomic watches come to the rescue, these watches also lose time but they receive a radio signal consisting of the most accurate time and date information which updates the watch every day to the most accurate time. This technology is called atomic timekeeping and here are the best atomic watches you can buy. Moreover, the majority of the atomic watches on this list are solar-powered so if you’re looking for the best solar atomic solar watch then we’ve got you covered.

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Best Atomic Watches Comparison Table





Cheap Digital Atomic Watch

cheap atomic watch from Casio

Casio Waveceptor Atomic Digital Watch

  • Receives radio signal every day

  • World time

  • Backlight

Best Solar Atomic Watch

best solar atomic watch

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

  • Solar Powered

  • Military-grade specifications

  • Illumination

Unisex Casio Solar Atomic Watch

women atomic digital watch

Best Analog Atomic Watch

Casio G-SHOCK Quartz Watch

  • Sleek and lightweight

  • Solar-powered

  • Durable and waterproof

best atomic watch under 500

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

  • Chronograph function

  • Japanese quartz movement

  • Luxury watch

Best Seiko Atomic Watch

seiko analog atomic watch

Seiko Men’s COUTURE Watch

  • Chronograph function

  • Solar-powered

  • World time

Best Digital Atomic Watches

1. Casio Waveceptor Atomic Digital Watch

cheap atomic watch from Casio

To start off the list I bring to you a cheap atomic watch that everyone can afford. Generally, people think that atomic watches are expensive and you cannot get a good radio-controlled watch if you are low on budget. But that’s not the case always and this Casio digital watch is a prime example of it.

This Casio Waveceptor watch receives a signal every night from the atomic clock because at night there is less electromagnetic disturbance. However, some users say that it does not receive signals every day but that can be due to your location, if you live too far away from the location of the atomic clock then you may face such issues. Nonetheless, it’s still the best inexpensive atomic watch you can buy for everyday use.

Besides, atomic timekeeping you also get other functions on this watch like world time and backlight which makes reading time at night an easy affair. Overall, if you are new to radio-controlled watches and want to start your journey with an affordable atomic watch then you should definitely buy this watch.

The Good
  • Affordable atomic watch
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Glow at night for easy readability
  • World time is a great function for travelers
The Bad
  • Sometimes it may not receive the signal
  • The watch band is not as durable as the watch itself

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2. G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

best solar atomic watch

The next radio-controlled watch on the list is an atomic solar watch from G-Shock. It is not just an atomic watch that keeps accurate time but it is also solar powered so you don’t have to ever charge it or replace the batteries again. Moreover, it’s a G-Shock so you don’t have to worry about its durability, it’s built like a tank.

Talking of a tank, it can be a great military watch as it is tough and also precise which is the main requirement for a watch if you want to use it in your missions. Also, the watch has other valuable functions that can be handy on a mission or outdoor adventures such as an altimeter, barometer, compass, sunrise/sunset alarm, etc.

Also, this men’s atomic watch illuminates in the dark allowing you to read time and other information on the watch at night. Overall, if you look at the build, price, and features of the watch then it’s probably the best atomic watch under $300 you can buy as of now.

The Good
  • Supports solar charging
  • Atomic timekeeping works as specified
  • It’s a super rugged and durable watch
  • It can easily withstand water
  • Has plenty of helpful features like a compass, altimeter, etc
The Bad
  • The negative display is hard to read at times
  • It might feel big and heavy for some

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3. CASIO Radio Control Watch

radio controlled watch for women

This Casio timepiece is an excellent radio-controlled watch for women due to its atomic timekeeping, solar-powered design, and Japanese movement. The best part about this watch is it offers hassle-free precise timekeeping with automatic nightly signal reception.

Also, since it is a solar-powered watch there’s no need for battery replacements, making it a low-maintenance accessory for women.

Overall this ladies’ atomic watch represents a cost-effective and durable timepiece that eliminates the inconvenience of manual adjustments, making it an ideal choice for women seeking both style and functionality in their wristwear.

The Good
  • Automatic Timekeeping
  • Solar-Powered
  • Stylish Design
  • Durable Watch
The Bad
  • The digital screen is too small

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4. G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar

G shock atomic solar watch

If you want to buy an atomic watch from G-Shock because it’s durable but always postponed your plan due to your low budget. Then we have good news for you because now you can buy an atomic solar G-shock watch under your budget. The GW2310 is an affordable G-Shock atomic timekeeping watch you can buy for under $150.

By paying just 150 dollars you can get yourself a durable, accurate, and solar-powered watch, sounds like an amazing deal, isn’t it? G-Shock GW2310 is a multifunctional radio-controlled watch that receives signals from an atomic clock to keep accurate time. Also, it gets charged through solar power so you’re free from the worries of charging the watch every now and then.

As I told you it is a multifunctional atomic wristwatch, it can do a lot more than just showing the accurate time. It has features like an automatic EL backlight, multiple alarms, 41 world time zones, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and more. Overall, it’s the best atomic solar watch you can buy under budget.

The Good
  • Durable and rugged design
  • Solar-powered watch
  • Value for money
  • No issues in receiving atomic signals
  • Has multiple functions
The Bad
  • Not very easy to read due to its negative display
  • Some users face issues with the solar charging feature of this watch

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5. Casio G-SHOCK Quartz Watch

women atomic digital watch

G-Shock has a reputation that their watches are durable but also big and bulky which makes them less likely for women. However, this G-Shock digital atomic watch is a little different from other G-Shock watches. Although it’s durable like others, at the same time it is slim and lightweight so apart from men women can also flaunt this G-Shock watch on their wrist.

Besides its sleek dimension, the reason it is here on this list is that it is a solar atomic watch so it’s both accurate and solar-powered. Not just that, it has all the features you would expect from a G-Shock like its rugged, waterproof, EL backlight, world time, auto calendar, and more. And the best part is that it comes at a very good price point which everyone can afford.

Overall, it is the best sleek atomic watch from Casio G-Shock for women and men. Also, it’s quite affordable so you won’t mind checking it out.

The Good
  • Has a sleek and lightweight design
  • Affordable G-Shock watch
  • Gets charged through solar radiation
  • Feature-packed
  • It’s durable and waterproof
The Bad
  • The automatic backlight feature is not as effective as advertised
  • Big guys won’t like it that much

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Best Analog Atomic Watches

6. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Watch

best atomic watch under 500

If you are not a big fan of digital watches and want to buy an analog watch with an atomic timekeeping feature then the Citizen Eco-Drive men’s watch might be the best option for you. Although it’s a little expensive when compared to atomic digital watches, it’s still worth it as it looks and feels premium.

Also, it’s a comfortable watch that you can wear all day long without hurting your wrist all thanks to its light and slim design and comfortable leather band.  Moreover, it is the most accurate watch on the list not just because it receives the atomic signal but also due to its Japanese quartz movement which keeps accurate time.

You also get a chronograph function on the watch using which you can effortlessly measure the time intervals of an event. Also, it’s built out of stainless steel so it’s quite durable and the best part is it can go as deep as 666 feet underwater before breaking down. So overall, if your budget is good and you want to buy a premium analog timepiece then it’s the best atomic watch with a chronograph under $500.

The Good
  • Premium looking watch
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has chronograph function
  • Precise timekeeping
  • It’s quite durable and is also waterproof

The Bad
  • Expensive
  • Beginners may find it hard to use the watch as it does not come with a user manual

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7. Seiko Men’s COUTURA Watch

seiko analog watch

Unlike other Swiss watch brands which mostly make luxury watches, Seiko watches start at an affordable range and can go up to expensive prices. So there is a Seiko watch for every budget. Today on the list we have a mid-range watch from Seiko which supports atomic timekeeping and can be charged using solar power.

The watch automatically receives radio signals for updating the time and the best part is that it has indicators that tell you whether the watch is receiving the signals or not. Also, it supports the world time function which can show the accurate time of 25 major cities of the world.

Besides that, the watch also has a chronograph function using which it can measure time with an accuracy of 1/5th of a second. Also, it is made fully out of stainless steel which provides it durability and premium looks. Moreover, you can swim or bathe while wearing this watch since it is waterproof up to 100 meters underwater.

Overall, if you have a decent budget to spend I would recommend you this watch from Seiko as it is accurate, reliable, and luxurious.

The Good
  • It can be solar charged
  • Has a radio reception indicator
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • World time
  • Has chronograph function
The Bad
  • May not fit in everyone’s budget
  • You may find it hard to set the watch at first

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8. CASIO Lineage Radio Controlled Watch For Men

men's atomic watch

The CASIO Lineage Radio Controlled watch is an exceptional atomic watch for men. The reason I say that is because its precision is unmatched, thanks to radio synchronization with atomic clocks which ensures impeccable timekeeping.

Besides accurate timekeeping, the watch also features Tough Solar technology which reduces the need for battery changes. Also, this watch is quite versatile boasting a world-time function, water resistance, and a range of additional features.

This watch has an analog as well as a digital display. On the analog dial, you can read the time. While other information like day and date is shown on the digital display of the watch.

Moreover, its robust build and scratch-resistant materials make it both durable and stylish, suitable for any occasion. Overall, for the modern man who values precision, reliability, and timeless design, the CASIO Lineage Radio Controlled watch is a top choice.

The Good
  • Highly Precise
  • Solar-powered
  • Rugged and scratch-resistant
  • Shows world time
The Bad
  • Limited signal reception in remote or obstructed areas

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9. G-Shock Analog Atomic Watch

G-Shock analog watch

To end the list we bring you yet another G-Shock watch because when it comes to atomic timekeeping there is hardly any watch brand that is better than Casio G-Shock. This analog atomic G-Shock watch comes with a multi-band atomic timekeeping feature which means it can receive signals from multiple transmitters that ensure you always receive the radio signal.

Even if it somehow doesn’t receive the signal because you are out of the zone of the signal, the watch can keep accurate time for a long time to come as it has an accuracy of +/-15 seconds per month. Once you are back in range the watch will itself adjust to the most accurate time.

Besides that, the watch is also solar powered with a battery life of up to 6 months upon one full charge which means the watch can work up to 6 months without exposure to sunlight. The watch is packed with other essential features like a stopwatch, luminous watch hands, word time, and much more. Now you must be thinking that a watch with so many features must be expensive however you will be glad to know that it costs under $100. Overall, if you want to buy a feature-rich atomic wristwatch from a reputed brand under budget then this watch is something to look out for.

The Good
  • Rugged and durable
  • Affordable
  • Solar-powered
  • Luminous watch hands
  • Feature packed
The Bad
  • Smaller dial size
  • Hour hand-painted in red against a black background makes it hard to read at times

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Final Verdict

Time loss in watches is normal and you cannot do anything about it. However, if you are someone for whom every second count then you should get yourself an atomic watch like the ones shared in this article. You can either go for a digital atomic watch or an atomic watch with an analog dial based on your preference. However, you should always prefer an atomic watch from brands like Casio, Seiko, and Citizen because these are the brands that make the best atomic timekeeping watches.


Are Radio Controlled Watches Safe For Humans?

Yes, atomic radio-controlled watches are safe for humans.

Do Atomic Watches Still Work?

Yes, they still work and will keep working until the atomic clock which sends the radio signal shuts down.

Where Is The Atomic Clock Located?

The atomic clocks are placed in 6 different parts of the world. In the US it is located in Boulder, Colorado.

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