Best Places To Buy Used Omega Watches

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You see, Omega is among the best Swiss watch brands in the world. It is definitely, one of the most popular and highly sought-after watch brands among watch enthusiasts. I once heard a watch dealer say, that in the luxury watch market, with great popularity comes greater prices and since Omega watches are luxury timepieces, not everyone can afford them. In this case, if you buy used Omega watches then you can save a lot of money. So, if you want to buy an Omega watch but you don’t have the budget for it, then this article is for you.

Here, I’m going to share some of the best places to buy used Omega watches. I will also share some things you should keep in mind when purchasing a second-hand luxury watch like Omega. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Some of the best places to buy used Omega watches are Crown & Caliber, Watch Box, Bob’s Watches, Watchfinder & Co, Govberg, Chrono 24, and Luxury Bazaar.

Are Used Omega Watches Worth It?

Before moving forward you should know if buying a used luxury watch such as Omega, is worth it or not. Buying a pre-owned luxury watch can prove to be a smart decision for you. There are multiple reasons for this, but the primary reason among them is saving money.

Better Value

As with most luxury products, luxury watches tend to lose their value. Some luxury watches can no doubt be appreciated, but most tend to depreciate over time. Even a new unopened watch in a box can lose a portion of its value as soon as it is purchased. So by opting to buy a pre-owned watch, you get better value and can save big bucks.

Wide Range Of Options

By opting for a used luxury watch such as Omega, you have widened the range of models in your budget. Omega watches are costly but you can now purchase a higher-end model that you may have not been able to afford in retail. You can also find some pretty rare or discontinued watch models that you can’t get from authorized retailers.

Easy Accessibility

On the secondary watch market, you can find exclusive watches easily, which are sometimes not available at retail stores. Some luxury watches have a long waiting list of buyers due to less supply. By opting for second-hand watches you can skip the waiting list for owning that timepiece.

Best Places To Buy Used Omega Watches

These are some of the best places where you can buy authentic Omega watches. Most of these are online marketplaces, but some of these also have physical stores and outlets in addition to online marketplaces.

Crown & Caliber

Best Places To Buy Used Omega watches

The first up on our list is Crown & Caliber. They are an online seller of pre-owned luxury watches. Though the customer reviews are mixed, they do offer a 7-day return policy and propose to bear the shipping charges.

They only sell authenticated watches which are checked by their Swiss watchmakers and veteran technicians. Crown & Caliber offers a range of 40 watch brands with 2500+ watches and a 1-year warranty on each one.


Pre Owned Omega Watches

Next up we have WatchBox. It is a global platform for luxury watches that offers the buying, selling, and trading of luxury watches. They have a huge range of 70 global and international watch brands.

WatchBox offers guaranteed original timepieces that their Swiss-trained watchmakers and technicians authenticate. They also have a 7-day return policy with a full refund, and each one of their pre-owned watches comes with a 2-year warranty.

Watchbox also accepts payment through PayPal, wire transfer, and even crypto. It is one of the best online places to buy second-hand Omega watches.

Bob’s Watches

Are Used Omega Watches Worth The Money

It is another online platform that facilitates purchasing, selling, and trading of luxury watches. Bob’s watches provide 100% authentic luxury watches such as Omega, Patek, Rolex, and many more.

They also have a full refund policy if any of the components in a watch turns out to be inauthentic. Bob’s Watches offers a 1-year warranty on all their watches, along with a no-questions-asked 3-day-return policy. They also offer free, insured, and expedited shipping.

Watchfinder & Co

Best Place To Buy Omega Watch pre owned

Watchfinder & Co is a retailer of pre-owned luxury watches that have a presence in both online and offline markets. You can easily trade in your old watch and get a new one from them at a fair valuation. Don’t like the watch that you received? No problem, Watchfinder & Co. offers a 14-day full refund return policy.

Each new and pre-owned watch in their collection is 100% authentic. They also offer a 24-month warranty on each of their pre-owned watches. They even have some financing options as well. All in all, Watchfinder & Co. is a good place from where you can get your used Omega watch at a fair price.



Govberg is an authorized retailer of many luxury brands, such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, and many more. They offer both new and pre-owned watches with trade-in options as well. They carry a selection of multiple luxury brands and only have 100% authentic watches in their selection.

Govberg Jewelers offers a 2-year global warranty on all of their pre-owned watches along with a 7-day return and exchange policy.

Chrono 24

Chrono 24

Chrono 24 is an online marketplace for luxury watches. They have a huge selection of luxury watches and have all luxury watch brands available with more than 500,000+ watches listed on their global platform. They guarantee 100% authentic watches and offer a 14-day full money-back global warranty.

The sellers on this platform are all verified sellers. It is a reputable site with good customer reviews and I have also used this platform in the past with no issues.

Luxury Bazaar

Luxury Bazaar

Luxury Bazaar is a luxury watch dealer and auction house that has a wide selection of luxury watches for sale. They offer almost all major luxury watch brands. They only offer guaranteed authentic watches which come with a 2-year service warranty and a 7-day hassle-free return policy. Luxury Bazaar provides free insured shipping on their watches. Just remember that the vintage watches in their collection are not covered under their 2-year service warranty.

So, these were some of the best places to buy pre-owned Omega watches. All of these vendors offer authentic original Omega watches and even if by chance you get an unsatisfactory or unoriginal watch, you can easily return it.

Things To Consider When Buying Used Omega Watches

Now, I’ll share some things you should remember when buying not just a pre-owned Omega watch, but any luxury watch.


Always set a budget before you start looking for an Omega watch. Set a number or a range of prices with which you are the most comfortable. The most important thing is staying within your comfortable price range and not increasing it. Without setting a strict budget, you will just end up looking up hundreds of watches, not being able to settle on anyone.


This is my favorite part when looking for a pre-owned Omega watch. You should first browse the watches that are available in your budget, and then narrow down on what kind of features in a watch you are looking for in that price range.

Then, pick a few models according to your liking, and start watching reviews on them or reading articles about them. This will help you to determine if the watch you selected is the one you want or not. Research will also help you to avoid being duped when trying to buy a used luxury watch.

Avoid Steal Deals

If you are getting a pre-owned luxury watch in pristine condition at a heavy discount, then you better skip that one. Because chances are that it only looks new but is not in great condition or worse it could even be a counterfeit.

Buying and selling luxury watches is a business and like any other business, profit is the main motive. I’m not saying there are no heavily discounted luxury watch deals, but that they only happen once in a blue moon. So, the majority of the time when a deal is too good to be true, it often is.

Trusted Sellers

Only buy pre-owned luxury watches from trusted sellers and businesses. You may find lower-priced Omega watches online elsewhere, but you cannot be certain of the authenticity or quality.

Be sure to check all the watch papers and the original box. Also, make sure to check the serial number of the Omega watch to verify its authenticity.

Ask for more images from the seller, and if you are buying from online stores then make sure to check all the things regarding warranty, return and refund policy, shipping, etc.

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Where To Buy Used Omega Watches? Final Verdict

So, these are all the best places from where you can buy pre-owned and used Omega watches. All the places that I mentioned above offer authentic Omega watches. I also shared what things you should keep in mind when you look for any pre-owned luxury watches. Make sure to do your research before purchasing used Omega watches.


Which Omega Watch Has Best Resale Value?

Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster are some of their more popular watch models that have good resale value.

Which Omega Watch Is Most Popular?

The Omega Speedmaster is the most popular watch model by Omega.

Is Buying A Used Omega Watch Worth It?

Good quality pre-Owned Omega watches can be worth it if bought at a fair price.

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