7 Best Smartwatches Under $100 For Men And Women

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I think I should purchase a smartwatch. It’s a trendy wearable gadget and it’s surely gonna look good on my wrist.

Hmmm…..Let me check on Amazon. Ok, this one looks grandpa type, this one is not good either. OMG! this is what I was looking for.

This smartwatch looks so gorgeous! I’m definitely gonna buy this smartwatch. Ok, so let me just check the price and add it to my cart.

Whaaaat! How can you charge me $400 for just a watch? I really wanted this smartwatch but my pocket doesn’t allow it.

(After that, you’re really pissed off and wanna forget about smartwatch wearable.)

If you’re reading this article today and looking for a smartwatch under 100 dollars then I’m quite sure you can relate to the scenario above.

But it’s time to let go of that frowning face and cheer up because we have worked hard and finally selected some gems for you.

All the smartwatches on our list are the ones that come under $100 and they are a complete substitute to the overpriced watches that you saw earlier.

Most importantly, all of them are branded smartwatches, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality as well.

Not talking more in the introduction section, here we share with you the list of best smartwatches that you can buy under $100.

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Best Overall

Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip

  • What's Unique: 30 days battery life

Best For Android

Ticwatch E

Ticwatch E

  • What's Unique: Receive and make calls

Best Cheapest and Best Looks

Withings Activite Steel

Withings Activité Steel

  • What's Unique: No charging required

Best Cheap Smartwatch Under $100 In 2020

1. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

amazefit bip smartwatch

You will just skip a beat every time you see this smartwatch, yes it’s so splendidly designed and it won’t cost you a dime.

Variety of color choices available for a variety of people. Choose the black color if you want a James Bond type look and wanna match your smart wearable with your black tux.

Go for the cinnabar red if you want something vivid and colorful. The white cloud is another beautiful color that you get for Amazfit Bip.

Just as you would expect from a quality smartwatch, Amazfit Bip receives all the messages, app notifications, call notifications, and social media alerts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

With the standard dial size of the smartwatch and weight of just 32 grams, it’s a compatible smartwatch for people with small wrists as well.

For some people, receiving call notifications, SMS, social media notifications is a secondary thing. All they are interested in are the smart fitness tracking features of the watch.

As the name of the brand suggests, the smartwatch is packed with plenty of fitness tracking features. Amazfit Bip always keeps your heart in check with its heart rate monitor.

Keep a real-time track of the steps you take daily and also the distance you travel. For a normal person who is not much engaged in fitness activities, these fitness-related features don’t matter to them.

But for people who keep fitness at the top of their priority list, it’s a huge thing for them to get all this information.

With 4 different sports modes of the smartwatch (outdoor running, cycling, treadmill, and walking) it’s possible for you to track your performance individually and specifically for those activities.

While talking about fitness tracking, don’t forget that the smartwatch supports sleep tracking as well.

It looks like it’s gonna rain today. Should I go for the run? This happens a lot, right? Don’t just step out trusting your instincts, rather, check the weather report, right on the watch and make your decision wisely.

If you think you are a better explorer than Dora, then you definitely need a GPS Tracker on your smartwatch as well.

Yeah, that’s right, this watch has an in-built GPS as well.

The biggest reason why some people hate smartwatches revolve around the battery backup. But this watch right here is gonna rob your heart for sure.

Can you guess the battery backup that Amazfit Bip offers to its users? 1 day? No. 5 days? No. 10 days? No. 20 days? No. 50 days? Now don’t go too high, but it backs you up with its 30-45 days battery life after a single full charge of 2.5 hours.

After all this explanation, here’s a question for you guys. Do you really think you should buy an expensive watch leaving this one?

Because we don’t think there’s any difference in features and looks that other expensive smartwatches provide and what Amazfit Bip provides. So the only difference is the price.

Keeping all the features and amazingness of the smartwatch in mind, it can easily be said that Amazfit Bip is one of the best smartwatches for Android and iOS under $100.

The Good
  • The watch is really good looking

  • 4 different sports mode for different activities

  • Built-in GPS Tracker available

  • Smartwatch with one of the best battery backup of 30-45 days

  • Smartwatch is very lightweight

  • Fitness related features available

The Bad
  • You can’t accept calls and reply to messages directly from the smartwatch


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2.Withings Activité Steel Smartwatch

withings activite

We all know, Nokia is one of the most reputed smartphone manufacturing brand. But how many of you are aware of the superb smartwatches that the company contrive?

You must be thinking that we’re providing wrong information because the name of the smartwatch brand is Withings and now we’re talking about Nokia.

Well, very few people know that Withings’s parent company is Nokia. So if you think Withings is some local brand with shoddy products then you are totally wrong.

Withings Activité Steel is one of those hybrid smartwatches that give premium looks in less than $100.

This hybrid smartwatch has standard dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2 inches, which makes it a perfect accessory for people with all wrist sizes.

And a regular weight of 6.6 ounces makes it easy for you to carry to watch 24/7 without any hassle.

Withings Activité Steel is a kind of wrist wearable that is perfect for people who don’t wanna miss out on the class of a hybrid watch but wanna steal the smartness of a digital watch as well.

Install the Health Mate app on your Android and iOS device and convert the smartwatch into a fitness tracker.

It’s possible to combine the Health Mate app with MyFitnessPal for more detailed results. Now you can track the calorie intake and burn as well.

Similarly, you can integrate with over 100 top-notch apps and further fuel your training sessions.

The little tachometer inspired sub-dial inside the watch tracks your daily progress towards your daily goal.

With automatic workout detection, you won’t miss out on your crucial workout related data. You don’t need to press any button or activate any settings, just tie the beast on your wrist and get going.

The next time you decide to go for your swimming sessions, take your Withings Activité Steel with you. It’s time to track your swimming progress with the watch’s 50-meter water resistance.

Not to forget, it’s also the time to make your friends envy who always boast about their expensive watch but can’t take the risk to bring it near the pool.

Some people are not just able to figure it out, why they feel lifeless and sluggish in the day time.

Your incomplete or bad quality sleep can be the main reason for that, but can you really figure out if that’s the actual reason?

Well, yeah, it’s possible with your Withings Activité Steel smartwatch.

This Bluetooth smartwatch automatically detects your sleep and detects the light and deep sleep cycles.

The interruptions that you face while sleeping also gets detected and also the total duration of your sleep.

Based on all the data you can identify the quality of your sleep and also take the necessary steps to rectify the problems you see in your report.

Lastly, coming to the battery life, this watch lasts longer than your own life, just kidding! First of all, you don’t need to charge the smartwatch at all, and secondly, the lithium metal battery works for up to 8 months.

All in all, it won’t be wrong in saying that Withings Activité Steel is a juggernaut in the world of hybrid smartwatches.

The Good
  • Best for parties and for fitness as well

  • Tachometer tracks your daily progress and helps you achieve the goal

  • Automatic workout detection

  • The smartwatch is 50-meter water-resistant

  • Sleep monitoring is possible

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices

  • Health Mate app can be integrated along with over 100 other apps

  • Battery life lasts for about 8 months

The Bad
  • Not possible to attend calls and reply to messages from within the watch

  • Data collection done by the watch can be little inaccurate


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3. Ticwatch E Smartwatch

ticwatch e smartwatch

Though Ticwatch keeps its products at a highly unaffordable price, for this smartwatch they have been quite benign on you.

With all the features of the high priced smartwatches at such an affordable price, this smartwatch by Ticwatch is an immaculate example of the best budget smartwatch.

The smartwatch supports Android Wear 2.0 that introduces you to plenty of new features.

You often change the wallpaper of your mobile screen, and the reason is that you get bored watching the same wallpaper every time you turn on the screen.

So why not change the wallpaper of your Ticwatch E Smartwatch screen as well, whenever you feel like.

Android 2.0 also allows the user to download several Android apps on the smartwatch.

Google Assistant is like a genie from the Aladin movie that is always happy to serve you. And this smart wearable by Ticwatch acts like a lamb that holds your genie.

Just say OK Google and Google Assistant is ready to serve you.

Make and receive calls with Bluetooth (only available for Android), reply to your mom, set reminders, and do much more with Google Assistant.

Smartwatch without fitness features is just a piece of junk. But your Ticwatch E Smartwatch doesn’t let you down in this sector.

With the help of Google Fit and other top fitness apps supported by Ticwatch, you can track your runs, walks, cycling, and other fitness activities.

Save yourself from the high fees of the personal trainer and let your fitness smartwatch guide you. There is an abundance of good fitness apps that provide you with complete fitness training depending on your activity.

Health-conscious and obese people are really concerned about the distance they travel, the steps they take, calories they burn.

All this information is available right on your watch display along with your current heart rate.

But for some people, these many features are not enough. How about the fact that your Ticwatch E Smartwatch is IP67, meaning that that sweating and rain cannot stop you from setting a milestone.

Training without music is so monotonous, right? With Google Play Music you can boost yourself up while training and get more productive in your workouts.

While explaining so many features, we forgot to tell you that the watch has a built-in GPS tracker so that you never lose sight of the track you are cycling/running.

With so many features ready to serve you at such a modest price, Ticwatch E is the best budget smartwatch that you can purchase for yourself/friends/family members.

The Good
  • Possible to change the watch face

  • Google Assistant opens the door to more features

  • GPS tracking makes long runs/cycling easy

  • You can play music without your cell phone nearby with Google Play Music

  • Heartrate monitor present for better fitness

  • Smartwatch allows you to make and receive phone calls

  • Reply to messages right from your smartwatch

The Bad
  • The poor battery life of the smartwatch

  • You might face some problems related to the display of the watch


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4. Letsfit ID205L Smartwatch

letsfit smartwatch

Let’s move on with Letsfit, the next smartwatch on our list that is completely pocket friendly.

With a 1.3 inch touchscreen, 10.83 x 0.71 x 3.74 inches total dimension, and 5.3 ounces of weight, Letsfit smartwatch is one of the best unisex smartwatch available.

Pulling out the bulky and massive smartphone from the pocket every time you hear the notification bell makes some people feel displeasing.

But still, you want to know what all is going on in your social accounts, who is calling you, and so on. And for that purpose, you have to take a tour for your pocket every time you hear the notification.

Your Letsfit Smartwatch will keep you in touch with all this information without letting you touch your smartphone.

But you should know that it’s only possible to have a look at those notifications. You can’t reply to the messages and chat with your friends. Neither it’s possible to pick up the calls, but yeah, you can hang up the call if you want.

Putting the calls and notification features aside, the watch has some impressive fitness features under its sleeves.

With a total of 9 activity modes specially made for running, hiking, biking, climbing and more, you can have access to data which helps you improve in the future.

Sleep tracking becomes essential when you feel lazy and drowsy in the day time. Letsfit smartwatch tracks down your behavior at night and shows the quality of sleep you take.

Your sleep report won’t do anything good to improve the quality of your sleep, right? But that’s not all. Practice the relaxation guide with your smartwatch which acts as a coach for you.

Are you really burning the calories you are supposed to and achieving the mark you set for yourself?

Don’t just let your fitness depend on the estimates and uplift yourself by tracking the accurate result with smart fitness features of Letsfit.

Your heart rate, the steps you take, and your sports mileage are continuously in check, the moment you tie this smart wearable on your wrist.

The most important thing is the connectivity part. If a smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone, only then it’s possible to savor the countless features that it has.

Well, it’s a win-win situation for all of you as both the Android (OS 4.0 and above ) and iOS (8.0 and above) devices are compatible with the smartwatch.

Some people don’t want gym partners, all they want is muscle exploding music. But walking all the way to your phone when wrong music gets played during an intense workout is very frustrating.

Letsfit ID205L smartwatch takes that responsibility and you can directly control the music from your wrist without moving an inch.

Most people buy smartwatches with multiple flawless features and finally title them as “crap”. And the reason is just one, that the battery backup is not satisfactory.

But this smartwatch seal your lips with its 10 days long battery backup when in use daily and 30-40 days backup on standby mode. And the charging time of the watch is just 2.5 hours.

The Good
  • Notifications for calls and social accounts

  • 9 activity modes available for different workouts

  • Heartrate monitoring, steps taken, and sports mileage can be checked

  • Possible to control music from your wrist

  • Long battery backup of 10 days

  • Sleep tracking is possible

  • Special guidance from the watch for stress relief

The Bad
  • Not possible to accept calls and reply to a notification from within the watch

  • Heartrate monitoring might not be correct


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5. Garmin vívomove Sport

garmin vívomove Sport

Garmin usually makes digital smartwatches. But looks like that with the vívomove Sport model they wanna convey to all the hybrid smartwatch lovers that, hey!! we love you guys as well.

With its classy dimensions of 0.47 x 1.65 x 1.75 inches and weight of 1.76 ounces, Garmin vívomove Sport can easily be worn by anyone.

The sports model we are discussing right now is available in white and black variants. And the design looks neutral for both men and women.

This makes the watch completely unisex in nature.

The hybrid dial and classy look of vívomove Sport make it a perfect accessory to be worn on dates, parties, and office meetings.

But at the same time, it can be a choice of fitness lovers as well. So this hybrid smartwatch fills both your hands with features of both the worlds.

No more saying that “I wish I could match my watch with my 3 piece suit” because your wish has actually come true.

With interchangeable bands available on Amazon for the smartwatch, you don’t have to manage with whatever you have.

Just wear whatever you feel like and get yourself the bands that look best with your outfit.

Enough talks about the Vívomove Sport smartwatch’s adaptability with parties and dates. Now let’s see what all this hybrid smartwatch can do for your health and fitness.

Looks like Vívomove Sport works on the logic that rest or inactivity is a sin. The red bar that is given on the right side of the dial builds up every 15 minutes you spent inactively.

And the red bar only starts to decline when the watch notices some movement or activity. This makes sure that this smartwatch cares for your health.

But that’s not it. On the left-hand side, there’s an activity bar that fills up whenever you work out or do some physical activities.

It’s kind of bar that delivers you with rough insight as to how much active you were today. So more the activity bar fills up the more it’s good for you.

For more health-related insights you need to connect your smartwatch with the Garmin Connect app.

Your watch will monitor the steps you take, the distance you travel, and the calories you burn. And you don’t need to activate any button for doing so.

The watch does its job automatically 24/7 and all the progress can be seen on the Garmin Connect app where the data gets automatically updated.

Skip the day time yawning and sleepiness by tracking your sleep activities and taking genuine health advice from the virtual coaches.

Let your Vívomove Sport smartwatch know that you workout in the form of swimming as well without worrying about the watch getting spoiled. The watch is 50-meter water-resistant.

Charging the smartwatch every now and then is irritating to some people. Those selected ones should know that Vívomove Sport Smartwatch works for up to 1 year without charge.

The Good
  • Interchangeable bands for customization

  • Activity bar present for activity monitoring

  • Calculate the steps you take daily and distance you travel

  • Keep a track of calories you burn

  • Sleep monitoring available for better sleep

  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters

  • No need to charge the battery

  • Virtual coaches for better health and genuine advice

The Bad
  • You can find it difficult to connect the smartwatch with the Garmin Connect app

  • You might not see accurate time after few months of use and need to replace the battery


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6. Huawei GT Bluetooth Smartwatch

huawei smartwatch

Huawei never failed to impress us with their impeccable smartphones and now they are surprising us with their attractive, featureful, yet, low budget smartwatches.

With a 1.39 AMOLED touchscreen HD display, everything looks clear on the screen.

This watch has a DLC coating and stainless steel shell so it won’t get damaged easily.

It looks so gorgeous that you will love it at first sight. Now that you have fallen for its beauty, it’s time to impress you with its countless features.

Huawei GT Bluetooth smartwatch eliminates some of the time that you spend on the smartphone by directly delivering the notifications on your wrist.

All your messages, notifications, reminders, calls, and alarms will appear on your smartwatch. But replying to those messages and attending the calls is not possible. Yes, but you can hang up the call from your wrist if you want.

Getting notifications and call alerts on your wrist can be a life-saver while driving. A glance on your wrist is much quicker than checking for updates on the smartphone. So it decreases the chances of mishappenings.

GPS tracking is a bloodstream of travelers and hitchhiker’s and they can’t stand a chance taking the wrong route.

But it’s impossible for you to walk on the wrong path as long as you own a Huawei GT Bluetooth Smartwatch.

With the modern GPS supporting 3 satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) you will always be guided on the correct path.

This iOS and Android compatible watch opens the scope for health and fitness when you download the compatible app that comes by the name of Huawei health.

Keep track of the steps you take along with the accurate 24/7 heartrate monitor that works with TruSeen 3.0 technology for accurate results.

By keeping a watch on the calories burnt, you can know if the set goals are actually been achieved or not.

Hiking and mountain climbing is not something that can be or should be done without professional tools.

This watch by Huawei has an inbuilt barometer for measuring the atmospheric pressure and weather, letting you know when to move and when to not.

The watch can be a great friend on your swimming sessions as well, with its 50-meter water resistance.

Your sleep will get tracked with Huawei’s TruSleep 2.0 technology that identifies all your sleep-related problems and helps you in improving them with 200 plus suggestions.

It doesn’t maters how long is the list of features of a smartwatch unless it has a good battery life. Well, to your surprise, this watch has an amazing battery life even with tons of features.

The watch can work for about 2 weeks when the heart rate monitor is on and you exercise for 90 minutes per week.

The battery works for about 30 days when the notification is on but heart rate monitor and GPS are turned off.

Similarly, the watch works for about 22 hours when activity mode, GPS, heart rate monitor, and all other tracking features are on.

The Good
  • The smartwatch is strongly built

  • Receiving calls and messages notification is possible

  • GPS support from 3 satellite positioning system

  • Fitness related features supported by the smartwatch

  • You can track your sleep and help improve it

  • Smartwatch has an amazing battery life

  • The smartwatch is waterproof up to 50 meters

The Bad
  • Not possible to receive calls

  • You can’t reply to messages with Huawei GT Bluetooth smartphone


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7. Yamay Smartwatch

yamay smartwatch

It’s hardly possible to find a good quality casual watch at a lower price and even more hard when it’s a smartwatch you are looking for.

But as you see, we didn’t let our guards down unless we found some really stunning watches for you that come in budget.

So here’s the last smartwatch on our list, but equally feature-rich and futuristic as the above ones.

Yamay smartwatch has a 1.3 inch TFT LCD color screen that helps you get a clear view of the screen.

Adjustable brightness of the watch helps you adjust the watch display according to the outer atmosphere.

Just like all the smartwatches above, Yamay smartwatch also lets its users get the call notifications and alerts from calls, SMS, email, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more when your phone is nearby.

But if you are looking for something that helps you reply to messages and attend calls, then this smartwatch should not be your choice.

Your Yamay watch is compatible with both Android (4.4)and iOS(8.0). So you don’t need to worry about the OS you use before buying the smartwatch.

Improve your fitness and track your progress with the fitness features of the Yamay smartwatch. With about 14 activity modes of the digital smartwatch, you can especially track that activity for which that mode is designed.

Keep yourself away from the unknown paths and follow the correct cycling route with GPS that works after connecting the watch with the cell phone.

If you need a hardcore performance tracking but your budget doesn’t allow you to buy expensive fitness bands, then this watch by Yamay is perfect for you.

Keep track of the distance you travel, steps you take, calories burnt, pace, time duration, and heart rate, all with this compact smartwatch.

The 14 sports mode also consist of swimming as well, because of the IP68 water resistance. So you can take your smartwatch on your swimming sessions as well.

Stopwatch and timer functions make it a perfect accessory for sports and people who are looking for something to track their progress.

Analyzing the sleep quality with Yamay can be a great help in making your day time full of energy and enthusiasm.

The watch face seems to look so dull after a certain time, but that’s not gonna happen with this smartwatch. With 4 watch faces choose from, you can match the watch face with your apparels.

Battery backup of the smartwatch is also worth appreciation. After a full charge, that takes 2 hours, you can use the watch continuously for 7 days and on standby mode, the watch can live up to 30 days.

The Good
  • Get call notifications and alerts from social media

  • 14 activity modes for proper training

  • Fitness features like heart rate monitoring, speed, distance traveled are supported

  • Possible to take the watch in the pool

  • You can customize your smartwatch with 4 watch faces

  • Good battery life of 7 days

The Bad
  • You can’t attend calls and reply to messages with this smartwatch

  • Screen text in notifications is small


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A Wake-Up Call

Even after reading the full article some of you must be in a dilemma that the smartwatches with soaring prices of $300, $400, or more must have something special that these watches don’t.

You might be right, but it’s not like you are missing something really really important. Almost all the features that you get in the watches on our list are the same as the features of high priced watches.

So just pull this thought out of your head that high priced smartwatch means better features and quality and low price smartwatch means limited features.

Buy The Best And Leave The Rest: Cheap Smartwatch Buying Guide

It’s a popular saying that half knowledge is always dangerous and this applies to your purchases as well.

If you are purchasing a smartwatch then it’s necessary for you to get enlighten to some factors that are necessary to look in a smartwatch.

And if these factors are missing in your smartwatch then I’m sorry to say but you have purchased crap.

1. Price

You are reading this article because you are searching for smart wrist wearables that come under $100. So this is a compulsory factor to look for.

Before everything else, check the price tag of the smartwatch you are thinking to buy.

If you liked any of the smartwatch mentioned on our list, then you can blindly click on the buy button as all the watches are under $100.

But if you are voluntarily deciding to search for the products, then don’t forget to check the price before giving your heart to the smartwatch.

2. Smartphone Features

Your smartwatch is not smart enough without supporting some of the features of the smartphone.

Many smartwatches allow you to reply to SMS, messages on social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, and attend the calls.

But if not so much advanced, your smartwatch should at least alert you about the calls and messages you receive.

Here in our list, you can find the watches of both categories, but one might lack in some features that other smartwatches have better.

So you need to make your choice wisely and choose the smartwatch that satisfies your demands.

3. Fitness Features

If you ever compare a smartwatch and fitness band, you’ll get to know that smartwatches are much more pricey than fitness trackers.

And do you have any idea why that’s so? The reason is obvious, smartwatches are built to perform the activities of a fitness band but a fitness band cannot be as smart as a smartwatch.

So a good smartwatch can only be one that has fitness features.

Heart rate monitoring, distance covered, steps taken, and sleep monitoring are some of the common fitness-related features of a smartwatch.

4. Battery Life

If a smartwatch has a low battery life then there’s no point in purchasing that smartwatch. You won’t be able to extract all of its benefits.

A good smartwatch that is packed with all the good features should at least give a battery life of 24 hours.

Though it’s also less but still better than the smartwatches with less packed features and a battery life that dies after a few hours.


Are The Cheap Smartwatches Any Good?

Yes, definitely. Some cheap smartwatches are equally good as the expensive smartwatches.

What Is The Best Cheap Smartwatch For Android?

Ticwatch E is the best smartwatch for Android that we have mentioned on our list. Other than the features that other smartwatches also offer, Ticwatch E lets the user make phone calls and reply to notifications.

What Is The Best Smartwatch For Women?

All the watches in the list are unisex in nature. So it's hard to say which is the best smartwatch for women. But if you are looking for a smartwatch with small dimensions, Garmin vívomove or Withings Activité Steel can be your choice.

Are Smartwatches Safe For Health?

Yes, smartwatches are absolutely safe for health. In Fact, smartwatches are designed to improve your hearth in many different ways.

How Do I Choose A Smartwatch?

Choosing a good smartwatch is very easy. You just need to keep some things in mind before buying a less budget smartwatch. The price of the smartwatch should be less, it should have smart features, it should have fitness features, and battery backup should be high.

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