7 Best Zenith Watches Available On Amazon

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Were you roaming around the internet just to find the best Zenith watches? Well, your wait is over now. You would love to know that you have landed on the correct page to end your search for royal and luxurious Swiss watches from Zenith.

Here, I will let you know about the pilot, diving, vintage, and also DEFY Classic series of Zenith watches. Zenith has always been known for the special features and modern looks in its watches. The timepieces mentioned in the list surely have those amazing features for both men and women.

Let’s check them out without any delay. Here is the list of the 7 best Zenith watches.

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Best Zenith Watch Comparison Table





Limited Edition Zenith Watch

Zenith dive and sport watch

Zenith Men’s DEFY Xtreme Watch

  • Water resistant up to 1000m

  • Titanium case for durability

  • Scratch resistant

Best Vintage Zenith Watch

Zenith vintage watch

Zenith New Vintage Men’s Watch

  • Luminous hands

  • Features Tachymeter

  • Anti-reflective sapphire glass

Best Women’s Zenith El Primero Watch

Zenith Women's watch

Zenith El Primero Women’s Watch

  • Skeleton window dial

  • Chronpgraph feature

  • Water resistant up to 99 feet

  • Comes in affordable price

Best Cheap Zenith Pilot Watch

Most selling Zenith pilot watch

Zenith Pilot Type Men’s Watch

  • Big dial and big hands

  • Water resistant up to 100m

  • Automatic movement

Best Zenith Watches

1. Zenith DEFY Classic Men’s Watch

Zenith defy classic

Zenith is best known for its DEFY series of watches. It has become the most popular Zenith series globally. This DEFY Classic men’s watch comes in two-tone colors with a silver and gold combo metal band that gives it a premium look. Moreover, the strap is made up of titanium which also makes it durable.

The watch features a round dial that consists of anti-reflective sapphire glass protection, which makes it easy to read under direct sunlight. What makes this watch even more desirable is its skeleton dial having a gold bezel around it. The see-through dial allows you to have a look at the moving gears of the watch which just looks mesmerizing.

Also, this Zenith watch works on automatic movement hence you don’t have to manually wind it. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 100m so you can swim with it. Overall, the watch is a complete package for someone who is looking for a royal watch.

The Good
  • Titanium material gives durability to the watch without being too heavy
  • You can swim while wearing this watch
  • Easy to read under sunlight
  • Has a beautiful see-through dial
The Bad
  • Zenith could have given more features at this price like scratch-resistant dial, chronograph, etc.

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2. Zenith El Primero Women’s Watch

Zenith Women's watch

This amazing Zenith women’s watch comes with a red color band as well as a lovely silver dial that provides a feminine touch to it. The band has a deployment clasp making it easier to wear and take the watch off the wrist. Also, the bezels are made up of stainless steel that provides them the much-needed durability.

Another golden thing is that the watch has a chronograph feature which means it can help you to track down the exact activity time duration. What kind of activity? Well, it can be anything like running, cycling or any other exercise. But make sure you don’t take this watch in water because it is only water-resistant to 30 meters which is not sufficient for swimming. Nonetheless, the watch is priced under $5000 which makes it one of the most affordable Zenith watches. So if your budget is less you may check it out.

The Good
  • Comparatively cheaper among other Zenith watches
  • Looks great
  • Comes with a chronograph
  • Durable watch
The Bad
  • Not suitable for swimming
  • Watch weighs 19 ounces, which makes it heavy.

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3. Zenith El Primero Chronomaster Men’s Watch

Luxury Zenith watch

Were you waiting for the most luxurious Zenith watch that can provide you a premium and royal look? If yes, then this watch is a perfect choice for you. The watch comes with a brown leather band with a buckle clasp that gives it a classic look that all men would die for! The bezel of the watch is rose gold in color that further enhances its look.

Moreover, the dial has luminous hands which make your time and personality shine even in dark. The watch works on automatic movement which generates power from your hand movements. Also, it is water-resistant to 100 meters so it is safe for swimming and snorkeling. Even you can track your swimming speed and duration with the help of this watch since it comes with a chronometer and tachymeter function.

So, yes if you are looking for a luxurious watch that comes loaded with features and durability then this is the watch to consider.

The Good
  • The watch allows you to track your activity time and speed.
  • Luminous hands give it a premium look even in the dark
  • Automatic movements save your manual work
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
The Bad
  • The watch is too expensive

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4. Zenith Men’s DEFY Xtreme Watch

Zenith dive and sport watch

On the number fourth of our list, we have another watch from the DEFY series which is the Zenith DEFY Xtreme. It is a special edition Zenith watch for those who want special features to stand among the crowd. So, what makes it so special? First of all the watch works without a battery. Shocked? How does it work? Well, it works according to the movements of your arm i.e. it’s an automatic Zenith timepiece.

Also, the watch comes in a sporty look with sporty features. To be exact it is scratch-resistant and water-resistant up to 1000m or 3300 feet which really extreme. That means you can go deep diving with this watch without ever worrying about it getting damaged. I am sure, you wouldn’t have expected that. The watch consists of a titanium case which makes it more durable and lightweight. So, grab this special edition watch from Zenith before it runs out of stock.

The Good
  • Watch is good for diving and other extreme water sports
  • Highly durable and scratch-resistant
  • Self-winding movement
  • Special edition watch
The Bad
  • It may not fit in your budget

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5. Zenith New Vintage Men’s Watch

Zenith vintage watch

This vintage watch from Zenith gives you a classic and unique look as it comes in a tonneau or barrel-shaped case. The watch consists of a brown color band and buckle clasp with an analog dial just to give it a vintage look that we all crave.

Even in dark, it shows its class with luminous hands that glows whenever there is an absence of light. Other cool features of the watch are; chronometer and tachymeter which help you to check your speed and duration while covering a fixed distance. Also, it has a protection of anti-reflective sapphire glass which gives an easy view of time without reflection.

If you are in love with vintage watches and you have a good amount to invest then this Zenith watch can be a great option for you.

The Good
  • Watch has a vintage look
  • Comes with luminous hands
  • Easy to read
  • Has chronograph and tachymeter function
The Bad
  • The watch is water-resistant but not enough to enjoy water sports and swimming

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6. Zenith Chronometer El Primero Sun & Moon Men’s Watch

Zenith skeleton watch

Many of us love the skeleton dial instead of any color or pattern dial in a watch. So on the 6th position of our list, we have a watch from Zenith designed especially for skeletal dial lovers. Unlike other watches which come with a small skeleton window, this watch has a complete skeletal dial with an analog display.

The watch comes with an eye-catching silver metal band with a deployment clasp that provides it a firm grip on your wrist. The water-resistant feature is the same just like most of the other Zenith watches i.e. up to 100m allowing you to go swimming and snorkeling with it.

The most admiring feature of the watch is that it has a sun-moon display on the dial for the indication of the AM/PM phase. This one feature makes your watch cooler as well as makes your choice unique and stylish among your friends and colleagues.

The Good
  • Comes with a cool AM/PM indication
  • Has a complete skeleton dial
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Durable and stylish band
The Bad
  • Nothing as such

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7. Zenith Pilot Type Men’s Watch

Most selling Zenith pilot watch

Were you looking for the most selling Zenith watch especially for aviation purposes? Then, here is your watch. This Zenith pilot watch is scratch-resistant, durable, and feature-rich. Moreover, the watch comes with an analog display, a green color leather band, and a tangle buckle clasp. The Khaki green dial of the watch gives an amazing contrast to the green band as well as your wrist. Also, the watch has a big dial and hands for a better reading experience for the pilots.

In addition, the watch is water-resistant up to 100m allowing you to go swimming without taking the watch off your wrist whenever you get time from your busy schedule. Moreover, just like you have the auto-pilot technology on the plane, the watch works on automatic movements without any manual work from your end. Well with this, I am sure you have understood that why this watch is the most selling product of Zenith. Apart from that, its affordable pricing is also the main reason behind its popularity among watch enthusiasts.

The Good
  • Easy to read
  • Reasonable price
  • Automatic movements
The Bad
  • Watch is not for animal lovers as it uses a calf-skin leather band

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Which Zenith Watch Should You Buy? My Verdict

So we are finally at the end of this list and I am sure you liked it as I have enjoyed it while creating it for you. I have tried to cover Zenith watches for every sort of desire of watch lovers. So you will definitely find your favorite watch in this list. If you are a woman, go for the Zenith El Primero women’s watch as it is the best option for a lady’s watch at an affordable price.

However, If you want a sporty-looking watch for men then I must say that special edition Zenith DEFY Xtreme is the best option you have with the water-resistant feature of up to 1000m.

For watch enthusiasts who are looking for a luxury skeleton dial watch, I would suggest the Zenith Chronometer El Primero sun & moon men’s watch. Apart from these watches, you can go through the list of other Zenith watches as per your requirements.


Which Is The Best Zenith Watch For You To Buy?

Zenith men’s DEFY Xtreme is the best watch according to me. It is a special edition watch that has a water resistance of up to 1000m or 3300 feet.

Are Zenith Watches Really Worth The Money?

Although Zenith watches are expensive, they are still worth the money due to their luxury design and premium features.

What Are Zenith Watches Best Known For?

Zenith watches are mostly known for their accurate chronograph as well as their luxury and classic looks.

Why Zenith Watches Are Too Expensive?

Zenith promises their customers to provide the best and premium quality and for this, they charge a high price.

Is Zenith As Good As Other Swiss Brands Like Rolex And Omega?

Zenith is better than Rolex in affordable terms. Zenith provides almost the same luxury and looks but at a lower price than Rolex, Omega, and other Swiss luxury brands.

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