Best Hypoallergenic Watches For Nickel Allergy [Smartwatches Included]

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Do you have sensitive skin? Are you looking for the best hypoallergenic watches and smartwatches? If yes, then I have got you covered.

In the modern era, watchmakers show up with some really amazing watches that have cases and straps made up of different materials However, there are chances that having sensitive skin might get you allergies when you come in direct contact with these metals.

Some people like me who have sensitive skin might get a metal allergy. Even the thought of getting an allergy can make me scared of wearing a watch. Mostly, these allergies can happen by coming in contact with nickel. Hence, a person who is allergic should try to find some other options such as titanium, ceramic, or aluminum.

Luckily, there are an immense number of watches in the market that are perfect for individuals having metal allergies, to be precise nickel allergies. And I have compiled a list of the best hypoallergenic watches and nickel-free smartwatches for metal allergies for men and women after using them.

Let’s dive into the article without any delay.

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What Is Metal Allergy?

Metal allergy is becoming more common with time while there’s no particular cause of this allergy, some people might get allergic to some metal types. The cause of allergy may vary from person to person but some metal types that are commonly associated with this problem are nickel, cobalt, zinc, and chromium. So, people who are allergic to one of these metals should refrain from using any product made up of that material.

Best Hypoallergenic Watches Comparison





Best Hypoallergenic Men's Watch

best watch for sensitive skin

Citizen Armor Watch

  • Can be charged using solar & indoor fluorescent light

  • Sapphire glass protects the dial from scratches

  • Titanium case & band

Best Hypoallergenic Watch for Ladies 

Festina Womens Titanium watch

Festina Women’s Titanium Watch

  • Hardened mineral glass protects the dial

  • Water resistant up to 50m

  • 2 years warranty

Best Skagen Watch for Metal Allergy

Skagen hypoallergenic watch

Skagen Men’s Henriksen

  • Reasonably priced titanium watch

  • The luminous coating makes the watch hands glow in dark

  • Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping

Best Nickel Free Smartwatch

Hypoallergenic smartwatches

Apple Watch Series 8

  • Comes with fast charging

  • Offers access to third-party apps

  • Can make contactless payment using Google Pay

Best Watches For Metal Allergy For Men

1. Citizen Eco-Drive Sports Luxury Armor Watch

best watch for sensitive skin

The list starts off with the Citizen Eco-Drive Sports Watch which has a hypoallergenic titanium body. It offers a 41mm titanium case which means this is nickel free watch. And, I personally prefer watches that hover between 34 & 42mm.

Similarly, the bracelet band of the watch is made of titanium as well. Although Amazon has listed it to be 18mm in size I found it to be a 22mm titanium band. Also, the back of the watch is made of titanium which remains in most contact with the body. During, my usage I never found my skin reacting to the watch which means this is a safe hypoallergenic watch to use.

Besides, the titanium case, this allergy-free watch comes with sapphire glass at the front. It is top-of-the-line glass that is used to protect the watch dial from scratches, hit, & bumps. Yes, it is the same glass used on the premium watches like Rolex or Apple smartwatches.

Moreover, it has Citizen’s eco-drive technology which means this watch’s battery gets charged with Solar as well as indoor fluorescent lights. I have used plenty of Citizen watches and I love the eco-drive feature. It ensures that I don’t have to go to a jeweler to change my battery or replace my watch anytime soon.

Another thing that I like about this affordable titanium watch is its overall look. I mean look at the gorgeous pattern on the dial, gorgeous silver hour marking & watch hands. This definitely gave the watch a luxurious look & feel to it.

I was also impressed by the 100m water-resistant rating of the watch. It didn’t get affected by water when I was pushed into the pool while wearing the watch during a pool party. While this is definitely an expensive hypoallergenic watch hovering around $400 but I think it is the best hypoallergenic watch for sensitive skin.

What Others Are Saying?

citizen user review

The Good
  • The watch went really well with casual & formal looks
  • Can be charged using solar & fluorescent lights
  • Luminous watch hands glow in the dark
  • Comes with a date window as well

The Bad
  • Costs around $400
  • 41mm watch not suitable for users with slender wrist

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2. MUJUZE Wood Watch

watches for sensitive skin

If you are extremely sensitive to nickel & just don’t want to take any chances with any metal then the next watch is for you. This is one of the cheapest hypoallergenic watches for men & women from UWOOD.

The entire watch is made from non-toxic material & the company hasn’t even used any paint for giving the case any finish. That’s why when I purchased the watch I found out it looked slightly different from the images. Turned out it was because the wood used on the case can be different depending on the source of the wood.

There are 5 different wood options to choose from, options included are ebony wood, walnut wood, zebra wood, mango wood, & acacia wood. I personally prefer the Zebra & Ebony wood as it looks better.

Talking about the size, this watch is 40mm in size so it is the perfect hypoallergenic watch for ladies & men with average-sized wrists. The band material is calf leather which definitely adds to the gorgeous aesthetics of the watch.

Not just the looks but this watch is also comfortable to wear & it weighs only 65 grams. UWOOD watch has also a Japanese quartz movement so it does a decent job of timekeeping as well.

Besides all the good stuff, the watch has a major drawback as well. It is only splash resistant so an occasional splash of water won’t be an issue. But, brief submersion or continuous exposure to flowing water can damage the watch. I had to be extra careful while watering my plants or cleaning my car. So you can’t consider wearing it 24*7 if you are the type who tends to wear it & forget it.

All in all, this is one of the best hypoallergenic watches without nickel that you can buy for around $100 on a tight budget.

What Others Are Saying?

UWOOD watch review

The Good
  • 40mm is a pretty good size
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Has a mineral glass protecting dial at the front
  • Cheap nickel-free watch
  • The calf leather strap gives it a good look

The Bad
  • The watch hands & markers are a little thin making it difficult to read
  • No luminous watch hands

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3. Swatch Classic Swiss-Quartz

swatch classic

If you didn’t like the previous watch’s splashproof rating then this Swatch watch is for you. It comes with a 30m water-resistant rating so you can use it while doing your daily chores.

Instead of wood, this watch comes with a plastic case, plastic back, & a silicon strap. So it is perfect for anyone who is looking for a decent but cheap nickel-free hypoallergenic watch for around $70.

However, I didn’t find the watch suitable for me as it came with a 34mm case which is quite small. That’s not the fault of the watch but if you find it to be the right size then I would definitely recommend this hypoallergenic watch to ladies & men.

For the watch’s protection, it has mineral glass which is nothing to brag about as it is pretty standard on budget watches.

Featurewise, this watch comes with a date and day window positioned at 3 o’clock position. It also has a luminous coating on watch hands & hour markings that make them glow in low light.

However, in my years of reviewing watches, I have found luminous coating on budget Swatch watches gets significantly weak with time. So after a point, they just stop glowing or don’t glow longer than 15 to 45 mins. Still, if you can look past this issue, then it is a good all-plastic watch with no metal.

What Others Are Saying?

swatch classic review

The Good
  • Reasonably priced watch
  • Comes with a day & date window
  • Suitable for users who are looking for a small nickel-safe watch
  • A luminous coating on watch hands & hour markers

The Bad
  • The luminous coating gets weak overtime in budget Swatch watches
  • The watch might be small for users with big wrists

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4. Skagen Men’s Henriksen

Skagen hypoallergenic watch

For users who have big hands, I would recommend taking a look at Skagen men’s Henriksen watch. It comes with a 44mm case that is built with titanium & it also has the titanium case back. So you can wear this hypoallergenic watch comfortably without any worries about nickel allergy.

You get to choose from the leather & steel mesh strap variant. I would obviously recommend going with the leather variant as it is allergy free strap. On the other hand, the mesh strap variant’s case, strap, & back is made of stainless steel which generally has nickel in it.

Moreover, the dial has a sunray design that reflects beautiful shades of the dial color when hit by the rays of the sun. The luminous coating on the hands and markers lets you read the time in the low-light area. And the magnified date window on the watch enhances the date visibility. Apart from these, the minute markings on the blue ring enable you to see the time more conveniently.

Also, the quartz movement on the watch ensures that the watch does a decent job of timekeeping. And, compared to other budget watches, this one features a high 50m water-resistant rating which protects the watch during recreational swimming.

What Others Are Saying?

Skagen watch review

The Good
  • Quartz movement
  • Luminous hand and markers
  • 50m water resistance
  • Scratch resistance
The Bad
  • Average watch quality

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Best Hypoallergenic Women’s Watches

5. Festina Women’s Titanium Watch

Festina Womens Titanium watch

Now, here is an affordable watch for metal allergy for women. This slim timepiece comes with a 37mm titanium case, making it durable and solid. And it has a 16mm titanium bracelet that is easy to wear and take off.

This watch would be a good-to-go option for women who get allergies easily when exposed to cobalt or nickel because the titanium material is absolutely safe for the skin. Also, to prevent the watch from scratches, it has been equipped with hardened mineral glass, making it perfect for everyday hustle.

Moreover, the watch also has a decent water-resistant ability of up to 50m. Hence, you won’t be bothered by occasional water exposure. Apart from these, you also don’t have to worry about the investment you’ve made to buy this watch, not at least for some time, as it comes with a 2 years warranty.

In my first-hand experience with the watch, I think at $200 it is a good deal. You get an outstanding watch for sensitive skin with features like a titanium case, date window, & 5 bar water rating.

What Others Are Saying?

Festina women's titanium watch review

The Good
  • Date window
  • Titanium body
  • 2 years warranty
  • 50m water resistance
  • Quartz movement
The Bad
  • The mineral glass gets scratched easily

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6. Fossil Women’s Georgia Stainless Steel

women's hypoallergenic watches

One of the biggest gripes that I have while looking for nickel-free watches for women is that I have to compromise with style. I mean most good-looking watches come with stainless steel. Hypoallergenic watches usually mean compromising with the style which can be disappointing when I have to go to an event or party.

That’s where this Fossil Georgia watch comes in, it comes with a gorgeous looking 32mm stainless steel case. I know I said steel contains nickel but worry not as this watch comes with a leather strap that covers the back. So whenever I wore the watch, the case never touched my skin.

Coming back to the watch, it comes with a gorgeous rose color dial & petite 8mm leather strap. This watch is a great conversation starter whenever I am outside or at an event.

I would not personally recommend daily driving the watch as it might accelerate the leather strap’s wear & tear. However, this can be a good fancy watch at a reasonable $80 price that you can use every once in while.

What Others Are Saying?

Fossil Women's Georgia watch

The Good
  • Quartz movement for accurate time keeping
  • Suitable for women who prefer small-size watches
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • Hardened mineral crystal to protect the glass

The Bad
  • Not suitable for daily usage as it can damage leather & expose the back

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7. BOBO Bird Women’s Hand Made Wooden Watch

BOBO watch

If you don’t want to take any chances at all then the next watch without nickel from BOBO is for you. It is a completely metal-free watch (as much as possible) so you should be able to wear it comfortably. The only metal on the surface of the watch is the four screws on the back. And, it shouldn’t be an issue for most users.

Talking about the specifications, this watch comes with a 27mm wooden case making it the smallest metal-free watch. It uses a 13.5mm strap which is also made of wood like the case. You can remove or add the link on the strap as they are adjustable as well.

However, it does suffer from the same issues that most wooden watches do as well. For instance, this watch too doesn’t have any waterproof rating. It is splashproof at best so prolonged exposure or submersion in water should be avoided otherwise the watch will get damaged.

It also has hardlex glass for dial protection. It is way better than the mineral glass & I felt the same while using the watch. Given the price of $30, I don’t think that we can ask for more from the watch.

What Others Are Saying?

Bobo watch review

The Good
  • Reasonably priced metal-free watch
  • Perfect for anyone who likes watches with a small dial
  • Weighs only 19.5grams
  • 1-year after-sales service is also being offered by BOBO

The Bad
  • Only splash proof
  • Wooden band/straps are brittle & should be handled with care

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Best Nickel Free Smartwatches For Metal Allergy

Smartwatches have either aluminum or stainless steel case. Anyone who has extremely sensitive skin is mostly not able to use smartwatches that aren’t nickel free. They develop a rash or metal allergy pretty soon if not within hours or days.

In that case, I would recommend going with watches that have an aluminum case or a titanium case. Aluminium too has nickel in its composition but some brands like apple follow European REACH regulations which makes them the watch worth experimenting with. I have shared more information about why Apple & Samsung makes the best hypoallergenic smartwatches below.

8. Apple Watch Series 8

Hypoallergenic smartwatches

As you can read in this Reddit thread, there are plenty of users with metal allergies who are able to use the Apple Watch Series aluminum variant like me. Only a small % are facing the issue & most users are using a sports band with no metallic buckle.

Also, one thing to note is that this nickel free smart watch comes with a ceramic back which is hypoallergenic material as well. And, if you want to take more precautions then you can even consider turning off the 24*7 heart rate tracking feature. All in all, for all these reasons this is one of the best hypoallergenic smartwatches for metal allergies.

Make sure to check for a return period so you can immediately return the watch if your skin is too sensitive.

Before proceeding, I want to mention that the smartwatch offers LTE connectivity that most smartwatches do not have.

The smartwatch comes with a strong crack-resistant display glass that can easily tackle daily hits. Hence, you do not have to take tension for it.

Moreover, have you made up your mind to buy a smartwatch that should have almost every smart and health feature? In that case, you can completely rely on this smartwatch as it comes with a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and stress monitor that tracks your heartbeat 24*7, sleep trends from low to deep, and your stress level respectively.

Apart from these, you can measure your blood oxygen level anytime, anywhere. The smartwatch also has fall detection so if due to any health issue you had a fall then the emergency number is called automatically. Along with that, your location would be shared so the rescue team can come as your savior on time. In addition, there is an activity tracker that helps you to keep a track of your fitness activities.

It also lets you can answer calls directly from your smartwatch and also can reply to text messages. Overall, if you have an iOS smartphone then this watch can be your perfect choice. Also, it’s worth noting that this smartwatch does not support Android smartphones.

The Good
  • Fast charging
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Health features
  • GPS
  • Always on display
The Bad
  • Does not support Android smartphones
  • Does not come with a charger

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9. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5/Watch 5 Pro

Nickel free samsung smartwatch

Like Apple Watch, Samsung too makes watches with an aluminum frame so you can consider its latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series as well. There is a more expensive Watch 5 Pro variant as well that comes with a titanium case. So if you want to be even more on the safer side then you can go with that variant.

For the bottom of the watch, Samsung uses Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) & Fiber Gorilla Glass as mentioned on their website for previous gen watches. For this generation, I think it is sapphire at the bottom of the watch.

It features a 44mm case and a comfortable silicone strap, making it hypoallergenic. So, you can wear it fearlessly, in case you have sensitive skin.

This round-faced smartwatch also features a 20mm rubber strap which makes it hypoallergenic so you can wear it if you have sensitive skin. I have reviewed this watch on our YouTube channel Wearholic & found this hypoallergenic smartwatch perfect for metal allergy susceptible users.

Make sure to check for a return period so you can immediately return the watch if your skin is too sensitive.

This watch is powered by the latest generation Wear OS 3.5 & comes with the latest One Ui software as well.

So while using the watch I was able to reply to text messages, IM chats, pick up calls & more. I also used the smartwatch for bodybuilding as I also go to the gym. It has plenty of sports profiles built-in & also includes various gym-oriented profiles like indoor cycling, treadmill, rep exercises, & lot more.

By the way, it also has a 24*7 heart rate tracking & blood oxygen monitoring feature as well. However, I would recommend turning off the feature if the heart rate sensor causes a skin reaction to you. I was able to do that as well by using the Samsung health app. If the allergy is severe then you can consider installing and using a NATO strap as well.

Samsung Watch 5 also has various advanced features like NFC for contactless payment, temperature sensor, ECG monitoring, & more if you use a Samsung device. If you want to know more then I would recommend checking out our Samsung watch 5 video playlist inserted below. I have done have plenty of accuracy tests, shared tips & tricks, & more.

The Good
  • Has access to Play Store for apps & games
  • Supports fast charging
  • A vibrant AMOLED display ensures good readability
  • Sapphire glass protects the watch

The Bad
  • Doesn’t support iOS devices
  • Gives a battery life of 1.5 days

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What Makes A Watch/Smartwatch Hypoallergenic?

There are various reputed watchmakers in the market but sometimes their watches can cause allergic reactions in users with sensitive skin. It is because the alloy or material used in their watches contains harmful materials like nickel or cobalt. While they may not be a problem for a majority of users but they can be for users with sensitive skin.

That’s why any watch that is made of aluminum, wood, or titanium is considered to be hypoallergenic as they don’t contain harmful materials like nickel or cobalt.


Is Swatch Watch Hypoallergenic?

Yes, Swatch mens watch is hypoallergenic as it is made of all-plastic material which does not react to the skin.

Are Swatch Watches Hypoallergenic?

Not all Swatch watches are hypoallergenic, only, models such as Swatch classic quartz are hypoallergenic due to plastic material used in them.

Are Watches Made Of Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic?

No smartwatches made of stainless steel are not hypoallergenic as they contain nickel which can cause allergic reactions.

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