7 Best Breitling Watches For Men & Women

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Breitling has been in the watchmaking industry for a dog’s age now. And since the establishment of Breitling, the company has only seen an immense appreciation from the watch collectors.

Other than the keen eyes of the watch enthusiasts, Breitling watches are admired by divers, swimmers, and people from the field of aviation.

The watch was even worn by the astronaut Scott Carpenter in the Aurora spacecraft 7 on 24th May 1962. People from the TV industry and the field of sports are not left behind when it comes to the liking of the luxury Breitling watches.

Breitling watch is proudly owned by the king of kitchen Gordon Ramsay, action lover Tom Cruise, adventure lover Bear Grylls, the crush of men Charlize Theron, ladies favorite Brad Pitt, and the football legend David Beckham.

If you have a love for luxury watches like these guys do, then you should definitely go through our listing of the best Breitling watches for men and women to buy on Amazon.

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Best Breitling Watch Comparison Table





Best Breitling Dive Watch

best selling breitling watches

Breitling Superocean Automatic Men’s Watch

  • 1000 meters water resistant watch

  • Unidirectional bezel

  • The looks of the watch are stylish

Best Breitling Pilot Watch

best breitling pilot watch

Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk

  • The watch has great looks

  • Easy to see the time in low light

  • Scratch-resistant watch

Best Breitling Navitimer Watch

breitling navitimer watch

Breitling Men's Navitimer World

  • Chronograph Watch

  • The built of the watch is strong

  • Scratch-resistant watch

  • Luminous hour markers and watch hands

Cheapest Breitling Watch

superocean breitling watch women

Breitling Superocean Women's Watch

  • Water-proof watch

  • Unidirectional bezel

  • Good quality rubber band

Best Breitling Watches On Amazon

1. Breitling Superocean Automatic Men’s Watch

best selling breitling watches

Let’s start the list with a Breitling watch that can be a winner in both your work life and underwater life.

With the super-rich design and looks of the watch, anyone would like to flaunt it on their wrist. Just pair the watch with a tux, suit, or your shirt, and upgrade your new self.

Breitling Superocean is made with a high-quality stainless steel bracelet with a black dial in the middle.

The watch is made to perfectly fit men of all wrist sizes. It has a dimension of 7.13 x 5.79 x 4.41 inches and a weight of 2.05 ounces. The dial size of 44mm is neither too big and nor too small for people with an average to big wrist size.

On your weekend when you plan to go snorkeling, diving, and swimming, this diver’s watch can be your buddy as it’s whopping 1000 meters water-resistant. This much water resistance makes the Superocean Automatic watch the best Breitling dive watch.

To keep a track of the diving time effectively, the watch has a uni-directional rotating bezel.

As the watch is Swiss-made with self-winding automatic mechanical movement, the time shown by the watch is 100% accurate.

While you’re exploring the underwater world, you might accidentally hit your hand on a rock. This can be a disaster for a normal watch as it can simply stop working.

But as your Breitling Superocean Automatic watch is rugged and made with scratch-proof sapphire crystal, you don’t need to worry about the watch going through some rough treatment.

The Good
  • The size and dimensions of the watch are decent
  • The watch is not much pricey
  • 1000 meters water resistant watch
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • The looks of the watch are stylish
  • The watch works with self-winding mechanical movement
The Bad
  • None

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2. Breitling Aviator 8 Curtiss Warhawk

kurtiss warhawk breitling watch

This aviator watch is made in the respect of all the legendary fighter planes. On the back of the watch dial, a plane can be seen with a shark mouth which depicts the legendary fighter planes.

This watch has great looks and will look perfect on your hands. So if you’re looking for the best Breitling pilot watch, don’t forget to go through this one.

Curtiss Warhawk features a dark green dial and a dark green watch strap which gives the watch a more military look. The strap of the watch is locked with the black steel tang buckle for complete safety.

The dimensions of the watch (5.51 x 4.61 x 4.37 inches) are perfect to fit men of most wrist sizes. As for the weight, it is 15.84 Ounces, which I think could have been a little less.

Military personnel needs to report on duty on time. As the watch is Swiss-made with self-winding mechanical movement, the time shown by the watch is perfectly accurate.

Being worn by air force personnel means the watch will not be treated nicely. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass and the water-resistance quality of the watch prepare it for rough treatment.

With the Super-LumiNova coating on the watch hands, Curtiss Warhawk makes it easy to watch the time in the dark.

The watch is not even much pricey and still, you’re getting the best out of the best which makes it one of the best value Breitling watches.

The Good
  • The watch has great looks
  • Easy to see the time in low light
  • Scratch-resistant watch
  • Not much pricey for a Breitling watch
  • Tells accurate time with automatic movement
The Bad
  • Could have been more water friendly

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3. Breitling Men’s Navitimer World Chronograph Watch

breitling navitimer watch

The looks of this watch show true craftsmanship. It has such a rich design, best looks, and any man would love to wrap this watch around their wrist.

Navitimer World has a rugged design with a stainless steel case and a high-quality stainless steel bracelet. The scratch-free sapphire glass saves the watch from the damage caused by accidental rub.

The watch looks big and bulky in size from the looks of the dial, but it’s just 5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches in size and 1 pound in weight. The case diameter is 46mm, making it the best pick for people with big and bulky wrist sizes.

The three chronographs on the watch can record the time lapsed for 12 hours, 60 seconds, and 30 minutes, plus you can see the date on the date window given at 3 o’clock. And to operate these chronographs, two buttons are given on the side.

In the daytime, your watch will grab all the notice that you want. But get ready to get some compliments at the night too as the hour markers and the hands of the watch are luminescent which make your watch look adorable and help you see the time at night.

The only setback of the Breitling Navimeter watch is that it is only 100 meters water-resistant which means that it can be taken for swimming but not for diving.

The Good
  • Very rich looks
  • The built of the watch is strong
  • Scratch-resistant watch
  • Luminous hour markers and watch hands
  • Three chronographs available that display 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 60 seconds
The Bad
  • The watch is very pricey
  • Only 100 meters water resistant

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4. Breitling Superocean Women’s Watch

superocean breitling watch women

If your heart pounds for the white color then here’s a Breitling Superocean women’s watch that’s completely white.

Women usually have a smaller wrist size than men. Keeping that fact in mind, this watch the dial size of the watch is kept at 36mm and the weight of the watch at 2 ounces.

The strap of the watch is made with high-quality rubber and a buckle clasp with a Breitling tag is given on the buckle to provide safety and make it luxurious at the same time.

If the ocean has always been your ultimate fantasy then the 200 meters water-resistant rating of the watch will help you swim and dive in the ocean.

To keep a track of your underwater timings accurately, a unidirectional rotating bezel is given in the watch.

This watch is not just for your pool fun, but its exceptionally beautiful design makes it a perfect party and office watch too.

Wearing the Breitling Superocean watch, you can keep a track of time with complete accuracy, all thanks to its Swiss automatic movement. This watch has everything that you expect from the best Breitling watch yet it’s the cheapest Breitling watch on the list.

The Good
  • The looks of the watch are good
  • Water-proof watch
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Good quality rubber band
  • Not much expensive for a Breitling watch
The Bad
  • No color options available

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5. Breitling Professional Aerospace Evo

aerospace evo watch

The history of Aerospace watches goes back to 1985 which makes it one of the best Breitling watches to collect.

Aerospace Evo features a casual dial, but a digital display is also featured on the watch that works as a chromometer.

As it’s a men’s watch, the dial size of the watch is kept at 43mm with 10.8mm of thickness. This makes the watch big and bulky, but perfect for a men’s wrist.

The dark blue face color of the watch matches with the stainless steel bracelet and gives an ideal look to your watch.

Other than simply showing time, this watch can be used as a countdown timer, alarm, and a minute repeater.

With the accurate chronograph of the watch, you can count as less than 1/100th of a second and 48 hours maximum.

The glass of the dial is made with the top-drawer quality of sapphire crystal glass which is made scratch resistant to give you the best safety along with the best looks.

The watch is also made water-resistant to 100 meters. This means it can easily bear the splashes of water and can be taken for swimming but it’s not fit for scuba diving.

The Good
  • The watch has great looks
  • Digital chronometer present on the watch
  • The watch is made scratch-resistant
  • Can be used as a countdown timer, alarm, and a minute repeater
  • Decently priced
The Bad
  • Water-resistant to just 100 meters

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6. Breitling Galactic 32 Sleek Women’s Watch

breitling galactic women watch

If you’re super-duper rich and looking for something that can show your worth at a first glance then this Breitling Women’s watch should be your pick.

Breitling Galactic is one of the best-looking Breitling watches that you can find on Amazon. The watch features a polished solid 18k rose gold bezel with 48 diamonds on the border and a MOP dial. The lizard-patterned red color strap gives a perfect color combination to the watch.

To fit a women’s wrist just as she wants, the dial size is kept at 32mm, and to make it comfortably wearable all day long, the weight is just 39.75g.

So that your super luxury watch does not succumb to rough treatment, the glass of the watch is made scratch-resistant with sapphire crystal glass.

In the daytime, the watch is noticeable from miles away but at night also, you won’t miss getting the compliments. The luminescent hands and indexes make the watch noticeable in the dark too.

As the watch is 100 meters water-resistant, you don’t need to hide your watch every time it rains or when you want to jump in the pool.

The Good
  • Best looking Breitling women watch
  • The watch is scratch-resistant
  • Luminescent hands and indexes
  • The built quality is strong
  • Perfect dimensions for a women’s watch
The Bad
  • The watch is too expensive
  • Only 100 meters water resistant

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7. Breitling Avenger Hurricane

avenger hurricane watch

If reflecting your sporty side is more preferable to you than showing your voguish office style, then don’t forget to check out this amazing Breitling Avenger Hurricane watch.

This watch has very manly looks and dimensions and has a case diameter of 50mm. So if you have a big wrist size then this can be the best-looking Breitling watch for you.

Avenger Hurricane features a perfect color combination of black and white makes it easily noticeable on your hands. Even in the nighttime, it’s easy for people to check out your watch because of the luminescent hands and hour markers.

As the watch works on the self-winding automatic movement, you don’t need to wind it up manually for the perfect working.

The high-quality breathable rubber strap makes it easy for you to carry the watch in your hand all day long.

Three chronographs are also given in the watch to increase the watch usability, and two buttons are given to work with those chronographs.

100 meters of water resistance ensures that you can take the watch on swimming sessions. But don’t take the watch for scuba diving.

The Good
  • Very manly looking watch
  • Rough and tough made
  • The watch is scratch-resistant
  • Watch has luminescent hands
  • Chronographs available on the watch
The Bad
  • Can be a big watch for people with small hands
  • Only 100 meters water resistant

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How To Buy The Best Breitling Watch: Buying Guide

Select A Genuine Watch

Buying a luxury watch like Breitling is not easy, you need to lash out your pockets for that. So you need to make sure that the Breitling watch you have selected is an original product and not a copy.

Check if the seller is genuine or not and you can match the serial number to check the product’s originality.


Obviously, you don’t want your expensive watch to succumb to water. Although all the watches from Breitling are water-resistant, still you can check their water resistance capability yourself. Once you are dead sure, you can buy your favorite Breitling watch without any worries.


While wearing the watch all day long, you might hit your watch accidentally plenty of times in a day. A normal watch will get scratches and might even stop working on a hard hit.

Breitling watches are made scratch-resistant and have a rugged design. But still, check the features of the watch if the one you have selected is scratch-resistant or not.


What Are The Best Selling Breitling Watches?

The watches from Superocean series are the best-selling watches from Breitling.

Are Breitling Watches Of Good Quality?

Yes, Breitling watches are made with high quality material, rugged, and they last long.

Is Breitling A Luxury Watch Company?

Yes, Breitling is a luxury watch brand and their watches come at a very high price.

What Is So Special About Breitling Watches?

Breitling is the world leader of luxury watches and they are made with best material, precision, and have to go through a rough testing.

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