7 Best Smart Rings You Can Buy

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Yes, smart rings do exist and they are not offering gimmicky features that are of no use to anyone. Today with the help of smart rings like Oura you can lead a better and healthy life. Not only that, you can use them to make payments using NFC, monitor your sleep, blood oxygen, and a lot more.

However, finding the right smart ring that actually works well is no easy task. That’s why I used & selected the 7 best smart rings that you can buy for yourself right now. Each one of them is unique and different in its own way.

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Best Smart Ring Comparison Table





Best Smart Ring For Health And Wellness

best smart ring OURA

OURA 3rd Generation Ring

  • Gives Sleep Score

  • Improved heart rate tracking accuracy

  • Amazing features for female health tracking

Best NFC Ring For Contactless Payments

Mclear smart ring for nfc payment


  • Is made of Hypoallergenic material

  • Easy to activate or deactivate in case the ring gets lost

  • Waterproof NFC ring

Best Smart Ring For Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate monitoring



  • Monitor blood oxygen and heart rate in real-time

  • Water and dust resistant

  • Magnetic wireless charging

Best Smart Rings

1. COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring

colmo smart ring for tesla

Are you Tesla Model 3 owner, like me? I often find myself opening the Tesla app to unlock my car again and again. Sometimes I even forget to carry my key card when making a quick run to my car. In these scenarios, I found my COLMO Model 3 smart ring to be very useful.

If you are ever in a situation where you forgot your key card or phone then you can use your COLMO ring to unlock your car. Pretty cool right?

I would recommend using this ring as a replacement for your Tesla Model 3 key card. What COLMO has done here is, removed the chip from a Tesla Model 3 driver key card, and put it in this ring. So you can pair this key with your Tesla, and you would be able to unlock your car with this ring anytime, anywhere.

To use the ring, just go to the driver’s side of the car, and there would be an RFID reader inbuilt into the center of the B-beam. I simply touched the beam like you are fist-bumping someone and my car got unlocked automatically.

There are several rings available with similar features but I prefer this one because it is made of Zirconia ceramics which gives it a smooth finish. It also doesn’t cause any skin irritation and ensures that your car doesn’t get scratched.

COLMO Model 3 Smart Ring also comes with a cool Tesla logo but you can also get one without the logo. You can also customize the ring and engrave the ring with any name, logo, or anything of your preference.

The ring is available in sizes 6-12 (US Size). This is a pretty cool smart ring for Tesla Model 3 owners and since it’s a ring it would always remain in your hand. You can use it as your main key or backup key.

The Good
  • Amazing looks
  • Ceramic finish
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Ability to customize the ring
  • No charging or battery required
The Bad
  • Bulky size for some users
  • Inconsistent performance

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best smart ring OURA

In my opinion, any smart ring list would be incomplete if OURA isn’t on the list. I mean OURA is definitely the best smart ring when it comes to health and wellness tracking. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Prince Harry have been spotted wearing one. But that’s not what all the hype is about.

OURA comes with various inbuilt sensors which include an accelerometer, infrared LED sensors, seven temperature sensors, and a gyroscope. Using Oura 3rd gen ring I was able to monitor my sleep, and body temperature and measure my pulse through the arteries of my finger.

3rd Gen Oura smart ring also has various built-in features for women like period tracking. Using the temperature sensor & other vitals it can track your body’s health trends & predict future cycles.

This smart ring works best with its companion app which is also called OURA. The app is available on both App Store and Play Store, making it compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Through the app, I was able to know my sleep score which told me the quality of sleep I am getting. The score is given out of 100 and is decided by the OURA’s algorithm. This really motivated me to adopt a better lifestyle & I loved using this smart ring for the same reason.

Moreover, it also continuously monitored my heart rate 24*7 and used this data to calculate my readiness, activity, & sleep score.

The readiness score tells my overall physical, mental, and emotional health & gives me an idea about my ability to perform the task. Sleep score is decided on the basis of my heart rate, REM cycle, and how much deep sleep I am getting. Then based on the score I got personalized recommendations to increase my score. Activity score depends on how active you were during the day. In my opinion, this is the best fitness smart ring that money can buy.

All this information is extremely useful for every fitness and health enthusiast. It would allow you to gain valuable insight into your bad habits and then focus on areas where you need to improve. Overall this is a great ring for health and wellness.

The ring is powered by an inbuilt battery and can last up to 3-4 days. It can also store 6 days’ worth of data then you have to sync with your smartphone.

The Good
  • Found the ring comfortable to wear
  • Has meditation & breathing exercises
  • Health data can be synced to Google Fit & Apple Health
  • Good battery life

The Bad
  • Can’t be considered a smartwatch replacement
  • Requires a subscription plan to use all the features

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Mclear smart ring for nfc payment

McLEAR is known for making the best NFC ring & the next ring that I used extensively is from them. This is a minimalistic and cool-looking smart ring from them. It is the latest NFC smart ring from them & it is better than most NFC rings available in the market.

This ring is made of ceramic which is a hypoallergenic material. Plus, ceramic gives the ring a better range & doesn’t hinder the NFC signal emanating from the ring. I also found the ceramic ring to be better looking & scratch resistant than metal.

Ceramic is brittle but this ring still survived the occasional drops that it faced while I used the ring. It also has an IP66 rating, which means it is dust and water-resistant so you can wear it anytime and anywhere without any worries.

Previous gen watches didn’t support iOS devices but this gen McLEAR smart ring support both iOS & Android. This is the best smart ring with NFC that you can use to make contactless payments.

The ring is available in sizes 4.5 to 16, and in two colors black and white. Overall McLEAR NFC ring is definitely worth it. As it can make your mundane tasks more interactive and engaging.

The Good
  • Hypoallergenic material ensures no skin irritation
  • Smooth Ceramic Finish
  • Minimalistic and sleek design
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
The Bad
  • Limited features

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4. Wellue O2Ring

best smart rings for health

Every user has different needs, some want their rings to open cars so some want them to be their health companion. WellueO2Ring is a smart ring that is a health tracker, it can track your SpO2 level, sleep, and Heart rate and give you a detailed report.

Using it I was able to monitor my blood oxygen level & heart rate at the same time. I also set a vibration alarm that supposedly wakes the user if blood oxygen falls below the set label. It never alerted me as it didn’t fall below the set limit.

Not only that it also gives you the ability to download a detailed report about health data in PDF and CSV format through the app Vihealth. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, it is also compatible with Apple Health.

You can also save your detailed reports on your smartphone, and share your reports with doctors or health professionals. The ring also has inbuilt storage that can save up to 4 sessions with each session being 10hrs in duration. WellueO2Ring has decent battery life and should last half a day.

You won’t need to buy a bulky SpO2 monitor you can just go with WellueO2Ring. The ring has a good grip and is comfortable to wear.

The Good
  • Detailed report available in-app
  • Sleek looking
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Wake up alarm
The Bad
  • Average battery life
  • Online backup requires a subscription
  • Monitoring inconsistent in smaller hands
  • The original cable needed for data transfer to pc

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5. Go2Sleep


Sleep is a very important part of my entire day & yet I take it for granted and neglect it every day. I cannot work the next day with my full potential if I don’t get a good night’s sleep. And, that’s where I found Go2Sleep from SLEEPON useful.

This smart ring is a home sleep test device that can measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep time, resting heart rate, HRV, and AHI (Apnea-hypopnea index). So if you are someone who either has sleep apnea or just looking for a better understanding of your sleep, then this is for you. Go2Sleep provides real-time information about heart rate and blood oxygen level fluctuations.

This smart ring also has inbuilt haptic feedback. Meaning if your blood oxygen level and heart rate fall below the normal level, the ring will vibrate and alert you so you can rest with complete peace of mind. You can also add your significant other, and family members in SleepOn app which would allow them to keep a check on your health.

You can also download the report in excel format, and sync all your data to the iOS device Apple Health app. So tracking your health is easy and convenient. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

It comes with a magnetic charger that charges the ring wirelessly. Go2Sleep also has an inbuilt feature called find my ring which makes finding your ring easier. With the help of the SleepOn app, you can know how far away you are from the device.

This ring is IP67 rated which makes it water, dust, and sand resistant. It is a small, sleek-looking, and feature-loaded ring.

The Good
  • Export report in excel format
  • Heart rate and blood oxygen monitor
  • Lightweight
The Bad
  • Does not sync data with Google Fit

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6) HB Ring

HB Ring

Want to see the heartbeat of your loved ones in real time? No matter what the distance HB ring can make you feel closer to your loved ones. Rings have been used as a symbol of love for thousands of centuries and this is just that.

HB ring displays the heartbeat of your loved ones directly on the ring. It has three modes real-time, saved, and surprise me. In real-time mode you see the heartbeat whenever you tap the ring, don’t worry your partner won’t know how many times you are tapping the ring. Whereas in saved mode if significant other is not available it would show you a saved heartbeat recording. Surprise me will show your partner’s heartbeat randomly during the day.

This is a waterproof smart ring made of sapphire. So it is extremely durable and should be able to withstand daily bumps.

It comes with a wireless charger for charging. There are two types of chargers available depending on the variant you buy. If you buy a pair then you will get a double piano black charger box that charges both the ring simultaneously. If you buy a single ring you will get a small black box piano ring which charges one ring at a time.

he ring is available in two variants, the first is the regular HB Ring while the other one is the 18k gold variant. It comes with two years warranty and is compatible with both Android and iOS. HB Ring is also a perfect gift accessory for your significant others.

The Good
  • Monitor the Heartbeat of your loved ones
  • Premium looking
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
The Bad
  • Expensive

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7. Alextina Smart Ring For Anxiety

ALEXTINA Anxiety Ring

Do you feel anxious or have a problem focusing? If yes then ALEXTINA smart ring for anxiety can be helpful. It has a freely movable ring on the outside that you can move in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction whenever you are under stress.

Alextina Smart Ring can be also useful in ditching some bad habits like shaking, rubbing hands, or similar coping mechanisms.

The ring is made of 316L stainless steel which is high-quality stainless steel. This steel is highly corrosion-resistant which means it won’t be losing its shine anytime soon. You can get the ring in more than 12 colors as well. And, the ring is available in 4 to 12 sizes so you can get whichever size fits the best. This is the cheapest smart ring on my list costing only $15 dollars even if you get the most expensive model.

The Good
  • Can help you in soothing anxiety
  • Unidirectional rotatable ring
  • Can be useful for dealing with stress
  • Available in different colors & patterns
  • Reasonably priced smart ring
The Bad
  • Ring makes slight noises while rotating

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Things To Consider Before Buying Any Smart Ring

1. Features

Before you make a final decision identify what features are most important for you. Are you looking for a smart ring that would make shopping easier? Or something that would help in your day-to-day health and wellness? Make sure to prioritize the features that are most important for you.

2. Size

Make sure to check whether the ring is available for your finger size. Some manufacturers also provide a size chart for reference to ensure rings fit perfectly. If you don’t know your finger size then you can also go to your nearest jewelry store and get a measurement of your fingers.

3. Design

Design is the most important factor when it comes to selecting a ring. Some rings can cause skin irritation, to avoid such a scenario make sure to select a ring that uses hypoallergenic material like ceramics, titanium, stainless steel, and so on.


What Is The Best Smart Ring?

OURA is the best overall smart ring due to its highly advanced features but other smart rings mentioned in the list are also worth checking out.

Do Smart Rings Work?

Yes, they absolutely do! Most people tend to believe they are just gimmicks but today rings have a highly sophisticated sensor built-in, that enables them to make payments, track heart rate, blood oxygen, and much more.

What Is The Purpose Of Smart Ring?

There are several types of smart rings available in the market. Some focus on your health and wellness while some might make your day-to-day life easier with features like wireless payment, NFC, and many more.

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