7 Best Tactical Backpacks For Hiking, Military and Outdoors

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A tactical backpack has more space than your regular backpacks and therefore allows you to carry more stuff on your missions.  Also, with its easy-to-reach pockets and MOLLE system, you can access emergency tools like a torch, first aid in a trice.

There are lots of such benefits of a tactical backpack and therefore military personnel prefers these backpacks over regular backpacks. But you don’t need to be a soldier in order to use these awesome backpacks as they can easily be your daily carriers as well.

However, there are plenty of tactical military backpacks available in the market but only a few stand up to expectations. Here in this article, we share with you some of the best tactical backpacks that are up for grab on Amazon.

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Best Tactical Backpack Comparison Table





Best Overall

best tactical backpack

Oakley Men's Kitchen Sink Backpack

  • 34 L

  • Organized compartment

  • Durable Backpack

EDC Backpack

Mystery ranch 2 day assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

  • 27 L

  • EDC backpack

  • Molle webbing

Most Spacious

sling tactical backpack

REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

  • 40 L

  • Molle system

  • Durable Backpack

Hydration Compatible

Hydration compatible backpack
5.11 Tactical Backpack
  • 25 L

  • Hydration compartment

  • Durable Backpack

The 7 Best Tactical Backpacks

1. Oakley Men’s Kitchen Sink Backpack

best tactical backpack

First, on our list, we have one of the best tactical backpacks you can buy online. It is one of the most cleverly designed backpacks that is meant to be used for outdoor purposes.

It has plenty of space categorized into different compartments to secure your stuff from getting damaged due to rough and tough use. It has dedicated pockets for shoes, opticals, and laptops (up to 17 inches). The fabric of this backpack is built with abrasion-resistant material which keeps your belongings safe inside.

For keeping your opticals safe it has a hard case compartment at the top of the backpack, which reduces the chance of your sunglasses getting damaged. The shoe compartment at the bottom of the backpack is also equally useful as it allows you to keep your dirty shoes away from other stuff inside the backpack.

Also, there is an easy-to-reach front zipper pocket that has an organized compartment where you can keep all your quick-access stuff like lighter, torch, maps, etc. Moreover, there are clips and velcro pockets on the backpack that lets you attach your water bottle and other emergency stuff to it.

The backpack can also be extended more from the bottom if you feel the storage space is not enough. Overall, if you want to carry a lot of stuff on your mission then this backpack is the best option for you.

The Good
  • Separate laptop compartment

  • Hardcover pocket for opticals and other easily breakable items

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Can extend to accommodate more stuff

The Bad
  • Expensive backpack

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2. Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault

Mystery ranch 2 day assault

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault backpack is one of the best military cum EDC backpacks out there. It is built with military-grade construction and supports solid YKK zippers, which provides it super durability and long life.

The best thing about this backpack is that its exterior is full of  MOLLE webbing loops. These fabric loops give you the opportunity to customize the backpack according to your need and attach frequently used gears to it that you need most in your mission.

The backpack is quite spacious and has a volume of 27 L so apart from missions you can also use it for daily use. Moreover, it has a padded interior compartment meant to keep your laptop and tablets secure. Also, the backpack has adjustable straps that make it customizable according to your height and comfort.

In terms of durability, the backpack is second to none. It will last in any given circumstances and will ensure that your stuff remains safe. Overall, if you want a multipurpose tactical backpack that can be used in missions as well as in daily commutes then you should settle with this backpack from Mystery Ranch.

The Good
  • Molle Webbing for extra attachments

  • Good storage space

  • Adjustable straps for better comfort

  • YKK Zippers For extra durability

The Bad
  • No specific comportments for opticals

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3. 5.11 Tactical Backpack

Hydration compatible backpack

For those who want to stay hydrated all day, this backpack from 5.11 is the right choice for them. It is compatible with a hydration bladder so you can carry your fresh drinking water with you. It has a separate hydration compartment that can store a water bladder up to 3 L. This ensures your daily intake of water is fulfilled even if you are stuck in a desert for a full day.

The backpack has a capacity of 25 L, out of which 3 L is consumed by the water bladder but you still have enough space for other stuff. It has a separate padded compartment for a laptop and a fleece-lined pocket for eyewear that keeps them safe.

Also, there is a  webbed Molle system on the front and sides of it so there is plenty of space to carry your tactical gears. Built with polyester fabric the backpack looks quite sturdy and ensures that your stuff remains safe inside.

It also features quick release and adjustable straps that make it customizable as per your likings. So overall, if you want a good tactical backpack for weekend missions that supports a hydration compartment then you can’t get a better backpack than this.

The Good
  • Has hydration compartment

  • Sturdy backpack

  • Separate compartment for laptop and eyewear

  • Adjustable straps

The Bad
  • Too much Molle webbing which doesn’t look that good

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4. REEBOW GEAR Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover

sling tactical backpack

If you are looking for a sling cross body backpack with military construction then here we have it for you. It is available in 2 color options, black and tan, and is built with polyester that gives it a great look and durability.

It is a small tactical sling backpack that is fit for small trips where you can’t take the larger backpacks because of their bulky size. However, if you feel the storage is not enough you can also use the Molle webs to attach more stuff to it.

Since it is a small backpack you cannot carry your laptop in it. But the space inside the backpack is sufficient for tablets up to 9.7 inches, wallets, keys, notepads, charger, water bottle, flashlights, etc.

This sling tactical backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that make it easy to carry and adjust according to your size for extra comfort. Overall, for small trips, this tactical sling backpack is a good choice.

The Good
  • Molle sling backpack

  • Quite durable

  • Adjustable straps

  • Comfortable to wear

The Bad
  • Cannot carry your laptop

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5. CVLIFE Tactical Backpack Military Army Rucksack Assault Pack

budget military backpack

A tactical backpack has more space and features when compared to a regular backpack and therefore is more expensive than them. However, if your budget is not great and you want to buy a tactical backpack at the budget of a normal backpack then this CVLIFE backpack is for you.

It is one of the best tactical backpacks for under $50. It is a full-fledged army rucksack that has one main large compartment which has space for all your stuff and gears.

In case the internal storage of the bag is not sufficient, you get 3 detachable pouches with this backpack that you can attach to the front and sides of it. You can use this pouch to carry your first-aid kits and other frequently used items such as flashlights, maps, etc.

Also with its Molle system, you can attach more stuff to the backpack that you will need on your outdoor adventures. The backpack also has a hole/mouth for a water bladder tube so you can drink water directly from it.

The durability of this backpack also seems good as it is made from Oxford fabric and has strong zippers. It is also water-resistant so you won’t have any problem using it in the outdoors. Overall, for a cheap tactical backpack, CVLIFE military rucksack is a great option.

The Good
  • Cheap Backpack

  • Comes with removal pouches

  • Has Molle system for more attachments

  • Stong zipper and build quality

The Bad
  • Short shoulder straps

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6. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Ninja Tactical Day Pack

SOG backpack

If you don’t want to buy the big and bulky tactical backpacks then we have this small yet spacious backpack for you. It comes in a modular design that gives it a great look and makes it ideal for the daily commute. It has a 24 L storage capacity so you can easily carry your day-to-day stuff in it.

The backpack is also water repellent so you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting damaged in rain. Moreover, it’s built from polyester fabric so it’s bound to be durable.

And don’t worry about the small size of this backpack. It has Molle webbings on its front and sides which lets you carry your tactical gears even if the storage is full. Also, there is a tubing port on it that allows you to sip water from the hydration bladder (sold separately).

The backpack is also quite comfortable to wear. With adjustable straps and padded air channeled back, it prevents sweating and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

Overall, if you want a small tactical EDC backpack for daily usage that can also be used for casual outings then this backpack is the right choice.

The Good
  • Small-sized tactical backpack

  • Tactical features

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Affordable backpack

The Bad
  • Zipper quality is not that good

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7. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

Molle backpack

For those who are looking for a cheap tactical backpack with a large storage capacity, we have this REEBOW GEAR backpack for you. It comes with a 40 L volume and costs you under $40, which makes it a great deal for everyone who is on the hunt for a budget military backpack.

Due to its large storage capacity, you can easily keep a bulletproof pad inside it if you are going on a risky mission. It will not just protect you from a bullet shot but also keeps your tactical gears inside it in a safe condition.

It is a 3-day assault backpack that can carry survival stuff that will last up to 3 days. So if you are going on a multi-day mission, then this backpack can prove a life savior for you.

The backpack also has a hydration compartment that allows you to take your drinking water with you. And drink it anytime you want without taking out the water bottle itself.

Overall, the backpack is a steal of a deal for the price it comes at. And if you are not on a budget to buy the expensive tactical backpacks then you should definitely go with this one.

The Good
  • Affordable tactical backpack

  • Large capacity

  • Molle webbing

  • Separate hydration compartment

The Bad
  • Not as durable as expensive tactical backpacks

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Buying Guide To Best Tactical Backpacks

There are not as many features in a tactical backpack that you will find on a smart backpack. But there are still a lot of things to look at when buying a backpack for tactical purposes. Some of the things you must consider are:

1. Durability

The backpack must be durable in order to withstand extreme conditions that it may face on military operations, hiking, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Along with that, the backpack must be made from water-resistant material so that it can keep all your belongings safe inside when it’s pouring and you don’t have a place to hide.

2. Multiple Compartments

A tactical backpack must have enough storage so that it can easily store all the necessary tactical gears that you will need on your mission. Also, the storage must be divided into multiple compartments so that you can keep your gears in an organized manner to easily access them when you need them the most.

3. Tactical Features

The most important thing to look at in a tactical backpack is the number of tactical features it has. The most important feature is the Molle webbing system, which allows you to attach more stuff to the bag. Also, a backpack with a hydration compartment is great for outdoor purposes especially if you are invading a place where there is a shortage of clean drinking water.


What Is The Difference Between A Daypack And A Backpack?

A daypack is a smaller version of a backpack that can only store a day’s stuff.

What Are The Loops For On A Tactical Backpack?

The loops which you find on a tactical backpack are there for you to attach your items to it.

What Does MOLLE Backpack Mean?

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment which is also called a military backpack.

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