Carl F. Bucherer Watches Review: Is It A Good Brand?

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Have you heard of the brand called Carl F. Bucherer? Were you looking for a luxurious watch to buy and came across this brand but do not know if it deserves the high price tag that it commands? Are you a fan of John Wick and want to own the watch from the brand that he wears but never heard of that particular brand ever before? Do not worry anymore because you are at the right place. In this article, I review the Carl F. Bucherer brand, its watches, and more importantly if they are any good or not!

If you are a watch aficionado then you must have heard of the brand Carl F. Bucherer. But if you are not then there are very few chances of you hearing this brand before. Maximum people that look for this brand are fans of the movie called John Wick. Everyone loves John Wick and they really want to know about the brands that he wears, especially the watch brand.

So without wasting much time let us know about the brand a little and then we will dive into its watch offerings.

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Carl F. Bucherer Brand Brief History

Carl F. Bucherer is a Swiss-based watch manufacturing company that manufactures luxurious mechanical watches for men and women. It makes and manufactures its own movements and is the world leader when it comes to peripheral technology with several patents. The company was formed as an autonomous watch company in the year 2001. But its roots go way back to 1888 and that makes it one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturers in the world and it comes with a legacy of over 130 years.

The name that you know as a brand today is the name of its founder Carl Friedrich Bucherer. He was a merchant and an entrepreneur who opened an exclusive shop for jewelry and watches with his wife in Lucerne, Switzerland in the year 1888. Bucherer was a visionary man and his shop became quite renowned in the town rapidly.

While having a pocket watch was an essential accessory to have for men at the end of the nineteenth century, Bucherer believed that the wristwatches will replace them quickly. He was among the very first few people that started making wristwatches at that time and the rest is history.

Bucherer had two sons, while one of his sons chose to become a watchmaker the other chose to become a goldsmith. The unique marriage between these two skills is what made the company stand apart from the very beginning. Even today you can see the combination of these two skills in the watches of the company.

Carl F. Bucherer Watches Review

Now that we know about the company a little let us have a look at its watch offerings. It keeps all its watches under 5 collections namely Heritage, Manero, Patravi, Adamavi, and Pathos. These collections have various timepieces and their variations under them.

Let us start with its Heritage Collection.

1) Heritage Collection

This collection has 4 timepieces and a total of 8 variations, some of which are limited special editions. People who like their watches to have a retro design and appeal with modern touches will like this particular collection of watches. The watches in this collection start from $7,200 and go all the way up to $98,888. These timepieces have a chronograph, an annual calendar, a big date window, and a tachymeter.

The watch from this collection that people seem to like the most is the Carl F. Bucherer Heritage Bicompax Annual. Let us look at this watch in detail.

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Carl F. Bucherer Heritage Bicompax Annual

Heritage Bicompax Annual

This is an automatic movement watch that features the CFB 1972 caliber which is developed by the company itself. It consists of 47 jewels and has a diameter of 30mm and you can see all of them at work through the sapphire crystal case back. There is a 42 hours power reserve once fully winded so you do not have to worry about its battery getting discharged.

The diameter of the case is 41mm which makes it suitable for almost every wrist size. The watch comes with a double domed sapphire crystal glass that has an anti-reflecting coating on both sides. Therefore, you neither have to worry about getting scratches on the glass nor about the visibility under bright daylight.

This timepiece also has a chronograph and a tachymeter so you not only can time your exercise and activities but can measure your speeds as well.

Besides that, the watch comes with an annual calendar. It has a big date window near the 12 o’clock position to show the date and a separate window between 4 and 5 o’clock position to show the month. Since it features the caliber developed by the company itself so the company has tweaked the working of the annual calendar as well.

In normal annual calendar watches, you have to correct the date once a year i.e. at the end of the month of February. But not with this timepiece, it takes care of the month of February as well but requires a correction for leap year i.e. once every 4 years.

The 30M water-resistant rating makes sure that the watch is protected against unwanted water splashes and rains. However, it is not suitable for swimming or water-related activities. This timepiece comes with a black calfskin leather strap that complements the overall look of the watch very well. Luminous hands make sure that you can see the time even in dark places.

Overall it is a very elegant and good-looking watch that strikes a perfect balance between old-school charm and modern features.

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2) Manero Collection

The Manero collection features 17 timepieces with a total of 88 variations. Watches in this list range from simplistic vintage-looking watches to watches that have some very modern complications as well. Price of watches in this collection range from as low as USD 2,600 all the way up to USD 98,800. These timepieces can have multiple features like a date window, an annual calendar, perpetual calendar, chronograph, tachymeter, moon phase, fly back, etc.

The most popular watch from this collection is the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Autodate. Let us have a look at this watch in detail.

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Carl F. Bucherer Manero Autodate

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Autodate review

This watch is particularly famous because it was worn by Keanu Reeves in the movie John Wick and its sequels. Since everyone loves John Wick hence they want to know and have the exact same watch that John Wick wears. At the heart of this timepiece is a CFB 1965 caliber with automatic winding movement at work. 25 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve make sure the watch runs smoothly and is never out of juice. You can see the insides of the watch as it comes with a see-through case back that is made up of sapphire crystal.

Case diameter measures 38mm therefore people with big wrists may find it a little small to their liking. The glass on this watch is made of sapphire crystal and has an anti-reflective coating on one side. Hence the watch is scratch-resistant and is clearly visible under direct sunlight. You do not have to worry about the accidental splashes and rains as well because this timepiece comes with a 30M water-resistant rating.

Overall it is a beautiful looking watch that goes really well with dresses. And people that believe in the saying “Less is More” will particularly like it for its simplistic, minimalistic, and elegant-looking design.

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3) Patravi Collection

This collection has 23 watches and a total of 44 variations. Watches in the collection are suited for all the people that like to travel and do adventure sport like diving. Price of watches in this collection range from $4,800 to $1,08,000.  The feature list of these timepieces can have a chronograph, chronometer, three-time zones, diver’s bezel, 42 hours power reserve, etc.

Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Scubatec is the watch from this collection that most people seem to like. Let us have a look at this watch in detail.

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Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Scubatec

Carl F. Bucherer Patravi Scubatec watch

Patravi Scubatec as the name suggests is a diver’s watch. It comes with a 38-hour power reserve and an automatic winding movement consisting of the in-house-built CFB 1950.1 caliber and there are 25 jewels at work. The watch also is chronometer-certified which means it has passed all the intense precision tests by the Official Chronometer Testing Institute. So you never have to worry about time accuracy whether you are underwater or on the land.

This timepiece has a 44.6mm dial diameter so people with small wrists may find it a little big and bulky. Sapphire crystal glass on it comes with an anti-reflective coating on both sides therefore you neither have to worry about accidental desk bumps and scratches nor about its visibility in the bright daylight.

500M water-resistant rating, automatic helium valve, luminous hands and markers, and the screw-down crown ensure that you can do some serious diving without worrying about the watch at all. Wondering about the automatic helium valve and the screw-down crown? Let me tell you in brief what they are and why they are important.

Helium is one of the lightest gases in the world and there are chances that it could get into your watch. As you go diving deep into the sea, the deeper you go the higher is the pressure exerted on your watch. And there are chances that Helium gas could damage or even break your watch because the same pressure is applied to the helium gas if it does not get out.

An automatic helium valve helps in taking that helium gas out without damaging the watch. This feature is available only on high-end diver’s watches and is a very important feature for all serious divers.

Similarly, water and dirt could find their way into your watch through the crown gasket. A screw-down crown makes sure the watch is sealed tight and no dirt and water could go inside the watch.

Overall the watch has almost everything that you could ask from a diver’s watch and the attention to detail of the company on this watch is really commendable. If you are a serious diver then this could be a very good option for you.

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4) Adamavi Collection

Adamavi collection from Carl F. Bucherer has 7 watches with 28 variations. These watches cost as low as $2,150 and as high as $25,000. The watches in this collection do not try to stand out but instead follow a more classic, simplistic, and timeless design appeal. Therefore they do not offer many features and other than the date window you will not find anything else in the watches. And if you are someone that finds beauty in simplicity and elegance then you are going to love the timepieces from this collection.

One watch that people really seem to like is the Carl F. Bucherer Adamavi Autodate. Let us have a look at this watch in detail.

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Carl F. Bucherer Adamavi Autodate

Adamavi Autodate

This watch comes with an automatic self-winding movement that features an in-house-built CFB 1950 caliber and consists of 25 jewels. It has a 38-hour power reserve so you do not have to worry about its battery getting discharged.

With a 39mm diameter, the timepiece can be a little small for people with big wrists. There is sapphire crystal glass at both front and back. Therefore you do not have to worry about the scratches on the glass as well as you can see the inner parts at work from the back.

The watch comes with a stainless steel case and strap, and the strap looks classical and elegant hence the watch goes very well with dresses. 30M water-resistant rating makes the watch safe against unwanted water splashes and rains. And there is a date window at the 3 o’clock position so you do not need to remember the date anymore, you can look at it whenever you need it.

Overall it is a good watch to have and if you like to have a watch that could outlast the short-lived trends then this can be a good pick for you.

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5) Pathos Collection

This collection is particularly focused on watches for all the beautiful ladies out there. There is a total of 6 watches in this collection with 15 variations. The cheapest timepiece in this collection costs $3,500 and the costliest timepiece costs a whopping $4,25,000. All the watches in this collection are luxurious masterpieces in themselves. From stainless steel to gold to diamond-studded dials and straps, you will find every kind of luxuriousness in these timepieces. They are not just mere watches but are luxurious jewelry that every woman would love to flaunt.

And the watch that most women seem to love is the Carl F. Bucherer Pathos Diva. Let us now look in detail at this watch.

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Carl F. Bucherer Pathos Diva

Pathos Diva

This watch features an automatic movement with an in-house-built CFB 1963 caliber at its heart. There are 25 jewels at work and the watch comes with a 38-hour power reserve. So no worries in the department of battery and smoothness of the watch.

The timepiece comes with a domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on one side. So, you do not have to worry about accidental bumps and scratches and the time is clearly visible under the direct sunlight as well. Also, there is a see-through sapphire crystal at the back of the case so you can see all the jewels and components at work.

There is a date window to have a look at the date of the month. 30M water-resistant rating makes sure that the watch is safe against unwanted splashes and rains. Besides that, this two-tone timepiece comes with stainless steel case and strap, which has 18K rose gold highlights in between. And you are just going to love the attention to detail and artistic work around the dial and the case.

Overall it is a good watch to have, it not only shows you the time but also doubles up as jewelry which you can flaunt at parties or functions.

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Are Carl F. Butcherer Watches Any Good?

Yes, Carl F. Butcherer watches are good. The price at which they are being offered is pretty hard to match, as no other company with such a legacy and heritage is providing watches at the same price point. They carry a watch-making legacy of more than 130 years and the company itself is one of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturing companies in the world. Mechanical innovation and aesthetic appeal are what the company is known for. It has been doing many innovations in the watch-making field, especially in peripheral technology. They have also patented many of their innovations.

The combination of artistic jewelry-making skills and expertise in watch-making is what made the watches from the company stand apart from the rest since the start. A similar trend even continues today and you will love the Carl F. Bucherer watches for their timeless design and simplicity.


Is Carl F. Bucherer Same As Bucherer?

No, they are different companies. But they belong to the same family and Bucherer is the parent company of Carl F. Bucherer.

Is Carl F. Bucherer A Luxury Watch Brand?

Yes, it is a brand that makes luxury watches. The cheapest watch from the brand costs $2,150 and the costliest one costs a whopping $425,000.

Does Carl F. Bucherer Make Their Own Movements?

Yes, the company manufacturers its own mechanical movement.

Which Watch Is Worn By Keanu Reeves In John Wick?

Carl F. Bucherer Manero Autodate Watch is worn by Keanu Reeves in the movie John Wick.

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