Top 12 Best Swiss Watch Brands In The World

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There are many big players in the watchmaking industry from Japanese to German to Swiss and many more. But when it comes to luxury watches there is no watch manufacturer that can come close to the watches made by Swiss brands. Hence people looking for expensive luxury watches go for Swiss-made watches without any doubt in their mind.

However, there are hundreds of brands that make Swiss watches but not everyone is the same. And therefore in this article, I have shortlisted the 12 best Swiss watch brands that are the embodiment of luxury and perfection. So without wasting any time let’s get started!

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Best Swiss Watch Brands

1. Rolex

Luxury swiss brand

Year Of establishment: 1905

Place Of establishment: London, UK

Slogan: “A Crown for Every Achievement”

Popular watches: GMT Master II, Submariner, Daytona, Day-Date, Yachtmaster, Oyster

Official Website:

Rolex is the first name that comes to mind when we think of luxury watches and why not it has been making premium timepieces for so long. The brand was established in London but later it was shifted to Switzerland in the year 1919. Rolex mostly makes tool watches with a hint of luxury. For example, Daytona is a luxury watch for racers, while on the other hand Submariner is a premium watch for divers. And their day-date watches are popular among world leaders, even John F Kennedy used to wear these watches.

Also, Rolex watches are built quite sturdily and can definitely stand the test of time. Moreover, these watches also hold their value very well so you can pass them from generation to generation.

2. Breitling


Year Of establishment: 1884

Place Of establishment: Grenchen, Switzerland

Slogan: “Instruments for Professionals”

Popular watches: Navitimer, Avenger, Superocean, Chronomat

Official Website:

Just like Rolex Breitling also makes tool watches that are meant for professions like military, astronauts, and pilots. Breitling is also known for making the most accurate and precise chronograph watches and for that it has also won the COSC chronometer certification. And to inform you Breitling is the only Swiss brand that has this elite certification to its name. These watches are so accurate that even the British Royal Airforce used these watches for their pilots.

And not just watches, Breitling also has few smartwatches under its banner among which Exospace B55 is the most popular. This expensive luxury smartwatch has many exclusive features that are geared towards aviators. So if you are looking for a luxurious swiss made watch for pilots or military personals then Breitling is the brand to go for.

3. Tissot

Affordable swiss brand

Year Of establishment: 1853

Place Of establishment: Le Locle, Switzerland

Slogan: “Innovators by Tradition”

Popular watches: Dress watch, Seastar, Supersport

Official Website:

Tissot is an affordable Swiss watch brand that has been making high-quality and accurate watches at an accessible price for over 150 years. Tissot’s chronograph watches are very popular among sporting events due to their high precision and therefore they are officially used as a timekeeper in sports like MotoGP, Cycling, IBF, Ice Hockey, and more.

Besides that, their classic dress watches are also very popular among men and women who are looking for classic wristwatches for different occasions. Tissot is also the first brand that made non-magnetic watches in the year 1930. Such watches had no impact of magnetism on their accuracy which was a common issue among other watches due to the use of batteries. If you are looking for affordable yet premium Swiss-made watches then Tissot is the brand for you.

4. Hublot


Year Of establishment: 1980

Place Of establishment: Geneva, Switzerland

Slogan: “The Art of Fusion”

Popular watches: Classic Fusion, Big Bang

Official Website:

Hublot is comparatively a new brand in the Swiss watch industry but it has made a huge name for itself in a very short span. The reason behind its quick fame is its lineup of unique timepieces that are created by fusing classic designs with modern techniques. Hublot is known for manufacturing top-notch luxury timepieces with lavish and exclusive designs that are hard to be seen anywhere else.

So if you are someone for whom ordinary is too boring then you should go with this brand. Their watches will never disappoint you with their looks, luxury, and precision.

5. Zenith


Year Of establishment: 1865

Place Of establishment: Le Locle, Switzerland

Slogan: “Legends live forever”

Popular watches: El Primero, Captain Moonphase, Defy Classic

Official Website:

Zenith in simple English terms means “at the top” and that’s where this brand is sitting for a long time. One of the main reasons behind their success is that even after so many years of existence Zenith is one of the few brands that still make their watches in-house. This means they still manufacturer their watch movements on their own.

The El Primero movement made this brand what it is today as it was the world’s first integrated automatic chronograph movement which was accurate up to one-tenth of a second. The El Primero is still considered one of the most accurate watch movements to date and therefore other Swiss brands also use this movement in their watches including Rolex.

6. Patek Philippe & Co


Year Of establishment: 1839

Place Of establishment: Geneva, Switzerland

Slogan: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation”

Popular watches: Grandmaster Chime, Nautilus, Gondolo, Calatrava

Official Website:

Patek Philippe & Co is one of the oldest and the best watch brands in the world. Since 1839 the brand has been in control of the Sten family and is also the last independent family watch manufacturer in Geneva. This has enabled the brand to maintain its original quality and that’s why this brand is so special. Moreover, most of their watches are still hand fabricated by expert watchmakers and that’s why you can see even the minute details in their watches.

You will also be shocked to know that only less than 1 million timepieces are manufactured by Patek Philippe & Co in their existence of over 180 years. They have taken the phrase “Quality over Quantity” very seriously it seems. So if you are looking for the most sought-after Swiss brand then Patek Philippe & Co is among one of them.

7. Rado


Year Of establishment: 1917

Place Of establishment:  Lengnau, Switzerland

Slogan: “If we can imagine it, we can make it”

Popular watches: Diamaster, Hyperchrome, Ceramica, Centrix

Official Website:

Much like Tissot, Rado is also an affordable luxury Swiss brand that is a pioneer in making ceramic watches. When other Swiss brands were making use of  metal for creating their watches, Rado became the first brand to try a non-metallic substance and hence was called by the name ‘Master of Materials.’

8. Omega


Year Of establishment: 1848

Place Of establishment:  La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland

Slogan:  “Omega – Exact time for life”

Popular watches: Speedmaster, Seamaster, De Ville, Aqua Terra

Official Website:

Omega is one of the most popular and top Swiss watch brands out there and is a direct competitor of Rolex. The brand is known for making a watch that went to the moon for the first time. It was the Omega Speedmaster watch worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin in 1969 on the first-ever moon mission which was the Appolo 11.  To date, it is still the first choice of every astronaut.

Besides that, this brand’s watches have also appeared in James Bond movies which have contributed a lot to its popularity. Omega is also known for creating the most accurate timepieces ever and hence used in prestigious institutions like the US Army, Olympics, and the Royal Flying Corps.

9. IWC


Year Of establishment: 1868

Place Of establishment: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Slogan: “Good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen”

Popular watches: Portuguese, Aquatimer, Mark, Big Pilot

Official Website:

IWC stands for International Watch Company and it was founded in the year 1868 in the city of Schaffhausen which is in the eastern part of the country while other Swiss watchmakers are mostly located in the western part. The founder of the IWC was an American horologist Florentine Ariosto Jones who had a dream of fusing modern American watchmaking techniques with Swiss craftsmanship to produce the most technically profound watches. And he was able to make his dream a reality as IWC watches are one of the most technically well-built watches.

10. Longines


Year Of establishment: 1832

Place Of establishment: Saint-Imier, Switzerland

Slogan: “Elegance is an attitude”

Popular watches: Longines Master, Legend Diver, Heritage, La Grande Classique

Official Website:

After Rolex and Omega, Longines has the biggest market share in the Swiss watch industry. But unlike the other two, Longines watches are not super expensive as this brand makes entry-level luxury watches that everyone can buy. Although affordable Longines-made watches are no less premium and accurate than Rolex and Omega watches. You will be surprised to know that their watches are used as an official timekeeper of the French Open and Commonwealth Games.

11. Tag Heuer

tag heuer

Year Of establishment:  1860

Place Of establishment: Saint Imier, Switzerland

Slogan: “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”

Popular watches: Connected, Formula 1, Aquaracer, Carrera

Official Website:

Tag Heuer which was known by a less popular name Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG before 1985 is a top Swiss watch brand that makes luxury watches for all. The brand is the 4th largest luxury watch brand in the world and has a presence in over 120 countries. They make luxury timepieces for men and women and for different professionals and sports. You can also find smartwatches under their brand by the name connected.

12. Chopard

Chopard watches

Year Of establishment:  1860

Place Of establishment: Sonvilier, Switzerland

Slogan: “The Artisan of Emotions since 1860”

Popular watches: Classic, Happy Diamonds, Imperial, La Strada

Official Website:

Established in 1860 Chopard used to make ladies and pocket watches in their initial days. However, later they started manufacturing all sorts of luxury timepieces including chronograph and diamond watches. Known for their modern and perky designs Chopard watches are ideal to be called dress watches that you can wear on all special occasions.

Are Swiss Brands Worth It?

Apart from these twelve brands, there are many more Swiss watch manufacturers that make luxury timepieces like Blancpain, Raymond Weil, EBEL, and more. However, we could only share limited Swiss brands in this article and hence went with the top 12 Swiss brands (according to us). To conclude, I’d like to say that although Swiss brand watches are expensive, they are totally worth it because no other brand can provide the luxury they provide with their watches.


Why Are Swiss Watches So Famous?

Swiss Watches are popular due to their high-quality watch mechanism, premium design, and luxury feel.

What Are Some Affordable Swiss Watch Brands?

You can buy affordable Swiss watches from brands like Tissot, Longines, and Rado.

Why Are Swiss Luxury Watches So Expensive?

They are expensive due to the fact that most of the luxury Swiss watches are still hand fabricated.

Which Is The Oldest Swiss Watch Brand?

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest swiss manufacturer which started making watches in 1755.

What Is The Most Accurate Swiss Watch Brand?

Zenith and Breitling are the Swiss Brands that makes one of the most accurate watches.

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