7 Best Cartier Watches For Ladies & Men

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Cartier is one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. Their watches are very popular among men and women alike and is one of the most sort after brand. That’s why Cartier watches are used by very high-profile celebrities like Michelle Obama, Tom Ford, Mick Jagger, and Angelina Jolie, just to name a few.

There are many watches made by Cartier but the most successful iconic watch they are known for is their tank watch. Designed by Louis Cartier, the tank watch takes inspiration from Renault Tank. It was an instant hit and started selling like hotcakes which propelled the brand into the limelight like never before.

After so many years, Cartier is still as fashionable as they were back then. So if you are looking for a Cartier watch for men or women then we have listed the best Cartier watches for you available on Amazon.

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Best Cartier Men’s Watch

Cartier Men's Tank Solo

Cartier Men’s Tank Solo

  • 18kt gold case

  • Blue sapphire cabochon stone on the crown

  • Waterproof up to 30m underwater

Best Cartier Watch For Ladies

Best Cartier watch for ladies

Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Ladies Dress Watch

  • Gorgeous case of the watch

  • Swiss quartz movement for accurate timekeeping

  • 2 Year seller warranty

Best Cartier Tank Watch Alternative

Cartier Drive automatic watch

Cartier Drive Automatic

  • Exhibition case to see inner watch movement

  • Sapphire crystal protects the dial of the watch

  • Automatic self-winding watch

Best Cartier Automatic Watch

Best Cartier automatic watch

Cartier Men’s Automatic Display Watch

  • Date window at 6 o'clock position

  • 21 jewel movement for accurate timekeeping

  • 42-hour power reserve

Best Cartier Men’s Watches

1. Cartier Santos Dumont

Cartier Santos Dumont

I am starting my list with Cartier Santos Dumont watch for men. This watch is part of the well-received Santos watch lineup of Cartier, and it is the must-have dress watch for men. Its gorgeous looks will ensure that you look good on all your dresses.

This Cartier watch gets its good look from a rectangle watch face and screw design on all the corners. Compared to other rectangle watches from Cartier, it also has a bigger dial which is 43.5mm across. Also, the watch sports a calming look with a silver dial and blue sword watch hands. Moreover, the Blue alligator leather strap complements the overall look & design of the watch.

Besides good looks, Cartier Santos Dumont also offers decent performance as it comes with a quartz movement for accurate timekeeping. And, the dial of the watch is protected by Sapphire glass which is highly scratch resistant and durable at the same time. You can also wear the watch in the rain as it is water-resistant up to 30m. However, swimming or submerging the watch will damage the watch.

To conclude, I will say that this is the best affordable Cartier watch on our list. So if you are looking for a Cartier watch under $5000 then go with it. You will get a good-looking dress watch for your wardrobe at a decent price.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
  • Bigger dial than some of the traditional Cartier watches
  • Sapphire glass protects the dial of the watch
  • Beautiful looking dress watch for men

The Bad
  • Better waterproofing capabilities would have been better
  • The leather strap of the watch has a limited shelf life

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2. Cartier Men’s Automatic Display Watch

Best Cartier watch for men

Automatic mechanical watches are adored by watch lovers as these watches are truly a masterpiece. And, you might have guessed already that this is an automatic watch from Cartier. Not just any automatic watch but a Swiss-made one at that, so this is a rectangle-shaped beast.

If you don’t know about automatic watches then let me explain how they work simply. These watches work like old-school watches that needed to be wind using the key. However, instead of a key, you can use the crown to wind the watch. And, it gets even better as an automatic watch like this one doesn’t even need to be winded. Simply wear the watch and it will use the movement of your wrist to wind itself automatically. So you won’t ever have to open this expensive watch for battery replacement.

To know how this watch works you can read our automatic and mechanical watches comparison. Getting back to the watch, it comes with a 21 jewel movement which ensures accurate timekeeping on the watch. Once fully winded, this watch will run up to 42 hours without requiring any further winding.

Coming on to the looks, the watch features roman numeral hour markings on a silver dial that gives a vintage feel to the watch. And, blue watch hands are clean looking and make the watch easy to read. Along with time, you can keep track of the date as it comes with a dedicated date window at the 6 o’clock position.

Talking about the dimensions, this watch features a 31mm case along with a 22mm leather strap which makes it a comfortable watch to wear.

On the final note, I would say this is a good automatic Cartier watch for men and whenever you want to make an impression this is the watch you should have on your hand.

The Good
  • Automatic watches come with a sweeping second hand
  • 42 hours power reserve
  • Roman numeral markings on the dial
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Sapphire protects the dial from scratches

The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming and other similar activity

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3. Cartier Drive Automatic

Cartier Drive automatic watch

While most people know and love Cartier for their tank watches but that’s not the only arrow they have got in their quiver. For instance, take a look at Cartier Drive automatic watch. It features a squircle type of watch case which is similar to a pillow and looks elegant on the watch.

The case of the watch is 41mm wide and 40mm in length and houses the Cartier 1904 caliber MC. To put it simply, it is an automatic self-winding mechanical watch like the previous watch. It comes with a dedicated sub-dial for sweeping second hand at the 6 o’clock position of the dial.

Moreover, you can observe the inner movement of the watch’s gear as it comes with an exhibition case back. Therefore, even if you will leave the watch upside down on the table it will attract attention from everyone.

Speaking of the looks, grey color dial with white roman hour markings makes it the perfect Cartier dress watch for men. And, iconic swords-style silver watch hands give a luxurious feel to the watch. Even the crown of the watch comes with a synthetic spinel stone which makes the watch even more beautiful.

An expensive watch as this one also needs top-notch protection and Cartier doesn’t disappoint here either. It comes with a sapphire crystal that protects the dial and back of the watch. Also, sapphire is one of the most durable glass materials after diamond so you don’t need to worry about scratches. Along with that, a 30m waterproof design ensures that the watch is protected from occasional splashes.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Cartier tank watches then this watch should check all the boxes for you. This watch would meet all your expectations in the looks, performance, and durability departments.

The Good
  • Exhibition case back to see the inner movement of the gears
  • Luxury watch for men
  • Sapphire crystal protects the front and back of the watch
  • Swiss made Cartier watch
  • Automatic self-winding watch

The Bad
  • Better waterproofing capabilities would have made the watch even better
  • Quartz watches tend to keep time better than automatic watches

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4. Cartier Men’s Tank Solo 18kt Yellow Gold Watch

Cartier Men's Tank Solo

There is no way any list of best Cartier watches would be complete without talking about the Tank watch from Cartier. After all, this is the very same watch that has inspired many watch designs and is still sold by Cartier 100 years after launch. Not a lot of other brands or watch models have seen so much success.

While looks and design have remained the same but over the years the quality of the Tank watch has improved a lot. This watch right here comes with an 18k gold case which gives a royal feel to the watch. And, the alligator leather strap makes it the perfect dress watch for any occasion. Whenever you will be out people will take notice and recognize the watch just like that.

Moreover, the blue sapphire cabochon stone on the crown makes it look no less than a piece of jewelry. Also, the silver dial of the watch features roman numeral marking which adds to the allure of the watch.

The dimensions of the case of the watch are 27mm X 34.5mm. And, the width of the leather strap is 21mm so this will be a comfortable watch to wear.

Besides being comfortable, the Cartier Tank watch is also durable enough for daily usage. It comes with a waterproofing capability of 30m so washing hands, a run-in with rain, and accidental splashes aren’t an issue for the watch. Similarly, sapphire glass protecting the dial is scratch-resistant and durable enough to survive random hits and bumps.

All in all, this is one of the best-selling Cartier watches with a rich heritage, and its looks make it desirable among watch enthusiasts.

The Good
  • 18k gold watch case
  • Alligator leather straps look gorgeous
  • Vintage roman numeral markings on the dial
  • Scratch-resistant glass on the dial
  • Blue cabochon stone on the crown

The Bad
  • Submerging the watch in water can damage it

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Best Cartier Watches For Ladies

5. Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Ladies Dress Watch

Best Cartier watch for ladies

Ladies if you are looking for a Cartier watch for yourself then take a look at Ballon Bleu. This is one of the best-looking Cartier watches for ladies with a modern design. It features a smooth 29mm stainless case with a gorgeous silver finish that makes it look like jewelry comparable to a tiara.

Moreover, the strap of the watch is 14mm wide which makes it a petite watch giving it even more elegant. And, what makes the watch stand out is the design of the crown. The crown comes with a blue cabochon stone that is protected by the case of the watch and gives the watch a unique look.

Design alone makes the watch worth the price but don’t worry it also offers good performance. This Cartier watch comes with Calibre 057 Swiss Quartz movement which ensures accurate timekeeping on the watch. And, the dial of the watch is protected by sapphire glass which makes it resistant to scratch and doesn’t shatter easily due to impact.

To conclude, I would say that this is a good Cartier women’s watch, and it will catch everyone’s attention in the room. So if you want something that is stylish, luxury and high-performance watch then go with this one. Plus, the seller is offering the watch with 2 years warranty along with all the original documentation with the watch.

The Good
  • Stylish looking Cartier watch
  • Unique case design
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Sapphire glass protects the dial
  • Swiss-made quartz movement for timekeeping

The Bad
  • Some women may find the watch to be a little small

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6. Cartier Panthere Mini

Cartier Panthere Mini ladies watch

The next Cartier watch on our list for ladies is Cartier Panther Mini. As the name suggests this is a petite watch for ladies who like small watches. This watch features a small 25mm X 21mm stainless steel case and the bezel of the watch comes with a unique dotted design on all 4 sides.

Like most Cartier watches this one also comes with a silver dial and roman numeral hour markings. Also, it features similar blue watch hands that look good on this square-shaped watch from Cartier. The bracelet strap of the watch comes with a foldover clasp which gives you a comfortable grip on your hand.

Moreover, this watch features a quartz movement which ensures accurate time keeping on the watch. The water resistance of the watch ensures that you can wear the watch daily without worrying about damage from rain, sweat, or splashes of water. However, it is not suitable for swimming or other similar activities.

Overall, this is one of the affordable Cartier watches available for ladies so do give this watch a look. This watch will be perfect whether you are out clubbing or presenting in a meeting. The square minimalistic design will ensure that watch looks good in all of your dresses.

The Good
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass protects the dial
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • The minimalistic design of the watch
  • Quartz movement ensures that the watch shows accurate time
  • Perfect dress watch for ladies

The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming and other similar activities
  • Some women may not like the small size of the watch

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7. Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Black Leather Strap

Cartier Women's tank watch solo black

This list will be incomplete if there won’t be a Cartier’s Tank Solo watch listed for ladies. After all, that’s the most well-known and recognized watch from Cartier. Anyone who will take a look at this watch would instantly recognize it and the shine of the 18kt gold case of the watch will tell everyone it’s the real deal.

The dimensions of the case are 24.5mm X 24.4mm and it is accompanied by a 17.5mm black leather strap. Both the gold case and leather complement each other very well and bring the best looks from each other. Whenever you will wear the watch to a party it would look nice on your wrist. Even small details like a cabochon stone on the crown will give everyone the impression that it’s a special watch.

During the party, you won’t have to worry about splashes of drink damaging it as it is water-resistant up to 30m. Glass that protects the dial is made of sapphire which is highly durable and perfect for a premium watch like this one. Similarly, it’s a Swiss-made watch so it ensures that the watch doesn’t lose time throughout your day.

A case can be made that this is the best Cartier Tank watch for ladies. It comes with an iconic design that went on to inspire various watches and is still loved a century later.

The Good
  • Iconic tank shape design
  • 18Kt case made of gold
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Swiss-made watch
  • Beautiful cabochon stone on the crown

The Bad
  • Leather straps require aftercare as they have limited life

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Which Is The Most Popular Cartier Watch?

Cartier Tank watch is the most popular watch made by Cartier as it comes with an iconic Tank design made by Loius Cartier himself. It went on to make a name for itself and also become one of the best-selling Cartier watches in history.

Are Cartier Watches High Quality?

Yes, Cartier watches are made of high-quality material like sapphire crystal to protect the dial and genuine leather strap. Not only that, since 2005 Cartier has started making watch movements for their own watches. So yes Cartier watches are extremely high quality and that's why they are the third best-selling Swiss brand in the world.

Why Are Cartier Watches So Expensive?

A well-known brand name, good build quality, fashionable design, and Swiss-made watch are some of the many reasons that make the Cartier watches expensive.

Is Cartier Swiss Or French?

Louis Cartier is owned by the Swiss Richemont Group which is a Swiss-based company but the company still has its headquarter in Paris. And, watches by Cartier are made in Switzerland.

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