8 Best Burberry Watches For Men And Women [Review]

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While shopping online or in the market you might have stumbled upon watches from Burberry.  Now you might be wondering whether or not Burberry is a good brand. And are the watches made by them of good quality? Or are watches from them worth it?

So we have written this short guide answering those questions and have also listed the 8 best Burberry watches for men and women that are available on Amazon.

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Is Burberry Watch A Good Brand?

Burberry is a well-known British luxury brand founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Initially, the brand only focused on making casual outdoor attire but it later shifted to exclusively making high-end fashionable dresses.

Today Burberry is comparable to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, and other luxury brands. And the company has an entire range of fashion products which includes high-end perfumes, trenchcoats, shoes, shirts, belts, jewelry, handbag, and various other products.

Noticeably the brand is popular among fashion enthusiasts for its trenchcoats, and fragrances and also that’s where the company finds the most success.

Apart from being a luxury brand, Burberry also aims to be a responsible one as it aims to become a climate-positive company by 2040. So not only do they make products that are very popular among men and women but also go about it in a responsible way.

So are Burberry watches good? Well, perception of “good” can be subjective, but overall in general Burberry makes elegant and efficient timepieces that are surely more than just good.

Who Makes Burberry Watches And Are They Of Good Quality?

Burberry isn’t a dedicated watch brand like Tissot, Rado, or IWC and that’s why they partnered with Fossil’s Swiss division to manufacture as well as distribute their watches. However, it’s important to note that while Burberry might not be manufacturing their watches but they are responsible for designing them.

Therefore the answer to your question, “Are Burberry watches of good quality” is a big yes. Because if you buy a watch made from Burberry then you get a watch designed by fashion designers and made by a well-known watchmaker.

If you don’t know then Fossil is a well-known American watch brand that is into watchmaking since the late 1980s. And they started out exclusively as a watch brand and today own a license to make several brands like Michael Kors, Diesel, Skagen, and others. Overall, Burberry does not make its own watches, they just design its timepieces and other popular watchmakers make them for Burberry.

You can read our Fossil Vs Michael Kors comparison to know more about Fossil’s history.

Men’s & Women’s Burberry Watches Comparison Table





Best Burberry Watch With Leather Strap

most expensive burberry watch

Burberry Stainless Steel BU9382

  • Uni-directional rotating bezel

  • Chronograph function

  • Water-resistant up to 50m

Best Burberry Watch For Men

best burberry watch for men

Burberry Watch Gunmetal Grey

  • Grey-ion coating in the strap

  • A luminous coating on watch hand and hour markings

  • Robust Build Quality

Best Burberry Watch For Women

Best Burberry Watch For Women

Burberry Rose Gold 2 Tone Silver

  • Dual-tone color combination gives the watch its premium looks

  • Water resistance up to 50m

  • 34 mm watch case

Best Burberry Watch With Gold Strap


Burberry Unisex Gold BU9033

  • 18K gold plating on the strap

  • Synthetic sapphire protects the dial of the watch

  • Elegant Looking Watch

Best Burberry Watches For Men

1. Burberry BU9351

best burberry watch

If you are a fan of silver bracelet watches then this gorgeous-looking bracelet watch is the best Burberry watch for men that come with a silver finish.

And, the good looks of this watch ensure that it goes perfectly with all your dresses whether you are on the beach or in a meeting.

Likewise, most men prefer chronograph watches as they are visually more appealing than traditional watches. And besides providing aesthetic value, the chronograph function can also be used as a stopwatch.

Also, the watch’s hands and hour markings have a smooth silver finish which makes the time pleasing to read. Along with that, hour markers and watch hands on the dial also have a luminescent coating that allows you to read the time in the dark.

Talking about the build, the case of the watch is 42mm which is neither too large nor small in our opinion. However, while wearing it I found that the weight of the watch is 15.84 ounces making it quite heavy but that’s to be expected since it’s stainless steel watch.

Moreover, the glass that protects the watch dial is sapphire crystal which is one of the toughest glasses that is also highly scratch-resistant.

Furthermore, this Burberry men’s watch comes with Swiss quartz movement which ensures that the watch does a decent job of timekeeping.

Note: The seller on Amazon has mistakingly listed the watch as a women’s watch which is a mistake on their part and seems the seller is unable to edit the mistake.

The Good
  • Waterproof up to 50 m
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Chronograph function
  • Dedicated date window
  • Luminous watch hands and markings

The Bad
  • Little heavy

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2. Burberry Stainless Steel BU9382

most expensive burberry watch

This minimalistic and elegant-looking watch with a leather strap is a premium Burberry watch for men. While it is one of the most expensive Burberry watches but looks and compliments that you will get while wearing it makes it completely worth the price.

The black rotating uni-directional bezel on the watch pops out and also gives it a masculine look. Along with rotating bezels, it features 3 sub-dials as it also comes with a chronograph function that you can use to time your activities. Also, it comes with a date window located at the 4 o clock position that facilitates keeping track of the date along with time.

Moreover, the black dial and silver watch hands of the watch give it great readability in any lighting condition.

Besides that, you can go for recreational pool swimming wearing the watch as it is water-resistant up to 50m. However, since it’s a watch with a leather strap we won’t recommend exposing it to water regularly as it can damage the leather.

Talking about the dimensions, the watch has a 42 mm stainless steel case and a 22mm leather strap ensuring the perfect fit.

If you are looking for a dress watch with a leather strap for men then this is the best watch from Burberry and its design, build quality, and features like rotating bezels justify its price.

The Good
  • Highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass to protect the dial
  • Luminescent coating on the watch hands and marking
  • Rotating unidirectional bezel
  • Dress watch with leather strap
  • Accurate timekeeping

The Bad
  • Expensive
  • The leather strap requires aftercare to protect it from soiling

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3. Burberry Watch For Men Gunmetal Grey

Burberry BU9007

While classic-looking watches with silver or leather straps have their own charm but it’s not for everyone. If you agree with that statement then take a look at this watch from Burberry that comes with a Grey gunmetal finish.

This Burberry watch features a 20mm strap and a 38mm case that is made of stainless steel with a grey ion-plated coating. And, the dial of the watch features a chequered grey pattern that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the watch.

Since the strap is made of stainless steel you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged by the water like leather straps. And, the dial of the watch is protected by synthetic sapphire which doesn’t get scratched easily compared to mineral glass found on other watches.

What sets it apart from previous watches is that it features a smaller dial of 38mm compared to the 42 mm case found on them. So it would be the perfect watch for men with small wrists and medium wrist sizes. Or if you like watches with a medium-sized dial that doesn’t feel bulky and are comfortable to wear for a long time then this is the Burberry watch you should go with.

The Good
  • Beautiful gunmetal grey color of the watch
  • A luminous coating on the watch hands and hour marker
  • Date window at 3 o clock position
  • Water-resistant watch

The Bad
  • Not suitable for users with big wrist

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4. Burberry Unisex Gold BU9033


Gold is a color that no one can go wrong with, it signifies luxury and that’s why most men prefer gold bracelet watches. And this bracelet watch from Burberry will satisfy your appetite for the gold in your life.

The watch features a 38mm case and 20mm stainless steel strap with a layer of 18k gold that gives the watch its luxurious look. Also, the dial of the watch features a champagne color background with Swiss Made label adding to the allure of the watch.

Along with that, it comes with the Swiss movement which ensures that the watch doesn’t lose time throughout the day. The watch also has a dedicated date window located at the 3 o clock position of the watch.

Moreover, the best thing about this Burberry watch that I really liked while wearing it was that it features golden index markers as well as watch hands which makes it the perfect dress watch for weddings, anniversaries, meetings, and all the places where you would want to look perfect.

On a final note, we would say this is a clean-looking watch from Burberry has great build quality with no unnecessary design that makes it feel cluttered. Therefore, if you are looking for a golden watch then this is the best Burberry watch that you can buy right now.

The Good
  • Gorgeous looking watch
  • 18K gold plating on the watch
  • Unisex watch
  • Reasonably priced watch from Burberry
  • 2 years warranty

The Bad
  • Stainless steel strap makes the watch a little heavy

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Best Burberry Watches For Women

5. Burberry Pioneer Ladies Gold

rectangle watch

Ladies if you are a fan of rectangle watches then take a look at Burberry Pioneer watch for women. Apart from the unique dial, the watch gets its good looks from the champagne-colored chequered dial and golden case.

Moreover, the strap of the watch features a Haymarket check strap design which is one of the popular designs used by Burberry on its bags as well as handbags. Also, the strap is made of premium leather and it is 18mm wide which is the perfect size for ladies.

The case of the watch is 25mm across which is fairly long and won’t be suitable for ladies with small hands. However, if you have a medium-sized hand then this definitely the watch made for you. And for the price, you get a watch that not only has Swiss movement but is actually made in Switzerland.

Besides that, this women’s Burberry watch is water-resistant up to 30m so occasional splashes or rain won’t damage the watch.

What makes it the best Burberry watch for ladies is the multicolor design of the strap as it would perfectly complement your outfits, and jewelry and is suitable for all occasions.

The Good
  • Haymarket check design on strap
  • Rectangle watch case
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Perfect for medium-sized wrist

The Bad
  • Not suitable for users with small wrist

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6. Burberry Rose Gold 2-Tone Silver

Best Burberry Watch For Women

Most ladies like bracelet watches but they aren’t big fans of the monotone colors adopted by most watchmakers. And, if you are one of them then the dual-tone color of this Burberry watch for women would win your heart over.

The watch gets its elegant look from its dual-tone color aesthetics of rose gold and silver. Along with that, the rose gold watch hands and markings make the watch pleasing to read for the eyes.

Also, the combination of the silver case and rose gold bezels with a white-cream-colored dial makes it a must-have watch for your collection.

Talking about durability, the dial of the watch is protected by synthetic sapphire which protects the watch from hits and bumps. It is also water-resistant up to 50m so you can go for recreational swimming wearing the watch.

If you have small hands then you will be happy to know that case of the watch is 34m making it perfect for you. The 18mm strap of the watch would ensure that the watch doesn’t look too big or small in your hands.

On a final note, we would say this is one of the best-looking Burberry watches available for women and it will also be a perfect gift for your daughter, wife, mother, or friend.

The Good
  • Gorgeous 2 tone color design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Swiss-made quartz movement
  • Water-resistant watch

The Bad
  • Not suitable for users with a big wrist size

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7. Burberry BU9037

Burberry BU9037

Silver bracelet watches are timeless whether it’s going on a date, a friend’s wedding, or an office presentation you can’t go wrong with them. So it’s no surprise to find out that Burberry also has a silver bracelet watch for women.

What set’s it apart from other silver watches is that it features engravings on the links of the strap. And, even the crown of the watch features chequered engravings giving the watch a jewelry-like look.

Apart from its gorgeous look, the watch’s stainless steel body ensures that the watch doesn’t corrode with exposure to moisture ensuring its longevity. Moreover, it has synthetic sapphire glass which ensures that furniture corners or sharp objects don’t scratch the watch easily.

Talking about the build, it features a 38mm watch case and a 20mm strap. To conclude we would like to say, it is one of the best Burberry watches available for under $300 along with a 2-year warranty which also ensures that your investment remains protected.

The Good
  • Gorgeous engraving on the links of the strap
  • The luminescent coating on the watch allows you to read time in the dark
  • Good build quality
  • 2 years warranty

The Bad
  • Stainless steel strap makes the watch heavy

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8. Burberry BU10103

women burberry watch

The next watch on our list is part of Burberry’s Nova Check collection. And, the reason for that is check design on the strap is used only in the premium scarfs, caps, bags, trench coats of Burberry.

So if you are a fan of designer products then this Burberry watch would be the one you should definitely have on your watch collection. It features a stone-colored check fabric strap that perfectly harmonizes with the silver case of the watch. The strap of the watch is made of leather and features a silver buckle enclosure.

Moreover, the small 34mm size of the watch case makes it perfect for ladies who prefer petite watches. And, the watch weighs only 4.97 ounces which makes it perfect for prolonged use as it won’t feel bulky like stainless steel watches.

Also, the ivory color dial with clear Burberry branding accompanied by a “Swiss Made” label ensures anyone who takes a look at your watch knows that it isn’t any other cheap watch.

Looks aren’t the only thing going for the watch as it comes with Swiss quartz movement so you won’t have to worry about the accuracy of the watch. Overall, if you are looking for a Burberry watch for ladies that comes with designer looks then you would love this watch on your wrist.

The Good
  • Sports check design on strap
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Lightweight watch
  • The small dial size makes it the perfect dress watch for ladies

The Bad
  • The leather strap requires aftercare to increase its longevity.

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Fake Burberry Watch Vs Real

One of the easiest ways to find out whether or not the Burberry watch you have purchased online is fake or not by taking it to the jewelry store. However, not everyone has a Burberry outlet near their homes that’s why upon receiving the watch you need to ensure that the backside of the watch has serial numbers printed on it.

Every Burberry watch has a unique serial number on the back which can be used to verify the authenticity of the watch.

Are Burberry Watches Worth It?

If you are looking for a fashionable watch that can also be a piece of jewelry then Burberry watches are absolutely worth it. They are good-looking and in fact, all the Burberry watches are designed by themselves. And, that’s why you can even find Burberry watches with check design which is usually found on their expensive bags, trench coat, and other items.

Moreover, Burberry watches are Swiss-made so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the watch. The brand also offers a 2-year warranty on almost all of its watches.

However, if you are looking for something like a vintage timepiece or Swiss watch that would increase in value with time then Burberry isn’t the watch for you.

Burberry makes good fashion watches therefore if the style is your priority then go with Burberry otherwise there are plenty of options available in the market at reasonable prices.


Are Burberry Watches Considered Luxury?

Burberry watches are stunning but still, they are nowhere close to Rolex, Tissot, or Louis Carter of the world that's why Burberry is considered semi-luxury.

Are Burberry Watches Swiss Made?

Does Burberry Make Watches?

Yes, Burberry also sells watches but they are made and distributed by the Swiss division of Fossil.

How Can I Tell If My Burberry Is Real?

To check the authenticity of your watch you can check for a unique serial number present on the back of your watch case or take it to your nearest Burberry store.

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