5 Best Fitbit For Men That You Can’t Miss To Wear

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Investing in a fitness tracker is a great step towards a healthy lifestyle. If you are planning to take your health more seriously, then these small wearable gadgets can help track your fitness and also motivate you to stay active all the time.

Alright! fitness trackers are great for health tracking but which one should you get? As there are overwhelming numbers of fitness trackers available in the market right now.

Well, if you are finding it difficult to pick a fitness tracker among so many options out there then you should blindfoldedly go for Fitbit. Because when it comes to fitness tracking there are only a few brands that can match up with Fitbit.

We have already covered the best Fitbits for women and now we bring forth the best Fitbit for men because we believe health is important for all be it, men or women. Enough of gender talks, let’s get on with the article.

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Fitbit For Men Comparison Table





Best Overall

Versa 3 best Fitbit for men

Fitbit Versa 3

  • Integrated GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone

  • Active Zone Minutes

Best Fitness Band

Fitbit Charge 4 special edition

Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

  • Integrated GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

  • Woven Band

  • Fitbit Pay For Contactless Payments

Most Advanced

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense

  • Built-in ECG

  • Sleep And Stress Monitoring

  • Amazon Alexa + Google Voice Assistant

The 5 Best Fitbit For Men

1. Fitbit Versa 3

Versa 3 best Fitbit for men

The Fitbit Versa 3 is the latest addition in the Versa series of Fitbit smartwatches. The previous two smartwatches of this series are a huge success. However, they lacked some features that are now provided in the Versa 3 making it one of the best Fitbit smartwatches of all time.

You get integrated GPS functionality on the Versa 3 smartwatch that was missing in its predecessor. Also, there’s  Google Voice Assistant programmed in the smartwatch that is willing to take your commands.

Also, now you can answer calls directly from your watch since it features a built-in speaker. However, the answer call functionality is only available to Android users. Nonetheless, you can still sync this smartwatch with iPhone as you do with Android smartphones for viewing phone notifications on its screen.

The screen quality is also upgraded on the Versa 3 as now it features a more rounded screen that’s not only good to look at, but also enhances the overall look of the watch.

The large always-on display shows every detail on the screen very clearly which makes it a good option for older men.

It also features a 24/7 heart rate monitor that keeps track of your pulse rates and evaluates other fitness and health parameters like blood oxygen levels, sleeping patterns, and much more. Versa 3 also includes Active Zone Minutes that were absent in the previous Versa smartwatches that make Versa 3 even better when it comes to fitness tracking.

However, not much improvement is done in the battery department, you still get a battery backup of 6 days on it which should have been increased. But you get fast charging support on this watch, which does help in emergency situations.

The watch is also a bit thicker this time because it has more built-in sensors than the other Versa watches. The added thickness gives this smartwatch a more masculine look, which looks great on a men’s wrist.


The Fitbit Versa 3 is the best Fitbit smartwatch for men of all ages be it young or old.

The Good
  • Comes with Google voice Assistance

  • Built-in mic and speakers for answering calls and give voice commands

  • Curved display with always-on functionality

  • 24/7 heart rate tracking

  • Supports fast charging

The Bad
  • Battery life could have been better

  • Can not store music on it

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2. Fitbit Ionic Watch

Sports watch for men

The Fitbit Ionic is a sports-centric smartwatch from Fitbit that helps you train for marathons, runs, and other sports activities. It has a rugged design that also makes it one of the toughest Fitbit smartwatches ever built, and it’s fit for outdoor needs.

You also get an integrated GPS on this watch, that tracks your runs more efficiently and provides you detailed insights on dynamics like maximum speed, distance covered, routes taken, etc.

It also supports a personalized training program that coaches you step by step for the activity of your choice, making you better at your game.

Talking of onboard sensors, this smartwatch features an accurate heart rate monitor for measuring your heart beats and an NFC chip that enables you to make contactless payments Via Fitbit Pay.

Also, the smartwatch has a rectangular display that gives it a unique look, so if you were looking for a smartwatch that looks different from others then you can settle for Fitbit Ionic.

This smartwatch is also available in the Adidas edition that has sportier look and clock faces designed by Adidas itself. However, the Adidas edition will cost you almost twice the regular edition of this smartwatch so it depends on you whether you pick the regular or Adidas edition of this watch.


For men who are interested in sports and running, this Fitbit smartwatch will suit them.

The Good
  • Built-in GPS for activity tracking

  • Has a large and unique rectangular screen

  • Step by Step personal coaching

  • Has a rugged and durable design

  • Integrated NFC chip for making contactless payments

The Bad
  • The software on this watch is not super smooth

  • The battery is just decent

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3. Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

Fitbit Charge 4 special edition

If you are not a smartwatch person then you can get this fitness tracking band from Fitbit. Although it is smaller in size it has all the functions of a smartwatch.

With a built-in GPS and heart rate sensor, monitoring your heart’s health and daily physical activities is easy with the Fitbit charge 4. Also, it is available in both regular and special edition, but we encourage you to go with the special edition because it comes with a woven band that looks amazing.

It also comes with an included Active Zone Minutes feature that is only available in some of the top-notch Fitbit smartwatches. With this function, you get alerts when you are exercising in the heart rate zones, which help you gain the most out of your workouts.

You also get Fitbit Premium 90-day free trial when you buy the Fitbit Charge 4 (both editions). You can use the Fitbit premium account to help stay active and sleep well by getting more detailed insight into your data. However, this offer is only applicable to new premium users.

Besides that, what makes this fitness band nothing short of a smartwatch is its ability to make payments using Fitbit Pay and also the fact that you can control your Spotify playlist from your wrist. Also, you can view your phone’s notifications on the band’s screen which is a great feature to have.

Also, you get a slightly better battery life on this band compared to most smartwatches from Fitbit. You can expect to get a week’s backup on it. However, the battery drains quickly if you use the GPS continuously.


Men who don’t like to wear bulky watches on their wrists all day long can opt for this fitness band.

The Good
  • Come with stylish woven bands

  • Slim and lightweight design

  • Includes Active Zone Minutes

  • Control Spotify playlist

  • Make contactless payments

The Bad
  • No voice assistance

  • No fast charging

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4. Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense

Fitbit sense is the latest edition in the smartwatch lineup of Fitbit, and it is also the most advanced smartwatch ever produced by them. It comes preloaded with advanced tools for monitoring heart rate, stress, and other health parameters.

It also has an ECG( electrocardiogram) function that detects abnormalities in the heart functioning by measuring its electrical activity. Even the FDA approves the ECG function on this smartwatch, so you can easily rely on its accuracy.

It also alerts you when your heart rate goes below or above the safe mark so that you can consult a doctor on time. Men with heart problems can be greatly benefited from this smartwatch, especially older men.

Also, it features a unique EDA Sensor that is only present on this smartwatch that helps you track your body’s response to stress. So other than cardiac health this smartwatch is also good for mental health tracking.

This smartwatch was released with the Fitbit Versa 3 and it features similar specs that you get on the Versa 3 smartwatch. For example, you get a built-in GPS for tracking your activities. Also, there’s an onboard NFC chip that allows you to make contactless payments.

Also, you get a built-in mic and speakers that allow you to give commands to the voice assistant(Google and Amazon Alexa) and receive calls directly from your wrists.

Above all, you get 6 months free Fitbit premium subscription with this smartwatch(only applicable for new customers). The battery is still the same, which is just decent; however, with fast charging, you can get a day’s power in just 12 minutes.

For men looking for the most advanced Fitbit smartwatch with extensive health-tracking features, Fitbit sense is a smartwatch for them.

The Good
  • ECG function for tracking heartbeats

  • Effective stress monitoring with integrated EDA sensors

  • Supports Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistant

  • Free 6 month Fitbit premium subscription

  • Fast charging support

The Bad
  • Battery life is not up to the mark

  • A bit expensive than other Fitbits

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5. Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR

Last but not least we have Fitbit Inspire HR for you which will definitely inspire you to live a healthy life. It is one of the most affordable fitness trackers from Fitbit, if your budget is tight you can consider this fitness band over others.

It comes with a built-in heart rate sensor, which is a great thing to have in a budget fitness tracker. With this, you can track your heartbeats and be aware of your heart’s health.

However, you don’t get an integrated GPS on this product, but nothing to worry about you can still use your phone’s GPS for tracking your activities by syncing the phone with this band.

Also, it can automatically record your activities and workouts so you don’t have to worry about missing your daily workout stats.

Moreover, it is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can take it in the pool as well, which is again good for an affordable fitness tracker.

In the battery department, it doesn’t provide much but you can’t complain much looking at the price it comes at. Also, it’s available in 3 different colors so you get different options to choose from.

Moreover, it’s super slim and lightweight so you can wear it all day long and also sleep wearing it so it can track your sleep as well.

By pairing this smart tracker with other compatible bands, you can add more charm to your Fitbit Inspire HR.


For men who are slightly out of budget but don’t want to miss on a good fitness tracker can buy this band at an affordable price.

The Good
  • Affordable Fitbit for men

  • Comes with an integrated heart rate sensor

  • Lightweight and slim design

  • Automatically records your activities

  • Available in different color options

The Bad
  • No integrated GPS

  • Poor battery life

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Buying Guide For The Best Fitbit For Males

Fitbit For men Buying guide

Here are a few things you should consider before buying a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness band for men.

1. Design

Since you are buying a fitness tracker for men, it should look like it is built for men, don’t go for a Fitbit that has a feminine look. Instead, you can go for watches or trackers with a unisex design.

2. Health tracking

If you are buying a Fitbit for tracking men’s health, then the Fitbit must have important health monitoring features like heart tracking, sleep, and stress monitoring, etc. You can also get a Fitbit with ECG like Fitbit Sense for more accuracy, but it will also cost you more.

3. Cost

A fitness tracker’s price varies according to its functionalities and features. Look out for a Fitbit that offers the most value for money in your budget.

4. Display

The display is where you will see all your information and stats, so the display quality on the tracker or smartwatch needs to be of decent quality.

5. Battery

The battery is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to wearables because they don’t last long. The same is the case with Fitbit; you won’t get long-lasting batteries on them, but you can buy one that at least lasts 6 days or so.


Are Fitbit Fitness Trackers Unisex?

Yes, Fitbit fitness trackers are unisex i.e both men and women can wear them on their wrists.

Which Fitbit Is Best For Males?

The Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense, and Fitbit Charge 4 special edition are the overall best Fitbit for men.

Should I Get An Apple Watch Or A Fitbit?

Well, it depends. If you want more features and better design you should go with Apple. However, if you want better health tracking at an affordable price you must go with Fitbit.

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