How To Check Omega Serial Number? [Year Lookup]

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Do you want to check the manufacturing year of your Omega watch? Are you wondering how to check Omega watch Serial number?

If you want to look up the serial number of your Omega watch then you are reading the right article. I will decode the Omega serial number for you in this article. Not only this but I will also share the list of the serial numbers of Omega and Omega Speedmaster watches that too year-wise. So that you can know the year your Omega watch was manufactured.

So let’s get started!

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Where To Find The Serial Number On An Omega Watch?

Let us, first of all, see where you can find the serial number of your Omega watch. If you know this already then you can skip this part.

Like other watch manufacturers, Omega is not known to put the serial number on its watches in a particular place. Therefore if your Omega watch does not have its serial number in a particular place then it does not mean that it’s a fake watch. Its serial number may be in some other place, and I am gonna tell you about these places right now.

1) On The Back Of Your Watch Case

Like almost every watch manufacturer, Omega also imprints the serial number on the watch’s case back. Just turn your watch upside down and you will see its serial number among other details.

2) Inside Of The Watch Caseback

If you do not find the serial number of the case back of your watch, then you will have to open its case back. Omega also prints the serial number of its watches on the inside of its watch cases.

3) Back Of The Lugs

Omega is also known to mention the serial number of its watches on the back of its watch lugs.Behind The Lugs

4) On The Watch Movement

If you do not find your Omega watch’s serial number in any of the above-mentioned three places then it will definitely be imprinted on its movement. Open the case back of your watch and you will be able to see it.Omega Caseback

5) On Watch’s Document

You will also find the serial number of your Omega watch on the paper or the card that you must have gotten while purchasing it.Omega Card

Omega Serial Number Decoder (Reference Number)

Omega has actually used a total of three number systems since its inception to denote PIC (Product Identification Code). This PIC is called a reference number by Omega these days. It is actually different from the serial number but this is what you should be looking for. Because it tells you a lot about your watch like its material type, dial color, hour markers type, type of chronograph, etc. Let us look at and decode these PIC systems one by one.

1) Prior To 1962 – AAAABBCC

From its inception till 1962, Omega used the serial number system which looked like AAAABBCC. This contained all the number digits and no alphabet or any other symbol.

The first A in AAAA represented the Product Line of Omega watches.

Prior To 1962 - First A

Second A in AAAA represented the Material Type.

Prior To 1962 - Second A

And the third and fourth A represented the Product Variation, which varied according to the product line.

The first B in BB represented the Dial Color of the Omega watch.Prior To 1962 - First B

While the second B represented the Type Of Hour Markers.Prior To 1962 - Second B

The CC in the serial number represented the Type Of Strap of the Omega watch.Prior To 1962 - CC

2) 1962 – 2007 (AAAAAABBCC)

This number system was used by Omega from 1962 to 2007. In this system:

First A represented the Type Of Bracelet Material.1962 - 2007 - First A

Second A represented the Type Of Chronograph.1962 - 2007 - Second A

Third A represented Additional Features.1962 - 2007 - Third A

Last three As represented the Difference In various models.

BB represented the year of manufacturing.

CC represented the Type of Case Material.1962 - 2007 - CC


From 2008 onwards Omega is using the PIC 14 serial number system.

In this system:

UUU represents the Type Of Collection of Omega.2008 Onwards - UUU

VV represents the Type of Case Material and Strap.2008 Onwards - VV

WW represents the Diameter of the watch in mm.

First X represents the Type Of Movement.2008 Onwards - First X

The second X represents the Number Of Complications the watch has.

YY represents the Color Of The Dial.2008 Onwards - YY

ZZZ represents the Sequence of Model Number

Omega Serial Number Check

Omega started using serial numbers for its watches from the year 1894. The serial number of Omega watches contains 7 to 8 digits. Its serial number started from 1,000,000 and generally denotes the watch number. If you are looking for the exact year of manufacturing of your Omega watch then, to be very frank, it will be a little difficult to deduce it from the serial numbers. However, I have made a table for you, you can look up the manufacturing year of your Omega watch (except the Omega Speedmaster) according to its serial number.

Omega Serial Number CheckOmega Serial Number Check Part 2

Omega Speedmaster Serial Number Lookup

If you own an Omega Speedmaster then the following table will be helpful to you.

Omega Speedmaster Serial Number Lookup

What If Your Omega Does Not Have A Serial Number?

If your Omega watch does not have any reference number or serial number then I am sorry to say that you have been fooled. It is not a real Omega watch. All the original Omega watches must have a serial as well as a reference number. Its serial number denotes the number of that particular watch while the reference number contains all the information regarding it.

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How Can I Check My Omega Serial Number?

You can check the serial number of your Omega watch by looking at its back.

How Do I Find My Omega Speedmaster Reference Number?

You can find the reference number of your Omega Speedmaster on its papers and on its case back.

Do All Omega Watches Have A Serial Number?

Yes, all Omega watches have a serial number.

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