7 Best Clip-on Fitness Trackers & Pedometer

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When we hear the word “fitness tracker”, we imagine a wrist wearable with some fitness features packed in it. But this term has a larger scope than you think.

With unceasing technological advancement, fitness trackers have made their place in glasses, clothes, jewelry, and even clip-on.

Every person has different needs and different goals. And the variety of fitness trackers helps people to achieve what they are longing for.

Some people want to track their fitness while protecting their eyes from scorching sunlight and dust. For such people, smart glasses can be the right choice.

Similarly, some people don’t want others to know that they are keeping track of their performance. For those people, nothing can be better than a clip-on fitness tracker.

But do you really think, finding an economical yet featureful clip-on tracker is that easy? Well, I have already done the hard part and prepared the list of the best clip-on fitness trackers that you need to check out.

Raring to check the list yet? The wait is over.

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Best Clip On Fitness Tracker

best clip on step tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus

  • Water resistant won’t get damaged with rain

  • 6 months battery life

  • Supports both Android or iOS device

Best Clip On Step Tracker For Professional

Garmin fitness tracker clip on

Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

  • Also provides advanced analysis of your run

  • Battery lasts 1 year

  • Can be connected to Garmin Connect app

Small Clip On Pedometer

bellabeat crystal bracelet

Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Jewelry

  • Can be worn as necklace, bracelet, or clip-on 

  • Splash proof

  • Can track stress, sleep, & steps

Cheapest Fitness Tracker Clip On

ozo tracker digital pedometer

OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer

  • Just weighs 2.01 ounces

  • 30 day memory log

  • No companion app required

Best Clip On Fitness Trackers

1. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit clip on Wireless Activity Tracker

It’s not possible that the list related to fitness trackers is being prepared and there’s no product from Fitbit.

If you want your performance tracking to be anonymous or you’re simply not comfortable wearing a smart wrist wearable, then here’s a clip-on fitness tracker from Fitbit.

With a compact size of 0.25 x 1.25 x 1.75 inches and 0.32 ounces weight, carrying the Fitbit clip-on fitness tracker all day was a cakewalk for me.

Just clip on the fitness tracker to your t-shirt, jeans, track pants, or whatever you are wearing and you are all set to monitor your daily fitness.

Fitness freaks and obese people are always concerned about the steps they take daily. For those users, I would recommend Fitbit clip-on fitness tracker as it is perfect for the job.

It helped me track my daily steps goal & prevented me from overexercising.

If you are planning to go for a long run, keeping track of the distance traveled makes your workout more productive. This Fitbit clip-on fitness tracker will keep track of every meter you move.

Similarly, I monitored the calories I burned daily with this Fitbit clip-on fitness tracker. It’s a great feature if you think your workout is quite intense but the weight loss is hardly any.

Using this clip-on pedometer tracker, I also tracked the time elapsed during my walking sessions.

Working with a fitness tracker can never be as easy as this. I never needed to press unnecessary buttons for checking all the collected data. A simple tap on the screen and my stats were right in front of my eyes.

Another reason why I recommend this Fitbit fitness clip-on is that it is water resistant as well. So whether it was my sweating or rain I never had to worry about this clip-on fitness tracker.

To get the best out of the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker I would recommend checking out the Fitbit-compatible app. You will find way more & better metrics there.

If you are one of those people who can’t withstand a device that needs a daily charge, then Fitbit Zip is gonna be your heartthrob.

This clip on step tracker uses a replaceable battery that worked up to 6 months for me without demanding a replacement.

You can purchase Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker in many sparky colors like lime, charcoal, and blue.

The Good
  • Very lightweight and small in size

  • The tracker is water-resistant

  • Replaceable battery works for 6 months

  • Easy to use and great design

  • Accurate monitoring of data

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS device

The Bad
  • A little high priced for a fitness tracker

  • Battery drainage can be faster than they claim


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2. Garmin Running Dynamics Pod

Garmin fitness tracker clip on

Listing out products related to fitness tracking can be tough, but only for other products and brands. When it comes to Garmin, there is certainly a fitness tracker worth mentioning. It is none other than the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod.

Let’s first discuss the dimension of this clip-on fitness tracker. A casual size of 1.5 x 0.8 x 0.9 inches and a weight of just 0.42 ounces. This fitness tracker’s small profile made discreet workout tracking easy for me.

Using it is pretty simple, once I clip on the fitness tracker to my clothes, there’s nothing else to do. Now I simply need to run and focus on beating my previous record while leaving my workout tracking to Garmin Running Dynamics Pod.

One feature that makes me recommend this Garmin fitness tracker clip on is the fact that it offers advanced running metrics. All you have to do is sync the Running Pod to the Garmin Connect app.

During my usage, the advanced tracking features of the Garmin Running Pod were definitely of great help. Cadence tracking helps you in knowing how many steps you put on the ground in one minute.

Continuous cadence tracking will help you understand how many steps per minute you are increasing daily, monthly, or yearly.

The ground contact time balance helps you know about the balance between your left and right feet while running. This information is presented in the form of a percentage.

So if you think your running is not improving, the balance between your left and the right leg can be the reason.

Similarly, other important data monitored by Garmin Running Dynamics Pod include stride length, which calculates the total distance between both legs while running.

By measuring the vertical oscillation, you can know about the vertical movement of your torso. It is calculated in centimeters.

Monitoring the ground contact time lets you know about the time your foot rests on the ground while running. It is calculated in milliseconds.

All this information can make a huge difference in your running & you can take some measures to improve your running. You can also watch my YouTube metrics video explaining some of these metrics in more detail.

No need to activate the dynamics pod manually, just start your workout by clipping the pod to your clothes, and the workout tracking starts automatically.

You just need to download the supported Garmin app from the Play Store to keep track of all the data that the Garmin clip-on fitness tracker tracks.

Coming to the battery life, I found that the Dynamics Running Pod by Garmin can be used for 1 year if used for 1 hour daily. The battery is replaceable, making it an evergreen clip-on fitness tracker.

The Good
  • Very lightweight and compact in size

  • Not much pricey considering a Garmin product

  • The best fitness tracker with clip for advanced running and professional runners

  • Analyzes cadence, stride length, ground contact, balance, and other running metrics

  • Activates automatically when you start movement and workout

  • The battery can be used for 1 year when used 1 hour daily

The Bad
  • Battery drainage might be quicker than claimed

  • Doesn’t work with all the models of Garmin smartwatches


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3. Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Jewelry

bellabeat crystal bracelet

Here’s something especially for those women who believe that beauty and health go hand in hand. The Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Jewelry has jaw-dropping looks and no women can say no to it.

Starting off with basics first, the weight of Bellabeat leaf crystal is 5 ounces. The dimensions of the Bellabeat crystal bracelet are 0.47 x 1.85 x 1.18 inches giving this clip-on tracker a perfectly casual jewelry look.

Use it as a bracelet, or a necklace and be the one who gets all the attention at the party. The party’s over and now it’s time for some extreme workout.

Clip on the Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Jewelry to your clothes and you are all set to track your performance.

Life is already full of hassle, but Bellabeat Leaf isn’t. No buttons and nothing complicated, just sync your smart clip-on with the compatible iOS or Android app and it’s ready to be used.

All the data that the tracker collects while working out gets stored on the connected device wirelessly.

The splashproof nature of the Bellabeat Leaf clip-on makes it completely sweatproof and usable on a normal rainy day. So if rain can’t stop you from running, then it can’t stop Bellabeat Leaf Clip-on from tracking either.

The Bellabeat Leaf looks like casual jewelry only from the outside, but it’s quite advanced from the inside.

With this amazing clip-on tracker, I tracked all the steps I took daily. Monitoring the distance covered makes running goal-oriented and opens the scope for improvement.

Keeping track of my calories burned using this Bella leaf tracker made my fat loss program more effective.

Another special feature of this clip-on fitness tracker is that it keeps track of the menstrual cycle making it a complete women-focused fitness tracker.

For the overall wellness of the user, the smart clip-on by Bellabeat also heeds the sleep patterns and stress levels of the user.

With a gentle alarm, this clip-on tracker woke me up in the morning. If you are sitting idle for a long time then the activity alarm will remind you to do some activity.

The Good
  • Amazing design and looks great

  • Can also be used as a necklace or a bracelet

  • Keeps track of the menstrual cycle and sleep patterns

  • Bellabeat tracker is splashproof

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

  • The activity alarm will alert you to do some activity

  • Can be used for 6 months with 24 hours of use daily

The Bad
  • Heavier than other clip-on trackers

  • A little costlier for a clip-on tracker

  • Only for women


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4. Realalt 3DTriSport Clip-on

Realalt 3DTriSport Clip-on

If you are looking for a clip-on tracker that knows its job and does it flawlessly at a price of dirt then Realalt 3DTriSport is what you are looking for.

Realalt 3DTrisport Clip-on has a size of 3 x 1 x 1.4 inches and a weight of 1.23 Ounces.

The size of the clip-on is a little larger than the other clip-on of its type, but the difference is minimal.

I wore this clip fitness tracker on my neck or clothes depending on my attire. And, I didn’t notice any issues in tracking regardless of the location.

I found various tracking features of the Trisport clip-on useful & you will too. It can help you live a healthy life, maintain your weight, or assist you in preparing for an upcoming competition.

Just like every good fitness tracker, Realalt clip-on also tracks the steps you take daily. I was also able to set the target steps for the day & keep an eye on whether or not I am meeting the fitness goals.

If you like to monitor your fitness with the distance you travel instead of the steps then that is possible too.

The tracking of the calories you burn daily can be of great use for those who want to get slimmer.

Another unique feature of this clip on tracker is the fact that it can store 30 days of fitness data.

Many people prefer not to carry their cell phones while being on a run or having a workout session in the gym. But they need to check their data tracked by the clip-on tracker instantly without waiting to go back home and check the data on their phone. This is made possible by Realalt 3DTrisport Clip-on. You don’t need an app or device to connect and use the tracker. All the data can be seen on the screen given in the tracker.

For more assistance and a professional tracking experience, timer and clock features are also made available.

With the simple buttons given on the tracker, even a naive can understand the working of the tracker at first glance.

Your Realalt clip-on tracker can last up to 12 months without a single charge. Once you go out of battery, simply replace it.

For user feasibility, the Realalt 3DTrispot Clip-on comes with a free lanyard, clip-on, and a screwdriver (for making the battery replacement easy.)

Moreover, there are a variety of colors available like magenta, gray-black, stealth black, blue, and white to choose from.

The Good
  • Easy to set up and use the tracker

  • Free lanyard, clip, and screwdriver to replace the battery

  • Works for up to 12 months without charging

  • Stores 30 days of data for comparing performance

  • Large display for reading the data easily

  • Timer and clock features present in the tracker

The Bad
  • A little bulky in size

  • Step count can be wrong


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5. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus

best clip on step tracker

This Fitbit clip on tracker looks like a pen drive but don’t go on its looks. It’s packed with the features of a wrist fitness tracker. This clip-on fitness tracker is a complete substitute for those who don’t like wearing wrist fitness trackers or watch because their high-friction rubber puts rashes on your wrist and pulls the hair on your hands.

Speaking of looks, it has a sleek and clean design, a feather lightweight of 0.32 ounces, & size of 0.25 x 0.75 x 2.25 inches.

The wireless activity tracker from Fitbit can track the steps I took, the distance traveled, the calories I burn, and the total minutes I was active.

Besides steps, this clip-on fitness tracker can track floors you climb as well. By keeping track of the floors you climb, your Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus can further motivate you to stay fit and healthy.

Monitoring this data and implementing the required changes helped me in improving my fitness routine.

There are some advanced tracking features in this clip-on tracker as well. These advanced features include sleep monitoring and nutrition tracking.

The clip-on tracker monitors the quality of your sleep by analyzing how well and how long you slept. Your Fitbit One tracker can also wake you up in the morning.

Continue running if the clothes where the tracker is clipped get soaked with sweat or it starts to rain heavily. The tracker is tested up to 1 ATM meaning it’s sweat, rain, and splash-proof.

The best part is this Fitness tracker is compatible with various operating systems like Android & iOS. You can easily sync your tracking device to your smartphone and monitor your health and workout.

With the compatible app for the device, you can set your personal goals, log your food, and get connected with your friends.

You will earn badges inside the app as rewards for completing the goals which provide fuel to stay more fit.

The amazing connectivity range of 20 feet is enough if you want to track your gym workout while your cell phone is in the locker.

When connected to Bluetooth 4.0, you will receive a call notification right on the tracker. So if there’s an important call, you can immediately access your phone and call that person back.

During my usage, I found the battery life of the Fitbit One tracker was 7 to 10 days on a single charge. And for that much battery life, I had to just charge the tracker for 1-2 hours. Impressive, right?

You can get your Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus in black or burgundy color.

The Good
  • Provides call notifications along with various tracking features

  • The tracker is water-resistant up to 1 ATM

  • Works for 7-10 days after a single charge that takes 1-2 hours

  • Compatible with most the operating systems

  • Keeps track of the floors you climb daily

  • Very light and compact in size

The Bad
  • The tracker is highly priced


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6. 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Clip-on

3dfitbud pedometer clip on

Continuing the list of best clip-on fitness trackers, here’s 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Clip-on.

Your 3DFitBud Clip-on has decent dimensions of 2.4 x 1.57 x 0.55 inches and a weight of 0.86 ounces. So if you want to keep your fitness tracking silent, as well as congenial, you can go for this tracker.

With its unisex nature, the tracker becomes a product for men, women, and even kids.

Unlike other clip-on trackers, 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter only monitors the steps that you take daily.  No distance traveled, calories burned, nothing.

It is surely the drawback of this clip-on tracker but it’s one of the most economical clip-on trackers that you can find.

So if you are looking for a cheap fitness clip-on with its primary function as a step counter then go for it.

Working with a 3D Tri-Axis Sensor technology makes the step counting by the tracker accurate. The technology senses the movements in any position be it up, down, side, or any angle.

I also liked the multiple wearing options including wearing the tracker with a lanyard, clip, or placing it in the pocket.

Using the 3DFitbud Tracker is peanuts. No syncing with the smartphone is required, just press the reset button to clear the existing steps and move with a fresh start.

With a battery life of 12 months, I didn’t have to face the hassle of charging the device daily. Just clip it on and move on.

Make your selection from multiple color choices like blue, pink, white, and black, whichever you like, and go for a long run or walk while letting the tracker count your steps.

The Good
  • The tracker is really easy to use

  • Cheaper than most clip-on trackers in the market

  • Lanyard and clip are available in the package

  • Tracker autostarts when it notices movement

  • The replaceable battery of the tracker works for up to 12 months

  • Extra-large display for easy reading

The Bad
  • Only counts steps, no other tracking feature available

  • Step counting can be inaccurate


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7. OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer

ozo tracker digital pedometer

Keep your wrist rash-free by avoiding the use of wrist wearable and go for OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer, which clips on your clothes and track your activities.

The clip-on tracker is 3.74 x 3.54 x 1.26 inches in size making it a little larger than other trackers in my list. But the tracker is not too bulky in size and it didn’t cause me any inconvenience while tracking workouts.

The same goes for the 2.01 ounces weight of the tracker, which makes it a little heavier than most clip-on trackers. But this much weight will definitely not let you lose your focus.

I didn’t need to sync the device with my smartphone for keeping track of my performance. Everything is present right on the large display of the tracker which was easy to read.

OZO fitness tracker can easily track the steps you take daily and the miles you cover. So if till now you were chasing your goals without measuring the progress you are making, then it’s time to work out like a professional.

Your OZO fitness tracker can also measure the calories you burn daily. This can be a really useful feature for people who want to get rid of their plumpness and get in proper shape. With activity time, I knew how long I was training for.

By recording and saving your daily performance with its 30-day memory log, you can compare your old self with your brand-new version anytime you want.

You can wear your OZO fitness tracker in many different ways. Just keep it in your pocket, clip it with a lanyard and wear it on your neck, or simply clip it on your clothes.

With an in-built clock and automatic resetting option that starts at midnight, I  didn’t need to remember to reset my clip on step tracker manually.

If your concern is related to battery life then let me tell you that the tracker can last for up to 1 year. You can replace the battery once the current one drains completely.

Make your choice from a variety of vibrant colors like black, blue, gray, and pink.

The Good
  • OZO Fitness SC 3D Digital Pedometer is economical in price

  • Removable lanyard and clip included in the package

  • The amazing battery life of up to 1 year

  • 30 days of memory log for performance comparison

  • The tracker automatically resets at night

  • Buttons are available on the side which eliminates the risk of accidental reset

The Bad
  • The tracker is large in size

  • The screen might stop working after a few months


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Which Clip On Step Tracker Should You Get?

Some people only need basic tracking of activities like the steps they take daily and the miles they cover. For such basic tracking, purchasing a big-ticket product is not a wise move.

So it’s better to go for a clip-on tracker that costs less and does its job perfectly.

But if you are more into advanced training, then, nutrition tracking, sleep, and stress level tracking can be useful features.

This demand can be fulfilled by going for clip-on products from Fitbit.

If you are a professional-level runner and want to improve your run by analyzing your movement and body language, then it’s best to go for Garmin clip-on tracker.

Clip-On Fitness Trackers Buying Guide

Everything that companies sell on the internet is publicized as the best version of that product. And most people are simply carried away by how well those products are marketed.

Now, when you receive your package, there’s a possibility that you use it for a while and realize that it’s no more than junk.

But ask yourself, did you really give a fine hour to research the product?

We don’t want you to do the same with your clip-on trackers. And that’s why we are here to enlighten you on some factors that need to be kept in mind while purchasing a clip-on fitness tracker.

1. No Clip Means No Tracker

While searching for some good clip-on trackers on Amazon, we found some products that were really catchy to the eyes.

Everything about the product was perfect but then we noticed that it’s not actually a clip-on tracker. That’s the point where we were shattered!

So, if you are trying to find clip-on trackers on Amazon which are not on our list, then make sure to check if it has a clip or not.

If it does have a clip, carry on your research by checking the below factors.

2. Tracking Features Necessary

What good is a fitness tracker with no fitness tracking features? It’s like a watch that doesn’t show time or a pen without a refill.

So when buying a clip-on tracker, make sure it has the tracking features that you need.

Some trackers are built with advanced tracking features, just like Garmin Running Dynamics Pod. But some people only need basic tracking features like a pedometer or calorie burner.

Buying an advanced tracker in such a case be useless. So make sure the tracker you are going to buy has the tracking features, most importantly the ones you need.

3. Size Matters A Lot, And Weight Too

Let’s assume your clip-on tracker looks outstanding and has all the necessary tracking features under its sleeves.

But when you lift it up, it feels like lifting up a large size smartphone. Now, this can be a serious issue.

Your only reason for buying a clip-on tracker is that you want to clip it up on your clothes and have a focused run or gym workout.

But if your tracker is bulky in weight and has a large size, it will grab your attention again and again. And who knows, maybe its heavyweight pulls down your track pants when the gym is crowded, just kidding.

Some people want small-sized clip-on trackers as they don’t want others to know that you are tracking your performance. But how is it possible with a bulky tracker?

4. A Never-Ending Battery Life

A big no! A very big no to a tracker that offers everything but demands a settlement when it comes to battery life.

A good clip-on tracker should definitely have a battery life of at least 6 months if it’s replaceable and about 7-10 days if it’s chargeable.

Fortunately, all the trackers on our list have praiseful battery life.

FAQs Related To Clip-On Trackers

What Is A Clip-on Fitness Tracker?

A clip-on fitness tracker is a device that you can clip with your clothes and tracks your activities like heart rate, calories burned, and so on.

Is There A Fitbit Tracker That Clips-on?

Yes, several companies have made fitness trackers that you can clip to your clothes and track your performance. Some of these trackers include Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus and Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker.

Is Clip-on Tracker Better Or A Wrist Tracker?

Both types of trackers can work amazingly, you just need to buy a good product based on your requirements.

Where Can I Clip-on My Fitness Tracker?

You can clip-on your fitness tracker on any of your clothes be it your t-shirt or your track pant.

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