Best Smart Backpacks For Travel, Work, And School

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From phones to TVs to cars everything is becoming smart today so why should bags stay behind. These days you can find new types of backpacks in the market that are called smart backpacks.

These backpacks do more than just storing your stuff and therefore called smart backpacks. Some smart features of these backpacks are USB charging, separate Laptop compartment, LTA scan compatibility, solar charging, anti-theft, and more.

These smart backpacks can be used for traveling, office and work, schools, colleges, etc. If you want to cope up with modern technologies and want to look cool at the same time then you can try these backpacks. Here we have handpicked some of the best smart backpacks after doing intensive research so you can save some time on that.

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Best Smart Backpack Comparison Table





Best Overall

Nomatic smart travel backpack

Nomatic Backpack

  • TSA Scan Compatible

  • RFID blocker

  • 17-inch laptop compartment

Most Stylish

LED screen Backpack

Smart LED Pix Backpack

  • LED display

  • Programmable Screen

  • 15-inch laptop compartment

Music Backpack

Bluetooth speaker backpack with subwoofer

Bluetooth Speaker Backpack

  • 20 Watt Bluetooth speakers

  • Inbuilt Battery

  • 15-inch laptop compartment

Solar Charging Backpack

Solar backpack
Sunnybag Explorer+ 
  • Solar Charging

  • Durable

  • 15-inch laptop compartment

The Best Smart Backpacks For The New Generation

1. Nomatic Backpack

Nomatic smart travel backpack

The first on our list is a backpack from Nomatic that is making a lot of noise since its arrival. The reason is that it is one of the most functional backpacks you will ever see.

In total, you get 20 pockets on this backpack so you have different compartments for different kinds of stuff. There is an RFID blocking compartment with some hidden pockets for anti-theft security. Along with that, you get a notebook pocket and a protective shell for sunglasses. Also, there are multiple mesh zipper pockets which overall makes it the most functional backpack ever.

Even after having so many pockets, the bag looks sleek and lightweight. Moreover, it’s a 20L backpack that can be further extended to a 24L by using expansion zippers at the bottom. It allows you to store more stuff in the same backpack when you need extra space. Also, you can easily place your laptop up to 17-inch size inside this backpack.

For charging your electronic gadgets there is a pass-through hole in each compartment, so you can run a charging cable in each compartment and charge your gadget without taking them out of your bag. Another cool feature of this backpack is that it is TSA scan friendly i.e. it opens up into two compartments which makes it easy for the security guy to scan it in no time.

Also, the RFID protected compartments are a great feature to have in order to stay safe from the digital thieves who are ready to steal your information using RFID scanners. Also, there are hidden pockets where you can keep your most valuable items.

Overall, the Nomatic backpack is one of the most functional backpacks that has space for all your stuff. Also, advanced features such as scan compatibility and RFID protected compartment really makes it a smart backpack.

The Good
  • Volume expansion system

  • Anti-theft security

  • Scan friendly

  • Has multiple compartments

  • Can charge electronic gadgets inside the bag itself

The Bad
  • Expensive backpack

  • Zipper quality is not that good

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2. YOREPEK Backpack

smart school backpack

If you want to buy a large capacity backpack that can carry all your stuff at once then this is the backpack for you. Its 50L capacity is very spacious and can easily store your books, laptops, tablets, clothes and therefore it’s fit for your travel, school, and office purposes.

Also, it is a TSA-approved backpack so it can easily open up to 90 or 180 degrees making it easy to scan at TSA checkpoints for a streamlined travel experience. If you are a frequent flyer you would love this backpack as it will make your life much easier.

Moreover, it has an External USB port with a set-in charging cable that offers a convenient charging solution for your cellphone and other electronic devices on the move. However, the backpack doesn’t have a built-in battery so you will have to carry your own power bank for charging your gadgets. Also, there are holes in the bag for easy headphone use so you can listen to music while your device is still inside the backpack.

The bag is water-resistant so it can handle a bit of rain as well so you don’t need to invest in a rain cover for it. Your belongings will be safe inside this backpack even if you forget to take your umbrella with you on a rainy day.

Besides that, the backpack is also comfortable to wear and you can walk the whole day wearing it on your back. The mesh shoulder straps and 3D U shaped ventilation design keeps air flowing and prevents sweating so you can stay at the right temperature throughout your journey.

Overall, if you are looking for a large capacity backpack, which also has smart features then this is the right backpack for you.

The Good
  • Very spacious backpack

  • TSA approved

  • External USB port for charging your devices

  • Water-resistant

  • Comfortable to wear

The Bad
  • No RFID compartment

  • Weak stitching

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3. Smart LED Pix Backpack

LED screen Backpack

Now comes the backpack that’s not only smart but also looks smart. It has a pixelated LED display screen at the back that can display your mood in the form of images and animations. You can set what to show on the screen using your smartphone after syncing it to the backpack.

Besides using stock images and animations you can also draw something on your own to display it on the bag’s screen. It kinda gives that bag a more personalized look. Also, the LED screen makes you visible at night time which is a safety feature when you are walking on the roads in the dark.

To power the LED screen you have to plug the backpack into a power bank that supports 2A output. But, the backpack doesn’t come with a power bank you will have to buy it separately.

Apart from a funky looking backpack, it is also very functional and can easily be your daily carrier. It is very spacious and has a volume of 27L that can support a 15-inch laptop, along with your books, clothes, and other kinds of stuff.

However, there is no anti-theft protection provided in it so if you are looking for a bag that can keep your belongings safe from thieves then it’s not for you. But if you want something cool that can turn heads when you are in the crowd then it is definitely for you. It is also a great smart backpack for kids to show their creativity and store their belongings.

The Good
  • LED display

  • Spacious backpack

  • Can draw anything on the screen

  • Looks cool and funky

  • Durable design

The Bad
  • No Anti-theft security

  • No power bank provided


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4. Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers

Bluetooth speaker backpack with subwoofer

Are you a party animal? Then we have this crazy smart backpack for you that comes with 20-watt Bluetooth speakers so that you can start a party anywhere anytime you want. Take it to the beach, festivals, and parties and see yourself become the center of attraction.

The sound quality of the speakers according to reviews on Amazon seems to be very loud and clear. Also, the speakers are removable so you can also use them independently.

It has got a built-in rechargeable battery, which powers the speakers so you don’t have to buy a power bank for them. With the integrated battery, you can also charge your smartphones on the go.

The battery is also long-lasting on this backpack. It will easily last up to 8 hours on continuous music playback, which is really great when you are partying in remote locations where there is no electricity.

Even after having built-in speakers, there is a lot of room for other stuff, and you can even put your 15-inch laptop in it.

The build quality seems quite sturdy, also it’s water-resistant so the speakers are safe inside. Overall, it’s a unique backpack that deserves to be on this list and your back.

The Good
  • Comes with built-in subwoofers

  • The sound quality is crisp and clear

  • Has integrated rechargeable battery

  • Water-resistant and durable

  • Spacious

The Bad
  • No anti-theft security

  • Available in limited color options

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5. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack

Solar backpack

If you are an outdoor person who likes to spends most time of your day out in the lap of mother nature then this backpack is something you will love to have. It comes with removable solar charging plates that can charge your phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other electronic gadgets when you are outdoors.

It supports 6-watt power output that charges your gizmos in no time. If you are a tech geek who keeps a lot of electronics while traveling then this backpack is a necessity for you.

The backpack is quite spacious as well so you can easily carry all your gadgets including a 15-inch laptop without an issue. Also, it is water-resistant so all your devices are going to be safe inside it.

The backpack seems quite durable as well so it will easily last a few years. Overall, if you were looking for a backpack for hiking, camping, and other adventures then the Sunnybag Explorer is the right product for you.

The Good
  • Solar charging

  • Water-resistant

  • Spacious backpack

  • Durable

  • Comfortable to wear

The Bad
  • No anti-theft security

  • Limited color and size options

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6. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein travel laptop backpack

If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend much on a backpack, but you still want to get a smart backpack that has anti-theft security, USB charging, and a separate laptop compartment then this right here is a backpack for you.

It has an external USB port that connects to the power bank(not included) using the internal charging cable so that you can charge your phone, tablets, and other gadgets on the go.

The backpack also has lots of storage space and different compartments to keep your stuff organized. Moreover, there is a separate laptop pocket that can accommodate laptops up to 15-inch screen size. There are also hidden pockets on it to protect your valuable items from thieves.

It’s a slim backpack and also comes with a luggage strap that makes it easy to fit on a suitcase and trolley bags. This overall makes it a good smart travel backpack that is easy to carry.

Also, the bag is built with durable and water-resistant material, which gives it a long life. Moreover, it is available in various color options so you can get one that comes in your favorite color.

Moreover, the backpack comes with ventilated padding which makes it comfortable to wear all day long. Thus it considered good for travel, school, and office purposes.

The Good
  • Very affordable

  • USB port for mobile charging

  • Has hidden pockets

  • Built with durable and water repellent fabric

  • Available in various color options

The Bad
  • No RFID

  • No splashproof fabric

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7. Kopack Backpack

Anti theft backpack

If you live in a theft-prone city and are always surrounded by would-be thieves then this smart anti-theft backpack from Kopack can keep your belongings safe.

With hidden zippers and pockets it’s hard for thieves to get access to your stuff without you knowing since there are no pockets or zippers on the front side of the backpack.

So it gives you peace of mind when you are traveling through a theft-prone area. Not just that, but it also has smart features like external USB charging which allows you to charge your devices when they are running low on juice.

Also, it is a TSA scan compatible backpack so you won’t have to wait much at security checkpoints to get your backpack scanned by the security personnel. This makes it a good smart backpack for travel as well.

It is built with water-resistant fabric that is also scratch-proof so we can say that it is a durable backpack. Moreover, you get a rain cover which gives double protection from the rain.

Also, there is a cool security feature on this backpack that makes you visible in the night time using the two reflective stripes on it. Overall, Kopack Backpack is a good buy if you are looking for a smart anti-theft backpack under budget.

The Good
  • Affordable backpack

  • Hidden zippers and pockets

  • External USB charging

  • Comes with a rain cover

  • TSA scan compatible

The Bad
  • No RFID Protection

  • Scratch proof but not slash proof

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Buying Guide For Best Smart Backpacks

best smart backpack buying guide

Not every backpack is smart hence buying a smart backpack is not as same as buying a regular bag. Here are some important factors you should look for in a smart backpack before buying one for yourself.

1. USB Charging

These days we carry a lot of gadgets with us. To keep them charged a smart backpack must support USB charging so that we don’t have to look out for a power outlet every now and then. There are also backpacks that come with a built-in battery while some need an external power bank to support charging. Based on your preference you can pick a backpack accordingly.

2. TSA Scan Compatible

If you are looking for a smart backpack for traveling purposes then you must look at whether it is TSA Scan compatible or not. A smart scan backpack opens up into two compartments at 180 degrees allowing the scanning process to happen quickly so you can get rid of the formalities in no time.

3. Anti-Theft Features

A smart backpack should also have theft protection features such as a hidden zipper and compartments so that it can prevent thieves from stealing your valuable items.

Some smart backpacks also support RFID blocking, which is an added advantage as scammers today can steal your information transmitted through your RFID enabled cards. Putting your cards and passport in a smart RFID blocking bag reduces the chances of your information leaking to the scammers.

4. Multiple Compartments

Having multiple compartments on a backpack makes it easy to organize your stuff. A smart backpack must have multiple compartments and pockets for storing your clothes, books, and other valuable items. Most importantly it should have a separate laptop compartment that can keep your laptop secure while traveling.

5. Water-Resistance

Along with smart features, a smart backpack must be durable as well and it must be water-resistant if not completely waterproof. This will make sure that all your stuff inside the bag stays safe during your travel.

6.  Additional Features

There are also some other features available on a smart backpack that you won’t find on any ordinary bag such as Bluetooth music speakers, LED display, and solar charging. You can go with a Bluetooth music backpack if you love to party or you can gift your child a backpack with an LED screen so that they can show their creativity on it.

Similarly, for hiking, camping, and traveling you can buy a backpack that comes with a solar charging feature so that you can keep your electronic gadgets charged without looking for a power outlet.


Are Smart Backpacks Waterproof?

Not completely waterproof but they are water-resistant that can handle rain showers but don’t take them out if it’s raining heavily.

Are Smart Backpacks Allowed On A Plane?

If your backpack contains a built-in battery you cannot take it on the plane without removing it. That’s because a lithium-ion battery can cause fire hazards on the plane which is not safe at all.

How Many Devices Can I Charge With A Smart Backpack?

You can charge one device at a time.

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