9 Best Rectangular Watches For Men And Women

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Rectangular watches may seem like one of the many types of watches that you can buy. But let us tell you that there is deep history associated with this iconic design. This rectangular case design is inspired by the tank design created by one and only Louis Cartier himself. It is believed that he took inspiration from Renault Tank used in World War I and the rest is history.

This design is usually associated with dress watches that’s why it’s so popular even today. Therefore, it’s important that you have at least one rectangular watch in your collection as these watches are the epitome of the word, “classy”.

It is difficult to find good and reliable rectangular watches as most watches are subpar and fail to deliver value for your money. That’s why we have listed the 9 best rectangular watches that you can go for right now.

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Best Rectangular Watch Comparison Table





Best Overall

Best affordable rectangular watch

Seiko SUP880

  • Solar powered

  • 12-month battery life on a single charge

  • The dial of the watch is protected by hardlex glass

Best Rectangle Watch For Men

Bulova stainless strap

Bulova Men's 96A169 Analog Watch

  • Water resistant up to 30m

  • Curved mineral glass enhances the looks of the watch

  • Quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping

Best Rectangular Watch For Women

Classic rectangular watch

Citizen's Women's Watch

  • Gorgeous petite dress watch for women

  • Water-resistant up to 99ft

  • Mineral glass protection for watch dial

Best Looking Rectangular Watch

Best looking rectangular watch from Carter


  • Silent watch with no second hands

  • The dial of the watch is protected by Sapphire

  • Gorgeous time piece

Best Rectangular Watches For Men

1. Seiko SUP880

Best affordable rectangular watch

Seiko is a Japanese brand that is well known for creating the world’s first quartz wristwatch and also the first kinetic watch. And, this right here is one of the many solar watches they have to offer. We have selected this watch because it sports an iconic rectangular shape watch design.

The watch features roman numerals on the dial and also has gold jewels embossed on the watch dial. Moreover, the rectangular Gold case of the watch amplifies the beauty of the watch. This Seiko watch also features a 22mm black leather strap that will really go well with your dresses. The size of the watch case is 28.5 mm across and 6.1 mm thick.

Furthermore, the watch dial is protected by Seiko’s proprietary hardlex glass. It is stronger than mineral glass found on other watches in this price range. With this watch, you also won’t have to worry about water damaging your precious watch as it is water-resistant up to 99m.

The problem with most watches is that you need to change the battery periodically but this is an affordable solar watch. So no more trips to the local jewelry store as you can charge the watch using solar energy. And a single full charge would last you for 12 months.

If you are on a tight budget then this might be the best rectangular watch for you as it is available for under $200. It will also look perfect with your polo, shirts, or any other dress. While it might not be the real Cartier Tanker watch but it definitely resembles one.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 99m
  • Affordable rectangle watch
  • Solar Watch
  • Gorgeous design
  • Hardlex glass for watch face protection

The Bad
  • The leather band is stiff when worn for the first week or two

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2. Bulova Men’s Watch

Bulova men's stainless steel

Bulova is known for its quality timepieces available at affordable prices. And, if you still have doubts regarding the quality of the watch then let us tell you that Bulova is owned by Citizen Watch. Yes, the same brand is well known for its Eco-Drive watches.

That was a little interesting tidbit that you ought to know before buying this watch. Talking about the watch, it sports an iconic rectangular watch design that’s why it is part of Bulova’s Classic Collection watch series. Just like old-school watches it has a black leather strap that is embossed with a crocodile-grain pattern.

It won’t be a classic design without the silver rectangular watch case that compliments the 20mm black leather strap. The size of the watch case is 47mm across and is 8.5mm thick. Apart from telling you time it can also tell you the date as it comes with a dedicated date window. The watch face is protected from hit and bumps by a curved mineral glass.

Since it is a dress watch don’t expect too much in the durability department. It can easily survive occasional splashes and spills as it water-resistant up to 30m. If you want durability then we would recommend reasonably priced G-Shock watches but this is a dress watch. Overall this is a great rectangular watch that is priced below 200 dollars and that too from a brand like Bulova. Without any thought just go for it.

The Good
  • Leather strap with crocodile-grain pattern
  • Curved mineral glass
  • Dazzling looks
  • Water-resistant up to 30m

The Bad
  • The size of the watch face is huge

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3. Bulova Men’s 96A169 Analog Watch

Bulova stainless strap

This is a silver-toned stainless steel watch that is also made by Bulova. It will be a hit among all bracelet watch lovers as it features a simple and minimalistic design. The blue color dial of the watch perfectly complements the 35mm silver case of the watch.

Bulova watch also features curved mineral glass that not only enhances the looks but also protects the watch. The watch features a 24mm bracelet strap which makes this rectangular watch perfect for men. Quartz movement of the watch also ensures that the watch will always tell accurate time.

Besides that watch is also water-resistant up to 30m so occasional splashes of water won’t affect the watch. However, it’s not recommended to submerge the watch into the water or wear it while swimming as it has limited waterproofing capabilities.

Overall, this is the best rectangular watch if you prefer silver stainless straps over leather ones.

The Good
  • Quartz movement
  • Gorgeous curved mineral glass on the dial
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Stainless steel strap more durable than leather

The Bad
  • Heavier than watches with leather strap

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4. Cartier

Best looking rectangular watch from Carter

If money isn’t a constraint for you then why not go with the original creator of the tank watch design. This French brand Cartier is the epitome of the word luxury that’s why they are popularly known as the jeweler of kings because of their exclusive gem-studded jewelry designs. And, this watch is no different as it carries on the legacy of the first iteration of the tank watch made by none other than Louis Cartier.

The watch features a 27.4mm stainless steel case that is protected by sapphire which is the second toughest glass after diamond. Moreover, the crown of the watch sports a spinel cabochon gem. A single carat of spinel cabochon gem depending on the color can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Not only is this watch a perfect timepiece but also a beautiful piece of jewelry!

Despite being a stainless steel watch it only weighs 3.21 ounces. The watch uses a 20mm strap that uses a deployment clasp enclosure that will give you a perfect grip on your hand. Since this watch is a fine piece of art it should also be treated like one but occasional spills and splashes won’t affect the watch as it water-resistant up to 30m.

The dial on the watch has roman numeral markings and also sports sword watch hands that give the watch its elegant and classy looks. Also, don’t let it looks distract you from the fact that it is a silent watch without a second hand.

No matter what you wear whether it’s a tux, coat, polo, or shirt, it will look good in all of them. Moreover, it will also be perfect for dinner parties, weddings, and even casual outings. To sum it up, this is the best rectangular watch, there is simply no other way to put it.

The Good
  • Sapphire glass for watch face protection
  • Spinel cabochon gem on the watch crown
  • Lightweight
  • Silent watch with no second hands
  • Swiss watch

The Bad
  • Small watch face

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5. Peugeot Classic Vintage Watch

Vintage rectangular watch from peugeot

Peugeot is a well-known watch brand that has been around since the 1950s. It went from being a luxury watch brand to the maker of affordable dress watches. You will find most of their watches are inspired by famous watch designs such as this one. This watch as you can see definitely takes inspiration from rectangular watches.

Peugeot classic watch sports a 38mm long watch face and is 24mm wide. Furthermore, the watch case comes with 14k gold plating that ensures the watch won’t lose its colors for years to come.

The watch features an 18mm alligator embossed leather strap that gives the watch its stunning looks. Also, anyone who has a wrist size between 6″ to 8.25″ can comfortably wear the watch. You can buy this rectangular watch for men in two variants in a gold case with a maroon strap or in a silver case with a black strap.

This watch comes with quartz movement manufactured by Seiko therefore you don’t need to doubt the reliability of the watch. It uses a single replaceable lithium-ion battery that can last you up to 2 years. If you are still not convinced then let us tell you that watch comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

To conclude, this is the best rectangular watch for men under 100 dollars with the only shortcoming of not being water-resistant.

The Good
  • Alligator embossed leather strap
  • Quartz movement
  • 2 years battery life on a single coin cell battery
  • Reasonably priced rectangle watch
The Bad
  • Not waterproof

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6. Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel

Citizen Eco-Drive

The next watch on our list is Citizen Eco-Drive. It is a solar-powered rectangle watch that can also be charged using indoor fluorescent light. Also, once the battery is fully charged it will run for up to 6 months without any further exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, this rectangle watch will charge itself to full capacity in 11hrs under sunlight and takes 120hr to charge fully in indoor lightning. Citizen Eco-Drive comes with a 24mm gold stainless steel strap. Also, the rectangle watch case is 32mm across and 8mm thick therefore watch won’t look too small or too big on your hand.

Besides all that, you can also read time in the night as the watch comes with luminous watch hands that make watch hands glow in dark. The watch also comes with a small dedicated date window available at 3 o clock position. The dial of the watch is protected by a hardened mineral glass which will protect it from scratches, hits, and bumps.

Citizen Eco-Drive is a watch that can also survive occasional splashes of water and rain as it is water-resistant up to 30m. To conclude, under the $210 price tag you are getting the best rectangular watch for the price as not only watch is classy but also doesn’t require battery replacement or a winding mechanism. And, you also get 5 years warranty with the watch so without a doubt, this watch is a complete bang for your bucks.

The Good
  • 11hr of solar charging will last for 6 months
  • Dedicated date window
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Watch hands glow in the dark
  • 5 years limited warranty

The Bad
  • The stainless strap makes the watch a little heavy
  • Not recommended for users with a large wrist size

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Best Rectangular Watches For Women

7. Seiko Women’s Watch

Seiko woman watch

The next rectangular watch for ladies is made by none other than Seiko. This watch features a Croco embossed leather so the strap looks like it’s made of reptile’s skin. The watch also comes with a white dial with Roman numerals which gives the rectangular watch a vintage look. It also sports a gold case that only adds to the gorgeous looks of the watch.

The problem with most watches is that you need to replace the battery every now and then. Also, there is always a chance that a jeweler can break your watch while replacing the battery on your watch. However, you won’t have to face the issue with this watch as it is a solar watch. Simply place the Seiko watch under the sun and the battery of your watch will be charged using solar energy. Once fully charged, the watch will run for 12 months without any further exposure to the sun.

Talking about the dimensions of the watch, the case of the watch is 18mm across and 5.9mm thick. The watch dial is protected by hardlex glass which will protect your watch from occasional impacts and thud. Besides that, you won’t have to remove the watch while washing your hand as the watch is also water-resistant up to 30m.

So to sum it up, ladies if you are looking for a rectangular watch that comes close to the original tank watch from Cartier then this is the best rectangle watch for you. The simplicity and elegance of the watch alone is all reason to recommend this Seiko watch so give it a look.

The Good
  • Solar watch
  • Hardlex glass protects watch dial
  • Simple and elegant watch display
  • Breathable leather band
  • Leather with a reptile skin pattern

The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming and other similar activities

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8. Peugeot Women’s Watch

Peugeot women's rectangular watch

This rectangular watch for ladies is from Peugeot, once a luxury watchmaker now known for its affordable dress watches. So ladies if you are looking for a dress watch under $100 then take a look at this watch. It’s a vintage-looking rectangular watch that will go perfectly with all your dresses.

It sports a 26mm gold plated watch case and is also only 9mm thick. The watch case feels comfortable on your wrist as it is slightly curved which ensures it gives you a perfect grip. Moreover, it sports a 10mm leather strap that is perfect for ladies with wrist sizes between 6 to 8 inches.

Also, the watch sports blue metallic watch hands and roman markings on the dial that gives the watch a minimalistic and refined look. Besides its looks, the watch comes with a Japanese quartz movement made by Seiko that assures the watch always tells you the correct time. The design of the watch seems to watch definitely seems to be inspired by Cartier tank-style watches. And, you can buy the watch in 7 different colors which are red, black, blue, brown, green, pink, and tan.

Overall, this is a great rectangular watch for ladies if you are a little tight on the budget. The only shortcoming of this watch is that it’s not water-resistant and if it is not a deal-breaker for you then give this watch a look.

The Good
  • Affordable rectangle watch
  • Japanese quartz movement assures accuracy of the watch
  • Vintage design
  • Perfect tank style dress watch for ladies

The Bad
  • Leather shows signs of age after few months
  • Not waterproof

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9. Citizen Women’s Watch EJ5850-57E

Classic rectangular watch

This rectangular watch from Citizen looks no less than a piece of jewelry. Hence ladies if you want a multi-purpose watch that you can wear while giving presentations or when you are out for dinner then look no further. If you already like the silver finish of the watch then trust us when we tell you, it looks even better in real life.

Most watches can become inaccurate or lose some time as time goes by but not this watch as it comes with the Japanese quartz movement. The size of the watch case is 18mm across and only 6.5mm thick. It sports a 13mm silver band which makes the watch perfect for ladies who prefer petite dress watches. Furthermore, the watch dial can also survive occasional hit and bumps as it comes with mineral glass protection.

Also, it is water-resistant up to 99ft that ensures the watch won’t get damaged with occasional splashes or rain. However, wearing it while going swimming or submerging in water is not recommended as it will damage the watch. Overall, this is a great rectangular watch for women who like petite watches.

The Good
  • Gorgeous petite watch
  • The perfect watch for women with small wrist
  • Waterproof up to 99ft
  • Reasonably priced

The Bad
  • Links need to be removed to get the perfect fit

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Buying Guide For Best Rectangular Watch

1. Style Of  The Watch

There are mainly two types of rectangular watches available: watches with leather and stainless steel straps. If you want a watch that is durable and will last for a long time then we would recommend going with bracelet watches.

However, if you like a watch that is comfortable to wear and also looks perfect with your dresses then we would advise you to go with watches with leather straps. They are not as durable as bracelet watches but they are definitely good-looking.

Hence, choose the watch that fulfills all your needs as well as the style quotient.

2. Battery Life

If you don’t want a watch that needs its battery to be replaced every once in a while then we would recommend Seiko or Citizen watch. Both these watches can be charged using solar charging or indoor lightning. Both these watches will ensure that you won’t have to go to a jewelry store for battery replacement.

However, if you don’t mind a trip to a jewelry store every year or two then all the watches here would be perfect for you.

3. Durability And Waterproofing Capabilities

We would start by saying that rectangular watches are dress watches and won’t offer durability like G-Shock. Therefore the best option for you is to go with a watch that comes with stainless steel strap if want to wear the watch 24*7. If durability is not a big concern for you then we would recommend going with leather watches as they are perfect dress watches.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ensure the watch you selected has at least splash resistance as you would definitely need a watch that can be cleaned every once in a while.


What Are Rectangular Watches Called?

Watches that have rectangle cases are called Rectangular watches only.

What Is The Best Cheap Rectangular Watch?

Peugeot Vintage Classic is the best cheapest rectangular watch that you can buy. Not only is this watch affordable but also stylish looking and it will go perfectly go along with all your dresses.

Which Is The Best Seiko Rectangular Watch?

Seiko SUP880 is the best rectangular watch as it is reasonably priced and also offers solar charging.

Which Is The Best Looking Rectangular Watch For Ladies?

Citizen Women's Watch EJ5850-57E is the best long rectangular watch for ladies. It's a gorgeous and elegant-looking watch that is water-resistant up to 30m.

Are Rectangular Watches In Style?

Yes, rectangular watches are still very much in style and are also popular as dress watches. They go perfectly well with all your dresses such as Tux, Shirts, Polo and even casual dresses.

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