Casio Vintage Watch Review: Is It A Good Watch To Buy?

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Casio Vintage Watch B640WB-1AEF


Build Quality




Water Resistant






Value For money



  • Elegant design
  • Handy Features
  • 50m Water-resistant rating
  • Easy visibility
  • Quartz Movement


  • Limited number of features
  • Wearing it too tight might cause skin irritation

Undoubtedly, Casio is considered one of the top watchmaking brands in the world. And, interestingly, it’s a brand that is not so expensive. Over the years, the brand has successfully evolved a lot and so has their watch collection. They have given us plenty of iconic, durable, and beautifully designed budget-friendly watches.

So when I was looking for a watch, I knew which brand’s watch I wanted it to be. However, Casio makes a plethora of watches and I was looking for a decent watch in a $50 range. That’s when I came across this vintage watch from Casio model number B640WB-1AEF.

The reason I was excited to get this watch was that it is part of Casio’s Vintage watch collection. It sports Casio’s iconic retro square digital design which despite being an old design looks modern.

So after using the watch for the last four months, I decided to write a review on it. Without any further delay, let’s jump into it.

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My Casio Vintage Unisex Watch Review On YouTube

Casio Vintage Watch B640WB-1AEF Review


The first thing that will draw your attention to the watch is the packaging. It is nothing fancy and loud, but just a simple and sophisticated box with a modern touch.


When you open the box, you get to see that along with the watch you also get a user manual. It includes all the necessary instructions enabling you to set up the watch properly. There’s also a warranty card that shows the watch comes with a warranty period of 2 years which can also be extended up to 6 months further. Isn’t it great?

Watch Build And Design

They say that the looks can be deceiving and I am here to tell you that this watch looks as gorgeous as in the images below. I used this watch extensively 24*7, I don’t even remember when was the last time I went somewhere without wearing this.

Casio Vintage Watch

No matter wherever I went wearing this watch, I was constantly getting compliments. Everyone inquired about the watch so I personally didn’t find anything to be missing in the style department. It was stylish enough for the parties and yet simple enough for office settings.

Moreover, the watch case is made of resin material while it has a stainless steel strap which gives it a sturdy build. And, its small size gives it an exemplary vintage look, allowing it to look like a watch from the ’80s or early ’90s.

Case Design

Talking about the case design, I personally liked the unique case of the watch that is square-shaped with circular edges. For unacquainted, these types of cases are known as squircle or cushion cases.

Casio vintage watch review

What I did not like about the watch is that Casio has provided a resin display with acrylic lens glass which is prone to scratches. However, in my experience of using the watch for the last four months, I haven’t noticed any major scratch on the display.


The watch comes with a stainless steel case back of 35mm diameter and a black ion-plated stainless steel band of 22mm width. It will look good if worn by someone who has a small or average wrist, but it will look odd when adjusted and worn by someone with a broad wrist.

case diameter

Case thickness

Due to its small size, the watch might look fragile but interestingly, its build quality makes the watch one of the best in this price segment. Despite its all-metal body, the watch only weighs 49 grams that allows you to wear it comfortably for several hours.

Water Friendly

It comes with a water resistance rating of 50m, which made me thrilled as I won’t have to take off the watch while doing simple day-to-day tasks like washing hands.  Although, I don’t like swimming, still if I happen to do it, this watch would be able to withstand brief submersion without any issues.


However, that doesn’t mean that you will not have to take care of it. So, while the watch is in contact with water, never press any buttons; otherwise, there are chances of water getting inside the watch.

Features Offered By Casio Women’s Vintage Watch

Coming on to the features offered by this iconic women’s vintage watch from Casio. It comes with some handy features such as an alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch, calendar, and backlight.

To switch between features, press the C button which is located on the left bottom side of the case. Once you have used the feature you have selected or finished setting it up, you can switch back to time-keeping mode by pressing the C button.

Also, this watch won’t let you down when you are in a place that isn’t well lit as the watch comes with a LED backlight function. You can toggle the LED backlight using the B button located at the top right side of the watch. Whenever you will press the button, the display will get illuminated for 2 seconds.

Casio vintage watch features - Backlight

If you find that time to be short then you can keep holding the B button which will keep the screen illuminated until you let go of it.

Besides that, there is also a countdown timer function on the watch. Once you are in the Countdown timer mode, you can set the timer using the C button of the watch. Pressing the C button will make the hour indicator flash while the hour is flashing you can set the hour for the countdown timer.

Again pressing the C button will switch to the minute’s indicator and you will be able to alter the timing for minutes while it’s flashing. Likewise, you need to follow the same steps to adjust the seconds. To adjust the hour, minute, and the second value in the countdown timer use the D button located at the bottom right side of the watch. After you are done with setting up the countdown timer, press A at the top right corner to exit.

Moreover, the watch also has a stopwatch function that accurately tracks 1/100 seconds of the elapsed time for 60 minutes, and after that its accuracy falls down to 1 second. And, stopwatch function on the watch can time your activity continuously for 24hrs. You can set the stopwatch mode the same way you’ll do for countdown timer mode.

Besides looks, one of the biggest USP of the watch is its alarm function. You can set a daily alarm as well as set an alarm for a particular date of the year. This feature is not easily found on watches in this price range but it’s expected from Casio as they are known for their performance-oriented watches.

If you want to learn the easy steps to set time and alarm on Casio vintage watch then you can see the video on our YouTube channel for the same.

Final Words

Honestly speaking, I liked the watch a lot. Despite being an affordable digital watch, it offers a number of convenient features that aren’t easily found at this price range. Features aren’t the only thing going for the watch as its retro looks also make it stylish. At a $50 price tag, this combination is hard to find from other brands so if you are looking for a reasonably priced watch then this will be a good watch for you.


Should You Buy Casio B640WB-1AEF?

Casio B640WB-1AEF is a decently priced feature-loaded watch from Casio. It comes with an alarm, stopwatch, & countdown timer function. Not only that, but it also sports a more than a decent look and is complemented by its good build quality. Therefore, it is a great watch available in the sub $50 price range.

Which Movement Is Followed By Casio B640WB-1AEF?

Casio B640WB-1AEF is powered by Quartz movement that ensures the accurate timekeeping of the watch.

Are Casio Watches Expensive?

Casio is known for its affordable high-quality watches but it also offers watches like G-Shock that are quite expensive.

Does Casio Make Cheap Quality Watches?

Casio watches can be cheap but in no way they are of cheap quality. That’s the one department they are not known for compromising in any way.

What All Features Casio B640WB-1AEF Have?

Casio B640WB-1AEF comes with four features. They are a stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, & LED backlight to read the time at night.

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