Can You Sleep With An Apple Watch On?

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Do you want to know if you can sleep with your Apple Watch on? Are you wondering if it is bad to sleep wearing an Apple Watch?

If you have purchased a brand new Apple Watch then I am sure you must be excited like everyone. You must want to keep it on your wrist all the time. But like everyone else, I know you must be confused about whether you should sleep with your Apple Watch or not.

Do not worry! I am here to help. In this article, I will tell you if Apple Watches emit radiation and whether they can harm you while wearing them to sleep.

So keep reading!

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Does Apple Watch Emit Radiation?

The main reason behind starting the whole discussion of whether you should wear an Apple Watch to sleep or not is the radiation. High-intensity radiation can damage your DNA and can cause cancer if you come in contact with them.

So the question that needs to be answered is do Apple Watches emit radiation?

Yes, like every other smartwatch Apple smartwatches emit radiation too. So does it mean that you should not wear an Apple Watch at all and forget about sleeping with them?

No, Apple Watches do emit radiations but they are of very low intensity. In fact, they emit lower-intensity radiation compared to a smartphone, which you keep with yourself all day.

Also, there has been no case so far where it has been proven that cancer was caused due to smartwatch radiation.

Can You Sleep With An Apple Watch On?

Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

Now that you know Apple Watches emit radiations. So the question that arises is: Can you go to sleep with your Apple Watch on?

Yes, you can sleep with an Apple Watch on. As discussed, radiations emitted by Apple Watches are not that powerful and they are not proven to be harmful as well. So you can sleep wearing your Apple Watch, but is it recommended? Keep reading to know that!

Things To Do Before Sleeping With Your Apple Watch On

If you are skeptical like me, then you should follow the below things to reduce any possibility of harm from an Apple watch and also to increase your sleep quality.

1) Turn On Airplane Mode

Your Apple Watch only emits radiation if it wants to connect to a device or network. For eg., it will emit radiation if it wants to connect to your smartphone, WiFi, or cellular network. Therefore, to stop your smartwatch from emitting radiation turn on airplane mode on your Apple Watch. This will disconnect all the active connections and will turn off the Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connectivity. However, your watch will still be able to track your sleep.

2) Buy An EMF Harmonizer Watch Band

To further reduce the risk of radiation, you can buy an EMF harmonizer Apple Watch band. This band will absorb the radiation before your body absorbs it. Not only for sleeping, but you should also buy an EMF harmonizer band for your everyday usability.

3) Turn On Theater Mode

The blue light from the display of the Apple Watch will not only distract you but will also affect your sleep quality. To prevent the Apple Watch from turning on every time you lift your hand while sleeping, you should turn on the Theater Mode. This will not only prevent your Apple Watch from turning on but will also turn on the silent mode. As a result, you will not get disturbed in your sleep.

4) Do Not Wear Your Apple Watch Too Tight

You should not wear your smartwatch too tight on your wrist while sleeping. Wearing your Apple Watch too tight will prevent the free flow of blood in your hand, which will cause you discomfort and you will end up waking up at night.

5) Turn On Do Not Disturb Mode

If you do not want to turn off Airplane or Theater mode then you can turn on the do not disturb mode on your Apple watch. This will prevent your Apple Watch from sending you notifications and disturbing you.

6) Set Up A Sleep Schedule

Apple Watch also gives you an option to set your sleep schedule, you can use this to set a sleep schedule. It asks you the time that you go to bed generally and also asks you the time that you wake up generally. Once it is set, your watch will go into Sleep Mode and will turn on do not disturb mode automatically so that you do not get disturbed.

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Should You Sleep With Your Apple Watch On?

Can You Sleep With An Apple Watch On

If you are still not sure whether you should sleep wearing an Apple Watch or not then let me help you by sharing my own experience.

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to my health. And I have researched a lot about this topic myself. I know that radiations emitted by Apple Watches are not that strong to harm my body in short term but I am still skeptical about its long-term effect. I believe that if you are absorbing radiations, no matter how small, they are likely to impact your health negatively in the long run. So I do not wear my smartwatch to track my sleep and I do not recommend anyone to wear their smartwatch while sleeping as well.

However, what you can do is you can wear your Apple Watch for a week or so to keep track of your sleep. Once you know what kind of sleep you are getting every day then I think it is of no use to still keep tracking your sleep every day. And also if you will not get a good night’s sleep then you are gonna know it anyway in the morning because you will not wake up feeling refreshed, right? So once you get a hang of what improves your sleep and what not then you should not use your Apple Watch to track your sleep.

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