5 Best Weather Apps For Apple Watch That Are Better Than Built-in Weather App

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If you have invested a lot to have a premium gadget, then you would surely love to have premium features inside the gadget too. The fact that the Apple Watch does come with a built-in weather app, but it’s still not better and reliable as other weather apps that are compatible with the Apple Watch. So, if you really have a better option, why not choose that?

Weather apps have always been unique in their own ways and a must needed feature in every gadget. You want to look at the forecast, open the weather app. You want to see the timings of the sunrise, open the weather app. If you want to know the statistics of daily humidity and precipitation level, open the weather app.

From hourly temperature stats to weekly rain alerts, from a traveler to a student, a weather app can prove to be a big asset for anyone and anything.

But from where will you get all the necessary features that you want in your weather app? How will you decide which weather app will fulfill your requirements?

There are more than a hundred weather apps that are compatible with your Apple watch. While some apps are known for amazing designs and interfaces, others show you the weather stats in a creative way.

We know your time is precious. We know that you can not just download every app and test them yourself. Therefore, we did that for you.

With thorough research and detailed comparison of different weather apps, we segregated the best Apple Watch weather apps which you can download and use.

While keeping in mind the importance of each and every feature necessary for any user, we have listed some of the most versatile weather apps which are unique in their own way just like every user has requirements & preferences of their own.

So if you feel that the weather app of your Apple Watch is quite redundant and you are looking for a new one, then don’t worry. Take a deep breath because we are going to give you a detailed description of the five best weather apps which you can use on your Apple Watch.

5 Best Weather Apps for Apple Watch

1. WeatherBug

Weather Bug app

Have you ever thought that a weather app can solve most of your daily problems? Have you ever thought that one day a weather app will show more than just temperature and humidity levels?

If you have never expected anything greater than the weather forecasts from any weather app, you may get a little surprised when you will read about this particular Apple smartwatch-enabled weather app.

WeatherBug is one of the most widely used weather apps which is backed by one of the largest weather networks known. This app is powered by more than ten thousand weather stations worldwide.

This professional support makes the WeatherBug really reliable when it comes to accurate data. You can always expect a real-time forecast as well as fast weather alerts.

The best thing about this app is that it covers the weather forecast of the entire world. Hence, the people who do a lot of traveling can make this app their best buddy.

Let’s talk about weather forecast features offered by this app. You will get instant alerts and notifications in case of any extreme weather warnings.

Weather Bug app feature

People who are living in areas prone to severe weather conditions like high temperatures, earthquakes, storms, and even hurricanes can get a lot of help in taking prompt decisions before anything goes wrong.

You will get daily updates about the rain. So if there is any possibility of rain, you can always take your waterproof jacket with you. Moreover, you will get the precipitation percentage on your wrists. The app will also tell you a predictable number of raining-hours which you may not find on every app.

One of the most amazing features of WeatherBug is that you will not only get the raw data but also a brief description of every particular data in text format.

This makes the information easier to understand. People who are not able to predict the weather by just some percentages can always opt for such features.

All information will be provided to you hourly. Any slight change in the weather will be updated as soon as possible.

That one weather forecast feature which makes this weather app soar high in this list is the Realfeel feature. Developed by AccuWeather in the ’90s, this particular feature combines several weather factors and percentages to give you the actual feel of the weather.

People who prefer such innovative concepts where they can get a precise idea about the overall weather of the day should definitely try out this app on their Apple Watch.

Let’s talk about all the meteorological data which the app tells you about. You will get to know about the dew point of the day, that is, you will get to know about the level of moisture in the air.

It’s a piece of the very necessary information for the people who generally travel at night so that they can consider the level of frost formation on the roads. Other than that, you will get details of the wind speed. A particular aspect to consider sports activities like sailing, etc.

The app will also show you the atmospheric pressure, a parameter by which you can literally predict the weather.

Weather geeks know that a low-pressure system generally results in wind and cloudiness whereas a high-pressure system mostly results in calm and gentle weather. These sets of data when compared, show how accurate a particular weather parameter of the app can be.

There are various common features too like the sunrise and sunset timings as well as the phases of the moon too. A big plus point for the students and people related to the field of astronomy.

You can also see radar images of any particular location. A concept to know about the cloud cover as well as information related to agriculture too.

Now let’s come to the basic features of this app and some really solid reasons to have this app on your smartwatch. WeatherBug comes with the pollen forecast feature, making it an extremely useful app for people prone to pollen allergies.

You can get information about the traffic conditions in real-time, one of these best aspects of time management nowadays. You can also have in-depth knowledge of your location’s air quality.

Other than that, you get more than 18 weather maps for different factors like wind, temperature, humidity, and even doppler radar, a pictorial depiction of really important weather information.

You can also enjoy a really unique feature of WeatherBug where the entire focus will be on the factor that how the weather will impact your traveling plans, chronic pain, and even workouts. Apart from this, you can see the 10-day weather forecast too.

The app is highly customizable. You can choose the desired information and data which you want to see and other data which you want to hide.

You can change the appearance of the app too. A preferred characteristic for people who like their apps to have different themes and color schemes.

The navigation is also very easy. WeatherBug comes with a sliding navigation menu where you can slide either side-by-side or up & down. A really cool feature that enhances the functionality of the app.

Talking about cool features, you can also be a part of the WeatherBug community by sharing your pictures in the picture gallery.

You can enjoy live web cameras around the world to see real-time weather conditions. You will also have a lifestyle section to read some really useful tips for traveling as well as health & fitness, thus, giving you a really amazing customer engagement overall.

Last but not the least, you can track any type of weather condition through WeatherBug. With this fantastic app on your wrists, you can have access to the global fire data so that you can know about such risks.

Along with real-time snowstorm alerts, you also have access to the 10-day snow depth forecast. So not only you can stay updated with WeatherBug but also stay safe.

Overall, this is an amazing app. Quite versatile as well as reliable. However, when you have such technologies in your hands, they don’t always work. While some users have experienced so many glitches as well as data that are not accurate, many other users love this app.

But if you face any problem, WeatherBug has highly supportive customer care and frequent updates will make your experience with the app always better.

With its free and premium subscriptions along with a decent number of features, the WeatherBug can be the best weather app for your Apple Watch.

Before we move on to the second-best on the list, let’s have a quick view of the pros and cons of this app.

The Good
  • A very subtle and appealing design

  • Easy navigation

  • Smooth and fast without glitches

  • A high number of features

  • Data accuracy is extremely good

The Bad
  • Fetch accurate data when connected to a high-speed internet connection only

  • The video forecasts are not reliable


Checkout WeatherBug App

2. NOAA Radar Pro

NOAA Radar Pro app

NOAA Radar Pro is considered to be one of the most unique weather apps in the market. It is a very powerful and simple weather station developed especially for extreme weather forecasts and alerts.

This app gives the fastest alerts concerning severe weather. If you are living in a place that is very much prone to disasters related to tsunami, storms, or maybe earthquakes, this proves out to be an extremely reliable weather app for disaster alerts.

People who are looking for weather apps not just for weather details but also for several safety concerns should definitely have a look at this segment of the article.

NOAA Radar Pro gathers its weather data from your nearest weather station. The weather forecast is highly precise as well as very detailed. It is a perfect app for people who want to know everything in detail or who miss the in-depth weather forecast on Television because of their busy schedule.

This weather app is really reliable for real-time weather forecast as compared to other weather apps in the market which are very inaccurate sometimes or lags a lot.

Here, you can get access to a 24/7 hyper-local weather forecast. This is one of the most preferred features in any weather app nowadays.

With this, you can have access to detailed and in-depth weather forecasts extremely related to your concerned geographical area. This is highly beneficial for people who are really interested in weather data and statistics about their place only and not for the whole town.

Talking about the various parameters of the weather forecast, you will get the temperature map on your wrists. You can have access to the air quality index where you can notice how pure the air in your town is. Just like the Weather Bug, you will also get hurricane and lightning tracker as well as rain alerts.

One amazing feature of this app is wildfire tracking. When it is summer and the wildfires are at its peak, you can easily track the location of the wildfire and alert your friends and family to be safe.

This app is also highly beneficial for people who are living in forest areas or somewhere in the vicinity of the forest.

Here, you also get an advanced precipitation forecast. A feature which is extremely helpful for monitoring severe rainfall events. If used properly, you will also get to know about the amount of flood risk and you can avoid the damages accordingly.

Now coming on to another reason for its presence at the second spot in the weather apps category. NOAA Radar Pro comes with real-time radar images. You can see various weather parameters in the maps, that too in high resolution.

A detailed descriptive forecast is a very amazing thing but on the other hand, these animated radar maps are much easier to interact with. This is one good advantage for people who like to track real-time weather forecasts on the maps rather than reading about it.

With these high definition maps, you can always plan out your path in severe weather conditions.

One good reason to use these maps is that the data which the map shows directly comes from NOAA satellites that cover the entire United States.

NOAA Radar Pro app feature

Meanwhile, the app not only shows you the radar images but you can use it in your own way too. With such an interactive map, you can also check on a five-day detailed weather forecast of any of your preferred location by placing a pushpin on that particular location on the map.

The images and animations load up very quickly and hence you can move your pushpin from one location to another without any lags and glitches.

With this feature, NOAA Radar Pro can become one of the best options for those people who get frustrated real quick and want things to go smoothly or even for those who have such jobs in which they have to travel all day from one location to another.

You also get the privilege to bookmark a specific location on the map to which you can receive notifications whenever there are chances for severe weather conditions. For example, If a member of your family stays somewhere else, you have the option to bookmark that location on the map to receive weather alerts beforehand and avoid any mishappening.

The users also get various options for customization, for example, you can set the number of frames, the level of opacity as well as the animation speed for the high-definition maps generated from radar and satellite.

This app also comes with Feels Like feature where the app, on the basis of the temperature and the weather, will tell you how the weather conditions outside your home really feel like. With this, you get these pieces of weather stats in a more natural way.

Other than that, you can also see the sunrise and sunset timings along with the minimum and maximum of any weather parameter of the day.

However, there is one big disadvantage which, in a way, is quite ironic. Though the app alerts you for any severe weather conditions like a storm beforehand, it does not send you any notification when the storm really arrives.

No matter, whether you have placed your pointer on the map or bookmarked a particular location, you always have to open the app and check whether you or your family members are safe or not.

In addition to the above features, you can also enjoy the snow map on your wrists which displays the depth of the snow, a possible safety concern for many. With NOAA Radar Pro, you can also monitor all the important warnings and alerts from the National Weather Service of the United States itself.

You can have both free and premium subscriptions to the app. Although most of the must-have features come with the premium pack only, you can also use their 7-day free trial to decide whether the app is fulfilling your requirements or not.

The Good
  • See detailed weather forecasts for any kind of severe weather condition

  • Access to Radar, hybrid, and even satellite maps

  • Bookmark your concerning locations for future references

  • Highly customizable maps

The Bad
  • Frustrating full-screen ad pop-ups in the free version

  • Some of the features are only accessible after becoming a premium member

  • Temperature stats are not always correct


Checkout NOAA Radar Pro App

3. Weather Live

Weather Live app

Weather Live is the most detailed and highly customizable weather app on this entire list. It offers a complete set of features which makes this app the most preferred option for many people.

Let’s get started with the weather forecasting features of this app.

It is one of the most accurate weather forecasting apps available in the Apple App Store. The highly detailed real-time forecast will cover a range of information about various weather parameters. You will receive stats of daily humidity levels.

The user can easily predict the possible levels for dew, fog, and precipitation which is going to be there for the day by reading the daily humidity level.

These stats always keep you step ahead of the weather. You can plan your day-to-day routine with respect to the weather outside your house. People who are prone to diseases & respiratory infections can significantly reduce such health risks by knowing the humidity levels.

With precipitation levels, you can always keep a check on the next rain. Just like many other weather apps, you can also note down the minimum and maximum temperature of the day. Weather Live also comes up with the Feels Like temperature where you can get an idea about the current weather in a more creative and subtle way. These details are always easy to understand as it comes to us more naturally.

Along with parameters like temperature and pressure, you can also see the sunrise and sunset timings of the current day as well as for the upcoming days. One additional feature, probably a cool one, is that now you can get to know about the moonrise and moonset timings.

Another really amazing feature of this app is the day-to-day details about the timings of the warm golden hour and the cold blue hour. This is a very helpful feature for various photographers and content creators who have to wait for hours just for one beautiful shot.

Weather Live app feature

One of the most beneficial features of this app is that it also shows the UV index & visibility details of your location. With the UV index, you can check the scale of radiation.

It is extremely beneficial for people who are prone to skin diseases as with UV scale they can plan their day accordingly and take the necessary precautions before heading out.

While this is one reliable feature regarding health benefits, the visibility stats can also have a severe impact on the day’s plan of any traveler, mountain climber, or even scientists.

However, the weather app doesn’t come up with any educational material to help you understand the UV scale or any other such scale. Whatever be the parameter, you should always know about the scaling factors beforehand.

People who don’t have much knowledge about reading weather scales to predict the weather may face a lot of disappointment as there will be many unknown parameters on their watch face.

With these insightful features, you will also get information about the wind speed, the direction of the wind, and even how chilly the wind is.

People who don’t like hard cold winds hitting their faces can stay home if they have such details on their wrists. But most importantly, the wind details can be highly beneficial for people who have their houses near lakes and whose backyards are always prone to flooding.

One good thing about these features is that they are customizable too. You can always select and change the unit of any parameter, for example, Fahrenheit to Celcius or Kilometers to Miles. Here, you also have the option to make several arrangements of your widgets on the watch face. Thus, you can choose the parameters which you would like to see first.

In this app, you can also enjoy animated weather scenes on your watch face, based on some particular weather statistics. This is considered to be a necessary feature for people who prefer visuals rather than details.

You will also receive various alerts in case of any bad weather warnings. It is better than NOAA Radar Pro’s severe weather alerts as here you will receive real-time notifications so that you don’t always have to keep the app open.

With a very user-friendly design, you can always select whether you want to see the detailed view of the weather forecast or the compact view.

With Weather Live, you can also have access to weather maps around the world. Though the maps will not be as detailed as NOAA Radar Pro’s animated maps, these maps still give you a quick overview of the weather details of various locations through different color themes and intensities.

One downside of these highly interactive maps is that they only come up with premium subscriptions.

If you are looking for a free weather app with amazing features, this particular app is not made for you. While all the other features discussed till now comes with the free subscription, you can always enjoy more features if you apply for the premium subscription.

Now talking about the features in the premium pack, you can enjoy a 14-day hourly forecast. Other than that, you can have a hurricane tracker as well as a lightning tracker.

If you are living at such a location that is prone to such bad weather conditions, you should always keep apps like Weather Live on your watch to take advantage of those features that are installed because of safety concerns only.

The last feature in the list of premium subscription is the air quality tracker accessing which you can monitor the air pollution data of your preferred location. In case of severe air pollution, you can always opt for necessary precautions beforehand.

Overall Weather Live can be considered as a good and reliable app If you are looking for accurate as well as highly detailed weather forecasts. Let’s wrap this up with quick pros and cons of this weather app

The Good
  • Highly detailed and customizable

  • Interactive weather maps

  • A range of weather parameters available

  • Useful weather widget

The Bad
  • Frustrating ad pop-ups in free version

  • Wind stats are not much reliable

  • Maps are not available for the free version


Checkout Weather Live App

4. Dark Sky Weather

weather app for Apple Watch

This weather app is a very unique asset in itself. And has already featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, and even the Wall Street Journal.

Though many weather apps offer hyperlocal weather information, they are not always reliable and accurate. But on the other side, this weather app is known for its accurate hyperlocal weather forecast.

Dark Sky Weather gives the weather forecast of your preferred location minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour for the current day and the next day respectively. The weather prediction is highly reliable and accurate considering small regions on the map.

This is an extremely genuine feature for those people who prefer detailed and precise weather conditions of their own surroundings and not for the entire town or city.

The parameters of the weather forecast will be temperature, humidity, wind, visibility, pressure, and many other important factors.

Dark Sky Weather gives various other severe weather conditions details like the distance of a storm, the risk of flood, etc at your exact location. Where various other apps alert you about the incoming rain so that you can plan beforehand, this weather app assists you in planning itself as it tells you about the time before it can start raining outside.

Hence, not only the user will get any particular alert but also a detailed timing of that alert so that the user can know how much time they are left with to avoid any kind of damage.

One beautiful feature of this weather app is the weather animations. The technology which is behind the first perfect radar animation also powers the weather animations of Dark Sky. Hence, a feature that people can believe in.

Here, you will have access to radar animation through which you can see the storm moving on the map in real-time. People who are fed up with those frustrating slideshow offered by free weather apps can now opt for a more superior and premium feature.

Dark Sky app feature

You will also get a temperature graph which will consider the changes in the temperature for the next 24 hours. Here, you will also get to know other details such as precipitation percentage, sunrise and sunset timings, etc.

One very cool feature considering animations is the 3D Earth provided by the Dark Sky Weather for precipitation and temperature details. This feature can offer some great help for kids who want to know about the weather conditions but are not ready to read every boring detail.

Nowadays, many people are preferring to have weather forecasts not only of the future but also of the past. Dark Sky has proven to be a perfect example of a time machine. With this app on your Apple Watch, you can enjoy both, future weather predictions and also the historical weather forecast.

Let’s quickly go through the pros and cons of Dark Sky Weather before moving on to the next app.

The Good
  • Acurate hyperlocal weather forecast

  • 3D Earth & reliable weather animations

  • Uncluttered User Interface

The Bad
  • Temperature details are not reliable

  • Occasional glitches


Checkout Dark Sky Weather App

5. CARROT Weather

Carrot app

The last app on your list is CARROT Weather. Featured by CNN and The New York Times. CARROT Weather has also won Apple’s Editor’s Choice award.

This weather app is solely made for those people who give weather forecasting a priority in their day-to-day lives but are also fed up with reading every single detail to predict the weather.

Here, the weather forecast data is powered by the Dark Sky Weather app. Hence, very reliable and accurate details of hourly and daily forecasts.

The thing which makes the CARROT Weather stand apart is the built-in AI which is hilarious and humorous at the same time. It tends to tell you the weather forecast in unexpected ways.

For example, here is one of the command lines of this weather app. “It could be the coldest New Year’s Eve on record. That proves that global warming is a total scam”

If you are opting for this app, you can assume that you have access to Chandler Bing right on your watch and he is working as a weather forecasting guy.

Other than this awesome AI, you can also be a premium member and can enjoy other wonderful features like weather alerts and notifications, lightning strikes, and various other parameters.

Carrot app features

However, you can encounter certain advantages and disadvantages for the notification features based on your location. While people of the US and Canada can have access to lightning notifications, only people living in the US can enjoy weather and storm notifications.

Hence, If you are an international traveler, this app is surely not for you.

Other than these notifications, you can also enjoy CARROT’s radar and maps where you can visualize each dark cloud coming your way.

One of the best features which the CARROT app gave to its users is AI customization. People who don’t like the built-in voice for forecasting can easily transform it into a normal premium weather app by switching off the AI.

You can also choose the weather details which you want on your watch face and which you want to remain hidden.

Talking about the customization, CARROT’s AI can not only be switched off but also can also be swapped with other personalities like Snarky – weather forecast with a pinch of sarcasm, Homicidal – funny threatening weather reports and Overkill – forecasting along with some curse words.

Overall, the CARROT weather app is one funny weather app for Apple Watch on the Apple App Store. With accurate weather forecasts, you can also enjoy the AI for humorous entertainment.

Let’s talk about some quick pros and cons of this weather app to clear all your doubts.

The Good
  • Highly customizable

  • Reliable and accurate weather source

  • CARROT’s weather forecasting AI is very unique

The Bad
  • Location-based notification features

  • Not so many features for premium subscribers


Checkout CARROT Weather App

What’s Your Decision?

The article above talked about 5 different and yet best weather apps available in the Apple App Store that are enabled for the Apple Watch too. From reliable weather forecast networks to high-resolution radar images, you can enjoy a different set of features provided by these weather apps.

There are various weather apps available in the market which are very versatile as well as consumer-focused. Based on your requirements, you can opt for any weather app either free or premium. You have the options to choose a hilarious built-in AI like the CARROT or the Weather Bug which is an epitome of a multiple-feature setup.

So If your Apple watch weather app is not working or you simply don’t like it, by reading the above article you already know which weather app can fulfill your requirements.

Now you can go to the App Store and try your preferred weather app on your Apple watch. See you next time.

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