9 Best Casio Calculator Watches & Smartwatches With Calculator App

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Watch with calculator were very popular in the ’80s,  from kids, adults to elderly everyone used to love these watches. However, with time their popularity started declining and most companies stopped manufacturing calculator watches. Today if you go out to find a calculator watch you will only find a few brands making these unique watches and Casio is the top brand among them.

In this article, we shall see the best Casio calculator watches that you can buy for adding it your watch collection or just to relive your childhood memories. Not just that but we will also have a look at some of the smartwatches that come with a pre-installed calculator app and also the ones that let you download it from their app store. So, let’s get started!

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Comparison Table To Best Calculator Watches





Best Overall Calculator Watch

best cheap calculator watch

Casio Men's Vintage Calculator Watch

  • Affordable

  • Retro design

  • Multiple functions

Best Calculator Watch With Data Bank

data bank calculator watch

Casio Men's Data Bank Calculator Watch

  • Save Contacts

  • Large digital display

  • Illumination

Best Calculator Smartwatch

best smartwatch with calculator

Best Calculator Watch For Kids

Apple Watch 6

  • Stock calculator app

  • Siri support

  • Smart features

kids smartwatch with calculator

Marvel Kids Smartwatch

  • Spider-man theme watch

  • Selfie camera

  • Budget friendly

Best Casio Watches With Calculator

1.  Casio Men’s Vintage Calculator Watch

best cheap calculator watch

To start off the list we bring the Casio Men’s Vintage Calculator Watch which will surely take you back to the 1980s. The watch has a vintage and retro design to it that looks similar to calculator watches from the ’80s. It features a rectangular dial with a digital screen and 16 small buttons.

With the buttons, you can do the calculations by pressing your desired numbers (only up to 8 digits). The same buttons can be used for other functions like stopping and starting a stopwatch, setting an alarm or time, and more. You can do all basic calculations with the watch including, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Besides the calculator, the watch also has other important features like a stopwatch, auto-calender, and dual time which makes it an irresistible offer. Also, it is priced just above $20 which makes it one of the most affordable and cheap calculator watches.

The Good
  • Up to 8 digit calculations
  • It’s a durable and water-resistant watch
  • Has multiple features like a stopwatch, alarm, and dual time
  • Affordable timepeice
The Bad
  • No illumination for night-time reading
  • It has a smaller screen

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2. Casio Men’s Data Bank Calculator Watch

data bank calculator watch

In the 1980s there were no smartphones so people would write the important contact details in a diary. The data bank watches were introduced to help people save their favorite contacts on their wristwatches. These watches allowed users to save contacts in the form of names, telephone numbers, and memos. In some later editions of these watches, they also allowed users to save the email addresses of their clients, friends, or family.

Moreover, the data bank watches usually come with a calculator feature that allowed its wearer to do complex calculations in few seconds. This watch on the second position of our list is the same data bank watch that you’d find on everyone’s wrist in the late 20th century. It has a large digital display with a backlight feature that lets you see your data bank and do calculations in darkness as well.

Overall, if you want a calculator watch that can do a lot more than just calculations for you then you should have a look at this data bank watch from Casio.

The Good
  • Supports 25 page data bank
  • Large digital display
  • Glows in the dark
  • Supports 13 languages
  • Stopwatch and daily alarm function
The Bad
  • Its way too big for small and medium wrists
  • Buttons are somewhat hard to press

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3. Casio Unisex Calculator Watch

Calculator watch for women

The previous two watches on the list were made only keeping men in mind but this beautiful retro watch right here has a unisex appeal to it so both men and women can wear it. The watch features a 38mm dial size which easily fits on the wrist of ladies and men with smaller wrist sizes. It has a decent size screen that is simple to read at a quick glance. The screen also lights up when you press the light button making it easier for you to do calculations and read time at night. Also, the data bank function on this calculator watch makes it even more special.

Moreover, the watch is built to last really long as it is durable and comes with a battery life of up to 10 years  (as claimed by Casio). Overall, for its price, the watch is a total value for money product and you must consider it if you have been looking for a retro unisex calculator watch with good battery life.

The Good
  • Unisex design
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Has a really long battery life
  • Easy to read display
  • It has a data bank function with multiple language support
The Bad
  • Won’t fit on large hands
  • The buttons are not very easy to press

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4. Casio Data Bank Quartz Watch

Casio watch with calculator

The next watch on the list is not just a regular calculator watch but a multifunctional timepiece that can do a lot of things including working as a chronograph timer and showing dual time. It also has an auto-calendar which is pre-programmed up to the year 2079. The watch is also one of the most accurate calculator watches with an accuracy rate of +/-15 seconds/month.

Coming to the main part, the watch has an 8 digit calculator that lets you perform basic arithmetic operations like division, multiplications, subtraction, and addition with ease. Moreover, it looks stylish and is also adjustable so fits easily on your wrist. Overall, if you are looking for a multifunctional calculator watch with a data bank feature then you can surely go with this watch.

The Good
  • Cool retro looking watch
  • Multiple functions like chronograph, alarm, and dual time
  • Durable watch
  • Easy to press buttons
  • Accurate timekeeping
The Bad
  • The screen is not the easiest to read
  • Alarm is not very loud on this watch

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5.  Casio Men’s Gold-Tone Calculator Watch

gold tone casio watch

This Casio calculator watch on the list is a gold-tone watch that looks premium and classic both at the same time. It features a large rectangular dial which is divided into two parts one containing a decent-sized digital display and the other part contains the buttons. It looks a little different from other calculator watches on the list but that’s the USP of it. The watch is also packed with useful features like an illuminated display, a 25-page data bank, a countdown timer, and more.

So in terms of features and looks it is not going to disappoint you. However, the buttons on the watch are on the tinier side and if you have really big fingers then you may face issues pressing the buttons. Also, the battery backup on the watch is of just 2 years while other Casio calculator watches give at least 5 to 10 years of battery backup. Nonetheless, it is still the best classy looking watch with a calculator that you can buy for yourself or for gifting someone.

The Good
  • Great to look at
  • Feature-rich watch
  • Illuminated display
  • Easy to set date and time on it
The Bad
  • Buttons are hard to press if you have big fingers
  • Little hard to adjust the strap of the watch

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Best Calculator Smartwatches

6. Apple Watch Series 6

best smartwatch with calculator

The first smartwatch with a calculator is the Apple Watch series 6. Although you do get this feature on a few other Apple Watches running on watchOS 6 and above since Watch 6 is the latest smartwatch from Apple we have selected it to feature on our list. The watch comes with a pre-installed calculator app that lets you do complex calculations right on your wrist. Besides basic calculations, the calculator app on the Apple Watch can also help you split the bill and calculate a tip when you’re dining out with your friends. Isn’t that cool?

Moreover, it has got the support of Siri so you can ask her to do calculations for you by asking her question’s like ” what’s 25 times 32?” or “what’s the 12 percent of 325” and more. This way you won’t have to even use the calculator app. Moreover, you get lots of other important features on this smartwatch including health and fitness monitoring, cellular connectivity, NFC support, and more. So, overall, if you are looking for a smartwatch with a calculator function then the Apple Watch 6 is the best option for you.

The Good
  • Premium looks
  • Smart features
  • Voice assistant support
  • Come with an integrated calculator app
The Bad
  • Costly

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7. Fitbit Versa 2

fitbit versa 2

We all know Fitbit Versa for its fitness and health tracking features, but it also has several other features that can come in handy in day-to-day life. However, it does not have a stock calculator app but you don’t have to worry as you can download third-party calculator apps on Fitbit Versa and Ionic devices. Once such apps is Calculator by Jason Boggess. These apps let you solve basic and complex calculations in a matter of seconds right on your wrist.

So if you want a calculator smartwatch with fitness tracking features then Fitbit Versa 2 is a great watch to go for. It can help you in solving mathematical calculations as well as calculate your calories, steps, and your sleep.

The Good
  • Affordable smartwtach
  • Extensive health and fitness tracking features
  • Easy to install 3rd party apps
  • Good looking watch
The Bad
  • No stock calculator app

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8. Marvel Kids Smartwatch With Calculator

kids smartwatch with calculator

Are you looking for a watch to gift to your younger kids with a calculator which can help them in their maths class? If yes, then this Marvel Spider-Man touchscreen smartwatch is the right choice for you. Besides a calculator, the watch has plenty of kid-centric features that will keep your kids away from phones and TV and encourage them to have fun with their friends.

Moreover, the watch has a camera using which kids can take their selfies and videos which later can be shared with friends and family using a USB cable. Overall if you are looking for a smartwatch especially for kids that comes with a calculator then this Marvel watch is the best option for you.

The Good
  • Affordable kids smartwatch
  • Multiple features including calculator, games, and pedometer
  • Has a selfie camera
  • Kids can easily opearate the watch
The Bad
  • Not a very durable watch

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9. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 Runway Smartwatch

luxury calculator watch

On the last position of our list, we have a luxury smartwatch for you from Michael Kors. The smartwatch although does not feature an integrated calculator app but since it runs on the Google Wear OS you can download a calculator app from Play Store. Here is a link to the calculator app for Google Wear OS.

Once the app is downloaded you can very easily do calculations on your wrist with this Michael Kors smartwatch. The watch features a large display which makes it easier for you to do calculations on the watch when compared to other watches with small screens. All in all, if you want a premium smartwatch with a calculator function then Michael Kors Gen 4 Runway is not a bad option at all.

The Good
  • Features a large AMOLED display
  • Looks premium and luxurious
  • Easy to download and install the calculator app
  • Health and fitness tracking features
The Bad
  • Big and bulky watch

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Final Verdict

So these were the best watches and smartwatches with calculator function. Although the calculator watches are out of fashion now, you can still buy them for collection purposes or just to feel nostalgic. If you are interested in a smartwatch you can also buy a smartwatch that comes with a stock calculator app or you can download the app from their app store.


Do They Still Make Calculator Watches?

Almost every manufacturer has stopped making calculator watches but Casio is still making them.

When Was First Calculator Watch Introduced?

The first-ever calculator watch was introduced in the 1970s.

Are the Casio Calculator Watch Water Resistant?

Yes, but they are not meant for swimming purposes.

What Is A Data Bank Watch?

A data bank watch is a timepiece that lets you save your contacts right on your wrist.

Are Calculator Watches Cool?

Wearing a calculator watch was common in the '80s but wearing a calculator watch in 2021 is really cool and unique.

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