8 Best Smartwatches For Badminton (Watches Included)

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For every badminton player out there, it is vital to keep improving their game by constantly training and monitoring their performance. And, modern smartwatches with badminton mode can help you do just that.

For instance, quick leg work is necessary for badminton players to get an edge over their competitors. And, it is important to be able to monitor whether or not your training efforts are paying off. Using smartwatches that come with step tracking, VO2 max, cardio load, and other fitness features can help in your training efforts.

Not only that you can use smartwatches for monitoring your health, plan training sessions and so much more. Fortunately for you, I do play badminton sometime not competitively but for fun. So after reviewing so many watches I have listed the best smartwatches for badminton players that you can consider buying.

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Best Badminton Smartwatch & Watch Comparison Table





Best Smartwatch For Badminton

Polar Smartwatch with badminton mode

Polar Vantage M2

  • Gives feedback on your workout activities

  • Training load feature to track your fitness

  • Supports Bluetooth accessories

Most Affordable Smartwatch With Badminton Mode

cheap watch for badminton

Amazfit T-Rex 2

  • Awesome battery life of 1 week

  • More than 150+ sports profile

  • Supports external chest strap

Best Garmin Watch For Badminton

garmin watch badminton

Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

  • Supports Bluetooth and ANT+ fitness accessories

  • Ability to create your own profile

  • Interval training for a workout

Best Watch For Badminton

G-Shock badminton watch

G-Shock GBA800-1A

  • Step tracking

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 2 years battery life

Best Smartwatches For Badminton Players

1. Amazfit T-Rex 2

cheap watch for badminton

Amazfit is a new rising Chinese smartwatch brand that has impressed me with its latest series of watches like the Amazfit T-Rex 2. This smartwatch with badminton mode allows me to track badminton with a dedicated profile.

To access it go to Workouts > More Workouts >Ball Workouts > Badminton. This profile will track your time elapsed, heart rate, & calories burned. Once the workout is over you can see a brief summary that includes your calories burned, Avg, heart rate, workout duration, max & min heart rate, & heart rate zones.

This badminton smartwatch also has Workout Goals & Alerts feature, using it you can set the workout to end automatically if you reach the set target for calories burned, the time elapsed, and aerobic and anaerobic effects. I usually used the Assistant feature to end the workout after 1hr so I don’t forget to call it a day at the right time. Plus, I also enabled the water drink reminder so that I remain hydrated while playing the sport.

Another feature that, I loved is the Amazfit PAI feature which rewards points based on my workout intensity. Amazfit recommends earning 100 points per week & it also adapts according to your fitness levels. So if the watch finds out that I am generally fit and I am able to earn the point easily then it makes the point more difficult to earn. You can watch my video below to know more about Amazfit PAI.

Furthermore, the watch also offers an interval training feature that you can use for your professional badminton training drills.

Besides all that, I was also able to track my Vo2 Max score, aerobic & anaerobic effect, heart rate, blood oxygen, stress, & sleep. Amazfit has also added support for an external Bluetooth heart rate strap.

Amazfit adding HR strap support on T-Rex 2 was totally unexpected for me as I was wondering if Amazfit will only add these features on the next generation Amazfit T-Rex 3. Also, I won’t say that I wasn’t already impressed with T-Rex 2’s heart rate accuracy as you can see in the video below. I compared the Amazfit T-Rex 2 GPS accuracy & heart rate accuracy with Garmin Forerunner 245M & found it to be pretty good.

Moving on to the build quality, this is a rugged smartwatch and meets military-grade standards in terms of build quality. Another thing that I like is the fact that I can operate the watch using both the touch screen and the buttons. I found the buttons useful as my hands are sweaty while playing sports. Plus, this should be a prerequisite for recommending any smartwatch for badminton.

Outside of the court, this watch also supports a map-importing feature which allowed me to add maps to the watch. I used it extensively for hiking when I was not using the badminton mode on the smartwatch. In my opinion, all these features at a $200 price make this the best affordable smartwatch for badminton.

If you want to know more about the day-to-day performance & features of the Amazfit T-Rex 2, watch my review video below.

The Good
  • Comes with interval training
  • Supports 5 global navigation satellites
  • Supports Bluetooth heart rate chest strap
  • Import your favorite maps
  • Comes with a badminton workout profile
  • Can be operated with touch & a button interface

The Bad
  • Heaviest watch on the list weighing 66.5 gram
  • Has previous-gen Amazfit’s heart rate tracker

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2. Polar Vantage M2

Polar Smartwatch with badminton mode

When it comes to multisport tracking I found that Polar smartwatches are one of the best options available for athletes in the market. And, this right here is a Polar Vantage M2 that will be the best smartwatch for badminton players as the smartwatch comes with a built-in badminton mode.

To track my game I simply selected the badminton profile before I began my practice. After that, this badminton watch would automatically keep track of all my vitals such as heart rate, calories burned, the time elapsed, and other useful metrics in real-time.

The watch also comes with VO2 max which helped me in analyzing my cardiovascular fitness. The high VO2 max level indicated the efficiency of my body in transporting oxygen to the muscles.

Let me explain it in detail, a good Vo2 Max score indicates your ability to play at peak performance for a longer duration. If you get a low score then you can plan your cardio training accordingly and focus on areas where you need to improve.

Furthermore, Polar Vantage M2 also has a Training Load functionality which measured how much strain my body goes through during my workout session. This feature helped me in understanding cardio load. This metric indicates my tolerance for continuous fitness activities and the strain that I put on my body. And, the feature gets more accurate over time as the watch learned more about my fitness and cardio stamina.

Additionally, this badminton smartwatch comes with 24*7 heart rate tracking and also supports third-party Bluetooth accessories like heart rate straps for accurate readings while playing. And, for in-depth analysis, you need to install the Polar Flow app on your Android or iOS devices.

Also, the watch features a button-only user interface. It took some time to get used to but after some time I was able to operate the watch with my muscle memory.

Moreover, the watch offers the ability to record your sports activity continuously for 11hr without requiring a recharge. And, in smartwatch mode, the watch would easily last for 4 to 5 days.

The Good
  • Sleep tracking
  • Built-in GPS
  • Supports notification sync
  • Good battery life
  • Dedicated mode for badminton
The Bad
  • Display dim compared to the T-Rex’s AMOLED display
  • Button only interface makes it difficult to operate for some users
  • No longer available in small, medium, & large size 

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3. Garmin Forerunner 245M

garmin watch badminton

If you are looking for the best affordable Garmin watch for badminton then take a look at Garmin Forerunner 245M. Unlike Polar Vantage M2, this watch doesn’t come with a built-in badminton profile. However, I was able to create my own custom profile for badminton in the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music.

Recommended Read To Know How To Add Badminton To Garmin Watch:

While creating the profile, the watch allowed me to select what data I wanted to track while performing the activity. So you can choose any 4 metrics out of heart rate, average HR, max HR, the time elapsed, calories burned, pace field, distance field, and several other performance metrics that you want to track and see on your watch face in real-time.

I recommend choosing the data that would help in your training the most. I created a perfect Garmin badminton activity tracking profile for myself & am quite happy with the results.

Likewise, I as a casual badminton player use an interval training feature to improve my footwork by working out extremely fast for a period of time and then taking a break for the same amount of time.

So if you are following some specific training like side-by-side pacing, Ali shuffle, or any other drill to improve your footwork then you would find interval training on the watch to be extremely useful. You can further program your Forerunner interval training feature according to your requirement using the Garmin Connect app.

I also used a feature called intensity minutes that tracked my vigorous workout sessions by tracking my heart rate zones. Along with that, it comes with VO2 max which is an extremely important metric for any athlete as it helps in improving their performance. Unlike Polar Vantage M2 which only supports Bluetooth accessories, Garmin Forerunner supports both Bluetooth and ANT+ fitness accessories.

Apart from that, the watch also has an incident detection feature that alerts your friends and family in case of an injury by sending them text messages along with your location. Overall, I would say this is a great Garmin watch for badminton players that you can buy on a limited budget.

For the price, you get a Garmin for badminton that tracks your sports accurately & offers some smart features as well. For example, you can import your MP3 music or use popular streaming services like Spotify on the watch. Garmin Connect IQ store also provides access to various applications, games, & watch faces. In my opinion, there aren’t a lot of similar smartwatches for badminton available in the market.

To know more, I would recommend watching my in-depth review of the Gamin 245M below which I have done after using it for a long time on our channel.

Note: Some users are getting the APAC version of the watch which is made for the Asian market and that’s why also not serviceable by Garmin US. When you will receive the package ensure that you are receiving the rest of the world version of the watch.

The Good
  • Ability to create custom sports profile
  • Supports ANT+ and Bluetooth accessories
  • 24*7 heart rate tracking
  • Built-in GPS to track your running
  • Sync data to third-party apps like Strava
The Bad
  • Display not as bright as AMOLED
  • Buttons-only user interface may take some getting used to

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4. Suunto 5 Peak

smartwatch for badminton

If we are talking about multi-sports watches then I can’t leave Suunto out of the conversation. Simply because Suunto watches offer one of the best multi-sports tracking for athletes including badminton.

Suunto 5 comes with a body resource feature that informed me about my energy level based on previous training sessions. The more I used the watch, the more it would adapt and learn from my training sessions becoming more accurate in predicting my energy levels over time. It helped me in avoiding over-training as well as potential injuries.

Moreover, this badminton watch has an interval training function which is very useful for performing and timing training drills efficiently.

After your training, you can monitor your VO2 max score to improve your endurance and stamina for the game. It would give you an insight into whether or not you were playing at your peak performance and see if there is any room for improvement.

I got an even more in-depth analysis of my activities within the Suunto app. By the way, you can use the watch with both Android & iOS devices. I also joined communities in the Suunto sports app, as well as connected third-party apps & services like Strava & Kommot to my Suunto account.

Apart from that, this smartwatch also automatically learned when I am practicing on the badminton court and when I wasn’t. After that, it would automatically suggest charging the watch at a time when I was resting ensuring that the watch was always ready to go.

Nevertheless, don’t worry about battery life as this watch offers me more than a decent battery life of 3-4 days on a single charge. Overall, I would say this is one of the best Suunto watches available for badminton players as it is not expensive and also comes with over 80 sports modes. By the way, you can also check my Garmin Forerunner 245M & Suunto 5 Peak comparison if you are confused between the two watches.

The Good
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sleep tracking and heart rate tracking
  • Supports third-party apps like Strava
  • Reasonably priced multisport smartwatch
  • Built-in profile for 80 sports exercises

The Bad
  • No barometer and altimeter sensor
  • Some users find it difficult to operate

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5. Coros Apex 2

Best Coros smartwatch for badminton

If you want a watch that offers exceptional fitness and sports tracking along with good battery life then Coros Apex 2 is the watch for you. It easily lasted a week on a single charge for me and offered excellent battery life of up to 24 hours with GPS enabled.

Apart from that, this badminton watch can track all my fitness routines like running, cycling, swimming, trail running, and other sports activities. The watch comes with an optical heart rate sensor and I was also able to connect ANT+ and Bluetooth-enabled heart straps for more accuracy.

Besides sports tracking, Coros Apex 2 also comes with the Stay Fueled feature which reminded me to drink water during the training. It is pretty useful for badminton players like me who forget to remain hydrated while playing the game.

Using the watch, I also created my own personalized interval workout session which can come in handy while training as you won’t have to guess the duration of your workout. I was able to focus on my training and not count time elapsed manually or ask someone to stand next to me with a stopwatch.

After long training sessions, the AI trainer available on the watch assessed how much stamina I was left with based on the anaerobic and aerobic efforts during the training.

The watch can easily survive the fast-paced action of the badminton court as it comes with stainless steel bezel. And the face of the watch is protected by sapphire which is highly scratch-resistant and durable at the same time.

On a final note, I would say it is the perfect smartwatch for badminton players who prefer good battery life, build quality, and have a budget of around $300.

The Good
  • 24*7 heart rate tracking
  • Built-in Altimeter, Barometer, compass sensor
  • Good battery life
  • Sports and fitness tracking

The Bad
  • Heart rate tracking not accurate

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Best Watches For Badminton

6. Timex Ironman 30

Timex affordable badminton watch

All previous watches on my list are smartwatches and they need to be charged repeatedly. That’s why some athletes prefer simple watches to keep track of time without losing focus during the game. So if you are looking for a watch then Timex Iron man 30 would be the best watch for badminton players available at a reasonable price.

Affordable doesn’t mean that this watch has poor build quality in fact it’s a good alternative to G-Shock watches. The watch features a 20mm resin strap which despite being lightweight can survive some extreme pressure. And even the 44mm case of the watch is built using a resin material.

Talking about the features available, it comes with a 100-hour chronograph function with built-in 30 laps memory for timing your corner drills. It also has a reverse countdown feature and you can even set up 3 daily alarms so you will never miss your practice.

Moreover, once you are done with practice you can also wear the watch in the shower as it is water-resistant up to 100m. The watch comes with an indigo backlight which illuminates the display with the press of a button allowing you to read time in the dark.

Overall, I would say if you want an affordable watch for badminton that won’t distract you or your opponent on the court then Timex Ironman 30 is the watch to go with.

The Good
  • Waterproof watch
  • 100-hour chronograph function to time your activity
  • Good build quality
  • Reasonably priced watch
  • 3 Daily alarms

The Bad
  • Some users find negative display hard to read

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7. G-Shock GBA800-1A

G-Shock badminton watch

Some users prefer sports watches that also offer smart features without compromising on battery life. And, if you are one of them then take a look at G-Shock GBA800-1A.

This watch comes with 3 axis accelerometer that can track your daily steps like a fitness tracker. And, you can even set daily goals and monitor your progress directly on the watch itself.

To use the step tracking feature download the G-Shock Connected app on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app also allows you to create a customized workout timer for your training. And if you don’t want to use these smart features then you can use it as a regular G-Shock watch as it is not phone dependent smartwatch.

It has all the regular G-Shock features like a stopwatch for timing your activity, a calendar, LED light to read time in the dark, and so on. Despite having so many features it still uses a replaceable coin cell battery that G-Shock claims would easily last for two years.

Then you might be wondering has G-Shock made any concession in the durability department. And, the answer is no as like all the G-Shock watches it is water-resistant up to 200m, can survive fall from 10m height, and is also shock resistant. So no matter how hard I swing in the court I don’t have to worry about the watch.

The Good
  • Swimproof watch
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Step tracking
  • Double LED light for reading time in the dark

The Bad
  • Bluetooth connectivity with the phone is not reliable
  • Auto deletes previous day step tracking data if not synced with the phone

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8. Nixon Regulus

Nixon Regulus watch

I will be ending our list with the Nixon Regulus which is a watch designed from the input of US Special Forces Personnel. Using this I was able to play as many smash shots as I liked as this watch features a shock-resistant design.

What makes it better than Timex or G-Shock watch is that it features a bigger LED backlight display instead of a small one found on them. So you won’t have to struggle to read the watch in a bright environment. And you can even adjust the brightness of the display depending on the environment you are in.

Moreover, the watch comes with a dual chronograph function allowing you to time two activities at once. Also, it doesn’t feature any buttons on the right side of the watch so you won’t accidentally press the button on the watch while playing badminton.

The watch also has a silent mode so you won’t get distracted because of sudden sounds while playing your difficult shots.

On a final note, I would say this might be the best watch for badminton as it offers 5 years of battery life, an alarm function, and a robust design. However, it is quite expensive compared to G-Shock and Timex watches so if budget is not an issue for you then go for the Nixon Regulus watch.

The Good
  • Rugged build quality
  • Bigger LED display
  • Alarm function
  • Dual chronograph
  • 100m water resistant

The Bad
  • Expensive
  • Some users find the display dim

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Things To Know Before Selecting The Best Badminton Watch

1. Small Size And Lightweight

For a badminton player, it is very important to be agile on the badminton court. That’s why the size and weight of the racquet are very important for any badminton player and a watch would not be any different. Whichever watch you will select, it needs to be compact and lightweight with a firm grip on the wrist.

A compact watch would allow you to play the sport without feeling the weight on your hand or getting irritated because of the bulky build of the watch. Also, buttons on the watch with a big dial tend to get pressed accidentally more often. It can accidentally start or stop the activity in between the game which can cause you to lose focus while playing.

Therefore ensure that the watch you have selected has a medium or small watch face and is also lightweight.

2. Touch Screen VS Non-Touch Screen Display

While there is no shortage of good touchscreen watches but we would recommend you only go with sports watches with a non-touchscreen display. And, the reason for that is touchscreen watches are easy to break compared to non-touchscreen watches from Suunto, Polar, and Garmin. Also, most watches with a touchscreen have an LCD display which can be distracting while playing the game.

Moreover, once you get used to using non-touchscreen watches you would be able to operate the watch like it’s in your muscle memory. Another reason for not going with watches that come with a touch screen is that it can be distracting for you and your opponent. Imagine you missed a crucial shot because your touchscreen watch display lit up to tell that you have met your step goals for the day.

However, you won’t face this issue with watches without a touch screen as they are usually negative displays or not as bright as LCD displays for the very same reason. That’s why these watches also offer very good battery life as they consume very little power making them perfect for athletes.

3. VO2 max, Interval Training, And Badminton Mode

If you can maintain the oxygen distribution in your blood after long training sessions then you also play at your peak performance for a longer period of time. That’s why your sports watch should have the ability to track VO2 max level so you can track your blood oxygen level to monitor training performance.

The next feature that your smart watch should have is interval training. Using that you won’t have to rely on someone else or manually time your training session. Therefore, while training you would be able to train and take a break using interval training mode without needing any external assistance from anyone to time your activity.

Last but not least is that your watch should have a training mode for badminton or at least give you the ability to create one. So you would be able to track all the sports metrics that matter to you the most to improve your performance.


Which Is The Best Garmin Watch For Badminton?

Garmin Forerunner 245 is the best smartwatch for badminton players as it comes with interval training and also allows you to create a badminton profile tailored to your needs. Moreover, it also supports Bluetooth and ANT+ fitness accessories for accurate sports tracking.

Which Is The Best Sports Watch For Badminton?

G-Shock GBA800-1A is the best sports watch for badminton players as it is reasonably priced and comes with step tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, and offers two years of battery backup.

Which Is The Best Smartwatch For Badminton Player?

Polar Vantage M2 is the best smartwatch for badminton players as it comes with a dedicated badminton mode. Along with that, you can also track other sports and fitness activities as it is a multisport smartwatch.

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