7 Best Raketa Watches To Buy On Amazon

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Russia is well known for its cold weather, polar bears, vodka, and not to forget about its super cool president Vladimir Putin.

But little do people know that the famous Raketa watches that they ogle at for hours are also from the soviet union.

Established in 1961, the company has manufactured tons of high-quality luxury watches that people starve to wrap around their wrists.

So if your next target is to add a Raketa watch to the collection of your luxury watches then check out this list of the best Reketa watch before you try out your next Russian vodka and forget about your love for watches.

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Best Raketa Watches Comparison Table





Best Vintage Raketa Watch

copernic mens watch raketa

Raketa Copernic Russian Vintage Watch

  • High-quality strap

  • Available in multiple colors

  • Not much pricey

Best Polar 24 Hour Raketa Watch

raketa polar 24 hour watch

Antarctica Original Petrodvorets Polar Watch

  • Polar Bear Raketa Watch

  • Looks very stylish

  • The watch is water-resistant

  • Mechanical Movement

Best Raketa Copernicus Watch

best raketa watches to buy

Raketa Copernicus Unisex Watch

  • Unique design

  • Built with high quality

  • Not much pricey

Best Raketa Watches To Buy On Amazon

1. Antarctica Original Petrodvorets Polar Watch

antarctica original petrodvorets

This Raketa watch is a bubble buster for those who presume that a swiss-watch owner can only flaunt a luxury watch on their hands.

It is a Raketa 24 hour watch for reading the time conveniently and instantly without any confusion.

Featuring a polished blue dial and a superior quality blue strap, the watch easily strikes the person passing by.

As the watch has a minimalistic design and a case diameter of 37mm, this watch can be worn by people with normal to small wrist sizes. But the weight of 10.56 ounces is a little exorbitant when compared to the dimensions of the watch.

A polar bear and huge mountains are imprinted on the watch dial as an accolade to Antarctica.

For improved and accurate timing, Antarctica Petrovorets Polar Watch is made to work on both mechanical and manual winding technology.

Living with a watch that can get spoiled just by licking it is futile. But as the Petrovorets Polar Watch is 100 meters water-resistant, you can go for a beach party wearing your watch.

The Good
  • The watch is not much expenssive
  • Looks very stylish
  • The watch is water-resistant
  • Works with both mechanical and manual winding
  • High quality built
The Bad
  • The watch is little heavier

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2. Raketa Copernicus Unisex Watch

best raketa watches to buy

Personally being a fan of luxury and deluxe watches, I can for sure say that this watch will make people look at it for at least the second time.

After gawking at the watch’s face for a few minutes, people may ask that what on earth does this watch depicts? Get ready to tell them that the watch is inspired by the iconic USSR Copernicus watch and is a tribute to the science of astronomy.

Being a unisex watch, Raketa Copernicus is obliged to look dashing on men as well as on a women’s hands. That’s only viable if the watch has decent dimensions. The case diameter of the watch is decently sized at 40mm along with the standard weight of 2.2 pounds.

The premium quality of blue genuine leather strap perfectly complements the watch and reflects the best color combination.

By providing a self-winding automatic movement, Raketa Copernicus lessens the manual winding process for you.

A few splashes of water or direct exposure to the rain won’t harm your watch as it’s 50 meters water-resistant. But it could have an outdo if the water-resistance quality would have been better.

The Good
  • It is a unisex watch
  • Unique design
  • Built with high quality
  • Not much pricey
  • Features a self winding mechanism
The Bad
  • Only 50 meters water resistant

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3. Raketa Expedition Men’s Watch Antarctica

raketa expedition petrodvorets

With jaw-dropping looks, this Raketa Expedition watch is made for those who want to exhibit their voguish side.

The genuine leather blue band improvises the looks of the watch. With a case diameter not more than 40mm, Raketa Expedition Men’s Antarctica watch fits perfectly on most wrist sizes.

As for the weight of the watch, it’s 10.56 ounces, which I think is a little more than expected. But it’s not like that you’ll feel the watch uncomfortable on your hand.

If you don’t want to wrap a blue band on your wrist then you can choose the brown band instead. Despite the fact that this watch is a 1970 model, it’s still one of the most liked Raketa watches.

The watch works on mechanical movement so it needs to be manually winded in order to keep accurate time.

From a reputed brand like Raketa, you’re getting this exceptional piece for a very cheap price on Amazon.

The Good
  • The watch looks very good
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Standard dial size of 40mm
  • Not much pricey
The Bad
  • The weight of the watch is more

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4. Raketa Copernic Men’s Wrist Russian Vintage Watch

copernic mens watch raketa

This is unarguably one of the best-looking Raketa watches of all time. The face of the watch will make you fall for it.

Raketa Copernic features a rough black face with a golden circle and a ring in between which gives a completely unique look to your watch.

The strap of the watch is made with genuine leather and you can either choose the simple black strap, classic black strap, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate.

The dimensions of the watch are standard and the dial size is 40mm to fit your wrist with perfection. But it could have been better if the weight of the watch was a bit less as it weighs 10.56 ounces.

The mechanical movement of the watch lessens your work of self-winding, but this watch offers both mechanical and self-winding movements.

Built of the watch is rough and tough so that you can wear it all day long without getting your watch to look all scratchy and pale.

The Good
  • The watch looks very voguish
  • High-quality strap band
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not much pricey
  • Strong built
The Bad
  • The weight of the watch is more

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5. Raketa Avant-Garde Watch

raketa avant garde

As it’s a unisex Raketa watch with compelling looks, it can be a perfect gift for your spouse, grandparents, or any of your loved ones.

The blend of red and white gives a funky look to your watch and the numbers on the dial have a unique font that can catch everyone’s attention.

You’ll love how the hour hand is furnished on the watch. The small ring in the center gives an unparalleled uniqueness to the Avant-Garde watch.

Wearing a watch should not just be limited to office, parties, or casual days. A perfect watch is one that can be worn at a beach party too. 100 meters water-resistance of the watch makes it water-friendly so you can enjoy your beach parties to your fullest.

Men usually have bigger wrists than women, so they are always looking for a watch with a decent or heavy dial size. On the other hand, women look for a watch with a small dial size. To match the demands of both, Avant-Garde features a 40mm dial size which is considered a modest size for both.

Unlike most Raketa watches, the weight (2.2 ounces) of this one is also kept a bit less due to its unisex nature.

The Good
  • Funky looking watch
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters
  • The watch is unisex
  • Good built quality
The Bad
  • No color options
  • Very expensive watch

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6. Military Raketa Comandirskie Men’s Watch

comandirskie vintage watch

Some people are not a fan of funky-looking watches, they want something that looks classy and retro. If you’re one of those selected few then here’s a Raketa Vintage watch for you.

This Soviet Raketa watch has a shiny beige color dial that can spark the eyes of any vintage watch lover. And when made compatible with the genuine leather band, it completes the antique looks of the watch.

The contribution of the watch hands in giving a retro look to the watch should not be played down, as it features completely unique-looking watch hands.

Vintage looks kept aside, the watch also outlines a pure sense of manhood, all thanks to the 42mm of dial size.

Various choices of bands are open for you if you’re not a fan of simple-looking brown color. These color options include black nato, dark coffee nato, emerald nato, and milk chocolate.

Raketa Comandirskie not just gets you some plaudits in the daytime, but with luminous watch hands, the watch becomes observable in the night too.

The Good
  • Vey cheap for a vintage watch
  • Good looks
  • Multiple color options
  • Manly looking watch
  • Luminescent hands
The Bad
  • Not for women

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7. Vintage Limited Raketa Polar Men’s Watch

vintage limited raketa watch

If your man likes things simple rather than funky and luxurious then he’s definitely going to like the Raketa Polar watch as a gift on his upcoming birthday.

Featuring a simple gray dial with a black and white watch face, the watch will look decent yet noticeable on your hands.

Multiple band options are available if you don’t want to carry your watch with a simple black band. You can go for a classic black strap, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate.

The dimensions of the watch are kept standard with the dial size of 40mm to fit the wrist of most men.

While wearing a watch all day long, it’s naturally exposed to hundreds of rough situations. But due to its strong built and shock-resistant quality, you don’t need to worry about your watch succumbing to rough treatment.

For making it easy for you to check the time in the dark, the hands of the watch are made luminescent.

The Good
  • Multiple band options
  • Not much pricey
  • Luminescent hands
  • Shock resistant
  • Decent dimensions
The Bad
  • Only for men

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Buying Guide For Raketa Watches

Check Originality

For reputed watch brands like Raketa, you can easily get products that are fake. But as you’re spending a huge amount on these watches, you need to make sure that you’re getting an original Raketa watch and not a fake one.

So before buying, check for the seller, and after the purchase is done, check the serial number of the watch.

Check Features

Checking the features of the watch is necessary before you finally buy a Raketa watch.

Sometimes you might buy a watch for a particular reason, but after buying it, you might figure out that the watch does not offer you that feature.

Let’s say, you want to go swimming wearing a watch and you buy a Raketa watch for that which is not even waterproof.


Are Raketa Watches Any Good?

Yes, Raketa is one of the best and most popular watch brands in the world. Despite being a luxury brand, the watches from Raketa are not much pricey.

What Is The Best Raketa Women's Watch?

Raketa Avant-Garde is the best Raketa women's watch to buy.

What Is The Price Of Vintage Raketa Watches?

You can easily get vintage Raketa watches for under $200 on Amazon.

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