9 Best Swiss Watches From Cheap To Luxury For All Budgets

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Whenever anyone talks about Swiss watches we think about brands like Rolex, Tissot, Tag Heuer, and so on. And for good reasons as all these well-known swiss watchmakers have time and again shown the world that watchmaking is an art and also an engineering feat on its own.

Whether it’s the first waterproof watch from Rolex, Tag Heuer wristwatches for racers, or the first wristwatch with a perpetual calendar from Patek Philippe and other similar feats, all came from Swiss watchmakers.

Swiss brands use the finest materials to make their watch. That’s why you will find most swiss watches use high-quality materials like titanium, sapphire crystal, or even gems like diamond, etc. We think we don’t need to explain any further why if you want to own the best watch in the world it should be a Swiss watch.

Therefore if you are looking for a Swiss watch then we have listed the 9 best swiss watches that you can buy right now.

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Best Swiss Watch Comparison Table





Best Overall

Best swiss brand in the world Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

  • Water-resistant up to 300m

  • Made with 18k white gold

  • The perpetual self-winding mechanism

Best Affordable Swiss Watch

Affordable swiss watch Victorinox


  • Military time mode

  • Calendar window

  • Dark glow in the dark watch hands

Best Swiss Watch Under $500

Best swiss watches Rado Diastar

Rado DiaStar

  • Watch dial sports an anti-reflective glass

  • Made of hypoallergenic material

  • 2-year warranty of the watch

Best Looking Swiss Watch

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

  • Swiss quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping

  • Water-resistant 200m

  • Gorgeous design of the watch

List Of Best Swiss Watches

Best Swiss Watches Under $500

1. Rado DiaStar

Best swiss watches Rado Diastar

Rado has been making watches since the early 1950s with the motto, “if we can imagine it, we can make it”. This is the very same company that introduced the world’s first scratchproof watch Rado DiaStar. Its unique design is still cherished and appreciated by watch enthusiasts all over the world.

This watch holds a unique space in the history of watchmaking as not only it offered a robustly build watch but also used several unique materials that were not common in the 1960s. Materials such as sapphire crystal that protects the dial of the watch and body made of tungsten carbide were used when it was not part of the norm.

And, that’s why it is one of the best swiss watches as it is a timeless classic. Now, you will have a unique story to tell whenever you will wear this unique swiss watch.

This is the latest iteration of the same watch as it features an improved sapphire crystal that comes with anti-reflective sapphire. It ensures you can read the watch even under the direct glare of sunlight. Furthermore, the material used in the watch is hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any skin irritation.

Talking about the design of the watch it sports Rado’s iconic quirky watch case design that is 43mm X 35mm in diameter. Moreover, the watch sports jewels on the watch dial which are also the markers to read the time. Also, the watch has a day and date display which is located at the 3 o clock position of the watch.

Besides durability, the watch is also waterproof up to 30m so occasional rain or splashes of water won’t damage the watch. This might as well be the best swiss watch for $500 that offers a unique look, iconic history, and also a 2-year international warranty.

The Good
  • Iconic Rado watch case design
  • Sapphire crystal for watch face protection
  • Water-resistant up to 30m
  • Day and Date window
  • 2-year international warranty
The Bad
  • The unique design of the watch not for everyone

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2. Tissot Men’s Le Locle

Tissot Le Locle

If you are looking for the perfect Swiss watch under 500 dollars that will go hand in hand with all your dresses then look no further. This is Tissot Le Locle perfect for men who prefer leather watches as they are breathable and extremely comfortable to wear.

The watch features a 39.30mm cream-colored dial with roman numerals on the dial which gives the watch its vintage looks. It also uses 316L stainless steel which is highly durable steel with anti-corrosive properties that ensures the longevity of the watch.

Besides its looks, Tissot Le Locle is a Swiss automatic watch meaning you won’t need to change the battery on the watch. Simply wear the watch and it will use energy generated by the movement of the hand to power the watch. Moreover, it also comes with a transparent case back which allows you to see the gear that is powering the watch similar to skeleton watches.

Another good thing about the watch is it water-resistant up to 30m so you won’t have to take it off if you ever get caught in rain. However, water-based sports activities or submerging in water will definitely damage the watch. Overall, Tissot Men’s Le Locle is a great swiss watch available at an affordable price which is a pretty rare combination to find so give it a look.

The Good
  • Reasonably priced
  • Self-winding automatic watch
  • Splashproof
  • Transparent case back

The Bad
  • Strap is short

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Best Swiss Watches Under 1000 Dollars

3. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Tag Heuer

This watch is part of the Swiss brand Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 collection. As you might know that Tag Heuer luxury watches are used by all the iconic drivers of the world. In fact, Tag Heuer watches have been worn by many legendary drivers like Juan Manuel Fangio who won the World Drivers’ Championship 5 times.

And, Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection is an homage to all the racers and it also incorporates race-inspired design on the watch. This is the only watch series from Tag Heuer that comes with a colored Tag Heuer Shield on the crown. Furthermore, the watch features the same logo designs on the watch dial that is used by racers and rally car drivers.

Tracking time is of utmost importance for racers as they can be a second away to break the world record or it can be a deciding factor for victory. That’s why the watch comes with Swiss quartz accuracy which ensures that the watch always tells you the accurate time.

Also, it won’t be a watch for drivers if it doesn’t have rotating bezels. So if you are on practicing on a race track and want to measure the time taken to complete the track accurately then simply rotate the bezel to wherever minute hand is pointing. It allows you to time your lap and measures the time taken to complete the track more accurately.

This Swiss watch has a 41mm watch case that will fit comfortably in your wrists. You would also be able to read the watch in the dark as watch hands and markers on the dial come with luminous coating. Also, the watch won’t get damaged easily by hits and bumps as the dial is protected by synthetic sapphire glass.

If you are a biker who is riding a bike on a rainy day then you won’t have to stop to remove the watch as it water-resistant up to 200m. You can wear the watch to the beach, take it for a swim and you won’t have to worry about the watch. However, it is not built to be taken for underwater scuba diving.

To conclude Tag Heuer is one of the best swiss watch brands and this is one of the many great swiss watches from them. Not only you will be buying a gorgeous timepiece that will rock all your outfits and occasions but also a great watch from one of the great watchmakers.

The Good
  • Race-Inspired Design
  • Water-resistant up to 200m
  • The luminous coating allows you to read time in the dark
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Rotating bezels

The Bad
  • Not for women
  • Won’t fit everyone’s budget

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4. Tissot Swiss Automatic Watch

Best swiss watch with chronograph

Tissot is a renowned Swiss luxury watchmaker that is known for its luxury watches. It is also the official sponsor of NBA, TOUR DE FRANCE, MotoGP, and several other high endurance action-packed sports. And, this right here is a Swiss automatic chronograph watch from Tissot.

It’s basically a stopwatch so if you want to time your sports accurately then there is no tool better than chronograph watches. That’s why this Swiss watch has dedicated sub-dials that allow you to time your activity accurately ranging from 1 sec to several hours. As you can see the watch has three dedicated sub-dials for separately measuring second, minute, and hours.

The watch also has a tachymeter built right on the dial of the watch. It is used to measure speed or distance traveled by vehicle using the dial. Tissot Swiss automatic watch sports a 44mm watch case and 22mm leather strap. Moreover, you can swim wearing the watch as it is water-resistant up to 200m. Also, the watch uses sapphire crystal to protect the dial from damage and preserves the watch’s stunning looks.

If you spend 1000$ on a watch then you would hate to see it being opened every year or two for battery replacement. You won’t have to change the battery in this watch because it is an automatic watch. So this watch comes with inbuilt gear that oscillates or rotates because of the movement of the wearer that in turn creates energy that is used to power the watch. Furthermore, the watch can run for 45 hours without being worn by the user.

To conclude Tissot is part of the Swatch Group and we would be happy to recommend you going with this watch as not only is it a perfect chronograph watch but also a perfect dress watch.

The Good
  • Chronograph function
  • Powered by user wrist movement
  • Swiss watch movement
  • Water-resistant up to 200m

The Bad
  • The watch needs to be worn every once in a while to keep it running

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Swiss Luxury Watches

5. Rolex Submariner

Best swiss brand in the world Rolex Submariner

Some people say that Rolex makes one of the best Swiss watches and no Swiss watch list would be complete without having Rolex watch on it. Best known for creating the world’s first waterproof watch Rolex Oyster and later also created a perpetual motor that served as the basis for all the automatic watches we see today.

Without a doubt, Rolex is not all about luxury but also about performance. And, this right here is the Rolex Submariner, this watch features a uni-directional rotatable bezel that allows you to time your diving sessions. Yes, you can go up to 300m underwater wearing this gorgeous watch. Furthermore, the watch also comes with Rolex’s Oyster bracelet which ensures that the watch doesn’t get opened accidentally underwater or because of little pressure on the lock.

Besides that, the watch also comes with a perpetual self-winding mechanism so you won’t need any battery replacement for it. And, the watch also has a power reserve of up to 70 hours when it is not worn by the user.

Talking about the dial, it comes with a date window located at the 3 o clock position. Most watch’s date windows are hard to read but Rolex Submariner features a Cyclops lens which magnifies the date window making it easier to read. Since it’s a diving watch it also features illuminated watch hands and markers.

Most people know that gold is only available in only color yellow but that’s not correct as you can give different colors to gold by adding different metals. And, this watch uses 18k white gold completely manufactured by Rolex to make the components of the watch. If that’s not the epitome of the word luxury then we don’t know what is!

The Good
  • Elegant looking watch from Rolex
  • Self-winding automatic watch
  • Water-resistant up to 300m
  • Cyclops lens

The Bad
  • Expensive than most swiss watches

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6. Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier Display Swiss Automatic watch

Baume & Mercier is a luxury watch brand based out of Geneva, Switzerland. They make high-quality premium watches and this is one of the affordable swiss watches that they have to offer.

This watch comes with a 42mm case and a 20mm leather strap. Moreover, the watch features a black dial that contrasts perfectly with the silver hands of the watch. It also features Arabic numerals and a tachymeter on the dial. You can also keep track of the date as there is a date window located between the 4 and 5 o clock position of the dial.

Along with all that watch comes the chronograph function which is basically a highly sophisticated stopwatch that can time your activities for hours. There are two buttons present on the side of the watch, located below and above the crown to control the chronograph function.

The watch comes with Swiss automatic movement which means the watch doesn’t require any battery and instead comes with a self-winding mechanism. Furthermore, the watch is water-resistant up to 165ft underwater so water is one less thing to worry about with this watch.

This is one of a kind elegant dress watch and we assure you that you won’t be able to take your eyes of this beautiful watch. It sports an aesthetically pleasing design that would go well with your formal dresses like a tux, Polo when you go out golfing, and other dresses.

The Good
  • Date window
  • Self-winding watch
  • Water-resistant
  • Dress watch with chronograph function
  • Elegant looking

The Bad
  • Not very accurate at timekeeping

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7. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Men’s Watch

Omega Seamaster

The next watch on our list is from Omega, a brand that is preferred by James Bond himself. However, if you are not into fictional characters then this is the same watchmaker whose watch Omega Speedmaster was selected for the Appolo moon mission beating Rolex, Hamilton, Longines-Wittnauer 242T.  Even today Omega watches are known for their reliability and accuracy that’s why they are also the official timekeepers of the Olympics.

This right here is Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra which is made to pay tribute to all the other Omega’s maritime watches. The watch features an elegant and vintage design. Seamaster sports a 41mm watch case and it uses a 20mm bracelet strap. Also, it comes blue watch dial which compliments 18k gold watch hands really well, if that ain’t classy then what is?

And, the gorgeous dial of the watch is protected by sapphire glass which is durable and also highly scratch-resistant. The watch comes with Omega Co-Axil 8500 movement which makes this an automatic self-winding watch. What sets this movement apart is that watch features 2 gears so the watch can wind itself using clockwise as well anti-clockwise motion of the wearer’s hands. The watch also comes with a see-through case back so you can observe the movement of barrels within the watch.

The watch is water-resistant up to 150m so you can go swimming with the watch without any worries. Besides, that watch won’t be affected by magnetic fields as it offers high resistance to magnetic disturbance.

Omega has made a name for itself with its quality timepieces and today they are known for making some of the best Swiss watches available in the market. After all, this is the brand that can claim their watch was used on the moon. So if you are looking for a durable luxury watch from a brand that also has a rich and fascinating history then go with Omega Seamaster.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 150m
  • You can see the inner workings of the watch through a see-through case back
  • Good looking and elegant timepiece
  • Well-known brand name

The Bad
  • Not as accurate as watches with quartz movement

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Best Cheap & Affordable Swiss Watches

8. Swatch Classic

Best affordable swiss brand swatch

During the early 70s and 80s, inexpensive Japanese watches started dominating the watch market to counter their growing dominance Swatch watch lineup was created. So if you are looking for the best swiss watch at a cheap price then Swatch Classic would be perfect for the job.

This watch features a 41mm watch face and a 20mm strap. The silicone strap used on the watch will offer you a firm grip on your hand. Also, it also comes with a date window located at the 3 o clock position of the watch. And, the face of the watch is protected by acrylic glass which is pretty decent considering this watch costs less than $50.

Despite its low price, weekend pool parties won’t be an issue for the watch as the watch is also water-resistant for up to 100 feet underwater. The good looks of the watch make it perfect for any occasion whether it’s a friend’s birthday party or office meetings. And, 2 years international warranty along with free battery exchange is the cherry on the top.

So for a reasonable price, you will get a watch from a well-known brand like Swatch which is also part of the Swiss Swatch Group. Yes, the very same company which owns popular Swiss brands like Tissot, Breguet, Longines, and more.

The Good
  • Affordable Swiss Watch
  • Stylish looking watch
  • Easy to wear silicone strap
  • Waterproof up to 100ft

The Bad
  • Not suitable for petite hands

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9. Victorinox Men’s Watch

Affordable swiss watch brand Victorinox

Victorinox is best known for its swiss army knife and is also the biggest manufacturer of pocket knives in the world. And they also make durable high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices, so if you are looking for an affordable Swiss watch then your search ends here.

The watch features a 21mm nylon strap that is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear.

It features a 43mm watch case which is protected by mineral glass. The dial on the watch also features a military time mode which makes sense as Victorinox is the official supplier of swiss army knives to the swiss army. It also has a Victorinox logo at 12 o clock position which enhances the looks of the watch. Also, it also has a calendar window located at the 3 o clock position of the watch.

The watch hands come with a phosphorescent coating that absorbs light and later glows in the dark allowing you to read time at any moment throughout the day. Moreover, water won’t be an issue for the watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m. However, a Nylon strap is not ideal for swimming as it will remain wet for some time.

The watch also comes with Swiss quartz movement which ensures accuracy of the watch and at this price, it is definitely a steal.

The Good
  • Military rime
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • Calendar located at the 3 o clock position
  • Glow in dark watch hands

The Bad
  • Low watch hand illumination

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Which Swiss Watch Brand Is The Best?

All Swiss brands are different from one another so saying one is better than the other won't be right. For instance, Tag Heuer is known for its watches for drivers, Rado for its toughness, Rolex for its high-quality watches, and so on. Therefore, all the Swiss brands are best in their own unique way.

What Is The Best Value Swiss Watch?

Victorinox is the most value-for-money swiss watch. You won't have to spend hundreds on a Swiss watch if you will buy a watch from them.

Is A Swiss Watch Worth The Money?

Big yes, not only Swiss watches are made of high-quality materials but also are gorgeous timepieces. Swiss watches would be perfect for your watch collection. Not to mention some limited edition watches can also become more valuable over time.

Why Swiss Watches Are So Costly?

Most Swiss watches like Rolex assemble their watch by hand and even use 904L stainless steel and 18k white gold to make the watch. High-quality material and intricate attention to design and details make Swiss watches expensive.

Why Is Tissot So Expensive?

Tissot is a well-known Swiss brand that is also part of the Swiss Swatch Group. The watches from Tissot come with a Swiss-made label which carries a more expensive price tag.

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