9 Best German Watches (Affordable & Luxury Included)

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German watches may not be as popular as Swiss watches but they are known for their straightforward design and technical supremacy. In this article, we bring to you the best German-made watches from affordable to luxury so that you can buy one according to your budget. So if you are ready then let’s get started!

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Comparison Table For The Best German Made Watches





Most Luxurious German Watch

Sinn luxury german watch

Sinn Pilot Mechanical Watch

  • Certified pre-owned

  • 15 months warranty

  • “Dark Star” limited edition

Best Affordable German-Made Watch

best affordable german watch

Braun Watch

  • Thin and stylish watch

  • Mesh Band

  • Quartz movement

German Military Watch

German military watch

Best German Chronograph Watch

German WW2 Flieger Pilot Men's Watch

  • WWII pilot watch design

  • Fighter pilot oil-stained marks

  • Illuminated Watch hands

best german chronograph watch

GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph

  • Chronograph with tachymeter

  • Alarm function

  • 2-year warranty

Best German Watch Under $1000

best german watch under 1000 dollors

Laco Munster Pilot Watch

  • Automatic timepiece

  • Large Dial

  • Illuminated watch hands

Best Affordable German Watches Under $200

1. German WW2 Flieger Pilot Mens Watch

German military watch

The first timepiece on the list is the German WW2 Pilot Watch for men who love to collect military watches. The watch has a cool vintage design which makes it a perfect addition to your watch collection.  Besides its retro look, the watch also features Japanese quartz movement which is many times more accurate than the regular mechanical watches. So, it’s not just a collectible but you can also use this watch for everyday purposes.

Moreover, you get a different beige dial in each unit of this watch which kind of makes each watch a unique watch. Also, every watch in this lineup has fighter pilot oil-stained marks which give them a realistic look.  It has a large dial that is fairly easy to read and it even has illuminated watch hands that make it visible in the night as well. Moreover, the watch is quite comfortable all thanks to its genuine leather band that sits perfectly on the wrist and does not cause any inconvenience even if you wear it all day long.

The best part about the watch is it is quite affordable when compared with other German watches and you can easily get it for under 200 dollars from Amazon.

The Good
  • Affordable German watch
  • Each watch is unique
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate timekeeping
The Bad
  • No warranty with this watch
  • The durability of the watch is just average

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2. Graf Zeppelin Dress Watch

German dress watch

Zeppelin is one of the most popular German watch brands, all their watches are of top quality and this dress watch from them is no different. If you don’t know what a dress watch is then it is a stylish timepiece that goes well with all dresses for all special occasions. The black leather band and white dial of the watch give it a classic look that enhances your attire by many folds. The watch features a 40 mm dial size which is perfect for men with small to medium wrist size.

Also, with just 10 mm thickness it is one of the thinnest watches you can buy for yourself. The sleek design of the watch complemented with leather bands makes it a delight to wear as it is very comfortable on the wrist. Also, the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters so it is can tackle rain, sweat, and water splashes during hand wash pretty easily. Overall, for under $200 this budget German watch is a steal of a deal.

The Good
  • Stylish dress watch
  • Comfortable for thin wrists
  • Has a small date window
  • Comes under budget
The Bad
  • Not for men with large hands

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3. Braun Watch

best affordable german watch

Now it’s time to introduce you to the most affordable German watch on this list and it is none other than this minimalistic timepiece from Braun, a German consumer products company. This German watch is available for under $100 which is just unbelievable looking at the quality and the looks of the watch. Made out of stainless steel, the watch is very durable & rugged and it also features mesh bands that are highly breathable and comfortable to wear.

It is also on the slimmer side which makes it even more pleasurable to wear. Moreover, the watch is powered by quartz movement so it always shows the accurate time. All in all, if your budget doesn’t allow you to go for expensive watches then this cheap German watch is for you.

The Good
  • Cheap German made watch
  • Mesh bands for extra breathability and comfort
  • Looks stylish
  • Thin and lightweight
The Bad
  • Small for people with large wrists
  • Battery backup of the watch is not great

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Best German Watches Under $500

4. Laco Augsburg  German Automatic Watch

best german watch under 500

The next watch on our list is an automatic mechanical watch that self winds when you wear it on your wrist. It generates power from your hand movements and needs no battery to operate. Moreover, the watch’s design is inspired by the authentic WWII German pilot watches which makes it a collectible watch.  Besides that, the watch also has a skeleton window at the backside of the case that lets you see through the watch in order to witness how the watch mechanism works.

Also, the watch has a 42 mm dial size which is just perfect for men. The dial case is purely made out of stainless steel which provides the watch a great look along with some durability. Also, the dial size is big enough for easy readings at quick glance. Moreover, the illuminated watch hands make it even more simple to read in dark environments.

Overall, if you have a decent budget then you can go with this timepiece, it is the best German watch under 500 dollars.

The Good
  • The watch is beautiful to look at
  • It needs no battery as it operates on your wrist movements
  • The watch has a skeleton window
  • Luminous hands for easy readability at night
  • It has original German pilot watch design
The Bad
  • It’s not the most accurate watch due to automatic movements

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5. GRAF Zeppelin Chronograph And Alarm Watch

best german chronograph watch

Are you looking for a German chronograph watch for under $500? If yes then your search ends here. With the chronograph function, you can use this watch as a stopwatch to measure the time interval of an event. Besides just measuring time interval you can also measure your speed with the watch’s tachymeter function.

And not just a chronograph and tachymeter but you also get an alarm function on this watch so you are never late for your chores. It is a multifunction German watch that you would not want to miss at any cost. In terms of looks also the watch is great as it features a large dial with Breguet style watch hands that are a treat to look at. Also, the leather band on this watch makes it quite comfortable to wear.

Overall, for a budget of under 500 dollars, you can’t find a better value-for-money chronograph German-made watch, so you should definitely go with it. You also get a 2-year warranty with it hence you can buy it with peace of mind.

The Good
  • Chronograph with tachymeter
  • Has an alarm function
  • Has unique Brequet style hands
  • It looks beautiful
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
The Bad
  • The watch looks slightly different in person compared to the pictures

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Best German Watches Under $1000

6. Junghans Men’s Max Bill Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

german watch for women or small wrists

If you could stretch your budget by a little then I would recommend you to buy this minimalist watch from Junghans that would cost you a little over $500. It is the slimmest watch on this list with a dial size of just 38 mm so it’s perfect for ladies and men with thin and small wrists. The watch looks fantastic all thanks to its white color dial and beige calfskin leather strap.

Also, the watch features luminous watch hands that glow when it’s dark allowing you to easily read the time in low light conditions. Moreover, it is operated by the quartz movement so it’s quite accurate as long as timekeeping is concerned. Apart from just showing the time this watch also has a dedicated date window at 3’o clock which shows the current date. Overall, it’s the best minimalistic German-made watch for small wrists that you can buy for under $1000.

The Good
  • Slimmest watch on the list
  • Perfect dial size for men with small wrists and women
  • Has a dedicated date window
  • Looks and feels premium
The Bad
  • Too small for large hands

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7. Laco Munster Pilot Watch

best german watch under 1000 dollors

The Laco Munster Pilot Watch is a luxury German-made timepiece that looks beautiful and is a highly practical everyday use watch. It supports automatic mechanical movements and hence needs no batteries for its functioning. Although automatic mechanical watches are not considered very accurate, this watch keeps good time with high precision.

Also, since it features illuminated watch hands it becomes easy to read the time on this watch at night or in dark surroundings. Moreover, the watch has a large 42 mm dial size which can be read from the corners of the eyes. In terms of build and design, the watch has a crown of the shape of an onion which gives it a kind of unique look. Also, it has the protection of Sapphire glass that makes it scratch and break-resistant.

The Good
  • Self-winding watch
  • Comfortable leather strap
  • Illuminate watch hands
  • Large display size
  • Onion crown
The Bad
  • May not fit in everyone’s budget
  • Not for smallest of the wrists

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Best German Made Watch Under $2000

8. Montblanc 4810 Men’s Watch

german watch under $2000

Montblanc is a luxury goods manufacturing company based in Hamburg, Germany. They are known for producing luxury items related to travel, writing, jewelry, and watches. This watch right here is one such luxury timepiece from this German brand. The watch is entirely made out of high-quality stainless steel which not just gives the watch a premium look but also provides it high durability. Talking of durability, the watch also comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire dial window that protects the watch from daily wear and tears.

Moreover, it is an automatic mechanical timepiece therefore it has stellar aesthetics and needs low maintenance. There is also a date window at 6’o clock that keeps you aware of the calendar. Overall, it’s one of the best German luxury watches you can buy for under $2000.

The Good
  • Aesthetic design
  • Durable and comfortable watch
  • Luminous watch with date window
  • Automatic mechanical movment
The Bad
  • Pricey

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Most Luxurious German Watch

9. Sinn Pilot Mechanical Watch

Sinn luxury german watch

The last timepiece on our list is an expensive German watch that you can buy for around 4000 dollars on Amazon which is an automatic pilot watch from Sinn. You may feel that the watch is a bit overpriced but the luxury it provides is unmatchable and it’s worth every penny. Also, it is the “Dark Star” limited edition watch and hence its price is more than other Sinn watches.

However, the watch is pre-owned and is not brand new. But you do get it in a brand new condition with certification and a warranty of 15 months. Overall, if you want to get a limited edition luxury German watch and you don’t have an issue going with pre-owned watches then you should definitely look out for this product.

The Good
  • It’s a limited edition watch
  • Luxurious timepiece
  • Comes with a warranty
  • It is a certified pre-owned watch
The Bad
  • May have some minor wear and tears
  • Expensive

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Final Verdict

Germany is known for its automobile industry but they also make good watches and this list is a prime example of it. If you wish to try something else from Swiss and Japanese watches then these German-made watches are perfect for you. You can pick a watch according to your budget as we have arranged the list from affordable to luxury.


Are German Watches Better Than Swiss?

In terms of asthetic appeal, No. In terms of technical aspects, Yes.

What Are The Top Watch Brands Of Germany?

There are many German watch brands but the few top ones are Sinn, Montblanc, Junghans Uhren GmbH, etc.

Is Rolex German Or Swiss

Rolex is a Swiss watch brand.

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