9 Best Bulova Watches Of All Time For Men & Women

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There are only a few brands that come to mind when someone asks about reputed watchmakers and Bulova is one of them. Functional since 1875 Bulova has made a good name for itself in the watch industry. And it’s not just because they have been in the business for so long it’s also because they make timepieces that are durable, stylish, and accurate.

Also, unlike other old players in the market, their watches are not that expensive either and anyone can buy a premium Bulova watch for under $500.

With that being said in this article I bring to you the best men’s and women’s Bulova watches of all time that you will fall in love with!

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Comparison Table For Best Bulova Watches Of All Time





Best Bulova Watch Under $200

cheap bulova watch for men

Men's Small Wristwatch

  • 40 mm dial size

  • 6 hands multi-feature movement

  • Waterproof

Best Automatic Bulova Watch For Men

automatic bulova watch for men

Bulova Automatic Watch

  • 43 mm dial size

  • Skeleton Window

  • Stylish

Most Accurate Bulova Watch

most accurate bulova watch

Best Bulova Women's Watch

Bulova Men's Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch

  • 44 mm dial size

  • Japanese quartz movement

  • Chronograph and tachymeter function

Bulova women's diamond watch

Bulova Women's Diamond Watch

  • 32 mm dial size

  • 440 crystals

  • Quartz movement

Most Comfortable Watch

bulova bracelet watch for ladies

Bulova Bracelet Watch For Ladies

  • 23 mm

  • Dual-tone colors

  • Quartz movement

Best Bulova Men’s Watches

1. Men’s Small Wristwatch

cheap bulova watch

First, on the list, we have an affordable Men’s wristwatch By Bulova for men with smaller wrist sizes. It is a watch with a 40 mm dial size which is perfect for men who face issues wearing a watch with a larger dial. However, by small, it doesn’t mean that the watch is any less than other men’s watches. It looks great and it comes under budget.

You can buy it for under 200 bucks and enjoy the luxury of a Bulova watch without paying premium prices. Moreover, you get 6 hands multi-feature movement on it which kind of makes it a unique watch. Out of 6, the 3 watch hands are regular ones that are available on all watches to show time, but the other 3 watch hands are used for specific purposes like showing the hour, day, and date.

Besides that, the watch is also well-built and can last long if you take good care. Moreover, the watch is waterproof and you can even take it to the pool with you. So that kind of makes it one of the best Bulova watches for men who are looking for a good Bulova watch under $200.

The Good
  • Look and feel of the watch is amazing
  • Comes at a good budget
  • Shows date, day, and hour information
  • You can swim while wearing it
  • Comfortable to wear
The Bad
  • Not for men with large hands
  • The glass quality of the watch is not great

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2. Bulova Classic Men’s Watch

bulova vintage watch

Are you looking for a cheap Bulova watch for men or you are a fan of of classic timepieces? This Bulova men’s vintage-looking watch is the perfect gift for you. With a gold-tone case, white color dial, and black alligator-embossed leather band the watch is a delight to look at. The look of the watch is such that it goes well with all your dresses and enhances your style.

Also, the slim profile of the watch makes it a comfortable watch that you can wear 24/7 without feeling anything on your wrist. Moreover, it always shows you accurate time since it uses quartz movement which is known for accurate timekeeping. With a 41 mm dial size, the watch is perfect for men with small to medium wrist sizes, but it’s not for you if you have giant hands.

In terms of durability, the watch is made out of stainless steel so it can be considered durable. However, the dial window of the watch is not that durable and can easily get scratched so you have to keep good care of it. Moreover, it is not completely waterproof so you cannot swim or bathe with it but it can handle some water splashes. Nonetheless, it is still a great classic dress watch that you can buy for wearing on special occasions.

The Good
  • Slim and comfortable watch
  • Goes well with dresses
  • Looks premium and classic
  • Comes at a good price
  • Keeps accurate time
The Bad
  • Dial window of the watch is not durable
  • Not suitable for swimming or bathing

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3. Bulova Automatic Watch

Bulova automatic watch

An automatic watch is a special kind of timepiece that doesn’t operate on batteries as it uses your hand movements to generate power. Just wear it on your wrist and the watch will start ticking. In my testing I found that these watches are not as accurate as quartz movement watches, however, they are still on every watch collector’s bucket list due to their complex design.

This watch is not just a self-winding timepiece but also a skeleton watch that has dual see-through windows on the dial as well as the back case of the watch. This exhibition caseback watch allows you to peek inside the watch to see how the gears are moving inside the watch.

The skeleton dial of the watch provides it with a unique look that sets you apart from the crowd. The watch has a 43 mm dial size which is perfect for most men out there. Overall, if ordinary is too boring for you and you want to buy a wristwatch that looks different from others then you should get this one of the most popular Bulova watches for yourself.

The Good
  • Perfect dial size for most men
  • Self-winding watch
  • Has dual see-through windows
  • Looks unique and stylish
The Bad
  • Automatic watches are not very accurate at timekeeping

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4. Bulova Men’s Crystal Collection Watch

best men's bulova watch

The next Bulova Men’s watch on our list is special because it is adorned with 308 Swarovski Crystals that provide it with a rich look. And probably that’s why when compared with other watches on the list this one looks the most premium. The diamond-like crystals are placed all over the watch on its dial, bracelet, and bezel. Also, the gold-plated case of the watch enhances the richness of the timepiece by many folds.

However, if you don’t like the gold-plated version of this watch you can also buy different versions that come in black, silver, and two-tone rose options. Irrespective of which variant you choose the watch looks great and will attract lots of eyeballs.

Besides its attractive design, the watch also works well and always shows accurate time thanks to the quartz movement. Other than the time the watch also shows day and date as it has separate subdials for that as well. Overall, if you are someone who always wanted to be the center of attraction and doesn’t mind showing off a bit then this Bulova men’s watch might just be for you.

The Good
  • Looks and feels premium
  • Available in different variants
  • Shows accurate time
  • Has day and date window
The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming
  • The dial is too flashy you may have a hard time reading the watch

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5. Bulova Men’s Precisionist Stainless Steel Watch

premium bulova watch

In the fifth position of our list, we have the most accurate Bulova watch that runs on the Japanese quartz movement which is known for precise timekeeping. Moreover, Japanese quartz movement watches are generally considered more accurate than regular quartz watches.

Besides showing you accurate time, it also allows you to measure the time elapsed during an event using its chronograph function. Moreover, you can measure the speed of a car, runner, or plane over a fixed distance using its tachymeter function. So basically you can use this chronograph tachymeter timepiece as a regular wristwatch, a stopwatch, and a speed gun (only for a fixed distance).

Also, the watch is built like a G-Shock means it is rugged and waterproof to the extent that you can swim with it and do all other types of water sports like surfing, snorkeling, etc. without any worries. So overall if you wish to buy a durable and most accurate Bulova Men’s watch then this right here is a perfect option for you.

The Good
  • Precise timekeeping
  • Chronograph with tachymeter function
  • Highly durable watch
  • Waterproof
  • Looks great
The Bad
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • It’s heavy

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Best Bulova Women’s Watches

6. Bulova Classic Quartz Ladies Watch

affordable ladies bulova watch

The first women’s Bulova watch on this list is Bulova Classic Quartz Ladies Watch which is both affordable and beautiful at the same time. You can buy this watch by paying a little over $130 which is not at all a bad deal for a watch that comes from a brand like Bulova. Also, the watch dial is designed with white mop diamonds which makes it look pretty and also way more expensive than its original price.

Also, it’s lightweight and small in size which makes it perfect for ladies who prefer wearing a watch 24/7 as it does not cause any inconvenience even if you wear it for long hours. Made out of stainless steel it is quite durable and can handle daily wear and tear effortlessly. Also, you can do dishes while wearing this watch as it can withstand water splashes but don’t take it for granted as it is not meant for use in water that often.

Nonetheless, at the price it comes, there is not much to complain about this watch and you should have a look at it once especially if your budget is not great.

The Good
  • Great looking watch
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Accurate timekeeping due to quartz movement
  • Budget-friendly
The Bad
  • It’s not entirely waterproof
  • Very small for ladies with large wrists

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7. Bulova Women’s Automatic Watch

self winding women watch

Next, we have an automatic mechanical watch for women that self-winds itself so you don’t have to do that manually. Also, since it is an automatic watch it does not need batteries to operate and works only with the movement of your hands. Apart from that, there is also a small see-through window on the dial from where you can see the movements of the gears inside the watch.

Not just the front dial but the back case of the watch also has a skeleton window which provides you glimpses of the moving parts of the watch. Such watches are mostly bought by watch enthusiasts and watch collectors but you can also buy them if you want to look different from the crowd.

The watch is slightly thicker and larger than the normal women’s watches but it’s not a big problem as long as you are willing to try something new. All in all, if you are looking for something different then this automatic skeleton ladies’ Bulova watch is the perfect product.

The Good
  • Beautiful
  • Self-winding watch
  • Dual skeleton windows
  • Well priced
The Bad
  • Not for small wrists
  • It’s not very accurate

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8. Bulova Women’s Diamond Watch

bulova ladies watch

It’s not hidden from anyone how much women love jewelry, especially the ones made out of diamonds. Therefore next on our list, we have a diamond watch for women from Bulova. Although it’s not made out of real diamonds, it looks like it is. The watch is covered with 440 crystals that shine like diamonds and give this watch a rich look.

And the best part is its price which is just around 2oo bucks but it looks way more expensive than that and that’s why women seem to love this watch. Besides that, as per my experience with the watch, I found that it works fine and shows accurate time due to quartz movement. Also, it’s slim and quite comfortable to wear as well.

So if you love some bling and are ready to hear some compliments then this watch should be your top priority because it’s affordable yet looks expensive!

The Good
  • Gorgeous looking watch
  • Sleek design
  • Looks expensive but isn’t
  • Available in different color options
The Bad
  • Not the most accurate watch
  • The crystals may fall off with regular use

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9. Bulova Bracelet Watch For Ladies

bulova bracelet watch for ladies

Generally, the bracelet watches are more comfortable to wear when compared to watches with regular bands and therefore this watch from Bulova is perfect for ladies with small wrists. Other than that, the watch has a sleek and feminine design which makes it even more desirable for women of all ages.

Also, the dual-tone color of the watch makes it look nothing short of jewelry. Moreover, the overall look and design of the watch are such that it goes well with all types of dresses.

However, you shouldn’t have to buy it for just looks and comfort because it runs on quartz movement so you can expect it to show accurate time as well. Overall, if you have been looking for a Bulova bracelet watch for women then there is hardly any better watch than this one right here.

The Good
  • Beautiful looking watch
  • Fits well on small as well as large wrists
  • Comfortable to wear
  • The silver and gold tone of the watch match perfectly with all your dresses and jewelry
The Bad
  • The watch face scratches easily
  • It cannot survive in water for too long

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Bulova Watches Good Or Bad? Final Verdict

So finally we are at the end of the list and I am sure you must have picked the best Bulova watch for yourself. All the watches on the list are reliable and good-looking so you can go with any watch without any second thoughts in your mind. Also, the list has affordable as well as premium Bulova watches so there shouldn’t be any budget issues as well.


Is Bulova A Good Watch Brand?

Yes, Bulova has a good reputation and is one of the oldest watch brands which has been functional since 1875.

Are Bulova Watches American Made?

Although Bulova is an American brand, its watches are built in Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Is Bulova A Luxury Watch Brand?

Bulova makes watches that are mainly sold between $100 to $600 so it can’t be called a luxury watch brand. However, all their watches look & feel premium and luxurious.

Are Bulova Watches On Amazon Real?

Yes, they are 100% real and authentic.

Do Bulova Watch Holds Their Value?

Yes, due to their high reputation in the market Bulova watches hold their value very well especially expensive ones.

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