Can You Wear Whoop On Ankle?

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So you want to know if you can put and wear your Whoop band on your ankle, right? Even a pro swimmer like Zane Grothe says that the wearable works well at such an unusual place, so what’s the fuss all about? This will be an interesting ride that I’m going to take you today. So let’s go ahead!

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It is possible to track health metrics by wearing your Whoop band on your ankle. You can either wear it on the outside or inside of your ankle as per your convenience.

Does Whoop Work On Ankle?

I had to do a little research to find an answer, and here’s everything that I found.

After going through multiple tweets and replies on Whoop’s official account like the one below, it’s clear that Whoop does not recommend wearing the band on the ankle. Rather, they’re advising us to wear it on our wrist, forearm, or bicep.

Besides the band, there’s the Whoop Body lineup, which includes smart apparel bralettes, swimsuits, tops for men and women, sports bras, boxers, shorts, thongs, intimate wear, and an arm sleeve. These come with the Any-Wear technology that lets you wear Whoop on different parts of the body – waist, arm, torso, leg, and wrist. Still, none of the apparel is wearable on the ankle.

But the bigger question is – can Whoop work with accuracy on your ankle?

To dig further, I decided to go through multiple queries in the Whoop subreddit, and the results are somewhat eerie.

A Reddit user who seems genuine to me commented that he and his wife wore the Whoop 3.0 sometimes on their ankle, and the results during work and CrossFit sessions are convincing.

Another legit-seeming user tried WHOOP 4.0 on their ankle for a day and even then it seemed to work fine too. However, these users didn’t test the Whoop strap on the ankle for the long term, so it’s hard to make out whether you will get consistent results out of this placement.

While many other users claim that Whoop scans metrics correctly when worn on the ankle, I can foresee some downsides.

For example, there can be inaccuracies in the readings from a physical standpoint if you wear Whoop on the ankle. Let me explain – the ankle is further from the heart, which means that there will be less blood circulation to the legs. Also, there will be more changes in the blood pressure and volume in the leg region (compared to the wrist or bicep) when you walk, jump, or run.

Can You Wear Whoop Band On Ankle?

Whoop on Ankle

Keeping all the above observations and tweet replies into consideration, I can conclude that you can indeed wear Whoop on your ankle.

That being said, you should verify the accuracy by first using Whoop on your wrist, upper arm, or bicep for some days if you haven’t already, then use it on your ankle.

Why Wear Whoop Strap On Ankle?

There may be situations in which the wrist might not be the best place to land the Whoop strap. Think of the nighttime, when it would be better to wear it on the ankle – void of any distraction. Think of a smartwatch that’s already sitting on your wrist, and the extra Whoop band would be, simply annoying.

These are the times when you can consider putting Whoop on your ankle.

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Where Should You Wear Whoop On Your Body?

Ideally, Whoop recommends the body part for where it is marketed, i.e. the wrist. Other than that, you can remove the tracker from its band and insert it in the designated places inside the Whoop Body apparel.

For further assistance, you can watch this video by Whoop, where you’ll learn the best way to use Whoop with the apparel:

You can also wear the fitness tracker on your bicep with the brand’s official SuperKnit Bicep Band, or on the upper arm with their Any-Wear Arm Sleeve.

What’s Your Take?

I hope you liked my insight on the query.

So why would you want to wear Whoop on your ankle over your wrist, upper arm, or bicep?

Let me know in the comments section. Also, if you have any ideas, drop them down!


Why wear a Whoop?

Wearing a Whoop will allow you to track your heart rate, sleep quality, active calories burnt, steps, and various other biometrics.

Where is the most accurate place to wear Whoop?

According to many people, Whoop works the best on the bicep.

Can you wear Whoop 24/7?

Yes, it is safe to wear Whoop throughout the day, and doing so will give you more accurate readings.

Can you wear Whoop in the shower?

Whoop is a waterproof device, hence is safe to wear in the shower. But it is equally important to not subject it to high-pressure streams and keep it in the water for a long period.

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