Can You Buy Rolex Watches On Discount?

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Can you get Rolex watches at a discounted price? Do you need to be in the military, be a Rolex employee, or know the staff to get a Rolex discount code? Between preowned or Rolex discounted watches, which one is a better deal? In this article, I have shared whether or not it’s possible to get Rolex watches at discount. Without any further delay let’s start with the article.

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Except for Rolex employees, no one can buy Rolex watches at discounted prices. So you won’t find Rolex watches available to buy at deep discounts in clearance sales, military exchanges, or through an authorized dealer.

Can You Get Rolex Discounted Watches From Authorized Dealers?

Rolex oyster perpetual

Rolex very tightly controls the price of its Rolex watches. It carefully vets & selects its dealers who are allowed to sell the watch. So no matter where you go you won’t find Rolex watches being sold at discounted prices. Rolex ensures that there is no price disparity even if you go all the way to Switzerland to buy a new Rolex.

Similarly, according to various Reddit & Quora forums, various sales professionals claim Rolex watches offer one of the thinnest margins. So the only time they offer a discount is if the customer has a good relationship with the sales rep, is regular, or the watch is a high ticket item.

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Does Rolex Offer Military Discounts?

Rolex watches used to sell at military exchange service where you could have gotten Rolex with a decent discount. However, that relationship changed as Rolex changed its policy to not sell watches where another merchandise is also sold.

So currently there is no special veteran or military Rolex discount that you can use. I would recommend you read this thread on the Rolex forum to know more.

Do Rolex Employees Get A Discount?

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Yes, Rolex does offer staff discounts on some Rolex models to its employees. However, those Rolex usually have employees name engraved & there is no fixed discount rate.

Some people claim that employees usually get to buy Rolex at a 30% discount. Others claim employees need to pay 62% of retail price & taxes. In my opinion, both statements are more or less true as 30% discount & 62% of retail price+taxes makes the price almost the same.

Moreover, there is also a lock-in period before employees are allowed to resell these watches.

There are conflicting reports on how many Rolex watches employees can buy. However, one thing is for sure Rolex employees do get discounts. You can read this discussion on Rolex forum to know more about Rolex employee discount conditions.

Do Rolex Watches Go On Clearance Sale?

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Rolex is a luxury watch brand known for its excellent craftsmanship, they never put their watches on sale. And, to buy most Rolex models you need to even get on the waiting list. There will never be an official Rolex clearance sale. The only models easily available are Datejust & that too aren’t sold at discount.

However, you might find a sale or discount on pre-owned watches on 3rd party sites or stores that deal in used Rolex watches. But they usually sell watches at above MSRP which makes the watch more expensive.

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What Are The Cheapest Rolex Models You Can Buy?

Preowned Rolex Datejust, Oyster Perpetual, & Air King are one of the cheapest Rolex models you can buy. You might be able to find a good deal if you look around for these two models. They are still one of the cheapest Rolex models you can buy through dealers or online resellers.

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Hopefully, you will now be able to buy your Rolex watch without worrying too much about the potential discount you are missing. I would have loved to provide you with a Rolex discount code that would have taken $2000 off the price of the watch but that’s easier said than done.


Do Rolex Staff Get Discounts?

Yes, Rolex staff gets up to 30% off on Rolex watches but their initials are also engraved on the watch’s back.

Does Rolex Have Black Friday Sales?

Rolex watches rarely ever get discounted but you might get some good deals through third party resellers or on pre-owned models.

What Is The Lowest Price For A Rolex?

The lowest price for Rolex usually depends on the condition of the pre-owned watch. Rolex Oyster & Datejust series are some of the lowest priced Rolex watches usually available for around 4 to 5000 dollars.

Do Rolex Prices Ever Drop?

Yes, prices do fluctuate for Rolex in the grey market but usually these watches are sold above MSRP.

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