7 Best Fitness Trackers For Seniors From Fitbit, Garmin & Others

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Old age is like a jar of honey where the bees of diseases are always eager to enter. But as you know, the lid needs to be tightly closed and certain precautions need to be taken.

These precautions include keeping a keen eye on the health of your beloved elders and always motivating them to stay active.

But tracking their fitness manually is out of the question and always reminding them to stay active is quite vexing. That’s why you need the best fitness tracker for seniors which look after them the same way you do.

Their fitness is your primary concern, of course, but a good fitness tracker also has other features that ease the life of your loving gray head.

Fitness trackers on our list are multifunctional. Their primary job is to keep the older people fit and healthy while their secondary job is to make their everyday life easy with their smart features.

So, without any further mention in the introduction, let’s see what are the best health watch and fitness trackers for seniors.

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Best Seniors Fitness Trackers Comparison Table





Best Overall Fitness Tracker for Seniors

fitbit versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

  • Weight - 1.41 ounces

    Dimensions - 1.56 x 1.59 x 0.47 inches

Best Looks And Design

garmin vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4

  • Weight - 1.28 ounces

    Dimensions - 1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 inches

Cheapest Fitness Tracker For Seniors

Honor fitness tracker

Honor Fitness Tracker

  • Weight - 0.80

    Dimensions - 1.69 x 0.68 x 0.45 inches

Lightest Fitness Tracker

fitbit one wirelessly plus

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus

  • Weight - 0.32 ounces

    Dimensions - 0.25 x 0.75 x 2.25 inches

Best Fitness Trackers For Seniors

1. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

fitbit charge 3

Fitbit products are a dish fit for the gods and the same goes for Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker. Sleek design, addictive to the eyes, and classy touchscreen display.

Your Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker is 5.6 ounces in weight which we think is a little more what a normal tracker weighs.

But it shouldn’t be a matter of great concern as it’s not like the tracker will torture your hand if tied all day long.

On the home screen of this Fitbit fitness tracker for seniors, you will always see the steps you walk, current heart rate, and time.

Let’s throw some light on the fitness tracking features of Fitbit Charge 3.

The tracker offers you more than 15 plus exercise modes like swimming, yoga, running, circuit workouts, and so on.

Set your goals that you think you can easily achieve and work towards them in your own sweet way while tracking your performance in real-time.

Old age makes a person owl as the sleep tends to reduce. Improper sleep further makes the body prone to diseases which is not at all acceptable.

With Fitbit Charge 3, you can record and analyze the time spent in light, deep, and REM sleep stages.

If your sleep patterns are not in your favor, you can follow the activity trends, health insights, and get personalized guidance right on your watch.

Swimming is a great way to stay fit and active. With 50-meter water resistance and a special mode for swimming, you can keep a track of your fitness while enjoying your swim.

Some people start to have shakey hands as they grow old. So it’s common for them to wet their Fitbit tracker while washing their hand in the basin. But the water-resistant nature of the tracker makes sure you don’t ruin it with water.

By tracking the calories you burn daily, the steps you take, distance covered, and by tracking the heart rate, you will always know if you are working out enough or not.

Your Fitbit Charge 3 provides easy sync with an iOS device running on version 10 or later. All the Android devices with version 5.0 and above are compatible with the tracker and Windows 10 PC or laptops are compatible with the tracker as well.

Staying inactive for long hours can be detrimental for seniors. And it might slip from their mind that they need to do some activity regularly. But when you have a Fitbit fitness tracker for seniors, there’s nothing to remember on your own. Your tracker will remind you when you stay inactive for a long time and you will also be updated for the total time you were active today.

For the deeper health care of adults, Fitbit Charge 3 provides guided breathing sessions that help you stay calm and peaceful. These breathing sessions are personalized for you according to your heart rate.

We all know what hell the world is going through due to the current pandemic situation. And the adults and children are most prone to it. In such times, it’s better to stay safe by avoiding unnecessary contacts with people in the market. With the Fitbit Pay feature of your tracker, now you can easily pay for your purchases without getting into unnecessary physical contacts.

With easy access to the call and text alerts and app notifications right on your tracker, it becomes an even more suitable fitness gadget for seniors.

A fitness tracker for seniors means it should be overloaded with features and feasibility. As you can see, the features on your Fitbit Charge 3 are countless. Coming to the feasibility part, it’s further increased by the 7 days battery life of the tracker on a single charge.

The Good
  • Fitbit Charge 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters

  • You can analyze your sleep patterns with the tracker

  • 15 plus exercise modes for better fitness tracking

  • Reminds you when you are inactive for a long time

  • Guided breathing sessions available for calmness

  • Easy payment with Fitbit Pay

  • Get call and text alerts right on your smart tracker

  • 7-day battery life on a single charge

The Bad
  • A little heavier than most fitness trackers

  • No display of date on Fitbit Charge 3

  • You might face some software issues


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2. Garmin Vivoactive 4

garmin vivoactive 4

Keeping a product from Garmin in the list of best fitness tracker should never surprise anyone. Rather we would say, not having a Garmin product on the list is quite staggering.

With a casual dimension of 1.78 x 1.78 x 0.5 inches and a weight of 1.28 ounces, Garmin Vivoactive 4 can easily fit the wrist of a young teenager to a golden ager.

With a sleek design and shiny dial of the smartwatch, Vivoactive 4 is easily noticeable on your wrist. You can choose from various color options like black, light gold with a light pink band, rose gold with a white band, and silver with a gray band.

To assure that your lovely parents are always fit as a fiddle, Garmin Vivoactive 4 track your energy levels 24/7 and also keeps a close eye on the respiration pattern of the elders.

Using the menstrual cycle tracking feature of the smartwatch,  elder women can learn about the training and nutrition sessions that you need to follow in each phase of your cycle.

You will also get the period reminders, cycle details, and symptoms as well.

By carefully analyzing the body charging, the smart tracker by Garmin figures out the best time for activity and rest.

The pulse OX sensor of the watch further helps you maintain your fitness by gauging the blood oxygen levels in the day time. At night, the fitness tracker monitors how much oxygen is absorbed by your body.

A well-hydrated body is always immune to most of the diseases and ailments. Keeping this fact in mind, the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is designed to track your daily water intake.

You just have to log the daily water intake, and your watch will keep track if you are able to achieve the set water intake or not.

Uneven respiration is a common thing in seniors. So it’s not even a valid question why you should track their breathing. Vivoactive 4 smart tracker checks how you breathe throughout the day, at night, or while working out.

A check on your stress levels acts as a cherry on the cake by assuring much better health. If stress levels seem to be high, your fitness smart watch will remind you to do some breathing sessions.

What further pushes Garmin Vivoactive 4 to become the best Garmin fitness tracker is its Sleep monitoring function.

The feature divides your total sleep into 3 different categories, light, deep, and REM, and it helps you know the quality of sleep your grandparents are taking.

Just like every good fitness tracker, your Garmin smartwatch also tracks the steps you take daily and your heart rate.

Still, want more features to ease the life of your loving parents? Well, the list of features is not complete yet.

Take your parents to the swimming sessions and don’t forget to track their activities with Garmin Vivoactive 4. With ATM 5 water resistance, it can easily be used 50 meters below the water.

No need to hire expensive personal trainers and have a thorough search on YouTube for a good workout or yoga videos. With easy access to animated training videos right inside the watch, you can always give first priority to fitness.

With 20 plus GPS and indoor sports apps like swimming, running, walking, and so on, tracking your health becomes more accurate.

Do you know what you’ll love the most about the Garmin fitness tracker? Its safety and tracking features. When your smartwatch is connected to your phone, your location can be sent to your contacts manually.

With incident detection technology, the location can also be sent automatically if the watch feels the need to do so. This feature can be a lifesaver and maybe someday you rescue your elders from a situation where a little bit of delay could have dire consequences.

Remote access to smartphone notifications like emails, calls, texts, and access to music on the watch from best-streaming companies like Deezer, and Spotify makes this Garmin tracker limitless.

The battery life of 8 days while working on the smartwatch mode relieve you from frequently charging your fitness smartwatch.

The Good
  • Tracks body energy levels and set rest and workout timings accordingly

  • Menstrual cycle feature available for women

  • Easy to keep a track of water intake with the watch

  • Keeps an eye on your stress levels and suggests to take breathing sessions

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

  • Animated workouts preloaded in the tracker

  • Incident detection technology assures the safety of elders

  • Remote access to notifications and music right on the watch

The Bad
  • The tracker is quite expensive than other fitness trackers

  • Battery life might be less than claimed


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3. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

withings steel hr hybrid smartwatch

Seniors have a special place for Nokia in their hearts. And why not? It was one of the most reputed cell phone brands of their time.

Well, guess what! Here’s a smart tracker for seniors from Nokia by the name Withings.

The tracker has a classic hybrid design, just like how seniors want their normal watches to be.

Your Withings hybrid watch has a case diameter of 36 mm diameter and a weight of 0.71 ounces which makes it easy to go on a senior’s wrist.

The small dial size of the smartwatch also makes it a perfect accessory for people with small wrists as well.

Once you connect your Steel HR fitness tracker to an Android phone running on version 6 or above or your iOS device running on version 10 or above, you’re all set to monitor your health.

Easily monitor your heart rate trends all day long and monitor continuously while working out.

It’s not always possible to remember turning on the activity tracking manually. And you don’t even need to take the pain of doing that on Withings hybrid smartwatch. To facilitate the seniors, the watch has been provided with an automatic workout recognition feature. The moment you start running, walking, or start doing a workout, the tracker immediately starts tracking your performance.

This hybrid smartwatch by Withings is an immaculate balance of class and simplicity.

For tracking your performance with Withings tracker, you don’t need to have access to your smartphone.

There’s a small digital screen where you can see the data right on the fitness tracker with large fonts, just like every senior want.

The data you can see on the digital screen are steps you take, the distance you cover, and your heart rate.

Once you have access to your phone, connected to the tracker with Bluetooth,  you can have a deeper insight into your data and see other vital stats like calories burned, the time for which you were running, the route you covered, and so on.

There’s a famous saying, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Based on this saying, it’s easy to understand how important your sleep actually is. Especially in the case of adults as you are already having a reduced sleep.

Your Withings fitness tracker analyzes your light and deep sleep and based on that data, you can take necessary precautions to improve your sleep.

The watch can also wake you up with a gentle alarm for a fresh and energetic start in the morning.

Looking for a watch that can be your buddy on your swimming sessions as well? Withings is your way to go. With water resistance up to 50 meters, you can enjoy your swim without worrying about your tracker.

While you are working out and trying to improve your health, you might not want to pick up calls and messages. But you still want to get notifications about the calls and texts you are receiving. You will get all the notifications right on the digital screen of your tracker.

Battery life and Alexa support can be considered as the unique selling proposition of the Withings smart tracker.

You can anytime ask Alexa to give you the stats on your training, health, or anything that the watch tracks.

The battery backup of Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch can last for up to 25 days in normal use, while up to 5 days while the tracker is continuously working in workout mode.

The Good
  • Automatically detects workout

  • You can see the stats without a phone on the tracker’s small digital display

  • Sleep tracking feature available

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

  • Gives calls and messages notifications

  • Support from Alexa available

  • Works continuously for 25 days on a single charge in normal mode

The Bad
  • Vibration on notifications are not strong

  • Your watch won’t vibrate for all the notifications


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4. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus

fitbit one wirelessly plus

Your parents or your grandparents might not be comfortable wearing a fitness tracker on their wrists. And the reasons can be manifold.

Maybe they have sensitive skin and wearing a band causes irritation and rashes. Or maybe it simply pulls the hair on their hand.

But Fitbit assures you that fitness will be tracked no matter what. If your elders defy wearing a tracker on the wrist, how about going for a clip-on tracker instead?

Unlike your normal fitness tracker, Fitbit One can be clipped on to your t-shirt, shirt, jeans, etc, and you are ready to track your performance.

You have to sync your clip-on fitness tracker to your iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0 for using the tracker successfully. Once you do that, you are ready to track your performance and fitness.

One great thing about Fitbit One Wireless Activity is that despite being a compact clip-on tracker, you have access to your vital fitness stats on the digital display of the tracker. It means you don’t need to check out your phone every time you want to check your performance.

Every oldster wants to track how they are performing physically. And you can definitely depend on Fitbit One tracker for that.

Your tracker can easily keep a track of the steps you take daily, the distance you cover, and the total calories burned all day.

Other than that, your smart clip-on tracker will also calculate the total time for which you were active.

Unlike most of the fitness trackers, this one right here will also keep a note of the total floors you climbed in a day which according to us is important information keeping your parents health in mind.

Make sure your elders are getting quality sleep by analyzing their sleep cycle. If you think the amount of deep sleep is less than what it should be, then you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

By setting up an alarm, your tracker can wake you up in the morning with a gentle alarm.

All the information that your tracker gathers about you will be wirelessly transferred to the synced device without any hassle.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” And good health can only be maintained when you follow the proper diet.

On your Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker, you can log your diet chart and strictly follow it to assure a vigor and healthy lifestyle to yourself.

It’s really necessary for everyone to track their performance while training if you want accurate stats at the end of the day. But some fitness trackers might get damaged when they come in contact with sweat and rain.

Well, this is not the case with Fitbit clip-on tracker. With its 1 ATM waterproof nature, the tracker can easily withstand sweat, rain, and splashes of water. But remember, don’t take it to the pool for your swimming sessions.

Battery backup matters a lot to decide if a tracker is worth purchasing or not. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that Fitbit fitness clip-on tracker can be used continuously for 7-10 days after fully charging it which takes 1-2 hours.

So without a doubt, Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus is the best fitness tracker for seniors that can be used without smartphones.

The Good
  • A good tracker for those who don’t want a wrist wearable

  • The tracker can track the total floors you climb

  • Possible to analyze sleep with the tracker

  • Calculates the total time you were active

  • You can log your food and track your diet

  • Can easily bear sweat and rain

  • The tracker can work for 7-10 days on a single charge

The Bad
  • You cannot take Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus on your swimming sessions

  • Quite high priced for a clip-on tracker


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5. Honor Fitness Tracker

Honor fitness tracker

After setting up high standards in the field of cell phone production, Honor is all set to give a cut-throat competition to the existing fitness trackers in the market with its own fitness tracker.

The tracker is 1.69 x 0.68 x 0.45 inches in size and weights as little as 0.801 ounces, making it a perfect tracker to fit on a senior’s hand.

Just like on their high-quality smartphones, the Honor fitness band also has an AMOLED full-color display, so you can easily view data even in the bright sunlight.

As you would expect from a top-notch fitness tracker, Honor Fitness Band can fluently monitor the steps you take daily, the calories you are burning, and your heart rate.

Advance tracking features of the band can be further used to keep a more detailed track of the senior’s health.

The SpO2 Blood Oxygen Monitor technology of the tracker calculates the ratio of oxygen in your blood after training. Based on this data, you can plan your workout accordingly in the future.

The advanced sleep tracking technology of the tracker records the stages of sleep like the time of stable sleep, unstable sleep, and the time you were awake.

If you notice regular sleeplessness in your data, then it’s time to follow 200 plus sleep improving tricks right on your watch.

Let your parents know that they don’t need to go through the pain of removing the band again and again while having a bath or washing their hands.

The band’s water-resistance for up to 50 meters makes it a tracker which can be your buddy on your swimming days as well.

If you are a regular swimmer and would love to get detailed information on your performance, then there’s nothing better than Honor Fitness Band. Your tracker tracks down the swim speed, distance covered, and the calories burned on your session.

Keeping the fitness-related features aside, the tracker contributes to ease the daily life of your grandparents as well.

Using the Intelligent Notification Assistant technology, you will get a notification on your tracker when you receive an SMS, call, WhatsApp message, or even a Facebook notification.

While working hard in the office, seniors might forget to take short breaks and naps in between. But Honor fitness tracker remembers everything and will also remind you to take small sedentary breaks.

Never miss capturing all the best moments of your life by remotely accessing the camera of your phone. No more excluding someone from a family pic either. Just open the phone camera function and tap on the camera icon on your tracker to take a beautiful picture.

To unleash all the features of the tracker, you have to download the Huawei Health app on your iOS, or Android phone.

Everything on the tracker was flawless so far, and the battery life of the tracker won’t disappoint you either. Once charged, you can use the tracker for 20 days.

The Good
  • Blood oxygen monitoring feature available

  • Tips available to improve sleep

  • The tracker is 50-meter water-resistant

  • You will get notifications on your tracker

  • Reminds you to take small sedentary breaks

  • Makes it possible to take the remote access of the camera

  • The amazing battery life of 20 days

  • Highly economical price compared to other fitness trackers

The Bad
  • Does not have built-in GPS

  • You might face a problem using the Huawei Health app


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6. Garmin Vivosmart 4

garmin vivosmart 4

Here’s another product from Garmin we can’t stop ourselves from adding to our list. With numerous tracking features and smart functions, it’s a tracker you can’t resist from gifting your elders.

The casual size of the tracker (7.5 x 0.2 x 0.5 inches), feather lightweight of 0.64 ounces, and slim design of the tracker will definitely enhance the beauty of your wrist.

From multiple color options to choose from like black, gray, azure blue, and berry, you can select the one which you think will look good on you.

To always stay fit and strong, tracking the steps you walk daily and the distance you cover is a must. Of course, it’s not possible to do that manually, and that’s why your Garmin Vivosmart 4 will help you do that.

It’s not at all beneficial to stay fit from the outside if you’re all stressed from the inside. Garmin fitness tracker can judge your stress levels by calculating the time between your heartbeats, which we call the HRV technique.

Based on the data if you notice some stress or anxiety, you can get rid of it by relaxing or following the deep breathing techniques. There’s a special Relax Reminder feature in the tracker which you can use to relax.

It’s always soothing for the ears when someone guesses you younger than your actual age. If you want to hear it more often, then your Garmin Fitness Tracker is ready to do that, but only on one condition. Your health should actually match the health that a person should have at that age.

The VO2 max feature estimates your age based on your current health levels. As you work out more and more, your estimated age tends to decrease as well.

The fitness tracking potential of the Garmin fitness band is further enhanced with the tracking of floors you have climbed and the total active hours in the day.

Your activity tracker can’t bear to see you idle without doing any activity for hours. You will see a move bar and get a vibration on the tracker which will remind you to get up and do some activity.

Each and every aspect of health is crucial when it comes to the health of the seniors. Understanding this, Vivosmart 4 comes with a pulse ox sensor that gauges the blood oxygen levels in the body.

In case you like to swim a lot, let us tell you that it’s safe to take this smart tracker to the pool and showers.

Sleep tracking and body battery level tracking are other essential information that Garmin Vivosmart 4 will track for you.

Enough of the fitness-related features, right? Now let’s discuss the smart features of the tracker which can bring your life to ease.

The first smart feature that everyone would like to have on their tracker is notifications from their phone. Once you connect your phone to your smart Garmin tracker, you will get notifications from your phone like text, calls, and social media notifications.

One special thing about Garmin Vivosmart 4 which raises the bar in the field of trackers is that you can reply to the messages you receive on your phone right from the watch. But this feature is only present for Android users.

While listening to their favorite songs, it’s very toiling for the elders to get up and change the music. But this is no more a problem as they can remotely control the music from your Garmin Vivosmart 4.

The Good
  • Once charged fully, you don’t need to charge it again for the next 7 days if sleep tracking is turned off

  • Calculates your stress levels with HRV technique

  • Tracks the floors you climb and active hours for the day

  • Reminds you with a vibration when you need to move

  • Gauge the blood oxygen level in the body

  • Give notifications you receive on your phone directly on your tracker

  • You can reply to messages directly with the watch

  • Possible to control music from the watch

  • The good battery life of 7 days

The Bad
  • No built-in GPS

  • Steps tracking can be incorrect sometimes


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7. Fitbit Versa 2

best fitness tracker for seniors - fitbit versa 2

We are simply helpless. Amazing products from Fitbit with a wide variety of tracking features have impelled us to add their third fitness tracker to our list.

So here comes Fitbit Versa 2, another best Fitbit for seniors that they will be raring to wrap on their wrist.

This is one of the most perfect sized and lightest smartwatches that you can find in the market with 1.56 x 1.59 x 0.47 inches of dimension and 1.41 ounces of weight. Once you wear it, we won’t even realize if you have tied something on your wrist or not.

Always give first priority to your fitness and only focus on your training while leaving the fitness tracking on Fitbit Versa 2.

Track your heart rate 24/7 and make sure you’re healthier as you were in your teenage. Also, monitor your daily distance covered and the steps you take.

Putting on some extra weight is not at all acceptable, especially in older age. So by keeping a track of the calories you are burning daily, you can always know the intensity you need to keep in your workout.

You can set your own goals and track the activities you are doing every hour and your active minutes for the complete day.

This Fitbit fitness tracker will count the floors you climb daily, further motivating you to stay in shape.

The energy that you carry all day long is decided by how well you sleep at night. And if you feel sluggish and inactive in the day time, then you should definitely check for your sleep quality with Fitbit Versa 2.

Fitbit Versa 2 tracks the time when you were restless, in light sleep, deep, and REM sleep stages.

“I forgot to workout today”, this line won’t work at all seniors! With the activity reminder feature of the tracker, there’s no excuse for you to make.

If you go for the premium plan of Fitbit, you will get customized plans from Fitbit, based on your goals and workout pattern.

Just as you expect from a good fitness tracker, Fitbit Versa 2 is 50-meter water resistance. It means now you don’t need to remove your smartwatch every time you take a bath or simply wash your hands.

Having a tour to your pocket every time you want to check a call, message or notification is such a pain. And you definitely don’t want your elders to go through that pain regularly.

That’s why Fitbit Versa 2 came up with smart features to eliminate the regular use of smartphones.

Once you connect your Fitbit Versa smartwatch to your cell phone, you will easily get the call, text, calendar, and other notifications right on your watch.

Connecting your Android phone with Fitbit enhances your smart experience even further as it also becomes possible to send voice replies.

Power up your voice and control everything on your Fitbit smartwatch by making it compatible with Alexa.

With a simple voice command, you can create alarms, set a reminder, check the weather, create shopping lists, find nearby restaurants, and much more.

The always-on display of this Fitbit tracker further increases its ease of use. Every time you want to check the time, steps you take, or calories you burn, a quick glance will do the job.

Stop your grandparents from getting into unnecessary physical contact by stopping them from making cash payments. We all know it’s risky, considering the current situation. Instead, use Fitbit Pay and make payments by adding up yo 6 debit or credit cards.

Even get control of your Spotify and Deezer music right on your wrist and even add Pandora stations on your Fitbit tracker.

All these amazing features and 6 plus days battery life makes it one of the best fitness trackers for seniors.

The Good
  • Set your own goals and track the active minutes for the day

  • The tracker counts the floors you climb daily

  • Easy to monitor the sleep

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

  • Possible to send voice messages on Android

  • Compatibility with Alexa provides more features

  • You can control music with the smart tracker

The Bad
  • Some features are only available after getting a premium plan

  • You cannot access Spotify on the watch if you don’t have a premium subscription to Spotify


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Follow The Guide To Purchase The Best Fitness Tracker For Seniors

Purchasing a rattle for a teenager and a smartphone for a toddler sounds absurd, right!

Similarly, when you are purchasing a fitness tracker for a senior, you don’t just get anything with a fluke. There are qualities that a tracker needs to have.

And if you find all the mentioned qualities in your fitness tracker, get relieved, the fitness of your loving elders is in the safe pair of hands.

1. Weight And Size

As age increases, the power in your body naturally starts to decrease. So a tracker having some extra pounds just to make it look good is of no use to a senior.

A senior would always want a tracker which is light in weight and have standard dimensions.

Now it doesn’t mean that the tracker you are thinking to buy should always be less than an ounce or so. It’s not a problem even if it weighs 4-5 ounces, but it shouldn’t go more than that.

2. Fitness Features

A fitness tracker with fewer fitness features! Really! Does it make any sense?

In fact, a good fitness tracker is bound to have so many fitness features that the user is not even able to savor all of them.

But some common fitness features that every smart tracker should have are pedometer, heart rate monitor, distance traveled, and calories burned.

3. Accuracy

Having plenty of health and fitness features are only useful if they work as they should be.

Accuracy plays the most important part in a fitness tracker as your complete lifestyle is going to depend on this single tracker.

For instance, if you get wrong data about the calories you are burning or the steps you take, then you might workout more or less than what you should or what you planned for yourself.

So when it comes to accuracy, make sure not to compromise on that.

4. Battery Life

Be it your phone, iPod, Laptop, or your tracker, if it demands regular charging, then it’s of no use.

Imagine you’re doing your workout and your tracker simply shuts down due to less battery. This will make your activity monitoring useless for that day.

A good fitness tracker will definitely work for at least 6-7 days on a single charge if not for a month or so.

FAQ’s Related To Fitness Trackers For Seniors

What Is The Best Fitness Tracker For Seniors?

Fitbit Versa 2 is the best Fitbit fitness tracker that you can purchase for seniors. It is a complete blend of fitness and smart features.

Which Fitbit Is Easiest To Use?

Although all fitness trackers are easy to use, Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus is the easiest to use.

Which Fitness Tracker Works Without Smartphone?

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus can be used without a smartphone, but by syncing it your smartphone can open the gate to more features.

Do I Need A Smartphone To Use A Fitness Tracker?

In most of the cases, yes, you need a smartphone to use a fitness tracker.

Is Garmin Better Than Fitbit?

Both the companies top the list when it comes to the manufacturing of fitness trackers. The quality might depend on tracker to tracker.

Do You Really Need A Fitness Tracker?

Although it's good to have a fitness tracker for everyone, seniors should definitely use it to keep a track of their performance.

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