7 Best Snorkeling Watches And Smartwatches

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Everyone is fond of sports whether it is performed on the field or underwater. Sports do not only give you moments of fun but they also allow you to stay fit and active. People who live in a city with beaches or rivers are mostly fond of water sports like snorkeling, surfing, and diving.

I know that you have landed on this page in search of highly water-resistant watches for snorkeling. Here, I will help you to select a watch that should be tough enough to bear snorkeling activity.

Apart from water resistance, you should also look for other features in a snorkeling watch like chronograph, backlight, etc. Read more about these features at the end of this article. But before that, don’t miss to check out the list of the best watches and smartwatches for snorkeling.

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Best Snorkeling Watch Comparison Table





Cheap Snorkeling Watch

Cheap Snorkeling watch for women

Armitron Sport Women’s Watch

  • Back-light

  • Chronograph

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Men’s Smartwatch for Snorkeling

Men's smartwatch for snorkeling

Suunto 9 Baro Watch

  • Come with 80 Sports modes

  • Heart rate tracker

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

  • Smartwatch with GPS

Unisex Snorkeling Smartwatch

Unisex snorkeling Smartwatch

Garmin Descent MK1 Watch

  • Barometric Altimeter

  • Comes with a Dive log

  • Battery life lasts 19 days

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Best Snorkeling Men’s Watch

Best Snorkeling Men's watch

Timex Expedition watch

  • Countdown timer

  • Back-light

  • Alarm & Chronograph

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

Best Snorkeling Watches

1. ORIENT Men’s Snorkeling Watch

Orient Snorkeling watch under 200

ORIENT is manufacturing water-resistant watches for a long time and I thought why not start this list with one of the best ORIENT watches. This ORIENT snorkeling watch comes with an analog display and steel case. The metal case provides this watch strength to bear high pressure underwater.

The most important thing in snorkeling is to keep doing body movements and this watch uses your movements to power itself. As it is an automatic movement watch, it winds automatically as per your hand’s movements. Also, the watch is water-resistant up to 200m which means you are not limited to surface snorkeling; you can go deeper to explore more.

Also, this watch can help you train for competitive snorkeling as it consists of a unidirectional bezel that helps you keep track of the duration of your activity. Hence, the watch is a good choice for snorkeling lovers under $200.

The Good
  • The watch is water-resistant up to 200m
  • It comes with a unidirectional bezel which helps to calculate the activity duration
  • Durable
The Bad
  • The watch doesn’t have a back-light

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2. Bulova Men’s Quartz Sports Watch

Bulova Snorkeling watch under 500

This sports watch is one of the best Bulova watches for snorkeling. The wonder about this saltwater watch is that it comes with luminous hands which make easy reading of time underwater. Moreover, the watch gives a perfect grip with its rubber band and buckle clasp.

Bulova has provided water resistance of up to 200m in this watch. So, you can go for deep snorkeling and if you find it dark down there then the luminous hands will help you to read time as well as the chronograph readings. Yes, the watch comes with a chronograph as well, it allows you to check your activity timings. I guess you have found a complete snorkeling watch with a chronograph for just under $500.

The Good
  • The watch comes with luminous hands
  • Watch is resistant to saltwater
  • It comes with a chronograph
The Bad
  • The watch doesn’t come with Back-light

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3. Timex Expedition Watch

Best Snorkeling Men's watch

Check out this best Timex watch which grabs the number third position on our list. The major feature of the watch is that it consists of a nylon band that provides comfort to the wearer and a hook clasp that makes it easier to wear and take the watch off.

Everyone wants a snorkeling watch with a chronograph to keep checking the time duration of their activity. But apart from the chronograph, Timex has given two more features in this watch which helps you to track your performance. Yes, this snorkeling men’s watch comes with a countdown timer to track your progress and an alarm to keep you on a strict routine.

Also, since this is a snorkeling watch, so it comes with a water-resistant rating of 100m at an affordable price.

The Good
  • The watch comes with Chronograph, countdown timer, and alarm
  • It is water-resistant up to 100m, suitable for snorkeling
  • Affordable watch
The Bad
  • The user needs to change the battery after some time
  • The screen is not highly durable

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4. Armitron Sport Women’s Watch

Cheap Snorkeling watch for women

Were you looking for a cheap snorkeling watch that can fit in your budget and consists of all the required features for snorkeling? Here is your pick. This women’s waterproof watch comes with a digital display and back-light function. When you go for deep underwater performance, the back-light makes it convenient for you to check time as well as your performance duration with the help of its chronograph.

The watch can bear water activity up to 100m, enough for swimming and snorkeling. Although the watch is cheap, this does not mean that you have to settle for fewer features. This watch is the best choice for women at an affordable price.

The Good
  • The watch comes with a back-light
  • Watch has a chronograph for recoding activity duration
  • Complete package at a cheap price
The Bad
  • Dial size is small
  • Watch instruction manual comes with unreadable small font text

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Best Smartwatches For Snorkeling

5. Garmin Instinct

Smartwatch for fitness

Are there any smartwatches for snorkeling? Yes, of course. Here, I have placed a Garmin smartwatch which is suitable for snorkeling. The smartwatch is specially designed for military personnel. So, if you have any patriotic person in your family then you can gift this watch to them because it can accompany them in their duty as well as in their vacation time to enjoy snorkeling.

The watch comes with a GPS function that helps to find the location even in tough terrains such as mountain, desert, and underwater missions. As it is shock, thermal, and also water-resistant up to 100m, it can survive in extreme conditions

Also, this Garmin watch can help you to track heart rate, stress, and other activities with its in-built activity and health tracking monitor. So overall the watch is a perfect companion for a soldier with a battery life of 14 days.

The Good
  • The watch comes with a rugged GPS
  • Watch is shockproof, thermal, and water-resistant
  • The watch can track heart rate, stress, and other activity
  • Good battery life
The Bad
  • Charging problem after some time
  • Inaccuracy in GPS

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6. Suunto 9 Baro Watch

Men's smartwatch for snorkeling

Suunto has specially designed this watch for athletes as the watch consists of more than 80 sports modes and GPS monitoring. These modes make the watch compatible with your respective sport including snorkeling, swimming, etc. Whereas GPS helps you to track your location in hiking, biking, trekking, etc. Moreover, the in-built Suunto apps provide specific guidance for training and other activities. Even when you do your activities, this watch tracks your heart rate and daily routine.

Also, the watch is composed of titanium which makes it more durable as well as light-weighted. Besides the material, it comes with a battery life of 120 hours, which is great for a smartwatch. So, it can be the best Suunto watch for snorkeling lovers because it also comes with a water-resistant feature of up to 100m.

The Good
  • Watch consists of over 80 sports modes
  • Sunnto in-built apps for training guidance
  • Battery life up to 120 hours
The Bad
  • Software issues may arise after updating

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7. Garmin Descent MK1 Watch

Unisex snorkeling Smartwatch

At the last position on the list, I have placed Garmin Descent MK1. The watch is placed at last doesn’t mean that it’s the least. Garmin has given this watch a smooth design as well as a battery life of 19 days which makes it the best smartwatch with good battery life.

This smartwatch comes with GPS and barometric altimeter which tracks location for you and shows you the altitude change respectively. Also, I would love to mention here that this snorkeling smartwatch comes with a data log that can keep a log of your 200 dives and is also water-resistant up to 100m.

With this watch, you can go snorkeling and collect your activity data like time duration, speed, etc. That makes the watch a complete package for snorkeling.

The Good
  • The watch comes with a data log to collect activity data
  • It can show altitude changes
  • Rugged and durable watch
The Bad
  • Inaccurate altitude readings sometimes
  • Customer support service is not up to the mark for this watch

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Snorkeling Watch: Buying Guide

A snorkeling watch should not be bought based on just one feature (water-resistant). Here, I will mention all the features that are required for a snorkeling watch.

1. Water-resistant

Snorkeling is an activity that is performed from 100m to 300m underwater. That means your watch should be water-resistant at least up to 100m.

2. Back-light

When you go snorkeling, down there you find it dark sometimes. That’s why your watch must have a back-light feature which can make it convenient to read the time even in dark.

3. Chronograph

Chronograph helps to track the timings of the activity and this feature can help you to improve your performance.

4. Big Dial

The watch must have a big dial which makes it easy to read time for the wearer. The small dial can lead to incorrect timings and records.

What Did I Conclude From The Snorkeling Watch List?

Snorkeling has been one of the most loving sports thus leading to the high demand for snorkeling watches. I have mentioned the best snorkeling watches on the list concerning affordable price, water-resistant and other features.

Let me tell you that if you want a snorkeling women’s watch then the Armitron Sport watch is the best pick because it comes with a chronograph and back-light at an affordable price.

Also, if you want a men’s snorkeling watch then Timex Expedition is really good as it consists of the countdown timer, alarm, and chronograph feature. But if you are only looking for a smartwatch for snorkeling then you should go with Garmin Descent MK1 because of its amazing features like it can collect about 200 dives data and comes with a barometric altimeter.


Which Is The Best Waterproof Watch Under $50?

Armitron Sport women’s watch comes at $17 and has chronograph as well water-resistant features up to 100m.

Which Is The Best Smartwatch For Snorkeling?

Garmin Descent MK1 is the best snorkeling smartwatch. It comes with a dive log feature and a battery life of 19 days.

Which Is The Best Saltwater Watch For Men?

Timex Expedition is the best saltwater watch for men as it consists of a chronograph, backlight, countdown timer, and water-resistant feature up to 100m.

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