7 Best Thin Watches For Men That Are Lightweight And Stylish

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Thin and lightweight watches have their own charm as they look good on everyone’s wrist irrespective of their gender, age, and wrist size. In this article, we bring you the 7 best thin watches for men that every man can afford and flaunt. The list consists of both slim watches and smartwatches, in case you want to buy a smartwatch with a minimalist design.

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Best Thin Watch Comparison Table





Thinnest Watch

best thin watch for men

BUREI Men's Fashion Minimalist Wrist Watch

  • 7 mm case thickness

  • Analog display

  • Stainless steel body


Cheapest minimalist watch

Casio Men's A158WA

  • 8 mm case thickness

  • Digital display

  • Stainless steel body

Thinnest Smartwatch

slim smartwatch

Amazfit GTS 2

  • 8.9 mm case thickness

  • Touchscreen display

  • Health+Fitness tracking

Hybrid Smartwatch

hybrid thin smartwatch

Withings Steel HR

  • 10 mm case thickness

  • Analog+Digital display

  • Health+Fitness tracking

Best Ultra-thin Watches For Men

1. Titan Workwear Men’s Designer Dress Watch

Titan watch

With just 9 mm of thickness, the first watch on our list is the Titan Workwear Men’s Designer Dress Watch. It is one of the slimmest watches you can buy for men without compromising on the looks and build quality of the watch. Moreover, the watch comes in stainless steel, metal, and leather straps so you can pick one that suits your style. Also, it’s a designer dress watch which means it looks good with all your wardrobe be it a party, professional or casual wear.

The watch features a large 42 mm round sunlight display that makes it easier for you to see the time under direct sunlight. However, you don’t get illuminated watch hands on it so you will find it difficult to see time in complete darkness. Nonetheless, it always shows you accurate times be it day or night thanks to its smooth quartz movements. There is also a small date window on the watch dial at 3’o clock so you always know which date is today.

Talking about the durability of the watch, it features a scratch-proof display that keeps the watch protected from daily wear and tears. Also, it’s water-resistant to 50 meters which makes the watch sweatproof and splash resistant. Overall, in terms of durability, looks, and design the watch is a complete winner and we cannot recommend it anymore.

The Good
  • Minimalistic design
  • Splash and sweat proof
  • Scratch-proof glass
  • Shows accurate time

The Bad
  • No solar charging
  • Not good for shower or swimming

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2. Casio Men’s A158WA

Cheapest minimalist watch

Casio makes G-Shock watches which are known for their big and bulky design. However, this time we bring you a watch from Casio that sports a slim and minimalistic design. The watch features a rectangular digital display and comes in a full stainless steel body. Also, the display of the watch is luminous which glows in the dark for easy time viewing in the night. So if you are someone who is looking for a slim digital watch or someone who doesn’t like the round watch dial that much then this watch is perfect for you.

The watch works on quartz movements and is quite accurate when it comes to showing time. You can expect a time deviation of mere ±30 seconds per month, which is considered fairly accurate.

Also, the watch is built from stainless steel and is also water-resistant to some extent so it’s quite durable, to say the least. The highlight of the watch however is its price which costs less than $20. So if you are out of budget and looking for a sleek watch then you can settle for this one.

The Good
  • Sleek design
  • Digital display
  • Affordable watch
  • Luminous display
  • Accurate watch
The Bad
  • Screen size is small

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3. Michael Kors Men’s Slim Runway Watch

luxury thin watch

Michael Kors is a luxury manufacturer company that is known for manufacturing fashion accessories. They make clothes, jewelry, luxury watches, and more. Michael Kors Men’s Slim Runway watch is a slim luxury watch from Michael Kors that is only 9 mm thick.

It features a large 44mm dial with a standard 22 mm band that provides it a stunning look altogether. Moreover, the watch is available in 10 different colors giving you more options to choose from. All the colors of the watch look premium and stylish that goes well with all your dresses.

The watch features an analog dial with 3 hand quartz movement for showing the most accurate time. The dial is protected by scratch-resistant glass making it a durable watch that can easily handle daily wear and tears. Besides that, the watch is also waterproof to 50 meters so you can take it for recreational swimming but don’t make it a habit, it’s not made for the waters.

Overall, if you want to gift yourself a slim watch that also adds style to your look then this Michael Kors watch is a great option to explore.

The Good
  • The watch has a luxurious feeling to it
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Comes in 10 different color options
  • Durable watch

The Bad
  • Expensive than other watches on the list

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4. BUREI Men’s Fashion Minimalist Wrist Watch

best thin watch for men

With just 7 mm of thickness BUREI Men’s Fashion watch is a product to look out for if you are specifically looking for a thin watch for men. The minimalist dynamics of this watch make it one of the most sold thin watches on Amazon and that’s why we have it on our list as well.

Apart from its thinness, the watch is also considered due to its stainless steel design and mesh band that gives it a stylish look overall. The stainless steel mesh band is comfortable to wear and you can further adjust its length to fit your wrist size for extra comfort.

The best part is that the watch is available in 2 dozen color options so you don’t have to settle for a color you don’t like. Besides that, the watch features a large round analog display with a date window at 3’o clock. So apart from showing you the time the watch also tells the date. It works on the Japanese quartz movement which is known for keeping accurate time so you rest assure about the accuracy of the watch.

The durability of the watch is also decent and since it can withstand water splashes you can consider it to last sometime before it breaks down. Overall from a watch that costs you under $30, you cannot expect anymore. We would definitely recommend it to you.

The Good
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear
  • Affordable watch
  • Available in 24 different color options
  • Has a date window
The Bad
  • Not very durable

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Best Slim Smartwatches

Smartwatches are generally thicker than regular watches as they have sensors and other components fitted inside them which increases their thickness. However, that’s not always true and especially when technology is making gadgets slimmer and slimmer with every passing day. Here we have shortlisted the best thin smartwatches for men that are equally smart as they are slim.

5. Amazfit GTS 2

slim smartwatch

Amazfit is a Chinese smartwatch company that offers premium features at affordable prices. However, apart from features this time Amazfit brings you a smartwatch that is not just feature-loaded but also thin and lightweight. Due to its low profile, they call it a mini smartwatch that weighs only around 19.5 g and is a mere 8.9 mm thick.

The smartwatch offers a 1.6-inch always-on display that has vivid color and contrast. Also, the display is borderless and features 2.5 D curved glass that looks amazing at the very first glance. The borderless display gives the watch a futuristic and premium feel altogether.

Talking about the features of the watch it has almost everything that you would want from a smartwatch. It has a heart rate tracker that monitors your heartbeat, an oxygen sensor for tracking your blood oxygen levels, and stress monitoring. Besides health tracking, the watch also keeps an eye on your activities with its 70+ sports modes. You can overall track all your outdoor sports activities with the GTS 2 mini smartwatch and stay active throughout the day.

The watch also has built-in Amazon Alexa that allows you to give voice commands, ask questions, set alarms, and do more. Also, it is compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms so you can sync any of your smartphones to the watch very easily. Once the watch is connected to the phone you can receive phone notifications on the watch screen and also change the music playing on the phone directly from the watch itself.

GTS 2 has a 220mAh battery that easily lasts up to 2 weeks in appropriate conditions so you don’t have to worry about charging it all the time. Overall, if you are looking for a thin smartwatch that offers plenty of smart features under budget then you cannot find any better option than Amazfit GTS 2.

The Good
  • Slim and lightweight smartwatch
  • Has full-screen display
  • Offers extensive health monitoring features
  • Integrated Amazon Alexa
  • Affordable smartwatch
The Bad
  • No GPS
  • Cannot answer calls

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6. Apple Watch Series 6

apple watch 6

You were not expecting to see an Apple Watch on this list, were you? However, with Apple Watch Series 6, Apple has reduced the thickness of its smartwatches by a good margin. The earlier variants of the Apple watch were also thinner than most smartwatches out there but they were still not very thin.

At 10.4 mm thickness, Apple Watch Series 6 is 11% slimmer than the Apple Series 3 smartwatch. It is considered a good thickness for a smartwatch considering that it has a number of sensors at the bottom which increases the overall thickness of it. So if you want a premium smartwatch with sleeker looks then you can consider Apple Watch Series 6 over others.

Since the Apple Watch Series 6 is Apple’s latest offerings it is filled with all the latest and greatest technology and features. From health tracking to fitness monitoring you get everything on this watch. It has one of the best and most accurate heart rate monitoring features that notify you about your low/ high or irregular heartbeats. It also has a fall detection feature that calls the emergency services when it detects a hard fall making it fit for heart patients.

Also, the watch has a built-in GPS that tracks your location and helps you monitor your sports and outdoor activities. It also comes in a GPS+ Cellular version where apart from tracking your activities it also allows you to make calls and send text messages without ever needing your phone. So basically you can also use it as a standalone smartwatch. Also, you can make payments directly from your smartwatch as it features NFC for contactless payments so you get one more reason to leave your phone at home.

If we keep talking about the features of this watch then the article is never going to end. So it’s better we leave it here and you check the rest of its features by yourself.

The Good
  • Always-on display
  • Extensive health monitoring
  • Thinner than previous Apple watches
  • Let you leave the phone at home

The Bad
  • Costly

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7. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

hybrid thin smartwatch

To end the list we have a Hybrid smartwatch for you that looks sleek and stylish just like any classic timepiece but at the same time offers plenty of smart features. The watch is about 10mm thick and is quite slimmer than most smartwatches out there. Moreover, the watch is designed in a way that it looks even thinner when you wear it on your wrist.

Besides the minimalist design, the watch also comes packed with smart features that make your life easier. The first thing you get on this watch is a 24/7 heart rate tracker that monitors your heartbeats day and night. Also, it can track your sleep automatically to give you a brief idea about your sleeping patterns.

Apart from that, it can also track your daily activities and 30+ sports using connected GPS from your smartphone. It does not have a GPS of its own so it needs to be connected to the phone in order to track your daily adventures. Once connected to the phone you can also receive call, text, and app notifications right on the watch screen. However, to navigate between different features of the watch you have to press the knob as it does not feature a touch screen display.

The battery life of the watch is also very good as it can survive 25 days on a single charge. You cannot expect a smartwatch to last this long on a single charge and that’s the beauty of a hybrid smartwatch. Overall it’s a great thin smartwatch for men who like classic watch design but don’t want to miss out on smart features.

The Good
  • Classic looking smartwatch
  • Sleek design
  • Has built-in heart tracker
  • Has plenty of smart features
The Bad
  • No integrated GPS

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Final Verdict

Some people wear a watch 24/7 on their wrist even when they sleep. So it’s important that the watch you buy is thin and lightweight so that you can comfortably wear it all day long. You can either buy a regular watch or go for a slim smartwatch as per your liking. With that being said we hope you were able to find the best thin watches for yourself.


What Is Considered As A Thin Watch?

Any watch that has a thickness of less than 9mm can be considered a thin watch.

Quartz VS Automatic Watches: Which Are Thinner?

When compared to automatic watches, quartz watches are thinner and less heavy.

What Size Watches Are Best For Men?

For men 42 to 44 mm watches are perfect but if you have a smaller wrist you can also go for 40 or 38 mm watches.

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