Difference Between Nike Apple Watch And Regular Apple Watch

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Apple started making limited edition Nike Apple Watches since Apple Watch Series 2. However, Apple decided to discontinue the limited edition Nike Apple Watch with Apple Watch Series 8.

There wasn’t much of a difference between the Apple Watch & Nike Apple Watch edition. In this article, I have shared what was the difference between the two watches. And, why Apple decided to discontinue it & how can you convert Apple Watch Series 8 into the Nike edition Apple Watch? So without any delay let’s start.

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The difference between Nike’s Apple Watch vs Regular Apple Watch is mostly cosmetic. The Nike edition of Apple watches only features a sports band & exclusive watch faces. However, you can now purchase these bands from Apple itself & download Nike watch faces as the Nike Apple Watch edition has been discontinued.

Difference Between Nike Apple Watch And Regular Apple Watch

The first Apple Watch Series Nike edition was launched with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 2. And, it looks like the Apple & Nike partnership ended with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8.

The USP of the Nike Apple Watch Series watches used to be that they were made for athletes. It used to come with sports bands that weren’t sold separately by Apple. This sports band is considered to be one of the best bands for Apple Watch users who are into sports.

Nike edition Apple Watches come with the Nike logo on the back of the watch as well. Similarly, Nike edition watches also had some exclusive watch faces which can be now downloaded separately on non-Nike edition Apple watches.

Initially, Nike edition watches also used to have aluminum cases while regular watches had stainless steel cases. However, today aluminum cases are available by default & Ultra series uses titanium. So Difference Between Nike Apple Watch & regular Apple Watch no longer justifies the reason for the Nike Edition watch existence.

How To Get Apple Watch Series 8 Nike Edition?

Difference Between Nike Apple Watch & Regular Apple Watch

Apple has discontinued Nike edition Apple Watches but you can get Nike sports bands from Apple. Similarly, with the latest Apple Watch OS 9, you get access to Nike edition Apple Watch faces as well.

So all you need to do is download the Nike edition watch faces, Nike running club app, & sports strap to convert the regular Series 8 to the Nike edition Apple Watch Series 8.

Why Did Apple Discontinue Nike Edition Apple Watches?

Nike running club apple watch

With time Apple started making more & different watches. For instance, you can get the Apple watch in 2 sizes 40 & 44mm. It gets even more diverse with the LTE & non-LTE variants. And, don’t forget there is the cheaper SE & premium Ultra series available as well.

Creating a parallel product line that has the difference of being cosmetically different sounds like a heck of a job. I mean Nike edition watches have different bands, cases, packaging, & pricing. All the while with almost no software or hardware difference between Nike edition & regular Apple watches.

So you & I might like Apple’s Nike edition watches but it seems like a costly business decision in the long run.

Moreover, Apple keeps launching new products like Apple Watch Series 8 Ultra & SE 2 as well. It will just lead to more limited-edition watches. In the long run, Apple will have to maintain spares & other inventory for multiple models.

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Is It Better To Get Apple Watch Nike?

You can purchase the Nike sports band from Apple Store, install the Nike running club, and install exclusive watch faces on your regular Apple Watch. So it no longer makes sense to buy the Nike edition Apple Watch Series.

What Is The Difference Between Apple Watch SE And Apple Watch SE Nike?

Except for the band and exclusive watch face, there is not a noteworthy difference between Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE Nike edition.

Why Is The Nike Apple Watch More Expensive?

Apple Watch Nike edition used to come with an exclusive watch face and sports strap that makes them more expensive.

Can You Change The Face On The Nike Apple Watch?

Yes, you can change the watch face on the limited edition Nike Apple Watches.

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