7 Best Smartwatches For Visually Impaired, Blind And Low Vision

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The purpose of modern technology is to make our lives easier and make the world more inclusive for everyone. One such device that helps us do that is a smartwatch. While every one of us might take this technology for granted, it’s not the case for everyone. The simple act of reading the time can be difficult for visually impaired people.

So if you are someone or you know someone who has some sort of visual impairment, we have carefully prepared a list of 7 smartwatches for blind or partially sighted people. We have selected the best smartwatches, talking watches, and more. These watches will make reading time more convenient for you.

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Best Smartwatch For Visually Impaired Comparison Table





Best Overall

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

  • VoiceOver

  • Waterproof

  • Fall detection

  • Screen Curtain

Best Talking Watch For Visually Impaired

Men S Shock Sport Watch

Men S Shock Sport

  • Waterproof

  • Talking Watch

  • Chime Function

    EL Light Function

Best Braille Smartwatch For Blind

dot braille smartwatch for blind for

Dot Watch

  • Refreshable braille display

  • Braille and Tactile mode

  • Up to 10-day battery life

7 Best Smartwatch For Blind And Low Vision

1. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch is the best fully-featured smartwatch for visually impaired users. It offers the best accessibility features that you want in a smartwatch. Let’s talk about them.

This watch has a VoiceOver feature that reads what’s on the screen for you. All the pre-installed apps completely support this feature. After enabling the VoiceOver, you can navigate by flicking your finger on the screen and the watch will tell you which app or option you have selected. Moreover, the watch also tells you nifty but important details like battery levels, who is calling, or read your messages.

You can also enable the “Hear the time” feature which will announce the time whenever you raise your wristwatch.

Sometimes users prefer to protect what’s on their screen from prying eyes. So Apple Watch Series 6 has a feature called a Screen Curtain, what it does is turns your watch display off with the VoiceOver feature turned on. It allows you to use your smartwatch while your display is off, so no one will see your screen. Therefore, if you want to hide sensitive information like bank messages, social media alerts, and so on you can do that.

Now, when it comes to the most crucial task of reading the time, simply lay two fingers on your watch screen then your watch will announce the time. Moreover, you can enable the extra-large watch face option, which would make the watch face bigger and making it easier for you to read the time. Apple Watch Series offer crucial features like VoiceOver, Screen Curtain, Time announcement which makes it the best talking smartwatch for the blind.

People with low vision have trouble reading the screen. Thankfully, with Apple Watch you also get the ability to make text bold so all your emails and notifications will be shown in bold. Furthermore, you can reduce the transparency of the watch user interface by enabling Reduce Transparency which increases the watch’s readability.

Apple Watch Series 4 or later also comes with fall detection. So if the watch detects you have fallen down watch would show you an alert for calling the emergency services. It will wait for a minute to see whether you are moving or not then the watch will automatically make the call to emergency services. When the call will end, it will automatically send messages to all your emergency contacts along with your location. So you can rest easy knowing your loved ones have a reliable companion with them.

It also has an inbuilt Zoom function so using pinch-in and pinch-out gestures you can easily zoom in on any screen and get better readability.

Talking about the watch’s design, it comes with a gorgeous curved square display which is a better choice for users than round display smartwatches. Simply, because the square display is bigger and increases the readability as well as usability of the smartwatch. Overall, Apple Watch Series is a great smartwatch for visually impaired users. The only downside this watch has is, it’s not compatible with Android devices.

The Good
  • Fall Detection
  • Zoom any screen
  • Extra-large watch face
  • Time announcement
The Bad
  • Not compatible with Android
  • Expensive

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2. TimeChant Atomic! Talking Watch

talking watch for visually impaired

Looking for a talking watch that announces the time at a push of a button? Presenting TimeChant Atomic watch from Five Senses. This is a simple and minimalistic-looking talking watch for visually impaired users.

TimeChant Atomic watch automatically sets the time and calendar using a radio atomic signal. To put it simply, put your watch upside down near your non-metallic window, and your watch will automatically set itself to the correct time every night. So you don’t need to worry about the watch ever being unreliable. This watch will always tell you the correct time, making it is perfect for the blind, visually impaired, or elderly.

It receives the signal from Ft. Collins Colorado, which doesn’t reach the state of Alaska, Hawaii, and the country of Canada but you can still set the time manually.

This watch also has a talking function, so with just a push of a button watch will tell you the time, date, month, year, alarm, and signal reception status. It will only announce the time at the press of the button, so if you don’t like bringing attention to yourself or don’t want a watch that announces the time every hour then go for this watch. If you will press the button twice watch will announce the day, date, and year.

Also, the watch has a big screen that displays the time in big digits, which ensures the watch is easy to read.

Using this watch you can also set one alarm in a day which is a convenient feature to have. So you can use this watch as an alarm clock or use the alarm function to remind yourself to take your medicine.

If you happen to be looking for an atomic talking watch for the visually impaired then you can go with this one. The only negative point of the watch is that it is not waterproof.

The Good
  •  Big Screen
  • Talking Watch
  • Automatically sets date and time
  • Good-Looking
The Bad
  • Not Waterproof

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3. Men S Shock Sport

Men S Shock Sport Watch

Men S Shock Sport is a watch like G-Shock from Gosasa. It’s a cool-looking digital talking sports watch that offers great durability.

This watch comes with the Talking Time function, so at a press of a button, the watch will announce the exact time displayed on the watch. Furthermore, this watch is also water-resistant therefore, if you happen to be looking for a waterproof talking watch for someone who is blind or has low vision, then this is a perfect watch.

Using this watch you can set Music Alarm, which would gently wake you up every morning. Moreover, the watch also has a Chime function which produces a sound after every hour to alert users that the next hour has begun.

It also comes with EL light function which lights up the watch’s display when you press a button on the watch. This feature is extremely useful in dark environments for better visibility. The watch can display time in both normal as well as the military method, meaning you can view time in 12 and 24hr format.

This watch comes with a big display which makes it easier to read the time. With its robust build quality and a battery that can last up to 3 years, it is a really reliable and dependable watch.

The Good
  • Durable
  • Long Battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Talking Time Function
The Bad
  • Avoid steam
  • Non-replaceable battery

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4. Eone Bradley Edge Watch

tactile watch for blind - Eone Bradley Edge Watch

Eone Bradley Edge is a premium watch, that is designed keeping visually impaired users in mind. What sets this watch apart is not just its design but also the way it works, you can read the time just by touching your watch! More on that later.  Also, if you are someone who also has a hearing impairment and a talking watch doesn’t get the job done, you can also go for this watch.

Talking about the watch, some visually impaired users might not like talking watches, that’s where this watch comes in. Not only you can read time by sight but also by touch. You can be in a crowded or dark room and still would be able to read time just by touching your watch without any difficulty.

This watch comes with two magnetized ball bearing. One runs around the center of the watch representing the minute’s hand, and the other one representing the hour hand runs around the outside edges of the watch. The watch dial has raised hour markers which allows you to easily read time by simply touching the watch face. It has a triangular marker that represents 12, stretched line for 3, 6, and 9, and a shorter line marker representing the other dial numbers.

Besides that, if any magnetic balls move out of their place, then simply shaking your hand would automatically move them to their correct positions. Moreover, this watch is water-resistant up to 30m therefore you don’t have to worry about water damaging the watch. All these features make this a perfect accessible watch for the visually impaired.

The Good
  • Lightweight
  • Read time by touch
  • Waterproof
  • Premium build quality
The Bad
  • Slightly raised watch face
  • Expensive

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5. Dot Watch- Braille and Tactile Smartwatch

dot braille smartwatch

Dot watch is the first smartwatch specifically made for the blind. It might not be far-fetched to say this is the best Braille and Tactile smartwatch for blind or visually impaired users. We will talk about its features in detail, but first, let’s talk about its gorgeous design.

This watch has an aluminum body accompanied by stainless steel magnetic strap. The magnetic strap makes it easier for visually impaired users to wear the watch when compared to traditional straps. Furthermore, the watch face is completely white and sports a refreshable braille display. White watch face along with silver stainless steel strap gives the watch a perfect minimalistic look.

Talking about the smart features of the watch, since it comes with a refreshable braille display, you will be able to read the date and time, messages, notifications, caller id, and much more by just touching the watch face. To enable these features, download the Dot watch app on any iOS and Android smartphone.

Once you have installed the Dot watch app on your smartphone, then you can read on the watch display who is calling you. So you can decide whether the call is an important one or not, and continue focusing on your work if it’s not important. Once the watch is connected to your smartphone, you can get directions from the map, read weather updates and social media notifications, monitor battery levels, and much more.

Moreover, you don’t need to have a smartphone to use the Dot Watch, as it can also function as a standalone watch. When used as a normal watch, it can be used as a stopwatch, timer, normal braille watch, and to know the battery levels.

Furthermore, the Dot watch comes with two modes, Braille and Tactile mode. In Braille mode, you can read notifications, messages, caller id, and so on. Whereas in Tactile mode, the watch will work in number-only mode, meaning it will tell you the time and date, stopwatch, timer, and the number of notifications you have received. But you won’t be able to read notifications, messages, caller IDs, and other non-numerical information.

In short, all these features and up to 10 days of battery life make the Dot Watch the best smartwatch for the visually impaired. It offers unmatched performance and capabilities at this price.

The Good
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Refreshable braille display
  • Ability to read notifications
  • Good-looking
  • Also works as a standalone watch
The Bad
  • Cannot interact with notifications
  • No inbuilt mic or speaker to pick up calls

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6. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Not everyone uses an iPhone therefore not everyone can use Apple Watch. For those users, we recommend Samsung Galaxy Watch. This watch comes with the best accessibility features that are available for Android users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with several crucial features like Voice Assistant. It is essentially a screen-reader and reads out loud notifications, messages, time, and the option selected in the menu. Using this feature users can know which options they have selected, listen to important messages, and also use the watch as a talking watch.

To read the time just tap on the smartwatch display and the watch will announce the time. Pretty neat right!

Furthermore, this watch also has easy-to-use gesture-based navigation. Swipe left to right to select the next option, and right to left to select the previous option. You can also rotate bezels to scroll through the menu and select the app.

If you don’t like the voice assistant reading your messages out loud, then you can also enable the Zoom function. Once this feature is activated just triple tapping on the display will magnify the text on the screen. You can further adjust the magnification level according to your requirements using a pinch-in gesture to zoom out and the pinch-out gesture to zoom in.

There is also an accessibility feature called Vibration Watch. This feature allows you to keep track of time using vibrations. There are two vibration modes, the digits, and the terse mode.

In digit mode, the watch produces a short vibration for every minute, or after completion of an hour, and a long vibration for every 10 minutes. However, in terse mode watch vibrates every 15 minutes of an hour. So you can keep track of time without having to check your watch again and again.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is water-resistant therefore you can take this watch into the pool, shower, and rain without any worries. If you are looking for a talking waterproof smartwatch that is compatible with Android then select this one.

The Good
  • Waterproof
  • Zoom Function
  • Voice assistant
  • Vibration watch
The Bad
  • Zoom function difficult to use in round display

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7. Atomic top Button English Talking Watch

Atomic top Button English Talking Watch

If you are looking for a simple talking digital watch then go with Atomic top Button English Talking watch from brand FIVE SENSES. This is a small and easy-to-use talking watch perfect for visually impaired elders.

It is an atomic watch so you don’t have to worry about the watch not telling you the right time. The watch can set itself to correct time using atomic radio signal being broadcasted from Ft. Collins Colorado. Sadly, the automatic clock settings function does not work for users living in Canada, the state of Alaska, and Hawaii although you can still set the time manually, and use the watch.

Since it is a talking watch, it allows users to know the time just by a press of a button. And, pressing the same button twice would announce the date. Unlike other talking watches, it has a big button at the front of the watch instead of being on the side. Therefore, if you will buy this talking watch for someone you care about they will find it easy to operate.

Moreover, the watch is fairly loud and the time announced by the watch is clearly audible. Furthermore, this talking watch also comes with a fairly big display that increases the readability of the watch. There are two shortcomings that this watch has, first it is not waterproof and second you can only set 1 alarm using this watch.

Overall it is a great English talking watch for elders, and if you can overlook the watch not being waterproof and is only able to set 1 alarm then this is a perfect watch.

The Good
  • Loud Speaker
  • Replaceable battery
  • Atomic watch
The Bad
  • Not waterproof
  • Can only set 1 alarm

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Things To Consider Before Buying A Watch For Visually Impaired

1. Easy to use

It is important to ensure that the watch you select is easy to use. Keep the user in mind before making a final decision. If you are buying for someone young who loves technology then you can choose a full-fledged Dot smartwatch or Apple watch. However, if you are buying a watch for someone elderly like your parents or relatives, go with a simple watch like TimeChant or Atomic top button watch from FIVE SENSES.

2. Requirement

The second factor that you should take into consideration is the features that the person who is going to use the watch needs. Some users may prefer a chargeable smartwatch while some might prefer a simple smartwatch that doesn’t need to be charged.

3. Waterproof

A lot of users don’t see whether the watch they are purchasing is waterproof or not. Let us be the first one to tell you, that depending on the person you are buying the watch for it can be a very important feature to have. So if the person you are purchasing the watch for can take care of the watch and then you can select non-waterproof otherwise we would recommend going with waterproof watches.


Is Apple Watch Good For Visually Impaired?

Yes, Apple Watch comes with several features like Screen Curtain, Fall Detection, Zoom and so on which makes the watch more accessible to visually impaired users.

What Does A Dot Braille Smartwatch Do?

The Dot braille smartwatch comes with a refreshable braille display. This allows visually impaired users to read text messages, notifications, caller IDs, and much more.

How Does The Dot Watch Work?

The Dot Watch uses a refreshable braille display so when Dot Watch is connected with your smartphone it syncs all your notifications, messages, and other alerts to your watch. Braille display allows users to read all the information just by touching the watch face of the smartwatch.

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