7 Best Smartwatches Under 300 Dollars: Grab Them Before It’s Too Late

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With the digital world growing at such a good pace, the world’s finest technical giants have marked their footsteps with their premium set of smartwatches. Where Apple recently launched its new Apple Watch Series 6, other companies like Samsung and Garmin have also proved themselves in several aspects.

With such amazing smartwatches with such advanced features, which one will you choose for yourself?

In this article, we will tell you about some smartwatches which you can look up to. While some offer exceptional design and smart features, there are some smartwatches that will let you experience the feel of a future wearable.

With the help of this article, you can decide which listed smartwatch suit you the best. You can decide whether you want to buy a smartwatch that can work with cellular connectivity or a smartwatch that has military-grade durability.

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Best Smartwatch Under 300 Dollars Comparison Table





Best Overall


Apple Watch Series 3 - Cellular Model

  • Display: OLED display

  • LTE connectivity: Yes

  • Battery: 24 hours

Best Battery Life


Garmin Instinct Solar

  • Display: Monochrome display

  • LTE connectivity: No

  • Battery: 24 days (watch mode) & 54 days (solar mode)

Best Features


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  • Display: Full-color AMOLED display

  • LTE connectivity: Yes

  • Battery: 30 hours

Best Fitness Features


Garmin Vivoactive 4S

  • Display: Transflective display

  • LTE connectivity: No

  • Battery: 5 days

Best Smartwatches Under $300

1. Apple Watch SE

apple watch SE

Let’s get started with the all-new Apple Watch SE. A cheaper Apple smartwatch with all the necessary features of Apple Watch 6.

Starting with the design, there is nothing new to surprise anyone. It comes with a curved exterior which rolls pleasantly into the OLED display.

On the right-hand side, you have your power button which can do a lot of multitasking. The button can take you through the recently used features & apps.

The heart-rate sensor is at the bottom of the watch bulging outward without creating any discomfort to the user. You can also find green LEDs with the sensor which definitely looks good.

Talking about the straps, other than the common and expensive straps in the market, there is a new silicone strap, also known as Solo Loop which you can use with your watch. The Solo Loop covers your wrists as a whole where there is no option for buckling and unbuckling.

This is an advantage for people who don’t want to get distracted by buckling problems. While this is surely a benefit, you have to make sure that you get your desired wrist size Solo Loop.

While there are not many options for colorful designs, you get three basic colors: Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band, and Space Gray Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band.

While Apple Watch SE comes with a large retina OLED display, the always-on feature is missing here probably to cut off the price and for increasing battery life.

Where it comes to the smartwatch syncing with your smartphone, Apple soars high in the sky with flawless syncing of data and features. Alarms, data sharing, notification and alerts and even receiving calls is extremely smooth and efficient. This is a very reliable characteristic for people who want to or need to use their smartwatch more as compared to their smartphone.

Other than these smart features, you can always enjoy music streaming from Spotify or from any of your preferred music streaming services.

You can really look up to the Apple Watch SE because of its immense fitness capabilities. This smartwatch comes up with both GPS and Glonass to make location-tracking more accurate.

It is water-resistant up to 50 meters of depth. With the help of several workout apps, you can enjoy several activities like running, cycling, yoga, dancing, etc. Not only the stats will be extremely accurate but you also get to use the cool down mode as soon as your target is complete.

Among the various key features which are encrypted in smartwatches by Apple, fitness rings have proved to be the most creative one yet. Here, you get colored rings which are more like an animated depiction of your overall fitness movement.

People who need constant motivation or suggestions to improve their health should definitely opt for this smartwatch as the watch can quickly observe your movement patterns and send you notifications to lead a healthy life.

You can also subscribe to Apple’s new Fitness Plus service where you can watch fitness videos to achieve your goals.

With a reliable heart-rate monitoring feature, you will get alerts and notifications whenever the watch will sense any irregularity in your heart rate.

With Apple SE, you not only get the heart-rate sensor but also a fall detection sensor through which the watch can sense whenever you fall badly.

Thus, it is not only beneficial for elderly people but also for kids where you can keep an eye on both age group and can receive alerts whenever the smartwatch sense anything unusual.

Coming to the battery life, this Apple smartwatch has a better battery life when compared to other smartwatches by Apple, but still less than the battery life that other brands offer.

With the use of GPS and several necessary features, you can have a 30-hour battery life on average.

This is also because SE doesn’t come up with blood oxygen monitoring as well as the always-on display which usually takes a toll on the battery life.

But if you are really looking up to use the sleep tracking feature, you may have to charge your smartwatch during your office hours which can be a bit tricky to schedule.

Now coming to the price of Apple Watch SE, of course, you will need some good savings. But overall, this Apple smartwatch seems to be the perfect combination of premium features for smartwatches available under $300.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Apple SE before moving on to our next smartwatch.

The Good
  • Premium display and design

  • Excellent smartphone syncing

  • Reliable fitness features

  • Effective heart-rate monitor

  • Fall detection sensor available

  • Both GPS and Glonass is used for location-tracking

The Bad
  • It lacks the always-on display and blood oxygen monitoring feature

  • Short battery life as compared to smartwatches by other brands

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2. Garmin Instinct Solar


If you are truly an outdoor adventure enthusiast and have some good money in your pockets, this may be the best smartwatch you can wear on your wrists.

Starting with the design, Garmin Instinct Solar is practical and tough. Made from fiber-reinforced polymer, this smartwatch looks totally strong and attractive on your wrist.

One of the best features of this smartwatch is that it can be charged via solar energy. One good news for people who like to use solar-powered watches is that this Garmin smartwatch uses Power Glass.

You can see the current solar intensity on your smartwatch as small graphs on your watch face. Here, you can get the estimated remaining battery life in a number of days.

Power Glass lets you maintain the look of the watch. Although it is not as strong as compared to sapphire glass, Power Glass also stands well against knocks and scratches.

Talking about the monochrome display, this smartwatch doesn’t have bright colors. It does have the always-on feature and a customizable backlight.

Garmin has several special editions too which offer several amazing features like Jumpmaster for skydivers and Surf for surfers to let you know the tidal data. One extraordinary feature of this smartwatch is that it is also compatible with a night vision goggle.

By switching on the airplane mode, Garmin Instinct Solar can also go into stealth mode.

One thing which you should definitely keep in mind about this Rugged GPS smartwatch that it is constructed to U.S. military standard 810. Therefore, not only it is water-resistant to 100 meters but also it is thermal and shock-resistant.

Talking about the features, this Garmin smartwatch has a built-in 3-axis compass. It also has a barometric altimeter that measures altitude with the help of the air pressure of your location.

To make the tracking systems extremely reliable, Garmin Instinct Solar uses GPS along with GLONASS as well as Galileo. For people traveling or hiking in a challenging environment, this set of global navigation satellite systems will not let you down.

This smartwatch also consists of a SpO2 sensor. This sensor lets you know about any change in your blood oxygen saturation.

Other than these features, there are some fantastic workout profiles. This adventure-sport smartwatch has all the outdoor and indoor workout activities like running, cycling, treadmill running, and so on.

Instinct Solar not only supports all the general activities but also some unique activities like hunting or stand-up paddleboarding, etc.

Within the navigation feature, you can create your daily routes or even follow workout courses created by other Garmin users. Here, you can enjoy turn-by-turn directions.

In Garmin Instinct Solar, you also get a 24/7 heart rate-monitoring whose stats have proved out to be quite similar with various premium sensors and chest bands.

For people who don’t have their own workout routines, Garmin has great news for you. You can now have access to a Virtual Trainer tool. You can use this trainer tool to help you in solo training.

One thing which is very smooth here is that you can pause and resume any current activity with a single press of a button. However, one thing which is extremely frustrating here is the glitchy syncing of your workout activity with the Garmin Connect.

Here, you may have to press the button several times before it actually syncs. And many times, you may accidentally give another command resulting in an improper workout.

One good thing about the buttons here is that they can be locked while playing sports. So, there are very few chances for an accidental button press and any change happening in the settings.

Garmin Pay is also retained in this smartwatch. This means that you have the privilege to use the contactless payment method. The advantage of Garmin’s contactless payment is that you don’t need to carry cash and cards for making payments.

However, one disadvantage still remains. The payment method works only with some selected number of banks. So make sure that your bank is on the list if you are thinking to rely on this feature on your smartwatch.

To see the stats of your smartwatch, you can easily link your smartwatch with the Garmin Connect app. As soon as you select your Instinct Solar on the app you will be able to see the statistics of every feature which your smartwatch has.

Here, other than your Solar Intensity graph, you will get to see your heart-rate, the number of steps you have taken throughout the day, and calories burned.

A very interesting insight has always been added here. With a comparison made from your daily heart-rate stats, you can check out your stress-level. It’s a very reliable feature for people who want to control their stress levels due to hectic schedules.

Other than that, there is also a Body Battery feature which tells about the amount of energy left within you in the form of the number of points out of 100. A highly beneficial feature for people who like to balance their rest and activity sessions.

Coming to the battery life, it is the best on the list. You get 24 days of battery life in watch mode and an exceptional battery life of 54 days in solar mode, given that there’s enough sunlight. With GPS mode on, you can use the smartwatch for 30 hours in watch mode and 38 hours if there is enough sunlight.

This characteristic makes the Garmin Instinct Solar totally worth it. With all these features, this smartwatch is available at the best price right now.

Let’s have a quick look at all the pros and cons of the Garmin Instinct Solar.

The Good
  • Exceptional battery life

  • Amazing adventure-sport features

  • Absolutely practical and tough

  • Solar-powered watch

  • Thermal and shock-resistant

  • GPS-Galileo, as well as Glonass, is used for location tracking

The Bad
  • Design is not that great

  • Black and white display

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3. Apple Watch Series 3 – Cellular Model


Though the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are both available in the market now, this particular Apple smartwatch is a perfect budget model.

With some amazing features, especially the one with the cellular connectivity, Apple Watch Series 3 is now heavily discounted on Amazon and therefore you must give it a read.

With a square and curved design, the chassis comes in two different sizes, that is, 38mm and 42mm. The iconic design of  Apple smartwatches is absolutely unique and quite easy to recognize from a distance.

The smartwatch feels very comfortable and light on the wrist. Given the square display, you can see more data at a time than what you can see on a circular one.

Apple Watch Series comes with a clear and vivid OLED display. There is no always-on mode for the display. This is purely done to save some battery life.

Therefore, the screen will switch itself down from time to time, and hence, you will need to flick your wrist every time when you want to see the display. This may be a little frustrating for people who prefer the always-on mode feature and do not want to click buttons or flick their wrist almost every time.

However, one reliable feature about the wrist sensor is that it is very easy to switch on the display. You will need a very small amount of force in your flick and you will never find yourself throwing your wrists in the air to switch on the display.

Talking about the cellular mode, now you can receive phone calls as well as alerts and notifications for some particular apps without your smartphone nearby.

This particular feature is the best example of future wearable. For people who really want to have the best on their wrists, the cellular model of the Apple Watch Series 3 can be the best option for you.

However, this particular feature doesn’t make your smartwatch totally independent of your smartphone. Here, to use every feature of this smartwatch, you do need an iPhone in your pocket.

If you want the notification of an app in cellular mode, do check whether if that app can work in the standalone mode. If it can’t, you may need to have your smartphone nearby to receive notifications.

Also, the call quality is impressive. Both the microphone and speakers work quite effectively. The voice quality is maintained on this smartwatch.

Talking about other features on this smartwatch, you will obviously be getting Siri on your wrist, a voice-assistant feature that is extremely reliable and helpful.

Though the effectiveness of Siri has always been a debatable topic from the start, you will definitely enjoy the advantages of Siri if you are giving clear commands and handling this voice assistance quite well.

This is highly beneficial when you want your smartwatch to run on voice commands especially when you are driving or working out.

One notable feature inside this smartwatch is the Taptic Engine. It creates a range of vibrating patterns for different actions.

Once you become habitual with the vibrating patterns, you will know what your device is trying to say to you. You will know whether it is an app notification or something else. This feature definitely feels incredible on the wrists.

While all the features of the WatchOS 4 are definitely great to use, you also get the Torch/flashlight feature where you can turn your screen bright white to be used as a flashlight in the dark.

In the cellular version of the smartwatch, you get 16GB of internal storage. This means that you can download your favorite music tracks from over 50 million songs available on Apple Music and Beats Radio.

Though the music quality is amazing, the syncing process with your preferred workout profiles takes time. Therefore, you are thinking to go for a run in the morning with your favorite music tracks, you are advised to do it beforehand.

Coming on to the fitness side of this smartwatch, the features absolutely help you live a better and healthy life.

The heart-rate monitoring feature is not just extremely reliable but also highly advanced. Unlike in other smartwatches, the heart-rate monitoring of Apple Watch 3 results in various categories of stats.

It’s not just about the beats per minute now. You can have access to separate records of your heart-rate when you are working out when you take a rest when you are walking, or even when you are sleeping.

Thus, you can have insights into almost every activity that you do throughout the day.

This smartwatch is waterproof up to 50meters of depth. You can always enjoy the basic swimming workout while in the pool.

However, for swimmers who need advanced workout profiles and statistics, there are not many options here. Heart-rate tracking is also not accurate inside the pool.

Other than this, there is also a built-in HIIT workout, that is, High-Intensity Interval Training, for advanced training.

Coming to the battery life, If you are using every feature including all the workouts, GPS, and cellular features, your smartwatch will still last for 24 hours.

Now coming to the price, this smartwatch is on sale on Amazon and is available at a very low price right now.

Before you go and check it out, here are the pros and cons of this smartwatch.

The Good
  • Exceptional fitness features

  • Reliable LTE feature

  • Advanced motion sensors as well as fitness sensors

  • impressive call quality

  • Access to over 50 million songs

  • Advanced fitness training modes

The Bad
  • Siri is inconsistent and patchy

  • Poor swim tracker

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4. Garmin Vivoactive 4S


Garmin Vivoactive 4S is one of those touchscreen running smartwatches which is both stylish as well as fitness-focused. Let’s have a look at this accessible wearable.

Taking about the design, this 45.1 x 45.1 x 12.8 mm smartwatch comes with the Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the screen of this particular smartwatch.

Vivoactive 4S is a very comfortable watch, despite being very large. People who like to have easily recognizable & bulky smartwatches on their wrists should definitely take a look at this smartwatch.

The display here is not so impressive as the Vivoactive 4S comes with a 260 x 260 transflective screen. This means that the screen is powered by sunlight, totally opposite as in the case of LCD and OLED.

The screen is much clear in bright daylight than indoors. For people who give a priority to the display features, this Garmin smartwatch may disappoint you a lot.

Like all the Garmin smartwatches, this version of Vivoactive also uses the Connect IQ app store. You can download thousands of watch faces and several apps from the Connect IQ app store. This helps you to personalize your smartwatch in an improved manner.

You can enjoy Garmin Pay, a very reliable contactless payment system. The Garmin Pay lets you purchase items with your smartwatch.

This is an exceptional feature where you don’t need your smartphone to be nearby for the payment process. People who have a tendency to forget wallet and smartphone at home don’t need to worry now because the smartwatch on their wrists will do the necessary work.

You can easily download songs from various premium music streaming platforms like Spotify or Amazon music.

Other than that, you can always enjoy the smart notifications as well as app alerts from your smartphone directly on your smartwatch. This is highly beneficial for people who prefer calendar reminders or text messages on their wrists.

Garmin Vivoactive 4SS has some excellent fitness features as well.

It comes with the Pulse OX to measure blood oxygen saturation in percentage. It also assists in measuring Body Battery, that is, the estimated amount of energy left in your body.

The Body Battery feature emerged out to be a very reliable and useful feature. It compares, and at the same time, is dependent on stats from a lot of activities like workouts, sleeping, stress-levels, and of course heart-rate.

Other than this, there are several other features that measure your stress levels as well as hydration levels. Here, you also get a sleep analysis tracker. With this particular feature, you can note and manage the quality of your sleep.

This smartwatch comes with a good heart-rate monitoring feature. However, the heart-rate statistics are not that reliable during workouts as it may give inaccurate results.

Probably one of the best features of this smartwatch is that it consists of over 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports app. These include a range of workout activities like yoga, swimming, cycling, running, etc.

You can also enjoy the animated workout right on your screen which makes the workout very smooth as it is very easy-to-follow. It includes cardio, yoga, and several core workouts.

Other than these fitness features, this smartwatch also comes with golf tracking for several courses. If you love to play golf, the stats will surely help you to improve your game.

When working out, the large screen of the Vivoactive 4S shows some common stats like duration of the workout, distance traveled, and also your heart-rate.

However, this version of Vivoactive does miss out on a very important feature. It does not come up with the Performace condition which judges your performance by reviewing your stats.

This is an essential feature for the fitness freaks, but it is not available on this smartwatch. But at the same time, users are getting the Body Battery feature which is an excellent replacement.

Coming to the battery life, Vivoactive 4S can last up to 5 days with the use of GPS and other fitness features. This is an exceptionally great battery life as compared to other smartwatches in this list.

The price of this smartwatch is fairly great with such reliable smart as well as fitness-focused features.

Before moving on to the next smartwatch, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of this smartwatch.

The Good
  • Garmin coach available

  • Contactless Payment solution

  • Excellent battery life

  • 20 preloaded GPS and indoor sports app

  • Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the screen

  • Animated workouts available

The Bad
  • No Performance Condition

  • Poor display

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5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


If you are looking for a stylish smartwatch with advanced features, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 may be the one for you.

Even with a big screen, this smartwatch is extremely thin, light as well as small. This makes the smartwatch a very comfortable one that you can wear 24/7.

It comes in two sizes, that is, 41mm and 45mm. Hence, it is good to go for people with different preferences.

Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a full-color AMOLED display. Here, you will be getting the always-on display option. This means that you will never find yourself pressing the button or tapping the screen throughout the day.

The smartwatch comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass DX to protect the screen from any kind of damage.

You also get the rotating bezel in the smartwatch. If you are not comfortable while navigating through the touchscreen feature, this rotating bezel is a great option for navigation.

For navigation purposes, you can also use the two buttons integrated on this smartwatch. One is a power button and another one is the back button. With multiple presses, they can also be used for other specific tasks.

With military-grade durability, you can enjoy more than 50 thousand watch faces on this smartwatch.

Samsung has used the same old Exynos 9110 chipset as the original galaxy smartwatch. However, the performance still remains excellent with 1 GB of RAM.

People who really look for top-notch speed without any glitches should surely look up to this smartwatch.

The smartwatch comes with 8 GB of storage space which after necessary updates gives you around 4 GB of space available for music and apps which is pretty good.

This version of the Galaxy smartwatch is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. Hence, the users don’t need to worry about the smartphones in their pockets to buy this smartwatch.

With the LTE version, the smartwatch uses an e-SIM for cellular connections. You can receive phone calls as well as text messages right on your wrists without the need for your smartphone nearby.

Galaxy Watch 3 comes with Bixby voice functionality. It can read your texts and can even make a call or begin other activities. This particular feature makes the Samsung smartwatch absolutely easy to use as well as very cool.

It also comes with Samsung Pay which lets you process payment right from your wrists without your smartphone nearby.

One of the notable features of this smartwatch is that it comes with multilayered defense-grade security. This helps you to keep your personal data safe and secure from other people.

While being an exceptionally good fitness tracker, you can enjoy a total of seven workout activities where the fitness tracker is auto-triggered.

It also comes with stress-tracking as well as sleep-tracking. You also get the SpO2 monitoring feature to measure the blood oxygen saturation percentage.

The smartwatch is also water-resistant with an International Standard Rating of IP68.

Other than the swim-tracking feature, there is a section focused on woman’s health features. Here, you can monitor the menstrual cycle and other related data.

Galaxy 3 also comes with an accurate heart-rate monitoring feature where you can also share your ECG data in PDF format.

Talking about the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, this smartwatch can last up to 30 hours with a single charge. The battery saver mode is excellent here which can push your battery life to an additional 12 hours.

With several advanced features and good battery life, Galaxy Watch 3 is available at a very good price.

Let’s take a glance at some quick pros and cons of this smartwatch to clear your remaining doubts.

The Good
  • Comes with the rotating bezel

  • Stylish design

  • Exceptional fitness features

  • Compatible with both Android as well as iOS

  • Military-grade durability

  • Samsung Pay available

The Bad
  • Slow charging

  • Limited third-party app support

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6. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna


Now is the time to talk about the recent smartwatch developed by the Fossil Group.

Under the signature Fossil brand, this smartwatch is a fifth-generation smartwatch.

This slim and stylish smartwatch is 12mm thick and 44mm wide. It comes with a 1.28 inch AMOLED screen. The screen is bright and intelligible even outdoors.

The smartwatch comes with two buttons for navigation purposes. These buttons let you select your preferred apps and features. On the same side, there is a speaker hole which is also quite effective.

On the other side, there is one rotating crown to scroll through settings and other features. But, there are some apps like Spotify or Google Fit which occasionally refuse to respond to the command.

Unlike many other Wear OS smartwatches, this Gen 5 uses the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. The smartwatch’s performance is quite good with its 1GB RAM and without any noticeable glitches.

As a Wear OS by Google, you can enjoy a variety of features provided by Google.

The smartwatch comes with Google Assistance for voice commands. You can set calendar reminders, alarms, etc. This is a really reliable feature for people who are dependent on the voice assistant.

You also get the payment app, Google Pay right on your wrists. With this, you will be able to purchase and make payments directly from your smartwatch. A highly beneficial feature for people who don’t like to take out their smartphones from time to time, for little things.

Other than these, you also get Google Map as well as Google Translate.

You can navigate via swiping on the screen. Right swipe takes you all the widgets. Swipe up leads you to the notifications and swipe down leads you to some quick settings.

The handling of notifications and app alerts is very smooth here. Every notification can be expanded. Thus, reading any email or any WhatsApp text is easy.

Overall, the interface apparently provides an exceptionally well experience to the user.

You get a lot of options to reply to your messages. You can use Built-in smart text replies, you can use the keyboard as well as your voice to write down the text.

Syncing with smartphones is very smooth. Anything which you do on your smartphone, for example, music can also be controlled through your smartwatch.

Till the time you have a connection with your smartphone, every feature will work well. However, this can be a disadvantage at some point in time.

Though the Gen 5 works pretty well, the watch may disconnect with your smartphone in between. Here, you have to reboot your smartwatch again which is very frustrating.

Coming on to the fitness features, there are not many functions in the Fossil Gen 5. The primary source of workouts is Google Fit here.

The Google Fit can deliver you some basic workout profiles and stats. You can see your number of steps traveled. You can also note down your movement minutes as well as heart-points.

There are a good number of workouts but the screen is not customizable while tracking a workout.

Here, you neither have sleep analysis nor stress-tracking. If you want to have more workout profiles, you can download third-party apps.

Overall, this is not a fitness-focused smartwatch. As compared to fitness features provided by Apple, Garmin, or Samsung smartwatches, Fossil Gen 5 Julianna is nowhere.

However, being a Wear OS by Google, It has its own benefits as well as this Fossil smartwatch is stylish too.

Now let’s talk about the battery life of Gen 5. There are basically three battery modes. The battery lasts for a day while using all the functions.

With extended mode, the battery can last for at least 2 days with some functions turned off. With time mode, the battery life is quite better than these two.

However, according to Fossil’s policies, the battery cannot be replaced. This can be a huge disadvantage in the long run.

Coming to the price, Fossil Gen 5 Julianna is highly discounted and is available at a much lower price as compared to other smartwatches on this list.

This was Fossil Gen 5 Julianna for you. Let’s move on to the last smartwatch in this list with some quick pros and cons of this smartwatch.

The Good
  • Exceptional Wear OS smartwatch

  • Google Pay and Google Assistant provide great help

  • It is very stylish

  • Smooth handling of app notifications

  • Built-in smart text replies

The Bad
  • Fitness features are very basic

  • Syncing with smartphones can be glitchy sometimes

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7. TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE


This smartwatch here can be considered as one of the best Wear OS smartwatches. This cellular smartwatch by the Chinese company Mobvoi is worth taking a glance at.

TicWatch Pro is a bulky smartwatch with 45mm in diameter. For people who love to wear heavy and bulky smartwatches, TicWatch Pro will suit your wrist. This smartwatch is not made for people with smaller wrists.

The smartwatch feels very classy and premium on the wrist. The new all-silicon strap is very comfortable. The circular black case feels very aesthetic too.

The smartwatch is rough and strong with standard ratings of IP89 and MIL-STD810G. This stainless-steel smartwatch is water and dust resistant.

Coming to the display, the Pro 4G/LTE has a dual-layered display. With a resolution of 400 x 400, the AMOLED display works exceptionally well in bright sunlight.

The secondary display is an always-on FSTN. This is an excellent battery saver as the low-powered display lets you see only some of the important data like date, time, and the number of steps.

Although the FSTN saves a lot of battery life, the display is not that good and can create huge problems outdoors.

However, waking the primary display is very easy. You can either rotate your wrists or tap on the screen.

Coming to the primary feature of this beautiful smartwatch, Tibuilt-in safety features, effective microphone quality, cWatch Pro supports LTE connectivity. You can take and make calls directly from your wrists. Sending text messages is also done efficiently with this smartwatch.

As you can connect with people without your smartphone nearby, our daily hectic lives do get a pinch of comfort with such features.

Typing texts is also quite easy here. You get a lot of alternatives other than the on-screen keyboard. People who are not comfortable with tiny touchscreen keyboards can also use the voice-to-text option.

The microphone is good enough to understand your words. The built-in speakers are also loud. With this smartwatch on your wrists, the on-call conversation can be done successfully.

One of the most preferred advantages of the LTE connection is that you can listen to music without your smartphone. You can connect your favorite headset to your TicWatch Pro via Bluetooth.

This is pretty great when you want music while working out in the gym.

This feature also lets you use some of the safety features. You can use SOS and call 911. You can even share your location when stuck in any kind of emergency.

However, to use this feature, you have to buy cellular data for your smartwatch with a monthly cost of 10$. The battery life also drains up quickly when using LTE connectivity.

Talking about other features of the smartwatch, you get Google Pay, Google Assistant as well as Google Fit. Google Assistant can help you a lot while placing calls in LTE.

Let’s move to the fitness features offered by this smartwatch.

Along with the Google Fit app, various ranges of Mobvoi’s own fitness apps also come preinstalled.

These apps let you use various workout profiles as well as allow tracking of various workouts like cycling, swimming as well as several indoor and outdoor exercises.

However, both these apps are very basic and do not provide an advanced level of stats. Other than calories burned, distance covered and the number of steps taken in a day, you do not get much here.

But you do have several alternatives. You can easily download your preferred app from the Google Play store.

Other than the workout essentials, you can use the heart-rate monitoring as well as the sleep tracking feature.

For sleep tracking, you have to download the TicSleep app from the Google Play store and later you can note your stats with the help of the Mobvoi app.

Coming to the battery life, TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE comes with two days of battery life.

Here, you can also use the essential mode to save a lot of battery, However, even if you save some battery life here, you will not be able to use all the advanced features of the smartwatch.

With this mode, you can only see some basic things like date and time. On the other screen, you can see your heart rate and steps.

Though there are other cheap smartwatches above in the list with more number of advanced features, TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE offers a very balanced suite of features. With the 4G and LTE connectivity as well as with the dual-layered screen, this smartwatch is perfect for its price.

You should check this smartwatch on the Amazon app as soon as possible as it is heavily discounted at this time.

Before we finish this article, let’s have a quick summary of the pros and cons of this smartwatch.

The Good
  • Dual-layered display

  • LPE connectivity

  • Wear OS powered by Google

  • Durable design

  • Built-in safety features

  • Effective microphone quality

The Bad
  • Bulky smartwatch

  • Sluggish processor

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Final Thoughts

The above article mentioned several smartwatches which are available on Amazon for under $300. While some of them have exceptional cellular and LTE features, some of them have really advanced fitness features. There are also smartwatches with military-grade ratings.

Now that you know about the best smartwatches in accordance with the money in your pockets, you only have to make a list of your requirements. Decide whether you want a smartwatch for adventure sports or a smartwatch that will assist you in your corporate life. Choose the best one for yourself.

Tom Nielson

Tom's love for watches started when his grandfather gifted him his Rolex watch when he turned 18! Being a teenager it was a big deal for him. Later when he got his first job he bought Fossil Palm Pilot back in 2003 which was a smartwatch. Since then smartwatches have come a long way and so is Tom's love for them. His experience with watches inspired him to start Wearholic and share his knowledge of wearables including watches, smartwatches, smart glasses, & smart clothing.

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