9 Best Wearable Sleep Trackers And Monitors For Better Sleep Tracking

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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

Sleep is an integral part of life, without proper sleep each night you cannot expect to lead a healthy lifestyle. For most people sleep is a natural phenomenon that happens each night and leaves them energized for the next day. However, it’s not true for all as there are millions of people out there that suffer from sleep ailments like depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. which deprive them of proper sleep.

Therefore it’s important that you should keep track of their sleep patterns each night so that you can tell whether you are having a sound sleep or not. Also, keeping an eye on your sleep allows you to detect any sleep condition in its early stage and you can cure it before it becomes critical. But how do you track your sleep? Using sleep tracker and monitors.

These sleep trackers and monitors track your sleep and give you a detailed insight on how long and how well you slept the last night. Here we share with you the best wearable sleep trackers and monitors that will help you keep a check on your sleep.

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Best Sleep Monitor & Tracker Comparison Table





Most Advanced Wearable Sleep Tracker

Advanced sleep tracker

Fitbit Sense

  • Advanced sensors

  • Accurate readings

  • NFC

Most Comfortable To Wear

ring based wearable sleep monitor

Wellue O2Ring Wearable Sleep Monitor

  • Ring based sleep tracker

  • Easy to use

  • Accurate sleep tracking

Most Versatile Tracker

amazon halo

Amazon Halo

  • Screenless design

  • Sleep + Activity tracker

  • Impressive battery life

Cheapest Wearable Sleep Tracker

Cheapest sleep monitor

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

  • Affordable

  • Feature-rich

  • Long battery life

Unique Design

Muse S headband


  • Brain sensing headband

  • Extensive health tracking

  • Adjustable straps

Best Wearable Sleep Trackers And Monitors

1. Wellue O2Ring Wearable Sleep Monitor

ring based wearable sleep monitor

The first product on your list is a ring-based sleep tracker which is obviously worn on your fingers mainly on the thumb. It is a lightweight and comfortable to wear sleep monitor which you can wear overnight without an issue. Build out of silicon it is durable and also looks quite good so you won’t mind showing it off to your friends.

Coming to the main point which is sleep tracking, it does really well at it and provides accurate sleep monitoring data on its free smartphone app. You can also review your real-time health data on the app and moreover share your report with the doctor in PDF or CSV format.

It tracks your heartbeats and SPO2 readings while you are asleep and tells how well you slept and the amount of oxygen that flows in your blood while you are sleeping. It is helpful for people who are suffering from Sleep Apnea, a sleep condition in which the breathing suddenly starts and stops providing less oxygen intake while you sleep.

All the data that the ring gathers at night is automatically shared with the app when it is paired with your smartphone over Bluetooth. Overall, if you are looking for an accurate sleep monitor that is also comfortable to wear while sleeping then Wellue O2Ring is the best option to go for.

The Good
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Shows accurate sleep data
  • Monitors Spo2 readings
  • Automatically uploads data to the app
  • App has unlimited storage
The Bad
  • Not fit for all fingers
  • Have to charge it every day

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2. Wellue Wearable Oxygen Saturation And Sleep Monitor

sleep monitor for sleep apnea

We have another product from Wellue on our list, it is a finger cum wrist-based wearable sleep tracker. You need to place one end of the tracker on your finger while the other on your wrist. It’s comfortable to wear and keeps your fingers free for other tasks.

You have to wear it before going to sleep and take it off when you wake up the next morning. It has a heart rate and O2 sensor which keeps a check on your pulse rate and SPO2 rating throughout your sleep. To view your sleep stats you can sync your device to its free phone app or PC software. The device has Bluetooth connectivity to pair with the phone while you can plug it into the PC using a USB cable.

Also what we have learned from going through product reviews on Amazon and other forums is that the sensor on this device are quite accurate and monitors your sleep quite effectively. Moreover, it has a built-in notification sensor that vibrates the device on your wrist when the SPO2 readings go below the threshold. It’s a life-saving feature for people who are suffering from Sleep Apnea.

Also what’s great about this device is that it shows you your sleep reports in graphical form, so they are easy to comprehend and share in PDF or CSV formats. Talking about the negatives of this sleep monitor, there aren’t many but the battery life could have been better on it. You may have to charge it every day after using it at night. Nonetheless, it is still a good product and does what it is meant for so you can definitely go for it.

The Good
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Accurately tracks your sleep
  • Can monitor blood oxygen levels
  • Has free to use app and software
  • Graphical reports

The Bad
  • The battery life is not impressive
  • Build quality seems average

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3. Misfit Flash Activity And Sleep Tracker

Clip on sleep tracker and monitor

The Misfit Flash is a 2-in-1 wearable sleep tracker that can be used as a wrist-based or clip-on fitness tracker. It means you can wear it on your wrist or attach it to your clothes using the clip provided with it. So if you want to keep your wrist free and still want to track your activities then this Misfit tracker is meant for you. It is recommended that you attach it to your shoes while performing any activity for accurate results.

Talking of the sleep tracking ability of this tracker then it can monitor all your sleep stages which include Rem, Non-Rem, and Deep Sleep to accurately show you how well you slept last night. To view your sleep and activity stats you need to download the Misfit app on your smartphone.

Also, it comes with wireless connectivity so it automatically uploads your sleep and fitness data to your smartphone. Also, it comes with a smart button that can be used to control the smart devices in your home. So besides tracking your health and fitness it can also do some tasks for you.

However, the highlight of the tracker is that it does not need to be charged as it comes with a replaceable coin cell button battery that can last up to 6 months. Overall, it’s a good budget sleep tracker but its build quality is not that great. Especially the plastic clip that you get with it, it’s not durable at all. However, you do get water resistance up to 30 meters with this tracker so it can tackle water splash and sweat quite easily. All in all, you can get this product if you don’t want to buy a tracker that lasts a lifetime.

The Good
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Tracks sleep and activity
  • No charging need
  • Looks great
  • Can control smart gadgets
The Bad
  • Clip quality is not good
  • No SPO2 readings

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4. MUSE S Overnight Sleep Tracker

Muse S headband

Now fourth on our list, we have one of its kind wearable sleep trackers that you have to wear on your head. Yes, you heard it right, MUSE S  is a brain-sensing headband that works as your personal sleep assistance. You have to wear it on your head every night before going to sleep and it will record your sleep and give proper insights on it.

The band is loaded with sensors like EEG, PPG, Accelerometer, heart rate, and pulse oximeter. These sensors help track all major sleep stats like sleep score, sleep stages, sleeping position, deep sleep, and much more. You can see all these stats on the mobile app of Muse S which is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Besides tracking it also helps you sleep better with guided sleep journeys and nature soundscapes which help reduce stress and tune your body and mind for a restful sleep. Apart from sleeping, you can also use this headband as meditation assistance that helps you take a break from worldly affairs.

Also, the band is super comfortable to wear and comes with adjustable straps so it can fit on everyone’s head irrespective of their skull size. Talking of its battery life, it can give you up to 10 hours of uptime on a single charge which is just decent. Overall, Muse S is a decent sleep tracking device that works well but still has a lot to improve. But given that it’s a new product we hope it gets better with time.

The Good
  • Comfortable and lightweight headband
  • Effective sleep tracking
  • Provides guidance for better sleep
  • Helps in meditation
  • Easy to use
The Bad
  • Not very accurate
  • Expensive

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5. Amazon Halo

amazon halo

Amazon Halo is a wrist-based fitness tracker that does not feature a screen. So it is not going to distract you by showing notifications all the time as you get with other fitness trackers from brands like Fitbit or Garmin. Fewer distractions mean better sleep and more productivity so you should definitely have a look at Amazon Halo before going for other sleep trackers.

Since it does not feature a screen, to see all the stats and monitoring reports you have to download its app on your smartphone. It can show you different fitness and activity stats on the app like steps taken in a day, pulse rate, and obviously sleep tracking reports.

However, it can only show you basic sleep stats like your sleep temperature and how often you awake during sleep. But don’t worry you can enhance the capability of this tracker by purchasing the Amazon Halo membership which costs $3.99/month (Tax excluded). Once you become a member you can get detailed sleep insights like sleep stages and sleep scores besides just basic sleep tracking.

Not just sleep but this tracker is an amazing all-around fitness tracker that can effectively track your daily activities and motivates you to stay active all the time. Moreover, it works with Alexa so you have one more reason to buy it. Overall, Amazon Halo is a versatile and good-looking fitness tracker that can effectively monitor your sleep stats.

The Good
  • Good looking band
  • No screen so no distraction
  • Effectively tracks sleep
  • Comes at an affordable price point
  • Has a long battery life
The Bad
  • Have to pay for membership for detailed insights on sleep
  • The app is not very impressive

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6. Fitbit Charge 4

Fitbit Charge 4

Talking about sleep tracking and we don’t talk about Fitbit, is it even possible? Fitbit is a world-renowned brand when it comes to health and fitness tracking products and Fitbit Charge 4 is one of them. Charge 4 is one of their most advanced fitness tracker band that comes in a slim and lightweight design but is loaded with health monitoring features.

It has a heart rate sensor followed by an oxygen sensor which works together to provide the most accurate sleep data. To view the sleep stats you need to login into the Fitbit app where you can see how well you slept last night. Moreover, the nightly SpO2 readings it shows are great for people with breathing issues like sleep apnea and asthma. It also provides you personal feedback on how you can improve your sleep and have better rest. This is a great feature to have if you are struggling to sleep well.

The problem however is that the SpO2 reading feature is not available in all parts of the world. Do check whether it is available in your country or not and then go for it if you are specially buying it for sleep tracking.

Besides sleep, the tracker is also very effective at tracking your workouts and activities. Also with its built-in GPS, you can easily monitor your outdoor activities like running, cycling, and swimming. Also, it’s available at a reasonable price and on sale, you can even buy it for under $100. So overall, if you are looking for a sleep monitor that can also track your outdoor activities then Fitbit Charge 4 is not a bad option.

The Good
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Effective sleep monitoring
  • Shows SpO2 readings
  • Has built-in GPS for activity tracking
  • Build quality seems good
The Bad
  • SpO2 is not available for all parts of the world
  • Battery life is not as long as advertised

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7. Fitbit Sense

Advanced sleep tracker

If you are not into fitness bands or other wearable trackers and are looking for an advanced smartwatch that can track your sleep patterns then Fitbit Sense is what you should consider. It is the latest offering from Fitbit and is packed with advanced features that make sleep tracking an easy task for you.

It has an exclusive EDA sensor that indicates your body’s response to stress. Since stress is the most common issue behind people not sleeping well, keeping track of your stress levels can help you sleep better. And for this, you need Fitbit Sense which tracks your stress with its built-in sensors. Moreover, it features an ECG app that keeps tracking your heart rate even when you are sleeping so you can get monitor your sleep.

It also shows your nightly skin temperature and SpO2 readings on the watch face itself. So you don’t have to check the app frequently to view your vital sleep stats. Overall, the watch is one of the best and most accurate sleep trackers you can find in the market. And not just sleep but you also get lots of other benefits when you buy this smartwatch from Fitbit.

From built-in GPS to NFC for contactless payments to voice assistant availability, this watch has all the features that one would want in a premium smartwatch. So if your budget is not limited and you want to buy a sleep tracker that can do a lot more than just tracking your sleep then say hello to Fitbit Sense.

The Good
  • Has advanced health tracking features
  • Tracks your sleep quite accurately
  • Shows vital stats on the watch face itself
  • You can make payments directly from the watch
  • Supports voice assistance
The Bad
  • Cannot take it in the pools
  • Fitbit premium is required to use most of the advanced features

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8. Withings Steel HR Sport

sleep tracking hybrid watch

We have covered almost every type of wearable sleep tracker till now from the smart ring to headbands, to fitness trackers, and smartwatches but you are yet to see a hybrid watch. So on the eighth position of our list, we bring you a hybrid smartwatch from a company called Withings. So if you are into classic timepieces but also want to use smart features like sleep monitoring then you are in for some treat!

Withings Steel HR Sport is a classic-looking and feature-rich hybrid watch that can be your next sleep tracker and at the same time be your style partner for all special occasions.

This watch features an automatic sleep monitor that tracks your sleep and provides a sleep score based on your sleep cycles, wake-up time, and more. In order to view your sleep stats, you need to open the Withings app on your smartphone.

Besides sleep tracking, the watch also promotes other helpful features like heart rate monitoring, VO2 Max readings, multisport tracking, etc. However, the best part about this tracker and the reason why we have put it on our list is that it features a really long battery life which is unusual with other sleep trackers. While other sleep tracker lasts few hours or a couple of days the Withings Steel HR Sport can last up to 25 days on a single charge.

So overall if you are looking for a sleep tracker that does decent sleep monitoring and also needs less charging then this watch needs to be on your wrist.

The Good
  • Classic looking watch
  • Does well at basic sleep tracking
  • Has a good battery life
  • Heart rate tracking is fairly accurate
  • Comes with interchangeable bands
The Bad
  • No built-in GPS
  • Not for someone looking for extensive sleep monitoring

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9. Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker

Cheapest sleep monitor

To end our list, we have something for people who are kind of out of budget but don’t want to miss out on monitoring their sleep. Amazfit Band 5 is the best budget fitness tracker you could buy to track your sleep as well as other activities. Now don’t consider it to be super accurate at tracking your sleep but it does a fairly good job and at the price it comes you cannot expect anymore.

The band features a 24/7 heart rate tracker as well as a blood oxygen monitor which is unheard of at such a low price. These sensors help effectively monitoring your sleep and provide a detailed insight into your sleeping patterns.

Also, the battery backup is claimed to be of 15 days, which is again impressive for a cheap fitness tracker. And not to forget it also supports Alexa voice assistant so you are getting a lot for the price your paying.

Overall, if you are not in the condition to buy the expensive fitness tracker that provides super-accurate sleep monitoring then you can settle with this affordable fitness band from Amazfit.

The Good
  • Budget-friendly
  • Decent sleep monitoring
  • Can track heart rate and blood oxygen levels
  • Supports voice assistance
  • Impressive battery backup
The Bad
  • Not very accurate
  • Build quality is not up to the mark

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Buying Guide To Best Sleep Trackers And Monitors

Buying a sleep tracker can be tricky, here’s some point you should keep in mind while purchasing one for yourself.

Types of Sleep Tracker: Wrist Based VS Non-Wrist Based

Now when you are looking for a wearable sleep tracker then you can find them in two types: wrist-based and non-wrist-based trackers. The wrist-based trackers consist of smartwatches and fitness trackers while the non-wrist-based trackers consist of smart rings, headbands, and more. It depends on your budget and choice that which type of sleep tracker you opt for as both are equally effective at tracking your sleep. So, make your decision wisely.

Heart Rate VS Movement Sensor For Sleep Tracking

The sleep can be tracked using a heart rate sensor or movement sensor. The trackers that only track the sleep using movement are not very accurate and don’t provide proper sleep analysis. While on the other hand, the sleep monitors which use a heart rate sensor can give a detailed insight into your sleep patterns. So prefer a sleep tracker that comes with a heart rate sensor.

Sleep Stage Tracking

We go through different sleep stages while we sleep and in which stage we stay the most tells a lot about our sleep patterns. The sleep stages consist of REM sleep, Non-REM sleep, and Deep sleep. Sleeping position and awake time are also part of sleep stages. So you should get a tracker that can monitor all your sleep stages for better insights.

Easy To Understand Sleep Scores

A lot of data can be hard to comprehend so a tracker should provide your sleep data in graphical form so that everyone could easily read their sleep stats without visiting a doctor. A lot of sleep trackers provide this facility so you can choose one accordingly.

Blood Oxygen Sensor

The blood oxygen sensor is a must for people who are suffering from sleep apnea. Having a SpO2 sensor on your sleep tracker helps you monitor your SpO2 readings that tell about the amount of oxygen flowing in your blood during sleep.

Final Verdict

Sleep is the most important aspect of health so you should not take it lightly. Tracking your sleep daily gives you the ability to detect any sleep condition which may cause trouble later. The wearable sleep trackers we have shared here can help you track and monitor your sleep so that you can improve your sleep quality and lead a healthy life. However, these products should not be used as medical diagnostic tools they are just for information purposes. In case of any sleep ailments, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.


How Accurate Are Smartwatch Sleep Trackers?

Smartwatch sleep trackers are quite accurate for daily use and tracking your sleep. However, they are not as accurate as lab results so you should not use a smartwatch sleep tracker for medical diagnosis.

What Is A Good Sleep Quality Score?

Anything between 70 to 85 is considered a good sleep score.

Can Sleep Tracker Detect Sleep Apnea?

Yes, most sleep trackers that come with a blood oxygen sensor can detect Sleep Apnea.

How Does Sleep Tracker Know I Am Sleeping?

Sleep trackers make use of sensors like heart rate and movement sensors to determine whether you are sleeping or not.

Do Sleep Trackers Really Work?

Yes, they do work and can help you keep an eye on your sleep patterns.

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