7 Best Fitbit Watches And Bands For Women

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“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” – Michelle Obama

“A woman’s health is her capital.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

“Women’s health needs to be front and center – it often isn’t, but it needs to be.” – Cynthia Nixon

Not just these but we can share hundreds of such quotes glorifying the importance of women’s health. So if you are a woman and never took your health seriously, then these quotes will definitely motivate you to get going.

The best part about being healthy is that you don’t need to run a marathon or be a gym buff to attain optimum health. Just being active throughout the day is enough to live a healthy life.

But one can be easily demotivated if they are not monitoring their daily activities. And that’s where fitness trackers and smartwatches come into play.

These small wearable gadgets are your personal trainer as they keep you informed about your daily activities and motivate you to keep killing it!

But not all fitness watches are made the same; while some are good, but some don’t deserve your attention. And therefore, in this article, we bring you the best fitness watches and fitness trackers for women from a brand that you can trust blindfolded.

The brand that we are talking about is Fitbit; you must already be familiar with this brand as they are the pioneer of fitness trackers and watches. So without much further ado, let jump on to the list of the best Fitbit for women.

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Best Fitbit Watch And Fitness Tracker For Women Comparison Table





Best Overall Fitbit for Women

Fitbit for women with woven straps

Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition

  • Built-in Alexa

  • Woven Band

  • Always-On Display

Best Sports Watch

Fibit ionic GPS watch

Fibit Ionic Watch

  • Built-in GPS 

  • Rugged Design

  • Personalized Workouts

Best Design

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR

  • Slimmest Fitness Tracker

  • OLED Screen

  •  Heart Rate Comparison

Best Battery

fitbit charge 4 special edition

Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

  • Built-in GPS

  • Active Zone Minutes

  • Free trial of the Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Smartwatch Vs Fitbit Fitness Band

When it comes to buying a new fitness tracking device, you will find yourself confused between two devices; a smartwatch and a fitness tracker band.

If you too are in this dilemma, then keep reading this comparison between a smartwatch and fitness band, or you can skip to the next part of the article if you have already made up your mind.

Smartwatch Or Fitness Tracker: Which One Should You Pick?

You can pick a smartwatch over a fitness band if you want a full-fledged wearable device that can do a lot more than just tracking your day to day activities. 

Some advanced features of a smartwatch that makes it worthwhile are: viewing notifications on the screen, sending text messages from the wrist, listening to music, etc.

On some high-end smartwatches, you can even make payments, give voice commands, and use GPS for the location right from your wrist without the need for a smartphone. 

However, the downside of a smartwatch is that they are big and bulky, so wearing it all the time can be challenging, especially during sleep. Moreover, a decent smartwatch for women will cost way more than a fitness tracker.

On the other hand, a fitness tracker may not have as many features as a smartwatch, but it is still suitable for people who want nothing more from their device but tracking their day to day activities.

Moreover, they are slim and lightweight, and thus wearing them all day around isn’t that big of a deal.

Verdict: Both Smartwatches and fitness bands have their pros and cons, so it all comes down to your preferences and choices. If you want a device that can do a lot more than fitness tracking, then go for a smartwatch. And if you want a gadget that looks sleek and tracks your day to day activities without ripping your pockets, then go with a fitness band.

Best Fitbit Watches For Women

1. Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition

Fitbit for women with woven straps

If there’s one Fitness watch with all the features that one could imagine, then the Fitbit Versa 2 has to be it. With built-in Alexa, heart rate monitor, sleep, and swim tracking, there isn’t anything that this watch can’t do.

It is available in 2 editions the regular and the special edition. However, we will talk about the special edition here as it is available in the woven straps, which gives this watch a great look.

And since women give equal or sometimes more importance to looks than they give to the specs and features of a product, this watch is definitely for them.

But that does not mean that the regular edition watch has fewer features than the special Versa 2 watch. Both the watches share the same parts and functionalities. Moreover, both the watches can use Amazon Alexa to check the weather forecast, get quick news, set alarms, and timers through voice commands. 

Apart from that, with the different sensors on this watch, you can monitor your heart rate, deep and REM sleep stages, and your time in the light. This data helps you to understand your sleep patterns better and give personal insights.

With this watch on your wrist, you don’t need to carry your phone or music player along as it can play the song independently. You can listen to songs from Pandora and Spotify app on the watch. You can also make payments and purchase items using the Fitbit Pay platform directly from the watch.

It also features a large always-on display, making it the best Fitbit for older ladies as they can easily comprehend the message or readings on the screen without looking for their glasses.

However, the only downside of an always lit screen is that it consumes a lot of power, and therefore, this watch requires frequent charging. But, if we keep that aside, this watch is arguably the best Fitbit watch for females.

Who is it for: It’s for women who want a fitness watch that can do it all.

The Good
  • Looks great with the woven straps

  • Built-in Alexa for voice commands

  • Monitors heartbeat quite accurately

  • The always-on display is an advantage

  • Allows you to listen to music and pay bills directly from the watch

The Bad
  • Average battery life

  • May not fit on small wrists

  • Hardware is great, but the software on it is just decent


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2. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Fitbit versa lite edition

If you don’t want to overspend on a watch loaded with features that you are never going to use, then this basic Fitbit Versa Lite Edition watch is something you should consider.

It is a basic smart fitness watch with almost all the necessary fitness tracking features that most people will ever need. From heart rate monitor, apps, GPS to multiple exercise modes, it has all features that a good fitness watch must have.

By paying only 50 to 60% of what advanced and latest smartwatches cost, you get a pretty decent watch that can do almost everything you want. The best part is that even at this price point, it can track your sleep and heart rate 24/7 very accurately.

However, the main reason we put this on our list is that it looks fantastic. It’s available in many color options that can be further customized using Fitbit Versa accessory bands sold separately.

Unlike other smartwatches, it’s not that bulky and oversized, so it’ll be a perfect fit on any women’s wrist. Moreover, it is made from anodized aluminum, making the watch water resistant up to 50 meters.

It also quickly syncs to your smartphone and gives you text, calls, and app alerts. Moreover, once it’s synced to the phone, it can also use the smartphone’s GPS for precise activity tracking.

The best part is that it can also be used for tracking female health using the Fitbit app to keep track of periods, symptoms, and more.

Overall, it’s an excellent midrange smartwatch for females looking for a good Fitbit watch in the budget.

Who is it for: It’s suitable for ladies looking for a fully functional Fitbit watch under budget.

The Good
  • Female health tracking features available

  • Looks good on the wrist

  • Accurate tracking of activities

  • 15+ Exercise Modes available

  • Allows listening to music and pay bills directly from the watch

The Bad
  • Build quality is decent, not great

  • Firmware is not that good


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3. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

Fibit ionic GPS watch

For ladies who are into sports or training for marathons, this Fitbit Ionic watch is for them. It comes in a rugged design and is fully loaded with sport centric features.

Moreover, it has a rectangular large screen design, making it look different from other Fitbit watches. But what actually makes this watch different from others is that it has a built-in GPS.

With the built-in GPS, you can use it to track your speed, routes, and distances without using your phone or other third-party devices. 

However, the feature that makes this smartwatch stand apart is its step by step coaching for personalized workouts that make you accomplish your goals and help you train better.

With this watch on your wrist, you can leave your phone at home as it can do all tasks like playing music, downloading apps, and paying funds using Fitbit Pay on its own. It can even reply to text messages given that you own an Android smartphone.

When you buy this watch, you get both small and large wrist bands to ensure that it fits well on your wrist, no matter what size your wrist is. 

You should also remember that if you use the GPS very often, then the charging frequency will also increase as the GPS consumes a lot of energy. Still, it’s an excellent fitness tracking watch that deserves to be on your wrists if you’re into athletics or sports. 

Who is it For: It’s for women who are into sports or training for an upcoming marathon.

The Good
  • Built-in GPS

  • Unique and large rectangular screen

  • Personalize workouts for you

  • Highly durable and rugged design

  • Built-in NFC chip for making payments on the go

The Bad
  • Syncing issues with some devices

  • Software is buggy


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Best Fitbit Bands For Women

4. Fitbit Inspire 

Fitbit inspire

If you are buying your first ever fitness tracking device, it doesn’t make any sense to straight away buy the most premium, and advanced fitness tracker out there.

Therefore you should go for a basic fitness tracker, much like the Fitbit Inspire, made for beginners. It is not the most advanced tracker, but it can track your daily activities, including steps, distance, minute and hourly actions, and calories burned in the whole day.

It can also track your sleep and wake you up with a silent alarm by buzzing on your wrist without disturbing others. Moreover, its slim and lightweight design is ideal for women with small wrists.

Although it comes at an affordable price, it still features some cool specs like smart tracking that automatically record workouts like swimming, walks & bike rides. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to record your activities.

It also features a small yet good Backlit display that works with natural swipe gestures. If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend a lot of money on an expensive fitness tracker, you can go with this product. However, you won’t get a heart rate monitor on it, so choose accordingly.

Who is it for: It’s for beginners who want to build a healthy habit.

The Good
  • Lightweight and slim fitness tracker 

  • A good beginner-friendly fitness band

  • Comes at an affordable price

  • Automatically records the activities

  • Highly responsive touch display

The Bad
  • No heart rate monitor

  • Build quality could have been better

  • Syncing issues with some devices


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5. Fitbit Alta HR

alta hr fitness band

Fitbit Alta HR is the slimmest fitness tracker that you can buy under the Fitbit brand. Due to its sleek and attractive design, it looks great on a women’s wrist.

Not just the looks, but it is also loaded with lots of fitness tracking features. It can be used to track your heart rate 24/7 and also allows you to track how many calories you have burned all day, your resting heart rate, and heart rate zones during workout sessions.

You can also compare your resting heart rate with the heart rate during workouts to see how exercising improves your health, which is a great thing to stay motivated on your healthy lifestyle goals.

The Fitbit Alta HR has a top-notch tap to wake OLED screen where you can see activity stats, time, and notifications. You can also customize the clock face as you want.

Also, it supports Bluetooth for securely connecting to Android, iOS, and Windows devices for showing advanced activity stats in the Fitbit app.

Who is it for:  It’s for women looking for a slim and stylish band that also has lots of features. 

The Good
  • Tracks heart rate 24/7

  • Bright OLED display

  • Sleek and lightweight design

  • Can track sleep in different sleep stages

  • Automatically records all the activities

The Bad
  • Small icons on display

  • Not 100% accurate step count


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6. Fitbit Charge 3 

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is an advanced fitness band that has features that can compete with any smartwatch. However, the USP of this device is its excellent battery life, and maybe that’s why the name Charge is given to it.

On a full charge, it can last up for days, giving you the freedom to use it without looking for a charging point every now and then. According to Fitbit, it can last up to 7 days and takes only 2 hours at max to completely charge it.

Much like a smartwatch, it can record multiple workouts like yoga, run, swim, biking, etc. You can even set goals and get real-time stats during the exercise to see how you progress.

The heart rate monitor on it is also quite accurate, and since it has a good battery life, you can track your heart rate 24/7 without taking the band off for charging that often. It also monitors time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep stages and records them automatically.

It supports Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting to a smartphone in the range of up to 6 meters. Once connected to the smartphone, you can receive notifications on your wrist. 

Finally, this device’s look is quite sleek and will look good on anyone’s wrist, be it a woman or man. So yeah, if you want a fitness band that can do more than just tracking activities, then you can go for it.

Who is it for: It’s for women who want a fitness band that does more than just tracking activities and come with good battery life.

The Good
  • Good battery life

  • Shows smartphone notifications on the screen

  • Monitors heartbeat quite accurately

  • Looks and feels good on the wrist

  • Can track multiple sports activities

The Bad
  • Randomly un-sync with devices

  • Clock face selection is limited

  • The band is not very flexible


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7. Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

fitbit charge 4 special edition


Fitbit charge 4 is a successor to the Fitbit Charge 3 and is available in 2 editions, special and regular editions. In comparison, both editions have the same features. However, the special edition looks better with the Black/Granite Reflective bands.

Keeping the looks aside, the main attraction of this device is that it supports a built-in GPS. Yes, a built-in GPS in a band, isn’t that impressive? You can now keep your phone at home and still record your activities in real-time with high accuracy.

Apart from the built-in GPS, it also has one more important feature that makes it different and slightly better than the Fitbit Charge 3. The feature is called Active Zone Minutes, which helps you work out more efficiently.

You also get a 90-day free trial of the Fitbit Premium, which helps you stay active by providing guided programs, personal insights, and thousands of workouts.

It can also play songs from the Spotify app, make secure purchases using Fitbit pay, and show phone notifications right on its screen. Overall, it can do everything that a premium smartwatch can do, without being that bulky and large.

Who is it for: It’s for women who want the latest Fitbit tracker with all possible features.

The Good
  • Has a built-in GPS

  • Active Zone Minutes makes workouts more effective

  • Comes with a 90-day free Fitbit premium subscription

  • Can play songs and you can make purchases directly from the band

  • Has a very good battery life

The Bad
  • Step counts aren’t always super accurate.

  • Bigger in size than other tracker bands, which makes it hard to wear during sleep


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Things To Consider Before Buying A Fitbit For Women: Buying Guide

Fitbit for women buying guide

Buying a fitness tracker is not easy, especially if you don’t have prior knowledge about it. You can lose your money on the wrong fitness tracker if you buy it without doing some research. Here’s a quick buying guide that will help you pick your next Fitbit with ease.

1. Form Factor

The Fitness trackers earlier would only come in the form of a wrist band, but now the smartwatches also come with many health-tracking features. 

So, before looking for a fitness tracker, you should make your mind whether you want a Fitbit that looks like a watch or a band.

As we have already discussed in the earlier part of this article, both watch and band have their pros and cons, so you can choose accordingly!

2. Budget

The budget is determined by the design, quality, and specs of the tracker. The fitness tracker with more features will cost more than the one that has only limited specs. Generally, the smartwatch health tracker costs more than a fitness band due to its advanced features and sophisticated design.

3. Features

You will find an endless number of features in a fitness tracker these days, but not all are meant for you. Make a list of features you want in your tracker and then go searching for one. Some of the top features to look out for are:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Waterproof
  • GPS
  • Heart rate monitor, pedometer, calories burned
  • Always-on display
  • Voice Commands
  • Music

Although it’s hard to find a fitness tracker with all the above-listed features, you can still get one with most of them.

4. Battery Life

The battery life is a crucial part of any wearable device, so make sure you buy a fitness tracker that has a good or at least decent battery life. So that you don’t spend more time charging the device than actually using it.

5. Size 

Most of the fitness trackers out there come in a one size fit for all; however, you should still check if it is going to fit your wrist or not. Buying a fitness band way too large or too small for your wrist size will only make you regret it later.

6. Weight

For better health tracking, you must wear the tracker 24/7. However, it can cause you great discomfort and pain in the wrist in the long term if it is bulky. Try to find a tracker that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Are Fitbit For Ladies Any Different Than Man Fitbit Trackers?

Frankly speaking, most of the Fitbit are unisex in nature but some Fitbits are designed, especially keeping the ladies in mind. Such watches and fitness trackers have a more feminine touch in them to look good on a women's wrist. Not just that, but these watches may also have a unique women's health feature that allows them to track menstrual cycles manually.

How Does Fitbit Track Female Health?

The female health feature is available on the Fitbit app, it allows women to record their periods, track lengths, and log symptoms. The provided data is then used to predict the next mensturation cycle, ovulation, and Fertile windows.

Which Fitbit Is Best For Ladies?

According to our research we can recommend Fitbit Versa 2 Special edition as the best fitness smartwatch for women and Fitbit Charge 4 as the best fitness band.

Can You Link Fitbit To Apple Health App?

Yes, you can sync your data from Fitbit to Apple Health app.

Are Fitbit Trackers Waterproof?

Yes, most of the Fitbit trackers are completely waterproof as they are water-resistant and can handle rain, sweat, showers and you can swim while wearing them for up to 50 meters.

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