7 Best Smartwatches With Metal Strap Or Band

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You can find lots of comfortable watch straps out there like Nato, leather, and rubber bands but no other strap can provide a better classic look to your watch as you get with metal straps. Also, metal bands with mesh designs are quite comfortable to wear due to their breathable nature. In this article, we share with you smartwatches that come with metal straps that provide smart features with vintage looks. So let’s get started, shall we?

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Metal Strap Smartwatch Comparison Table





Men's Smartwatch With Metal Band

best stainless steel smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5  Stainless Steel Smartwatch

  • Stainless steel strap

  • Built-in speakers

  • Contactless payment

Best Ladies Smartwatch With Metal Strap

ladies smartwatch with metal band

Fossil Women's Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR

  • Stainless steel mesh strap

  • Hybrid smartwatch

  • Always-on display

Cheap Smartwatch With Metal Strap

cheap smartwatch with metal strap

CanMixs Smartwatch

  • Stainless steel mesh band

  • Large Square display

  • IP68 waterproof

Most Durable

garmin fenix 5

Garmin Fenix 5

  • Stainless steel metal band

  • Multisport tracking

  • Premium design

Best Smartwatches With Metal Strap

1. Fossil Gen 5  Stainless Steel Smartwatch

best stainless steel smartwatch

The first smartwatch on the list is the Fossil Gen 5 which is fully made out of stainless steel including the case and the strap. Stainless steel is quite a sturdy material that also looks good and provides your smartwatch durability and a classic look. Also, the Fossil Gen 5’s stainless steel metal strap can be interchanged with any 22mm strap which is sold separately. With this, you can change the look of your watch as you want it.

Although the smartwatch is perfect for big wrists, if you want to wear it on your small wrist then you can remove links from the strap using a special link removal tool that won’t cost more than $10. Talking of the smart features of the watch then it is one of the most advanced smartwatches with a metal strap out there. You get features like contactless payments, GPS, and a heart rate tracker which is a must in today’s scenarios. Also, this smartwatch has a built-in speaker which allows you to answer calls right on your wrist.

Overall, it’s one of the best smartwatches to own if you don’t want to compromise on smart features but also want your watch to look classic.

The Good
  • Stylish design
  • Comes with a built-in speaker
  • Feels comfortable on the wrist
  • Interchangeable straps
  • You can control music on your wrist
The Bad
  • The watch is slightly on the heavier side
  • It runs on Wear OS which is not as smooth as watchOS and Tizen operating system

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2. Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Lexington Smartwatch

Luxury smartwatch

Michael Kors is an American fashion brand that also makes premium watches apart from jewelry, clothing, perfumes, and footwear. If you are looking for luxury then this Michael Kors smartwatch is a perfect option for you. The smartwatch comes in a gold-tone stainless steel case and strap which makes it look even more premium. Moreover, it is available in multiple color options including black, silver, rose gold, etc. which gives you more options to choose from.

Much like Fossil Gen 5, this smartwatch also comes packed with smart features that make everyday life easier for you. The most prominent features you get on this smartwatch are Google Assistant and AMOLED display including the basic smart functions like GPS, heart rate tracking, and more. So, all in all, it’s one of the best luxury stainless steel smartwatches that you can get for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.

If you are confused between Michael Kors Gen 5 and Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches you can read our comparison of Michael Kors Vs Fossil to determine which watch to go for.

The Good
  • Luxury smartwatch
  • Available in multiple color options to choose from
  • Has a vivid AMOLED display
  • Comes with Google Assistant voice command
  • Has all basic smart functions including fitness and health tracking
The Bad
  • You can’t take it in deep waters
  • The battery hardly lasts a full day

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3. Skagen Connected Falster 3

comfortable smartwatch

The next smartwatch with a metal strap on the list is from Skagen. It’s different from the other two smartwatches that we discussed above in the way that it has a gunmetal mesh band that is breathable and more comfortable to wear. So if you are someone who sweats a lot then this smartwatch is going to be a great option for you. Also, it is waterproof up to 5 ATMs so it can easily handle sweat, rain, and water splashes.

The best part about the watch is that it comes with a smart battery saver mode which enhances its battery life by a good margin. Moreover, the watch is capable of rapid charging which enables it to charge itself up to 80% within an hour. In terms of features, you get a heart rate tracker and GPS which help you track your health and fitness activities respectively.

Overall, if you want a comfortable watch with good battery life then this Skagen Connected smartwatch is an optimum choice for you.

The Good
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh strap
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Lets you track your health and fitness
  • Suitable for shallow-water activities
  • Looks really good
The Bad
  • The software on the watch is a bit laggy sometimes
  • The build quality could have been better

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4. Fossil Women’s Charter Hybrid Smartwatch HR

ladies smartwatch with metal band

Now let’s have a look at a unique watch for women which is a combination of a smartwatch and a classic watch. Such watches are called hybrid smartwatches as they look like regular watches but have smart features as you would find on smartwatches. This women’s smartwatch comes with a small round display with thin mesh stainless steel bands which easily fit on smaller wrists.

Moreover, the smartwatch has an always-on display that helps you read all your stats at a quick glance. Talking of stats, it can track your sleep, heart rate, and activities and show the reading right on your wrist on its readout display. Besides that, it also shows incoming phone notifications on your wrist so that you never miss an important call or text message.

Moreover, unlike other full-fledged smartwatches with high-end displays, this smartwatch has a good battery life all thanks to its minimalistic and monochromatic digital display which consumes less power. Overall, if you are looking for a good ladies smartwatch with a metal band that provides the best of both worlds then this budget-friendly hybrid smartwatch from Fossil is a must-buy.

The Good
  • Hybrid design
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable on women’s wrist
  • Has health and fitness tracking abilities
  • Has an always-on display
The Bad
  • It’s not the most accurate watch
  • It doesn’t come with setup instructions

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5. CanMixs Smartwatch

cheap smartwatch with metal strap

On the fifth position of the list, we have an affordable smartwatch with metal straps for people who are tight on budget. At a price point under $50, this smartwatch is at least 6 to 7 times cheaper than all other smartwatches on this list. However, its low price doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on features and comfort. It has all smart features including health and fitness tracking and you can even control your music with this watch.

Also, it uses aluminum alloy and stainless steel in the manufacturing of its case and strap respectively which provides it a premium look. Besides that, the mesh metal strap of the watch provides a sweat-free experience and you can wear it on your wrist for a long time without any issue.

The other highlight of the watch is its large colorful square display which makes it easier to read. Moreover, you can even control your music right from the screen of this watch which makes it a great deal for people who love to listen to music during workouts or while on the go.

The Good
  • Cheap smartwatch
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It has a good battery life
  • The watch lets you track your activities and health
  • It is rated IP68 waterproof
The Bad
  • Some apps lag on it
  • The build quality is so-so

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 6. Garmin Fenix 5

garmin fenix 5

After a cheap and affordable smartwatch let’s move towards a premium and rugged smartwatch from Garmin which will cost you over $500 if you want to buy it. The watch is meant for military use and multisport training purposes and is therefore quite durable and can definitely take some hits. The full metal body is one of the main reasons behind this smartwatch’s durability and classic looks.

Moreover, the slate grey color metal strap on the watch looks premium and adds elegance to your looks. As this watch is geared towards outdoor adventures, it has all the features that you may need on your next outdoor mission like a wrist-based heart rate tracker, compass, multiple navigation sensors, and more. It also keeps you connected to the world by displaying your phone notifications right on its screen.

All in all, if you are looking for a highly durable smartwatch with metal straps then Garmin Fenix 5 is a good option to go for.

The Good
  • Durable and rugged design
  • It looks amazing
  • You get all outdoor features like GPS, compass, altimeter, and more
  • It helps you stay connected to the world by showing phone notifications on your wrist
The Bad
  • It’s a bit heavy on the wrist
  • More on the expensive side

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7. Huawei Watch With Stainless Steel Link Bands

stainless steel watch

The next stainless steel smartwatch on the list is from Huawei. It has stainless steel link strap which you can adjust according to your wrist size. The watch features a 1.4 inch large AMOLED display which produces vivid texts and graphics. However, the display isn’t very bright and you may feel that it’s a little hard to read under direct sunlight.

It lets you track your workouts with its built-in sensors and can also monitor your heartbeat to let you know how your heart is performing. The battery life of the watch is also pretty good when compared to other smartwatches and can easily last you more than a day based on your usage pattern.

So if you are on a hunt for a good-looking smartwatch that comes with a metal strap then this watch right here can be a great option for you.

The Good
  • It looks very good
  • The watch is built with durability in mind
  • The battery life is good considering it is a smartwatch with an AMOLED display
  • Good overall performance
The Bad
  • The display is hard to read under direct sunlight
  • There is no GPS on this watch

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Should You Buy Smartwatch With Metal Band?

Although metal straps are not considered very comfortable due to their heaviness and less breathability, they are still very popular due to the classic looks that they provide. If you are a fan of classic watches but also don’t want to miss on smart features then buying a smartwatch with metal straps is a good choice for you. If you have sweaty skin you can also go for mesh metal band smartwatches as they are breathable and also look good.


Are Metal Straps Comfortable?

Metal bands are the least breathable of all watch bands hence you may find them a little uncomfortable especially if you wear them 24/7. However, you can go with metal mesh bands as they have holes in the strap which makes them breathable and comfortable on the wrist.

Does Apple Watch Come With Metal Bands?

No, it does't but you can buy third-party metal bands from online stores at a reasonable price.

Which Is The Best Smartwatch With Metal Strap?

Fossil Gen 5 is our pick of the best smartwatch with a metal strap.

What Are Metal Watch Bands Made Of?

Metal Watch Bands are mostly made from stainless steel.

Metal Or Leather: Which Is Better Watch Band?

In terms of looks both metal and leather bands look great. However, in terms of comfort leather bands are better while in terms of durability metal bands are better.

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