7 Best Fossil Smartwatches For Men And Women

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Smartwatches are the new trendsetters. Having said that, there are a lot of brands in the game now, which makes it difficult to decide which brand to choose from. In my opinion, Fossil has proven to be the apex watchmaker in the wearable tech domain.

A smartwatch, in many ways, is nifty these days. From keeping track of various physical activities to monitoring your oxygen levels in your blood, it does it all.

If you’re planning to purchase a smartwatch, Fossil is the trailblazer as it is time-honored and delivers some of the best smartwatches one can own. I’ve researched a ton of watches from this brand and shortlisted the best Fossil smartwatches for men and women. Stick around, and choose the best one for you.

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Fossil Smartwatches Comparison Table





Best Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Hybrid smartwatch

Fossil Men’s Everett Hybrid Watch

  • Analog and digital display

  • Massive battery life

  • Music control

Best Fossil Smartwatch For Women

Gen 5 Fossil smartwatch for Women

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smartwatch

  • Shows phone notifications

  • Can reply to calls and texts

  • Sports and fitness tracking

Best Fossil Men's Smartwatch 

best fossil men's smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

  • Heart rate monitoring

  • Great sunlight visibility

  • NFC payments

Cheap Fossil Smartwatch

cheap fossil smartwatch

Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch

  • Small case size(36mm)

  • Sleep tracker

  • Phone notifications by vibration

Best Fossil Smartwatches To Buy

1. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

best fossil men's smartwatch

This is a sturdy built watch featuring a 44 mm case made of stainless steel. You won’t have to worry about the scratches either, since the glass is also solid.

If you want to monitor your progress while playing, running, walking, climbing, etc., you can do that too with the help of this watch. This smartwatch is water-resistant for up to 3ATM or 30mts approximately. So don’t bother about it getting damaged while snorkeling or swimming.

The bright screen is yet another peculiarity of this watch. The ‘sunshine boost feature’ empowers you to operate it under harsh sunlight.

If you are a digger for Google smartwatches, this is the watch for you. Connect your Wear OS watch to your phone and enjoy!

Monitoring your heart rate, measuring oxygen levels in your blood, tracking steps and distance, etc. this watch can do it all. The only drawback is that the heart rate monitoring feature will soak up your battery faster than you can imagine. However, for charging convenience, you are provided with wireless charging support on this smartwatch.

Moreover, the NFC feature of this Fossil watch allows you to make contactless payments or transfer data. I assure you that this is a great pick for Android and iOS users.

The Good
  • Tons of watch faces to choose from
  • Fitness tracking
  • NFC support
  • Built-in speakers
The Bad
  • Bad battery life while using heart rate monitor
  • Inaccurate GPS

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2. Fossil Gen 5E

Fossil Gen 5E

Fossil launched the 5E because its predecessor, the Gen 5 was much admired but a bit expensive. Due to the high demands, a base variant of Fossil Gen 5E was made that was budget-friendly.

This watch has a heterogeneity of features. Multi modes in battery provide you with a wide range of user experiences. Daily Mode maximizes the performance and consumes a lot of battery. Extended Mode uses the essential features only to increase the battery life. Time Only mode is for those who just want to use this smartwatch as a trendy watch that only displays the time. This mode can be useful at times when your watch is running out of juice and you don’t have a power source around.

The most enthralling feature is the Custom Mode, using which you can select the features you need and battery life will adjust accordingly.

You’ll get all the features like activity tracking, contactless payment support, heart rate monitoring, etc. If you wanna grab an affordable Fossil smartwatch that doesn’t break your bank, this one is the one for you.

The Good
  • Supports NFC
  • Sleep tracker available
  • Can control smart home devices
The Bad
  • Poor battery life
  • Can’t measure the oxygen level in your blood

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3. Fossil  Hybrid Smartwatch

fossil watch hybrid

What if I told you that you don’t need to charge your smartwatch for about 12 months?  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This Fossil watch for men empowers you to go without charging for ages. If you are a fan of vintage-looking watches then it is made for you. With its timeless look, the features this watch provides are splendid.

You will be able to receive all your calls and texts on your watch. It has got a step tracker feature which will tell you the number of steps taken and the distance covered.  Also, you can keep a track of the calories burnt during your walk or run. If you love long evening walks then this timepiece will be a great asset for you.

With the stainless steel built and all these marvelous looks and designs, this hybrid Fossil smartwatch has got some more captivating features such as music control and sleep tracking.

This according to me is a perfect fit for someone who wants all the smartwatch features in an analog watch design.

The Good
  • Sleep tracker available
  • Photo capturing possible
  • Interchangeable watch straps
  • Automatic Time Zone
The Bad
  • Substandard glass toughness
  • No heart rate monitoring feature is available 

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4. Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch

cheap fossil smartwatch

I have a mind-boggling pick for all the ladies reading this article. This paragon looks like a watch but functions as a smartwatch. The small 36 mm case adds a ravishing look to the hand of the watch bearer. So you don’t need to worry about your small wrists.

With the non-charging feature, the battery of this watch lasts for about 6 months and after that, you will be able to easily replace the cell of the watch.

Time to move on to the smart attributes of this watch. Along with the sleep and steps tracker, you also get to measure your step intensity. Moreover, this watch can ping you whenever your best friends text or call you. Just sync your watch to your phone and whenever you will receive a notification you will feel a vibration on your wrist.

The Fossil hybrid smartwatch looks elegant and provides all the basic features of a smartwatch. In my opinion, this is one of the best Fossil smartwatches for women. Also, it is one of the cheapest Fossil smartwatches you could buy.

The Good
  • You can set alarms on this watch
  • Activity tracker available
  • Smart notifications in the form of vibration
  • Beautiful timepeice
The Bad
  • Not a sturdy built watch
  • Weak notification vibrations
  • Not much suitable for nighttime use 

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5. Fossil Men’s Everett Hybrid Watch

Fossil Hybrid smartwatch

This is just like the Fossil Hybrid watch we have mentioned above, but with a few more knockout features. With a perfect design, this gives a magnificent look to the wrist.

The fitness tracker on this watch is so accurate that it can tell whether you’re running or doing the bench press.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about charging this smartwatch every now and then. The watch comes with a massive battery that can last up to 14 days on a single charge.

Just like all other smartwatches in this list, this will allow you to receive notifications on the watch itself. This watch has a water resistance of 30 meters which makes it rainproof and sweat resistant. So the next time when it starts raining and you have your watch on your wrist, don’t worry, that will do no harm. Heart rate monitoring is yet another sterling feature of this watch that was not seen on the other two hybrid watches we discussed earlier.

Also, this watch has a digital cum analog display with always-on feature which never sleeps. So, overall if you are looking for a hybrid watch with the most features then you can definitely consider this watch.

The Good
  • Great battery life
  • On-screen notifications
  • The user gets to control music from their watch
The Bad
  • Watch is quite hefty
  • Massive dial size
  • No control over font size, so a person with weak eyesight might face some problem reading the text

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6. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smartwatch

Gen 5 Fossil smartwatch for Women

This is undoubtedly the most beauteous watch on this list,  packed with a variety of stunning features. The sleek design of this watch separates it from the other smartwatches.

This smartwatch for women will permit you to remotely reply to texts, make phone calls, click pictures, etc, without your phone in your reach.

In terms of personalization, this watch gets the job done easily. You get to choose from dozens of watch faces. Moreover, you will be able to adjust the font size according to your convenience.

The touch response of this women’s smartwatch is impeccable which makes it lag-proof and user-friendly. If you are a big fan of sports and fitness, you’ll get the sports modes and by using them, you can monitor any physical activity you are performing. Also you can store and play music directly on your watch. Heart rate monitoring, contactless payment, and notifications are some of the highlighting features of this Fossil smartwatch for ladies.

The Good
  • NFC support available for contactless payments
  • Can store up to 8GB of music
  • Decent screen and picture quality
The Bad
  • Not a great battery life
  • Glass is not very sturdy

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7. Fossil Gen 5E Women’s Smartwatch

Gen5E women

I would love to end this list of the best Fossil smartwatches for men and women with a pick for the ladies. Consider this to be the budget-friendly alternative of the Gen 5 watch for women which is smaller in size but has almost the same features.

If you have smart home gadgets, you can control them all using this smartwatch. Also, you get the inbuilt sleep tracker and activity modes by which you can track your sleep patterns and keep a tab on your activities respectively.

Wear OS by Google makes this watch simple to use and provides a user-friendly experience. Just like most of the watches on this list, this one is also swim-proof. Another enthralling feature of this smartwatch is that you will get a built-in speaker using which, you will be able to listen to music and answer calls from the watch itself.

If you wanna grab a smartwatch from a promising brand that doesn’t rob your bank, then this Fossil smartwatch is for you.

The Good
  • You can customize the dial
  • Fast charging
  • Multi-day battery modes to adjust battery life according to your use
The Bad
  • The charger cord is not too long
  • The case size is colossal

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Which Fossil Smartwatch To Choose?

All the above-mentioned watches are premium wearables from Fossil. If you want a fancy watch, go for Gen 5E and Gen5. The ‘Hybrid’ variants give a more compact look to the watch bearer’s hand. So if that’s your type, don’t miss it.

The Everett Hybrid watch is perfect wear for an office meeting or any other formal event. The Gen 5 is the perfect wear if you’re planning to hit the gym or go for a run.

If you’re anxious about your sleep and want to trace your sleep patterns, you can go for any of the above watches. All of them have this feature inbuilt.

A smartwatch is a must-have these days. Besides being trendy and stylish, they are convenient. And what better smartwatch brand will be there than Fossil.


Which Is The Best Fossil Smartwatch For Women?

Although it’s a matter of choice. However, reviews on Amazon ascertain that Fossil Gen 5 is the best smartwatch for women.

Are Fossil Smartwatches Unisex?

Smartwatches are built for both men and women, and anyone can wear them. However, some are particularly designed according to gender. Such as Fossil Gen5E for women.

Is Fossil A Promising Brand?

Yes. Fossil is one of the apex and oldest brands in the watch-producing domain. It has been manufacturing watches since 1984. You can easily rely on the products manufactured by this brand.

Is Fossil An Expensive Brand?

Fossil engineers premium quality watches at not so expensive prices and everyone can afford them.

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