10 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands To Give Your Wrist A Fresh New Look

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The first Samsung smartwatch was launched in 2013. It has since then gone on to make a name for itself as a reliable smartwatch. Today Samsung Galaxy Watch series has become a worthy alternative to the Apple Watch family.

The watch is available in 2 variants 46mm and 42 mm. Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm uses a standard 22mm strap while the 42mm version uses a standard 20mm band. So if you are looking for a replacement band for Galaxy Watch, you have come to the right place.

We have hand-selected the best straps for Samsung Galaxy 42mm and 46mm (variants) including silicon, leather, stainless steel, or wrinkly scrunchie bands. We have something for everyone.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands Comparison Table





Best Overall

Barton Elite Red Silicon strap for Samsung Galaxy watch

Barton Elite Silicon

  • Band Size- 20mm and 22mm

  • Built Material- Silicon

  • Wrist Size- 5”-8”(Inches), (127mm - 203mm)

Best For Outdoor Activities

NewWays Band


  • Band Size- 22mm

  • Built Material- Silicon

  • Wrist Size- 5.7”-7.8” (Inches), (144mm - 198mm)

Best Design

Leotop Leather Band


  • Band Size- 22mm

  • Built Material- Vegetable Tanned Leather

  • Wrist Size- 6.9”-8.07”(inches),(175mm-205mm)

Best For Ladies

PENKEY Scrunchie band


  • Band Size- 20mm

  • Built Material- Elastic and Soft Fabric

  • Wrist Size- 4.8”-8.4”(Inches), (121mm- 213mm)

Best Replacement Bands For Samsung Galaxy Watch

1. Leotop

Leotop Leather Band

Looking for something leather? Here it is. Leotop band is made up of vegetable-tanned leather, the leather that is made using this process are of high quality. This process maintains leather’s original characteristics.

Leotop Band is the best leather band for Samsung Galaxy Watch as it ensures that there is no obstruction between the watch and your wrist, thus ensuring your heart rate sensor works smoothly.

Nylon stitching on leather gives a premium and old-school look. Calfskin gives the Leotop band a smooth finish making it comfortable for users to wear all the time.

The band is compatible with users having wrist sizes between 6.9”-8.07”(inches) (175mm-205mm). Leotop strap fits 22mm lugs making it compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm variant). It is available in four colors which are Black, Brown, Green, and Coffee.

Wearing this band will surely turn some heads around. The good looks will compliment your personality and style. So if you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy Watch band with genuine leather, go for it.

The Good
  • Unique design

  • Retro Looks

  • High-quality material used

  • Suitable for any occasion

  • Easy to install and remove

The Bad
  • Not recommended for an intense workout

  • Leather produces brown film because of age

  • Buckle feels flimsy

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2. Barton Elite Silicone

Barton Elite Red Silicon strap for Samsung Galaxy watch

Some users prefer silicone bands simply because silicone is lightweight and has great tensile strength. Users can take it to the shower, swimming, or go to the gym with ease.

Barton Elite Silicone band does all that and more. It has a unique slide keeper which gives a better grip to users. Band colors are not too vibrant or too muted, making them just perfect.

It also has a quick-release spring bar that allows users to quickly remove and install the strap. It is also rated as the bestseller in Men’s Watch Bands on Amazon.

Band thickness is perfect and you will love this red strap for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Don’t worry, your options are not limited as this band is available in whopping 39 colors. And it also includes several gorgeous two-tone color combinations.

It is compatible with a wrist size of 5”-8”(Inches) and is available in both 20mm and 22mm sizes. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm as well as Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

The Good
  • Hassle-free installation

  • Odor and dust resistant

  • Waterproof in nature

  • The band is lightweight

  • Tough and durable

The Bad
  • Not suitable for users with sensitive skin

  • The strap is quite slim

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PENKEY Scrunchie band

Ladies, if you are looking for something cute and unique, your search ends now. This wrinkle band for Samsung Galaxy Watch is from PENKEY. The elastic design of the band makes it easy to wear.

It is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm. This wrinkle band is available in 9 colors, that are Black, Black Palid, Flowers, Gray, Leopard print, Pink, Small Leopard print, Sunflower, and Rainbow.

It’s bright and vibrant colors will go perfectly with your daily outfits. Elastic has good tension and ensures a good grip which makes it perfect for users with a wrist size of 4.8”-8.4”(Inches).

PENKEY scrunchie band is the perfect gift accessory for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or someone you care about.

The Good
  • Well Constructed

  • Good Flexibility

  • Vibrant Colors

  • Perfect for any occasion

The Bad
  • Elastic tight for some users

  • Not Waterproof

  • May succumb to wear and tear

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RABUZI Stainless steel band

Stainless steel design is one of the classic designs of the watch industry. We can’t do any injustice to this iconic design so we recommend you RABUZI.

It is made of 316L stainless steel to simply put it is military-grade steel, thus making it highly corrosion resistant.

This stainless steel band is for Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm. The band is available in Black, Black+Blue, Black+Orange, Black+Red, Silver, Silver+Blue, Silver+Orange, Silver+Red colors.

RABUZI strap will give your watch an entirely new and fresh look. Stainless steel watches were also known as tool watches in the past which means a watch that can survive extreme environments.

Today, everyone from James Bond to everyday users prefers metal straps. It will undoubtedly complement your daily looks. From weekend barbeques to office meetings you can’t go wrong with this one.

It is a durable and long-lasting band, go for it. The strap has two link sizes so you get a comfortable grip according to your need. Moreover, it is compatible with users having a wrist size of 5.7”-7-1” (145mm-180mm).

The Good
  • The band is durable

  • Easy to install and adjust

  • Quick-release pin

  • Various Color schemes

The Bad
  • Too bulky

  • Prone to scratches

  • Pinches arm hair

  • Loses finish with time

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5. QusFy

QusFy Rose Gold band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm

Rose Gold color is all the rage right now. That’s why QusFy is the best Rose Gold band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

Rose Gold color isn’t the only thing that this band has got going for itself. It also has a unique ventilated design which makes them comfortable to wear.

It has a magnetic clasp instead of a traditional spring bar clasp. Magnetic clasp ensures comfortable grip all the time. So if you happen to be looking for a Magnetic band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, you are in luck.

The strap is available in 2 sizes, small for wrist size between 5.7”-8.7” and large for wrist size between 6.3”-9.8”.

Its versatile looks and elegant color options will enhance your style making them perfect for every occasion. The strap is made up of stainless steel still it’s highly flexible making sure you enjoy wearing your watch.

The Good
  • Attractive design

  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Magnetic clasp

  • Easy to wear

  • Breathable design

The Bad
  • Snags clothing

  • Pinches arm hair

  • Not suitable for workout

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6. Olytop

Olytop Nylon Band

Looking for something other than Silicon, Metal, or Wrinkle band?

Let me introduce you to the Olytop nylon band that fits in 22mm lugs. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm variant. Olytop offers high durability so you can go to the gym without any worries.

Nylon makes it comfortable to wear and breathable so it can be worn for a longer period. No matter whether you are resting or working, the Olytop Nylon band is perfect for every occasion.

The band is 3mm thick and made using 2-layer construction. It has high tensile strength and also has high-quality strap keepers for a firm grip. Olytop is compatible with users having wrist sizes between 5.9”-8.1”(150mm-205mm) and weighs 0.81 ounces.

It is available as a pack of 2 and in 7 color combinations, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

The Good
  • High-Quality material

  • Breathable

  • Recommended for sensitive skin

  • 2 band combo

  • High tensile strength

The Bad
  • Not waterproof

  • Extra care required

  • May produce odor

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7. Wearlizer

Wearlizer Slim Leather Band

Leather is timeless. It goes with everything from weddings, birthdays to office meetings and presentations. Presenting Wearlizer Brown leather band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

Wearlizer brown band is available in both 20mm and 22mm size. It is also available in 8 exciting colors, Beige, Black, Brown, Flower-BackWhite, Flower-BlackPink, Pink, PinkGrey, and Rose Gold.

It fits the wrist size of 6.3”-9”(157mm-227mm) and weighs 0.422 ounces. The band also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Unlike other leather bands, it has a unique trendy T-shape design. Leather is more comfortable than silicone bands, so it’s perfect for users who get rashes from sweat and moisture.

The Good
  • Comfortable size for everyone

  • Easy to use

  • Relax and breathable band

  • Soft leather

  • Thin strap

The Bad
  • Not waterproof

  • Short Leather lifecycle

  • Leather loses its polish quality

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8. Barton Watch Bands

BARTON Nylon band

Barton is a well-known brand and makes great quality straps. One of their many such great bands is Nato style Band.

It is overall the best band for Samsung Galaxy Watch on our list. Barton Galaxy Watch bands are made up of ballistic nylon. This band is machine washable, and also waterproof, moreover, it can be worn for a long period without any discomfort.

The band is available in 27 colors so you can choose the one that fits your style. The strap is available for both 20mm and 22mm lugs, making it compatible with both Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm.

It is available in standard wrist size (5” to 7 ½” ) and long wrist size (6” to 8 ½”), so it doesn’t matter what wrist size you have, Banton has a band for you. Its unique design also allows you to swap bands easily without removing the spring bar.

The Good
  • No stitching design

  • Waterproof and washable

  • Comfortable and breathable

  • Easy Installation

  • Recommended for users with sensitive skin

The Bad
  • Spring bar not included

  • Flimsy Clasp

  • Obstructs heart rate sensor

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9. NewWays

NewWays Band

Looking for a band which can go swimming with you? We have something for you.

Presenting NewWays Silicone band for fitness freaks. This high-quality sports band is available in 22mm size and it’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm.

The band is available as a pack of 2 bands and it fits users with wrist sizes of 5.7”-7.8”. It is extremely lightweight and durable and at the same time, it is available at a reasonable price.

NewWays bands are made of silicone, hence making them waterproof. You can take your band with you to the gym and then straight to the shower. It is also dirt resistant and also has great ventilation, plus it only weighs 1.58 ounces.

The Good
  • Waterproof band

  • The band is lightweight

  • Perfect for outdoor sports

  • Easy to wear

The Bad
  • Silicone may cause a rash

  • Not comfortable for sleeping

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10. Benchmark Basics Leather NATO Strap

Benchmark strap

NATO style bands are a fun and unique way to show off your smartwatch and they are easy and comfortable to wear.

NATO straps were developed by the British Ministry of Defence. Later, the soldiers used to wear different types of bands to showcase their regiment.

Benchmark basics bands are made of crazy horse leather and their strap is available in several colors. It also sports smooth polished buckles which compliment the band’s unique colors.

The straps are available in both 20mm and 22mm sizes, so they are compatible with both Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm and 46 mm variants.

Benchmark basics are available in 8 colors, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Oxblood, Sand, and Tan.

Their versatile looks will ensure you always look good from boardroom meetings to weekend parties. The band is breathable so you can even sleep without any discomfort while wearing them.

The Good
  • Matte finish

  • High-quality material

  • Stylish and unique looking

  • Perfect for any occasion and day to day use

The Bad
  • Rough Edges

  • The strap is thin (1.5mm)

  • Sweat and moisture affect leather

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Can You Change The Band On A Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Yes, you can change the band on your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Which Watch Band Is Most Comfortable?

Olytop and Barton Elite Silicone are the most comfortable bands. Nylon and Silicone bands are lightweight, water, and dirt resistant. It all boils down to user preference and needs. Example- Stainless steel bands and leather bands are not recommended for working out but Silicone bands are.

What Size Band Does The Galaxy Watch Use?

22mm and 20mm, depending on the model. Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm variant uses 22m bands while Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm model uses 20mm band.

Can I Shower With A Galaxy Watch?

Yes, Galaxy Watch has an IP68 rating making it water and dust resistant.

Are Watch Straps Universal?

Strap compatibility depends on the size of lugs your watch supports. For Example- Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm supports 20mm lugs therefore all 20mm bands are supported by the watch. Hence any 20mm strap would fit the watch but a 22mm strap would be incompatible.

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