Best Cheap Victorinox Watches Under $200

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Victorinox is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to buying multipurpose Swiss army knives. After all, they are the official Swiss army knife supplier for the Swiss armed forces.

Besides knives, Victorinox of today has also made a name for itself by making watches. So whether you are looking for quartz, diver, or casual watch for daily use Victorinox makes them all.

However, Victronix watches are very expensive and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. That doesn’t mean Victorinox doesn’t make any affordable watches, they are just more difficult to find. That’s why I have listed the best cheap Victorinox watches available for men and ladies on Amazon.

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Affordable Victorinox Watch Comparison Table





Cheapest Victorinox Watch for Men

cheapest Victorinox watch

Victorinox Original Black

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

  • Luminous coating on watch hands

  • The bezel ring of the watch is made of aluminum

Cheap Victorinox Dive Watch For Ladies

Victorinox INOX watch for ladies

Victorinox Women’s Inox Watch

  • Water-resistant up to 200m

  • Swiss quartz movement

  • Scratch-resistant sapphire glass on the dial

Best Affordable Victorinox Watch Under $200

Victorinox watch Swiss army base camp

Victorinox Swiss Army Base Camp Steel

  • 12 & 24-hour markings on the dial

  • Water-resistant up to 100m

  • Mineral protects the dial of the watch

Best Cheap Victorinox Watches For Men Under $200

1. Victorinox Original Black

Best Victorinox watch under $200 for men

Let’s start the list with the cheapest watch Victorinox has to offer. Presenting Victorinox Black XL that comes with normal and military time mode. As you can see, the dial of the watch features both 12 and 24-hour marking on the dial so you can read the time in any way you like. You can also keep track of the date as well, as it comes with a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

For protecting the dial, the watch features a mineral glass that is decent enough for normal day-to-day usage. And, the top black bezel ring surrounding the dial for durability is made of aluminum.

Talking about the build, the 43mm case of the watch is made of stainless steel and is accompanied by a 21mm nylon strap. Some users find watches with nylon straps to be more comfortable and breathable than leather or bracelet ones. So if comfort is what you desire then this might just be the best Victorinox watch under $200 for that.

Besides all that, the watch also offers decent waterproofing capabilities as it is water-resistant up to 100m. So after coming back from work you can wash the watch with water or wipes to make it germ-free. All in all, this is a great men’s Victorinox watch available at a fair price with decent build quality. Check the watch out and see if you like it.

The Good
  • Watch hands glow in the dark as they come with luminous coating
  • Suitable for swimming and light snorkeling
  • Reasonably priced Victorinox watch
  • Date window at the 3 o’clock position
  • 12 & 24-hour markings on the dial

The Bad
  • Nylon strap may produce odor after extensive use
  • Average quality of nylon strap according to some users

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2. Victorinox Men’s Alliance Watch

Affordable victorinox watch

Watches with nylon bands are lightweight but without a doubt, bracelet watches have a unique appeal of their own. . If you also agree with the sentiment then this cheap bracelet Victorinox watch is for you.

The watch features a small case size of 40mm making it a perfect bracelet watch for men who prefer small watches. Similarly, the watch features a small size 18mm strap that goes well with the case of the watch. The looks of the watch are further enhanced by the blue guilloche bezel design which is accompanied by a clean-looking dial.

Other than looks, the watch also offers various features like a date window at the 6 o’clock position. Moreover, the dial of the watch sports 24-hour military time mode, making it an ideal Victorinox watch for military personnel. Also, this watch is equipped with Swiss quartz movement ensuring accurate timekeeping of the watch.

If you don’t like the blue dial then you can get this watch in silver dial with silver strap, or black dial with a black leather strap variant. I definitely recommend checking the watch out.

The Good
  • Small dial size men’s watch
  • Also features 24-hour military time mode
  • Date window at the 6 o’clock position
  • Guilloche pattern design on the bezels of the watch
  • Swiss-quartz movement of the watch

The Bad
  • Men with big wrist size may find the watch to be small

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3. Victorinox Swiss Army Base Camp Steel

Victorinox watch Swiss army base camp

Watches that come with rubber straps are perfect for users who need a lightweight durable watch. Despite being lightweight, they can easily withstand heavy abuse so you can get tackled on the field without any worries. Without a doubt, Base Camp Steel is the reliable cheap sports watch from Victorinox.

This watch features a smaller 40mm case which is the perfect size for watches in my opinion as it is neither too big nor too small. Along with that, you get a 19mm rubber strap which is durable enough for daily physical activity.

Since Victorinox is a military-oriented brand, it’s for sure that you will get both 12 & 24 hour time modes on most of their watches like this one. It can be a perfect gifting item for anyone who is in service or just want to get used to 24 hour time mode. Plus, the orange accent 24hr markings look gorgeous on the black dial and enhances the overall look.

Amazon listing fails to capture the beauty of the watch and let me tell you it looks really good in real life. That’s why I definitely recommend checking user-uploaded images of the watch on Amazon.

Talking about some shortcomings, the black dial of the watch makes the time on it difficult to read in dark. Also, there isn’t any luminous coating on watch hands or hour marking that can remedy the issue. However, if that isn’t an issue for you then this will be one of the best Victronix watches under $200. Not only for sports but this watch is also perfect for professional and casual use.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 100m
  • The size of the dial is perfect
  • Reasonably priced Victorinox watch
  • Rubber strap doesn’t require maintenance like nylon or leather
  • Mineral glass protects the dial
The Bad
  • Difficult to read time in the dark
  • No luminous coating on watch hands and hour markings

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4. Victorinox Maverick

Victorinox maverick

The next Victorinox watch on our list is Maverick, it is for users who prefer G-Shock-like well-built watches. It comes with a rubber strap which compared to a bulky bracelet strap is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Lightweight doesn’t mean that strap has compromised in the durability department, as this 22mm rubber strap has high tensile strength.

Besides that, the watch features a 43mm case which makes the dial big for reading the time comfortably. And, it comes with both 12 and 24 hours marking on the dial which allows you to read time in whichever way you like. There is also a date window located at the 6 o’clock position of the dial.

Moreover, you can even time your activities using the uni-directional rotating bezel surrounding the watch. To use it, simply rotate the bezel to wherever minute hand is pointing, to start timing your activity.

In the durability department, this watch features sapphire glass which is top-of-the-line glass found on premium watches. Plus, water-resistance of 100m ensures that you can wear the watch in the rain while riding your bike without any worries. In my opinion, it will be an ideal stylish Victorinox watch for men under $300.

The Good
  • Swiss quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Swimproof watch
  • Available in various color and design options
  • Uni-directional rotating bezels

The Bad
  • Some users find the date window to be small
  • Not suitable for diving

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Affordable Victorinox Chronograph Tachymeter Watch For Men

5. Victorinox Men’s Watch

Best victorinox watch under $300

If you are a rider and looking for sporty looking watch then the next affordable Victorinox watch is for you. Not just looks but the watch also features a tachymeter function on the dial for the racer in you. You can use the tachymeter to find out the speed of moving vehicles based on the distance covered. You can read our guide on how to use the tachymeter function to know more.

Moreover, you also get a chronograph function on the dial that you can use to time your bike on the tracks or turkey in the oven. You can start and stop the chronograph function with the buttons located above and below the crown.

All the complications of the watch are powered by Swiss-made quartz movement so it will do a good job of timekeeping.

This watch features a black 43mm stainless steel case and is accompanied by a gorgeous 22mm stitched leather strap. You also get a sapphire glass that protects the beautiful dial from scratches and preserves the watch’s good looks. Plus, the sapphire glass features an anti-reflective coating so you won’t feel discomfort while reading the time under the glaring sunlight.

Furthermore, you can even go surfing or swimming wearing this watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m. However, I would recommend replacing the 22mm leather strap first as moisture will damage it after few swim sessions.

It’s no hidden secret that Victorinox watches are quite expensive and especially features loaded watches like this one. But you can get this Victorinox watch under the $300 price tag and that’s why at this price this watch is a steal.

The Good
  • Chronograph function to time activities
  • Tachymeter feature
  • Swiss quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping
  • Anti-reflective coating on the glass of the dial
  • Water-resistant up to 100m

The Bad
  • The leather strap may get soiled with time

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Cheap Victorinox Watches For Ladies Under $200

6. Victorinox Women’s Inox Watch

Victorinox INOX watch for ladies

Ladies if you too are a fan of Victorinox watches then the next watch is for you. This Victorinox watch for ladies is designed keeping both looks and performance in the mind.

First talking about the design, the watch features a 37mm stainless steel case with a multi-color dial that makes it compatible with your various colorful dresses. Even the 18mm nylon strap available with the watch is multi-color which complements the overall aesthetics of the watch.

Coming to the performance side, this women’s Inox watch is water-resistant up to 200m so you can swim or dive wearing the watch. And, if you are someone who leads an active lifestyle then this watch is also available with a silicone strap. Silicon strap variant will ensure that you can wear the watch in the gym without any worries.

Moreover, this watch comes with Swiss quartz movement which ensures that the watch always keeps accurate time. And, the dial of the watch is protected by Sapphire which is highly durable and shatter-resistant.

On the final note, I would say what sets it apart from other Victorinox watch is that it’s comfortable to wear. Nylon strap ensures that you can wear it in summers, in the office, or just about anywhere comfortably. And, if you want even more comfort then there is also a scrunchie variant of the watch available on Amazon.

The Good
  • Also available in a scrunchie and silicon strap variant
  • Swiss quartz watch
  • The well-built quality of the watch
  • Swimproof design makes the watch suitable for even professional swimmers
  • Sapphire glass protects the dial of the watch

The Bad
  • No date window
  • Some ladies find 37mm dial to be too big for their liking

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7. Victorinox Ladies Quartz Watch

Victorinox Aliance women's watch

If you like fashionable dress watches more than sports watches then the next Victorinox watch is for you. This watch is fairly small and comes with a case size of only 35mm. And, black leather strap on the watch is also 17mm wide making it a beautiful petite dress watch. So if you like small watches and you found the previous watch to be bigger for you then this will be the ideal watch.

Talking about the features of the watch, both the hour markings and watch hands glow in the dark as they come with lume on them. So whether it’s daytime, or late at night, you will be able to read the time regardless of whether or not there is light outside.

Most watches can become difficult to read under the sunlight as glare can irritate your eyes. However, sapphire glass on the dial of this watch comes with an anti-reflective coating that makes the time easy to read outside. Also, you won’t have to worry about water damaging the watch as it is water-resistant up to 100m.

Moreover, the watch can do more than just keeping time as it features a date window at the 6 o’clock position. With so many features in tow, this is without a doubt the best Victorinox dress watch for ladies under $200 at the time of writing. And, I definitely recommend checking the watch out as it is also available in 8 more designs and color combinations.

The Good
  • Water-resistant up to 100
  • Reasonably priced Victorinox watch
  • Available in various colors and designs combinations
  • Date window at the 6 o’clock position
  • Luminescent coating on watch hands and hour markings

The Bad
  • Some users complain that the watch is heavy

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How To Select Best Cheap Victorinox Watch And What To Look Out For?

All the Victorinox watches are best in one way or another. But it is important to ask yourself this question beforehand, “what is the reason you are buying this watch for?” Expanding your watch collection, for office use, or daily use?

Once you have made the decision then you can select the watch that meets your criteria. And let me assure you that all the Victorinox watches are of good quality as they are at least water-resistant up to 100m and made of premium quality materials.

When you receive your watch from Amazon make sure that you get all the paperwork with the box. It will include a booklet, user guide, warranty card, and original box. This small step can save you from spending money on purchasing a counterfeit product from Amazon.


Are Victorinox Watches Good?

Yes, Victorinox is definitely a good brand as they use premium quality materials like Sapphire on their watches. If you have a high budget then you can even purchase a Victorinox INOX watch made of titanium.

Is Victorinox A Luxury Brand?

While Victorinox watches aren't dirt cheap, they are not as expensive as Rolex or Omega either, so no, Victorinox isn't a luxury brand.

Where Are Victorinox Watches Made?

All the Victorinox watches are made in Switzerland.

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