Best Cheap Guess Watches For Men And Women

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If someone asks you, which brand makes the finest luxury and fashion products and at an affordable price then there’s no need to guess because the answer is GUESS itself.

This American fashion brand is stealing the hearts of millions of people since 1981 with its natty products like sunglasses, handbags, clothing, perfumes, wallets, and watches.

With hundreds of designer products kept on the table, this will boggle your head as to which one to grab and which one to leave.

So if your mind is stuck on a GUESS watch these days, then guess what? I have selected a few watches for you that can make your heart and soul say WOW!

From handsome hunks to charming ladies, from shiny steel bracelets to tough silicon bands, from party rockers to casual wearable, you will find all kinds of affordable Guess watches in this list. Without any further delay let’s start our list of the 8 best cheap Guess watches available for men and women.

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Factors To Consider Before Selecting A GUESS Watch

1. Buy The Original Watch

Watches like GUESS have hundreds and hundreds of duplicate copies that you can find both online and offline. And sometimes, it’s even hard to figure out if the watch you’ve selected is a genuine one or a fake.

So before buying a GUESS watch, make sure you do a little research about the seller. And after your purchase is done, check the serial number given on the watch.

2. Scratch Proof

Although GUESS watches are not much pricey, you still won’t like to see your watch getting scratched. So before making a final selection for the watch, make sure you check that it’s made scratch-proof.

To confirm that your watch is scratch-resistant, you can check if it’s made with a durable mineral crystal watch glass or not.

3. Water Proof

GUESS watches are not much water-proof and not made for swimming, and diving activities. But they are capable enough to easily bear the jets of water and splashes of rain.

So read the watch description carefully and see if the watch is waterproof or not.

Cheap GUESS Watches Comparison Table





Best Cheap Guess Watch For Men

guess sports watch

Guess Silicone Sports Watch

  • 24 military time mode on the sub-dial

  • Also has day and date sub-dial

  • Suitable for swimming and other similar activities

Best Cheap Ladies Guess Watch

iconic red retro watch women

Guess Iconic Retro Ladies Watch

  • Japnese quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping

  • Water-resistant up to 30m

  • Minimalistic design of the watch

Best Affordable Guess Watch With Diamond

best guess watch for women

Guess Crystal Silicone Women's Watch

  • Available in 3 colors

  • Day and date sub-dial on the watch

  • Stain-resistant silicone strap

Best Guess Crystal Watch

crystal embellished watch

Guess Crystal Embellished Women's Watch

  • Water-resistant up to 50m

  • Dedicated sub-dial for military time

  • Available in 6 more color and design combinations

Best Cheap Guess Watches

1. GUESS Crystal Embellished Women’s Watch

crystal embellished watch

Your friends and coworkers might be wearing all sorts of luxury watches, but nothing compared to Crystal Embellished Women’s watch. This watch is made to grab people through their eyeballs.

With a mixture of colors spread all over the watch and the dial of the watch embedded with diamond stones, it feels like you have stolen a star from the sky and wrapped it around your wrist.

But that’s not the only choice you have while selecting this best affordable GUESS watch for yourself. There are a total of 6 color combinations for you to choose from.

Aside from the perfect color combinations for a woman, the dimensions of the watch are also kept to suit a women’s hand.

The watch is just 3.15 x 3.54 x 3.54 inches in size and 4.9 ounces in weight. The case diameter of the watch is 36mm which is a perfect size for a women’s wrist.

The three sub-dials present on the dial make the watch look splendid but they are equally useful. You can easily keep a track of the date and day with them. The third sub-dial at the 9 o’clock position shows you the 24 hours time display.

It will make your heart cry out loud if such a gorgeous timepiece if succumbs to the water. But as this watch is 50 meters water-resistant, you need to care the least about the drops of rain or splashes of water.

The Good
  • The watch looks gorgeous
  • Perfect dimensions for women hands
  • Available in many colors
  • Not much pricey
  • Tough built quality
The Bad
  • Could have been more water-resistant

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2. GUESS Silicone Sports Watch

cheap guess sports watch

If your love for sports is never-ending and you look for something sporty even in an inexpensive brand like GUESS, then GUESS will not disappoint you.

This watch will reflect a true sporty side of yours with its tough and rugged looks and high-quality stain-resistant silicone band.

The big dial size of 43mm will make the watch look manly. The weight of the watch (9.59 ounces) could have been a little less, but it’s not like it will make you feel uncomfortable while wearing the watch.

The mixture of black and white will look remarkable on your hands and will even attract someone who hates to wear watches.

If you think a mixture of black and white looks common, then you can try out other cool combinations like blue/gold-tone, rose gold-tone, and silver-tone.

The dial face already looks so compelling with voguish hands and hour markers, but it looks even greater with 3 sub-dials.

The three sub-dials represent the day, date, and 24 hours military time. For a promise of 100 percent accuracy, the timekeeping on the watch is done by the Japanese Quartz movement.

Being a sports watch, it is necessary for the watch to be on good terms with the water. 100 meters water resistance rating ensures that the watch can be worn on your beach days and swimming sessions.

The Good
  • Not much pricey
  • Features a sporty look
  • The watch is rugged
  • Accurate timekeeping with Japanese Quartz movement
  • 100 meters water-resistant
  • 3 sub-dials for the date, day, and military time
The Bad
  • The watch is little heavy

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3. GUESS Crystal Silicone Women’s Watch

best guess watch for women

Raring to wear something that sparkles on your wrist like a Christmas tree? GUESS Crystal Silicone Women’s watch is worth every dough you spend on it.

The watch is available in 3 colors, black/gold-tone, blue/rose-gold, and pink rose-gold. And believe me, you can’t decide which one looks more drop-dead gorgeous.

The bezel is engraved with sparkly materials and black diamond stones to give a rich look to the watch.

Keeping the small wrist size of the ladies in mind, the dimensions of this cheap ladies GUESS watch is kept right as rain.

With just 38.5mm dial size and 3.86 x 3.74 x 3.31 inches dimensions, it will fit the wrist of all women just right.

The two sub-dials enhance the looks of the watch and are a useful tool for you as well. One sub-dial reflects the day and the other one reflects the date.

Designing a beautiful watch is hard, but it’s harder to design it in a way that the charm of the watch continues forever. And, this inexpensive Guess watch does exactly that with its stain-resistant silicone band and a scratch-resistant watch dial.

Not to forget, your watch will not surrender to the splashes of water and rain as it’s 50 meters water-resistant.

The Good
  • The watch has gorgeous looks
  • Very cheap price
  • Casual dimensions
  • The watchband is stain-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant watch
The Bad
  • Only 50 meters water resistant

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4. GUESS Diamond Dial Watch

guess diamond dial watch for men

“Simplicity never goes out of style”, this watch is a perfect example to prove this statement.

A simple black dial on a golden case, along with two beautiful watch hands and a small diamond at the top gives the watch a simple yet elegant look.

The golden case is attached with a black silicone strap which really complements each other & looks like a perfect combination.

The perfect design is served with the perfect accuracy, what else do you want from a watch? As your diamond dial watch works on the Japanese Quartz movement, it keeps accurate time.

Being a watch made for men, it needs to look a little bulky on your hands. With 44mm dial size, 3.9 x 3.6 x 3.3 inches of dimensions, and 7.2 ounces weight, it’s the best affordable GUESS watch for men.

You will definitely like the watch at first glance but still can choose among the plenty of color options available.

This watch is not very much expensive and without a doubt, it’s going to be one of the best affordable watches in your collection. So you would never want your watch to be spoiled by a few splashes of water.

Thankfully, the watch is 30 meters water-resistant, which means it can easily bear the splashes of water and drops of rain. But make sure you don’t take it for swimming or scuba diving.

The Good
  • Simple looking watch
  • Various color choices are available
  • The watch is scratch-resistant
  • Not much pricey
  • Accurate watch with Japanese Quartz movement
The Bad
  • Should have been more water resistant

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5. GUESS Women’s Digital Watch

digital women watch

Some people prefer a digital watch dial over an analog dial. So if you too have a separate place in your heart for a digital watch then GUESS has something out of the ordinary for you.

With the diamond stones across the borders of the dial, golden dial diameter, and pink silicon straps, this cheap lady’s Guess watch has the looks that your colleagues will go crazy about.

To match the text of the digital dial with that of the colors of the watch, the text appears in the same pink color as that of the silicon straps.

The beauty of the watch is for sure unmatchable, but it does not lack in the features segment too. You can utilize the stopwatch, and check the date and day on the watch too.

As the GUESS women’s digital watch runs on the Japanese Quartz movement, you have the full assurance of the time accuracy.

The beauty of the watch will never wear out, all thanks to the scratch-resistant durable mineral crystal glass that covers the watch face.

You never know when your watch has to face small jets of water or has to face the rain. To assure the safety against water, the watch is made 10 meters water-resistant.

But make sure you don’t take your watch for swimming and snorkeling on beach days.

The Good
  • Very beautiful watch
  • Decently priced
  • Features a digital dial
  • Runs on Japanese quartz
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Other features available
The Bad
  • Only 10 meters water-resistant

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6. GUESS Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

best guess watch for men

This is undoubtedly the best-looking cheap GUESS watch for men on the list. If you’re looking for a manly watch that suits your tux and gives a Richy Rich look then your search is over.

The watch features roman numbers on the dial along with a chronograph which makes the watch pleasing to look at. A small date window is also given at 3 o’clock.

The gunmetal color is the main reason why the watch has unparalleled looks but you can opt for other watch colors as well.  A few of these colors include black, silver-tone, gold-tone, gunmetal-black, and so on.

For making it a perfect watch for gents, the dimensions of the watch are kept a little on the larger side. The case diameter of the watch is 44.5mm, and the dimensions are 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.23 inches.

If such a beautiful watch gets scratchy and worn out with just little hits or bumps then there’s no point in buying that watch. But that’s not what’s going to happen with GUESS stainless steel men’s watch. Made with durable mineral crystal glass, the dial of the watch is scratch-resistant.

No need to hide your watch in the heavy incessant rain as it’s 50 meters water-resistant. So the next time it rains and you want to enjoy it, don’t feel shy to take your watch with you.

The Good
  • Rough and tough design
  • Very stylish looks
  • Not much pricey
  • Scratch-resistant watch
  • Available in different colors
The Bad
  • Could have been more water-resistant

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7. Men’s Digital Watch

digital men watch

This is one of the finest looking digital watches for men, and not just from GUESS, but from all the watch brands combined together.

Despite being a digital watch, it will look equally good with a suit as your vintage watch.

The watch displays a simple yet intriguing design with a gold watch case and a simple black silicone band. As for the time and other data, it is displayed inside a small square in the dial.

Other than showing time, this affordable digital watch by GUESS also shows the date and day and features a stopwatch if you want to use it for workouts or other physical activity.

The watch is made with the dimensions which makes it perfectly congruous to men. Watch diameter is kept at 46mm, and the dimensions at 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches with 8.8 ounces weight.

Running on the Japanese Quartz movement means that your watch shows all the stats with extremely high accuracy. So if you’re a time-bound person then the GUESS digital watch will get your attention.

The resistance to water could have been better which is only 10 meters. But still, you won’t have any difficulty with the exposure of the watch to rain and sprays of water. Resistance to scratches is another reason why all men should add this watch to their collection.

The Good
  • The watch has a digital screen
  • Intriguing design
  • Runs on Japanese Quartz movement
  • Stopwatch available
  • Scratch-resistant
The Bad
  • Only 10 meters water resistant

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8.  GUESS Iconic Red Retro Ladies Watch

cheap women's guess watch

Our next cheap Guess watch is for the ladies who want to flaunt something vivid on their hands. GUESS Iconic Red Lady’s watch has got captivating looks, and your friends will definitely give you envious looks.

Inside the dial, you can see the GUESS logo which enhances the watch’s looks.

The dial size of the watch is 42mm, which in my opinion is a little more than what a women’s watch should be. But it’s not big enough to make your watch look giant. As for the dimensions of the watch, it is 3.15 x 3.54 x 3.54 inches and weighs 2.4 ounces.

Your hand can accidentally hit the wall or a pole which can be a disaster for a normal watch. But your GUESS Iconic Retro watch is made scratch-resistant to prevent your watch from getting scratchy and losing its charm.

Running on the Japanese Quartz movement, your watch will show you the accurate time so you’re never late for anything important.

Walking in the rain and having a water balloon fight while wearing your watch is made easy with 30 meters water resistance of the watch.

The Good
  • Very vibrant watch
  • The watch is scratch-resistant
  • Casual dimensions
The Bad
  • Not much water resistant

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What Is The Best Looking Cheap Men's GUESS Watch?

GUESS Silicone Sports Watch is the perfect watch for men as it is a multi-function watch. It comes with dedicated sub-dials for the day, date, and keeping track of military time. And, you can also go swimming with the watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m.

What Is The Best Looking Affordable GUESS Women's Watch?

GUESS Iconic Red Retro Ladies Watch is the best contender for the title as it features an elegant minimalistic design at an affordable price. Not only looks, but Japanese quartz movement ensures it also delivers on the performance.

Are GUESS watches of good quality?

GUESS is one of the most reputed watch brands in the world. Considering the price, all the watches made by GUESS are of good quality.

What Is The Price Of GUESS Watches?

You can easily find a good GUESS watch under $200.

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