Best Domed Crystal Watches: Dress & Chronograph Watch Included

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Domed crystal watches were all the rage in the early 60s. Almost every manufacturer used this watch crystal design on their watches. However, it fell out of the flavor and flat watch glass design became the norm in the market. Today most mass-market watches use a flat glass design.

On the other hand, domed-shaped crystals watches are no longer that readily available. Also, today this design is reserved for premium, vintage, or unique timepieces. Don’t worry, you can still find good watches with a domed crystal at a decent price. However, you might have to spend hours of your valuable time to find them.

To make it simpler, I have already done the homework for you, so all you have to do now is select one of the 9 best domed crystal watches that I have listed.

To make it simpler, I have already done the homework for you. So whether you are looking for a dress or a chronograph watch or watches with a domed crystal from a particular brand like Seiko, Timex, or Bulova, I have got them all. Therefore, simply go through these 9 best domed crystal watches list to find your ideal watch.

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Types Of Crystal Design Used In Watches

Before proceeding any further, let’s discuss the various types of crystal designs used by watchmakers in watches. Each design is unique and different from the other. Without any further delay, let’s discuss the 4 types of watch crystals used in watches.

1. Flat Crystal Design

Flat crystal design is the most commonly used watch design by watchmakers. As the name suggests, the glass on this design is completely flat and has no curve to it. You can find them being used in the Skagen watches, Michael Kors, or by almost every watch brand on the planet.

2. Top Hat Crystal

The top hat crystal design looks like a hat placed on a watch. This watch design is raised vertically from all the corners of the watch bezels and is flat at the center. And, I am sure that you must have seen this design at least once in your lifetime.

3. Domed Crystal Design

Domed crystal designs are also known as convex crystal designs. As the name suggests, this crystal design is domed-shaped at the center and curved at the corners.

Domed Vs Flat Watch Crystal

There are a few inherent advantages that domed shape crystal watches have over flat watch crystals. First and foremost, flat glass tends to reflect light more compared to domed-shaped crystal glasses. This makes the watch irritating or discomforting to read.

Moreover, domed-shaped crystal watch is more good looking and aren’t usually found in inexpensive watches. Other than that, there is no other significant difference between them.

4. Double Domed Crystal

As the name suggests, double-domed crystal is curved on both inside and outside of the watch. This design is normally found in high-end dive watches and is usually made of sapphire. And, this design tends to make the glass more shatter-resistant and long-lasting than the flat crystal design.

Best Domed Glass Watches Comparison Table





Best Domed Sapphire Crystal Watch

best domed crystal watch

Bulova Classic Automatic

  • Skeleton dial to observe the inner working of the watch

  • Transparent case back

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Best Seiko Watch With Domed Crystal

Seiko 5 domed crystal watch

Seiko 5 Automatic

  • Automatic watch with 21 jewel movement

  • Day & Date window on the dial

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Affordable Dome Glass Watch

Timex MS1 maritime sport stainless steel

Timex MS1 Maritime Sport

  • Day & date window on the watch

  • Indiglo function to read time at night

  • Comfortable to wear nylon NATO strap

Best Women's Domed Crystal Watch

best women's domed watches

Timex Women’s Crystal Bloom

  • Gorgeous floral pattern on the dial

  • Water-resistant up to 30m

  • Available in 3 more color and design combinations

Best Men’s Watches With Domed Crystal

1. FEICE Men’s Mechanical Bauhaus Watch

FEICE automatic watch

When it comes to finding good affordable automatic watches, undoubtedly FEICE has made a name for itself. For instance, take a look at this Bauhaus watch from them.  This watch comes with an automatic movement so it will wind itself using your wrist movement. It can be a great option for those who live in a remote area with no nearby watch repair shop or jeweler for battery replacement.

The movement of the watch offers 28 jewel movements and a 35-hour power reserve which is usually not available in this price range. You can even monitor the power reserve using the dedicated sub-dial below the 12 o’clock position. It can help you in ensuring that you don’t overwind or underwind your watch by monitoring it in real-time.

Directly below the power reserve indicator, you get a sub-dial with dedicated sweeping second hand. So instead of jumping, the seconds hand glides gracefully on the sub-dial. The dial of the watch is protected by a curved mineral glass which is decent enough for daily usage.

Talking about the dimensions, this watch features a 42mm 316L stainless steel case which highly corrosion resistant. Moreover, water damage is one less thing to worry about as the watch is water-resistant up to 30m. While this doesn’t make the watch swim-proof but it’s capable enough to safeguard itself against rain, sweat, and splashes.

On a final note, I would say that looks along with features make this one of the best domed crystal watches available on Amazon. If you are worried about the quality of the watch then let me tell you also get 2 years warranty with it.

The Good
  • 2.5D domed mineral glass protects the dial
  • Dedicated sub-dial for power reserve
  • 28 Jewel automatic movement watch
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Features exhibition case back

The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming and other water sports activities

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2. Orient Bambino Version IV

best domed crystal dress watch

Orient is one of the most well-known Japanese watch brands. It is famous for its affordable automatic watches lineup which offers the best price to performance ratio.

For instance, this watch comes with the F6724 self-winding movement made by Orient themselves. This movement gives the watch a 40-hour power reserve so a single wind would easily get you through your day.

However, what makes it one of the best affordable dome watches is the fact that it comes with the hacking movement. To simply put the second hand on this watch will stop while setting the time. While this may sound trivial but this feature is usually found in high-end automatic watches like Omega watches.

You can even keep track of the date as there is a date window at the 3 o’clock position.  Moreover, this men’s watch comes with a dome-shaped mineral glass that protects the dial.

Besides good build, you get the option to choose the watch from 3 more different colors. I personally prefer this 41mm rose gold case with a 22mm leather strap but do check other ones out.

All in all, this is one of the most desirable affordable domed crystal watches available on Amazon. And, there are very few automatic watches like Vostok that come close to rivaling Orient in this price segment.

The Good
  • Automatic watch with a hacking movement
  • Available in 3 more colors
  • 40-hour power reserve in a single wind
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Date window at the 3 o’clock position

The Bad
  • Leather is stiff out of the box and may need some time to become more flexible

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3. Zeppelin Chronograph

Zeppelin domed crystal chronograph watch

Zeppelin is one of the best german watch brands which is popular all over the world. This German brand is known for its premium and mid-range watches. Let me assure you that they are not expensive for the sake of it, for the extra price you will also get extra features and performance.

The first feature that you get is the chronograph function which you can use to time your activities. To start the chronograph, you would need to press the button at the 2 o’clock position. After completing the activity, you can stop the chronograph using the button at the 4 o’clock position.

Besides chronograph, you can also set an alarm on the watch as it has built functionality for that. It can be a useful feature to remind yourself of important tasks without buying a digital watch. You can even track the date along with time using the date window at the 4 o’clock position.

If you are looking for boating watches for yachting and sailing then this watch comes with a Tachymeter function. It can help you calculate the speed of your boat using distance covered and time elapsed. If you want to learn how to use the tachymeter consider reading this short guide by clicking here.

While boating won’t be an issue, but snorkeling, professional swimming, or diving isn’t recommended with the watch, as it is water-resistant up to 50m only. However, you can enjoy pool parties as recreational swimming won’t damage the watch.

Coming to the dimensions, the case of the watch is 42mm which is the perfect size for a men’s watch as it’s neither too large nor too small. Along with that, you get a 22mm leather strap with an alligator pattern that suits the black dial of the watch. The dial of the watch is protected by a domed-shaped mineral crystal that further enhances the looks of the watch.

All in all, if you are looking for a premium german watch under $400 then this is definitely one of the best watches with domed crystal available on Amazon.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • Alarm function on the watch
  • Built-in chronograph and a tachymeter function
  • Good quality leather strap
  • Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping

The Bad
  • Not suitable for snorkeling, professional swimming, and diving

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4. Seiko 5 Automatic Watch

Seiko 5 domed crystal watch

Whenever I am recommending a watch, I often find that it is easier to recommend Seiko watches. Their watches are reliable, dependable, and straightforward to use. That’s why most watch enthusiasts recommend Seiko watches like this domed crystal Seiko 5 watch on this list.

This Seiko watch comes with a self-winding automatic movement 7S36 made by Seiko themselves. This particular movement sports 21 jewels which ensure that the watch keeps an accurate time. To put it simply, the more jewel an automatic watch has better it will be in timekeeping.

Automatic movement also powers the day and date function of the watch. If you haven’t ever used an automatic watch then this will be the perfect first automatic watch for you.

Besides that, the watch comes with a rotating bezel which allows you to time your activities. You can simply point the pointer at the 12 o’clock position of the bezel to wherever minute hand is pointing to time your activity. It can be useful in timing your running, cooking, or swimming sessions.

In addition to that, you can go swimming wearing this watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m. However, underwater activities like diving aren’t recommended. If you are an avid diver then consider checking out our affordable dive watches under $100, $300, and $500 listing.

Coming on to the looks, the watch sports a gorgeous black dial with golden hour markings & watch hands. However, what enhances the looks of the watch even further is the domed hardlex glass on the dial. The case housing the dial is 42mm in diameter and is accompanied by a 22mm bracelet strap.

Overall, this is the best domed crystal watch from Seiko as it has got the looks, performance, and features going for itself. While the watch may seem a little expensive but currently it’s having a 4.5 rating and hundreds of reviews praising the watch. Do check the watch out, it won’t disappoint you.

The Good
  • Day & Date window at the 3 o’clock position
  • Domed hardlex mineral glass protects the watch
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Rotating bezel
  • A luminous coating on the watch hands

The Bad
  • Not suitable for diving and snorkeling

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5. Timex MS1 Maritime Sport

Timex MS1 maritime sport stainless steel

Those who are fans of retro-looking watches would certainly appreciate this Timex watch. This watch features a curved acrylic glass reminiscent of old Rolex watches that had the same crystal design. Acrylic glass is prone to scratches but is difficult to break. Consider reading our guide on acrylic glass and other types of watch glasses to know more.

Moreover, the watch sports a pencil-style watch hand with a luminous coating on them. It makes the watch hands glow in the dark but if you aren’t satisfied then you can use the Indiglo backlight function. To use it, simply press the crown and the entire dial would light up for better readability at night.

You can also keep track of day and date as it has a window for the same at the 3 o’clock position. Most men don’t like big watches and this watch is perfect for them. This Timex watch comes with a 41mm stainless steel case which isn’t big at all in my opinion.

Additionally, the 20mm nylon strap that you get with the watch is a NATO strap. If you haven’t used a watch with a NATO strap then let me tell you they are extremely breathable and comfortable to wear.

Overall, this watch is definitely worth looking into if you are scouting for an affordable men’s domed dial watch. At the time of writing, this watch is priced below $100 which is quite a bargain given the features and build quality.

The Good
  • Indiglo backlight function to read time at night
  • Acrylic glass doesn’t break easily
  • Comfortable to wear NATO strap
  • The affordable price of the watch
  • Water-resistant up to 30m

The Bad
  • Submerging the watch into water will damage it as it is only splashproof
  • Acrylic glass prone to scratches

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6. Bulova Classic Automatic

best domed crystal watch

The last men’s domed crystal watch on our list is one of the best automatic Bulova watches. This will be a perfect watch for men who like watches with good built.

Bulova has done a lot here to ensure that the watch simply doesn’t feel like just another bracelet watch. That’s why the watch features a skeleton dial which allows you to see critical gears moving inside the watch. To safeguard the dial, this watch comes with domed sapphire crystal. If you don’t already know then let me tell you sapphire glasses are highly scratch-resistant and aren’t easily damaged.

Since this is a self-winding watch from Bulova, it comes with a pendulum-like mechanism inside the watch which uses your wrist movement to wind itself. And, you can see that pendulum-like mechanism from the back of the watch as it features a transparent case back. It would be a great conversation starter at dinner parties, family get-togethers, and offices.

If build quality is more important to you than fancy looks then the watch will definitely meet your expectations. It features a 42mm stainless steel case along with a 22mm bracelet strap giving it a build quality of a tank. Also, it is rated to be water-resistant up to 100m which makes the watch perfect for a surf day at the beach.

The Good
  • Gorgeous roman numerals on the dial
  • Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
  • 60-hour power reserve
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Exhibition case back to observe movement from the back

The Bad
  • No date window on the watch

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Best Domed Crystal Women’s Watches

7. Anne Klien Women’s Premium Crystal Watch

Anne Klien crystal accented

Women love watches that look like jewelry and Anne Klein has made a watch that looks just like that. This Anne Klien watch comes with a gorgeous mother of pearl dial. It makes the dial look like it’s made of pearl which gracefully harmonizes with the 36mm rose gold case.

Swarovski crystal concept watches are very popular among ladies and similar to them is this Anne Klien watch as well. This watch sports Swarovski crystal on all the individual hour markings giving it a jewelry-like look. However, what makes it the best dress watch in my opinion is the curved domed-shaped crystal. It gives the watch a classy look which isn’t commonly found in other watches.

Most dress watches don’t have any waterproofing capabilities at all. But this watch is water-resistant up to 30m so it can survive splashes of water easily. So if you encounter sudden rain without an umbrella then you only need to worry about yourself, not the watch.

According to reviews by users, this watch’s 12mm bracelet strap is extendable and is ideal for both petite and average wrist sizes. All in all, this is a great watch for ladies as you get looks along with a performance at a very reasonable price.

The Good
  • Gorgeous rose gold case
  • Mother of pearl dial
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Swarovski crystal as hour markings
  • Japanese quartz movement for timekeeping

The Bad
  • No day and date window

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8. Nine West Women’s Bracelet Watch

Nine west

The next domed crystal glass watch for ladies is from the brand Nine West. It is a well-known brand for ladies which is popular for its shoes, bags, clothing, and other accessories.  And, this fancy-looking minimalistic watch with domed crystal glass from them is available at a very reasonable price.

This Nine west features a gorgeous floral design on the dial along with pink hour markings. And, Baton-style pink watch hands look really good on a gunmetal dial. The grey color case of the watch is 35mm in diameter which isn’t too big in my opinion for a women’s watch.

If you don’t like the petite strap then I am happy to report that you get an 18mm mesh strap with the watch. However, mesh straps can cause rashes and allergies to users with sensitive skin. If you are one of them then consider reading our best ceramic watches and affordable titanium watches list.

Overall, this is a great watch with domed crystal for women under $50 and you can also get the watch in gold and rose gold color. The only shortcoming of the watch in my opinion is that it’s not water-resistant. Therefore, exposure to water should be avoided at all the cost.

The Good
  • Mesh style bracelet strap
  • The minimalistic design of the watch
  • Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Suitable for women with a small and average wrist size

The Bad
  • Not water-resistant capabilities

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9. Timex Women’s Crystal Bloom Swarovski Accent

best women's domed watches

Ladies if you want a watch that doesn’t compromise in any department then you are gonna love this Crystal Bloom watch. First and foremost, this watch is available in some pretty gorgeous designs. Silver case with white leather strap is what appealed to me the most but other gold and rose gold options are impressive too.

Besides a good color scheme, you also get a gorgeous floral design on the dial. Talking about the dimensions, the case of the watch is 36mm in diameter which is perfect for a lady’s watch. If you get allergies when exposed to metal straps then you will happy to know this one comes with a 13mm leather strap. It is perfect for prolonged usage as it is quite comfortable to wear.

If the lack of water-resistant capability in the previous watch was a deal-breaker for you then this is the watch you want. Timex Crystal Bloom is water-resistant up to 30m so occasional splashes of water won’t be an issue for the watch.

To conclude, I would say that this just might be the best domed crystal watch for women. The reason for that is because it’s reasonably priced, looks good, and is from a well-known watch brand Timex.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Quartz movement for accurate timekeeping
  • The leather strap is comfortable to wear
  • Available in 3 more color and design combinations
  • Quite good looking watch

The Bad
  • No date window

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Are Domed Glass Watches Worth The Hype?

Not only are domed-shaped watches good-looking but are easy to read. And, the reason for that is curved glasses don’t produce as much glare as flat style watch glasses. Moreover, curved glasses are usually stronger than flat style glass and can survive a bigger impact compared to them. Some users may think that these watches are just a fancy way of showing off but they are much more than that.


Why Do Some Watches Have Domed Glasses?

While there are some minor advantages of using domed glasses on watches but they are mostly used on watches as they increase the style quotient of the watch.

What Is Double Dome Watch Crystal?

Double dome crystal watches are those watches that sport a glass on the dial that is curved from both outside and inside. They are mostly used in high-end dive watches and don't shatter easily.

Which Is The Best Affordable Domed Crystal Watch For Men?

Timex MS1 is the best affordable men's domed crystal watch as despite the low price you get a plethora of features like Indiglo backlight, day & date window, and NATO strap.

Which Is The Best Women's Watch With Domed Crystal?

Timex Women’s Crystal is the watch you are looking for. It comes with a gorgeous floral design on the dial and its looks are enhanced by the domed crystal glass on the dial.

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