7 Best Smartwatches For 10 Year Old: A Gift That They Will Never Forget

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The 10th birthday of your child is indeed a milestone to celebrate as they have successfully lived and enjoyed the first decade of their life. So you must be looking to make this occasion even more special by gifting your child a present that they will always remember.

Okay, so let’s have a look at all gifting options you have: Stuffed toys? No, they are too old for that. A smartphone? No, not yet, they are too young for it. So if not toys and smartphones then what?  Umm, let’s think… How about a smartwatch? A smartwatch..really? Aren’t they young for it now? Wait, by smartwatches, we didn’t mean the ones that are made for adults we are talking about smartwatches specially designed for kids. Yes, now we are talking.

The kid’s smartwatches are child-friendly wearable devices that are made keeping your kids in mind. These are super easy to operate and have features that a growing kid would love to use. So now that you have finally made your mind to buy a smartwatch for your 10 year old kid. Let’s have a look at some good options you can opt for.

In case you’re not looking for a watch with smart features but a regular durable watch for kids then this list of G-Shock watch for kids is worth having a look at.

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Best Smartwatch For 10 Year Old Comparison Table





Best Overall

smartwatch phone for 10 year old

TickTalk 3

  • 4G + WiFi Enabled

  • Built-in GPS

  • Video Calling

Best For Adventure

Garmin Vivofit jr3

Garmin Vivofit Jr 3

  • Interactive App Experience

  • Educational Adventure

  • Fitness Tracking

Best For Kids Safety

Kids smartwatch with GPS


  • SOS Function

  • Geofencing and GPS Tracking

  • WiFi+ 4G Connectivity

Best Design

Tobi robot smartwatch

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch

  • Moveable Arms and Legs

  •  Fun Expressions and Sounds

  • AR Games

The Best Smartwatches For 10 Year Old Kids

1. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Kids smartwatch with camera

First, on our list, we have one of the highest-rated kid’s smartwatches on Amazon, the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2. Its stylish and kid-friendly design makes it popular among kids and parents alike. Also, it is available in 5 different colors that give you more options to choose from.

However, the thing that makes this smartwatch super cool is the fact that it supports a dual camera setup for capturing selfies and videos. You won’t get a super HD camera quality on it but yes it’s enough for kids to have fun with it.

Also, there are many cool filters, frames, and photo effects available on this watch that kids can use to showcase their creativity on their captured photos, which can later be used as the watch face.

Apart from all this, your kid can also enjoy a cool AR (Augmented Reality) game on this smartwatch that allows them to capture monsters in real life. It has a dedicated motion sensor for playing such games. Also, parents can upload more games to the smartwatch if they feel like it. There’s also a pedometer on this smartwatch that counts the steps of the kid and motivates them to stay active the entire day.

Besides playing it also help kids learn about time and time management as it features custom watch faces, along with a timer, alarm, and calendar. Overall, it helps kids to learn how to tell the time.

Also, operating this smartwatch is not that big of a deal, a kid can use the touch screen or the multi-function buttons provided on this smartwatch to use its functions.

The build quality is also good on this smartwatch as it features a kid-tough and splash-proof body that can handle some rough usage. Also, it has breathable straps that make it comfortable to wear 24/7.

Overall, for kids who love clicking selfies and capturing videos all the time, this smartwatch can be their next favorite gadget.

The Good
  • Comes with a dual camera
  • Built-in motion sensor and pedometer
  • Touchscreen + Buttons for easy usage
  • Can play AR games on it
  • Durable design
The Bad
  • Camera quality is just decent
  • No safety features

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2. Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch 

Tobi robot smartwatch

If ordinary is too boring for your 10-year-old kid then they will definitely like this smartwatch shaped like a robot. It has moveable arms and legs and fun expressions and sounds. This product is more than just a smartwatch it’s a friend to them.

It also has 2 cameras like the one you would find on the VTech KidiZoom smartwatch that we have discussed earlier. Kids can take cool pictures and videos using the onboard cameras of this smartwatch. It also allows the child to add effects to their photos while editing to make them look even cooler.

With the built-in motion sensor, the smartwatch allows kids to play augmented reality games like Search & Seek, learning, and dance activity games that comes pre-installed in this watch. More games can be unlocked later when kids collect enough rewards. These games help kids stay active and moving.

Also, it’s easy to use a smartwatch that can be used by kids over 4 years of age. It has a decent-sized touch screen that allows kids to operate the functions on this watch. You also get a USB cable with it that is used to charge the watch and also for transferring data(selfies and videos taken by kids) from the smartwatch to your computer.

Also, the smartwatch has a durable and splashproof design that makes it fit for rough usage. Also, apart from wearing it on the wrist, kids can also attach it to their clothes using a clip, which is included in the box. They can also place it on the tabletop with the display stand.

The Good
  • Has dual cameras for video and selfie
  • Unique design with moveable parts and fun expressions
  • Durable and splashproof design
  • Supports Augmented reality games
  • Has pedometer for step counting
The Bad
  • Can’t pair it with smartphone
  • No calling function

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3. Garmin Vivofit jr 3

Garmin Vivofit jr3

Viviofit jr 3 is Garmin’s exclusive offering for kids. This smartwatch comes in cool and funky designs that can attract the eyeballs of even grown-ups let alone kids. Also, it is built with high-quality material that gives it extra durability and also it’s swim-proof so your 10 years old can take it in the pool while swimming.

Also, this smartwatch includes an interactive app experience that allows kids to travel around the world. From Paris to Mount Everest, your kid can uncover new and exciting places on their Garmin smartwatch. This education adventure tour helps kids to learn about famous sites and the mysteries behind them, which overall makes them better learner.

The kids can also unlock more adventures and games by completing 60 minutes of daily activity, which motivates them to keep moving and be active throughout the day. Kids can also collect colorful gems by completing their daily activities which can later be used for more rewards.

However, for all this, you have to pair the smartwatch with the Garmin Jr app on the parent’s smartphone. Parents can also use the app to track the number of steps taken in a day, the estimated amount of sleep, and the overall active minutes of their kids.

Parents can also assign chores and tasks that they want their kids should complete in time. For which they can reward their child later on with successful completion of the task in the form of virtual coins, which kids can redeem for extra rewards.

This smartwatch also has an ICE (In Case of Emergency) widget, where you can keep the important information for the child, which can help them in emergency situations. For instance, you can save your phone number in the widget so that someone can contact you if your child needs your help.

Overall, for kids who like adventure and discovering new places, this smartwatch is surely the best for them.

The Good
  • Can be paired with a smartphone
  • Durable design
  • 1 year-long battery
  • Educational adventures
  • Parents can give tasks
The Bad
  • No GPS and WiFi
  • No camera

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4. TickTalk 3 Universal Kids Smart Watch Phone

smartwatch phone for 10 year old

If you were looking for the best smartwatch phone for 10 year old child then look no further as we have it for you on number 4 of our list. TickTalk 3 is a universal kid smartwatch phone i.e it can work both as a smartwatch and a phone.

The watch supports a 4G SIM that allows your child to make calls and send messages directly from their wrist. Also, it has a 2-way video calling feature that is not available on other kid’s smartwatches. It allows kids to see their parents face to face when they are away from home.

The watch is also equipped with a built-in GPS sensor that tracks the child’s current position and allows the parents to find their location. It also has WiFi connectivity that allows you to save minutes and data on your 4G network.

There are also other important features like Parental Control, Do Not Disturb, and Things To Do Reminders that make this smartwatch a must-have for your pre-teen child.

Also, the watch is built quite decently and will last some time. It’s also rated IP67 water-resistant so it can easily handle rain and poolside splashes. The bands on this watch are also replaceable so you can customize it as per your kid’s liking.

The Good
  • Supports voice and video calling
  • Integrated GPS
  • Water-resistant
  • Replaceable bands
  • Parental control feature
The Bad
  • Does not connect to WiFi automatically
  • Battery drains quickly on video and voice calls

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5. XPLORA X5 Play

Kids smartwatch with GPS

XPLORA X5 Play is the most advanced smartwatch for kids on this list and consequently the most expensive as well. It comes with the latest technological features like 4G connectivity, GPS tracking, SOS function, WiFi, and more.

You can insert a 4G SIM in it for making calls and messages to pre-saved numbers. Moreover, the messages can be received and sent in the form of text, emoji, or even voice messages.

There’s also an SOS button on this smartwatch for emergency situations, which sends the child’s location to the pre-selected contacts when they press that button. The location of the child is tracked using the GPS on this watch so you can rely on its accuracy.

You can also create safety zones near important locations like school, home, or playground so that you get notified whenever your kid crosses the geofencing limits set by you. Overall in terms of kid’s safety, this smartwatch is just outstanding.

Besides the safety features, there is also a camera on this smartwatch that kids can use to capture their favorite moments. Also, the build quality is great on this device and you will be glad to know that it’s an IP68 rated waterproof smartwatch that can handle water up to 1.5 meters.

Looking at the number of features you get on this smartwatch it won’t be an overstatement to call it the best smartwatch for kids with GPS. Overall, if you are always concerned about the safety of your child, then this smartwatch can be a solution to all your worries regarding your kid’s safety.

The Good
  • Allows voice calling over 4G network
  • Waterproof up to 1.5 meters
  • SOS button for emergency
  • Allows geofencing
  • Has cameras for video and selfies
The Bad
  • No video Calling feature
  • Expensive for a kid’s watch

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6. JoJo Siwa Touchscreen Smartwatch 

Smartwatch for 10 year old girl

This official Jojo Siwa smartwatch can be a perfect gift for your 10-year-old girl. It comes in a pink color which is naturally the favorite color of a girl so they will definitely like it the moment they see it.

Apart from the looks it also has some cool fun features that your little girl will enjoy using on this smartwatch. For example, it has a camera that can shoot selfies and videos which can be later shared with the public on social media.

But since it does not support a SIM card or internet access you have to download the photos and videos on your PC using a USB cable that is included in the box. The same USB cable is used to charge the smartwatch as well.

Apart from the camera, this smartwatch also comes with a voice recorder, which kids can use to record songs in their voices. Along with that, it features a pedometer for tracking the child’s footsteps and also has an alarm, stopwatch, and calculator that can help the child in their day-to-day activities.

There are also some games that are preinstalled on this smartwatch that allow kids to have a good time when they are bored and have nothing much to do. Overall, this Jojo Siwa smartwatch is a perfect gift for your little girl.

The Good
  • Comes with Jojo Siwa logo
  • Has a camera for shooting videos and taking selfies
  • Has games
  • Comes with a voice recorder
  • Easy to use
The Bad
  • Only for girls
  • Not very durable

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7. Marvel Spiderman Touchscreen Smartwatch

smartwatch for 10 year old boy

If your kid is a fan of superheroes, especially spider man then there can’t be a better birthday present for them than this smartwatch. It is an official spiderman smartwatch from Marvel that you can buy on Amazon at an affordable price point.

You get a full touch screen smartwatch with a built-in selfie camera that is also capable of recording decent videos. There’s also a voice recorder integrated for kids to record their voices and have fun with it.

Talking of fun, kids can also play cool games right on their wrists with this smartwatch. You get many preinstalled games on it that kill time like anything! So your child will never be bored again.

Besides that, there’s also a pedometer on this watch that can track your child’s steps and tell you whether they are moving enough or not. It also has a calculator, stopwatch, and alarm that makes it a practical everyday use smartwatch that a 10-year-old kid will love to have.

If we talk of the battery then you get a good backup on this watch, which lasts long on a single charge. You also get a USB cable for charging this smartwatch that can also be used for downloading the captured photos and videos from the watch to your PC.

The watch has a decent configuration at a cheap price. However, the build quality doesn’t look that promising on it neither it is waterproof so you can’t wish it to last that long. But overall you can get it for your 10-year-old boy who’s a diehard fan of spiderman.

The Good
  • Full touch screen
  • Integrated camera
  • Comes with pre-installed games
  • Has a voice recorder
  • Easy to operate
The Bad
  • Has no safety features
  • Not very durable

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Buying Guide: Smartwatch For A 10-Year-Old

Buying guide 10 year old smartwatch

Buying a smartwatch for kids is not the same as buying a smartwatch for women or men, you should take care of a few things before purchasing a smartwatch for your kid.

1. Design And Durability

The first thing you should look at in a kid’s smartwatch is its design, it needs to be kid-friendly. Also, kids have smaller wrists so the watch should be small enough to fit in their wrists easily.

The watch also needs to be durable and waterproof or at least water-resistant so that it doesn’t get damaged or easily break upon rough usage by the kids.

2. Ease Of Use

The smartwatch for 10-year-olds should be easy to use and its functions should also be easy to understand so the kids don’t find it overwhelming to operate their new smartwatch.

3. Games And Features

Since the smartwatch you are buying is for kids, it must have some fun features and games that keep the kids engaged in it. You can also go for a smartwatch that comes with SIM functionality that can allow kids to make calls from their wrists.

4. Saftey Functions

If you want to keep your kids safe you can invest in a smartwatch that comes with safety functions like GPS tracking, SOS calling, etc. Having these features in the kid’s smartwatch gives you peace of mind that your kid is safe and secure.


Are Kids Smartwatch Safe?

Yes, a kid's smartwatch is generally very safe and there is no problem using them.

Can Kids Get Addicted To Their Smartwatch?

There are no such cases yet where kids have shown addiction to a smartwatch so you can be worry-free.

Can Kids Take Smartwatch To School?

Well, it depends on the school but there shouldn't be any problem.

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